‘Yellowstone’ fans have completely abandoned team Jamie after his antics in this week’s episode

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Warning: This article contains spoilers for season five of Yellowstone.

Yellowstone ended on quite an emotional note when the sixth episode, “Cigarettes, Whiskey, a Meadow, and You,” saw the death of Emmett Walsh. With little time left to spare, it also brought everything necessary to light a fire under fans who might have been thinking of giving Jamie Dutton another chance. 

Wes Bentley breathes life into Jamie, although fans hope his character won’t be breathing much longer after the latest episode’s events. He is quite literally sleeping with the enemy this season. As the pair are sitting on the sofa, watching the news, they see John Dutton being recorded (without his knowledge) as he breaks the news to Emmett Walsh’s wife that the cowboy died during the spring gathering. 

The broadcasters share that they applauded John for being right where he was, and watching his father receive praise made him angry. Of course, this is where Sarah Atwood chimes in, and, as they’re talking about the fight against John Dutton, she recommends not inviting him to the battle at all. 

Cue the anger at both Sarah and Jamie; trust us, it’s warranted. Jamie has been working against the Duttons for long enough, and it’s always paired with some sob story about the ways he’s been done wrong. Rarely does Jamie sit back and look at what having the Dutton name attached to his existence has given him, just what it’s taken away. 

With the new threats against his father and his awful pairing with Sarah, fans are over the early season five hopes that Jamie could find redemption after all. Team Jamie shirts everywhere are being tossed in the trash, where they’re hoping Jamie soon follows. 

Viewers are over any praise or potential for Jamie; this one is putting things plainly as possible.

It is worth noting that the last time someone tried to get Jamie to go against the Duttons was his biological father, and we all know what happened there. It’s likely too much to ask for that he’ll give Sarah a ride of her own to the train station, but some viewers are hoping he will.

Vile almost seems too kind a word to describe Jamie.

Is it finally time for Beth to be the one that drives Jamie to the train station himself?

This Tweet sums it all up perfectly.

Instead of waiting for Beth to do it, fans are ready to take matters into their own hands and drive Jamie to the train station themselves. So… we ride at dawn?

The preview for next week’s episode shows another scheme for Jamie to try to overthrow his father, but here’s what he’s yet to learn: You don’t get to mess with John Dutton and walk away unscathed.