You can read a free comic with a hidden QR code inside ‘Moon Knight’

moon knight

Eager Marvel fans have discovered that a free comic exists in the first episode of the recently released Disney Plus series Moon Knight.

The discovery was first shared on Reddit, before being posted to Twitter, as Marvel fans revealed that they have found a QR code hidden in the premiere episode of the show that will take you to a website where you can read the first appearance of Moon Knight in the comics for free.

The code shows up early in the episode where we see Oscar Isaac’s Steven Grant giving a young girl a tour of the museum. When scanned you will be taken to where Werewolf By night #32 is available to read without any extra charges.

The comic book marks the first time that the character of Moon Knight appeared in the Marvel comics as he was hired to seek out and capture the Werewolf By Night, the prime antagonist in this issue.

You can read the volume in its entirety and if you want more Marvel Comics action then you’re in luck because the link also gives you a discount code for Marvel Unlimited allowing you to access its perks for a month at just $1.99!

The website claims that more Moon Knight comics will be available weekly at the QR code’s link so make sure to head back each week for more while keeping an eye out for new secrets in upcoming episodes.

Episodes of Moon Knight will air weekly, every Wednesday, on Disney Plus.