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Yellowstone shares a highlight reel of the most dramatic Dutton family meals and we want a seat at the table

'Yellowstone' sure knows how to bring the drama.

The Yellowstone cast posed in a field with a pickup
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When you think of Paramount’s number-one series, Yellowstone, a few things probably come to mind. Cowboys and ranch hands, family drama and the fight for survival, and, of course, romance and drama. There’s a lot packed into the show, but it’s never too much. Taylor Sheridan’s vision is brought to life effortlessly by a cast and crew who know the weight of the storyline they’re carrying.

So yes, Yellowstone is heavy on drama, and with good reason. There’s a lot of fighting happening at the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. There’s the fight for survival, land ownership, longevity, and against the cages that the characters are placed in. Some of them have put their own walls up, while others are seemingly victims of circumstance, but they’re all fighting against something; they’re all willing to put up a valiant battle for something.

One way the drama unfolds in Yellowstone is at the dinner table. Yep, not even dinners are sacred territory for the Dutton family. The wait for season five seems to be going by very slowly, but Yellowstone provided fans with a video today that highlights the best and the, well, messiest dramatic scenes at the Dutton dinner table, and we’re pulling up a chair!

The clip starts with John Dutton saying that he can remember when every seat at the dinner table was full. “No, you don’t, dad; that’s not a memory — that’s a dream,” an emotional Beth Dutton responds. The tone of the video is set immediately.

With Dutton dinners on display, fans get a look at everything from a demanding Beth Dutton showing up and knocking the idea of a calm “normal” family dinner to Gator delivering grilled octopus for supper and the ever-stressful dynamics of the Dutton family. While the later seasons have seen some reconciliation between family members, there’s still a deep-seated tension between some of them, namely Beth and Jamie.

For each dish at the table, there’s a vulgar statement to sprinkle atop it, something saucy, spicy, and absolutely delectable. We’d hate to be part of the awkward moments but love watching, like the morning that Beth discovered John’s special friend in the kitchen, and the three sat down for a meal. It’s made even more hilarious when the family cook and friend, Gator, tries to figure out what he can make for Summer. That entire scene is a viewer favorite, and the moment begins around eight minutes in.

For longtime fans of the series, this video will contain your favorite Dutton dramatic meal, and if you’ve got friends who are still on the fence about watching Yellowstone, show this to them — it’ll make a fan out of anyone. You can relive all of these moments and then some by watching the series’ first four seasons, streaming now on Peacock.

Yellowstone‘s thrilling fifth season starts with a two-hour television event on November 13, and we can’t wait for more dramatic meals with the Duttons!

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