‘You’ season 4 sets Charlotte Ritchie as Joe Goldberg’s new obsession

Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

The fourth season of the hit Netflix series You is currently in the works, and has just cast Charlotte Ritchie, who is best-known for starring in the BBC sitcom Ghosts.

You stars Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg, a man who will do anything for love, including stalking, kidnapping, and even murder. Season three ended with Joe following his newest love interest to Paris, France, where the season will, presumably, take place.

Ritchie will, no doubt, play another obsession of Joe’s, as he’s the type to know only one way to love. Her character is described as follows (via Deadline):

“Ritchie will play Kate. She’s fearsomely smart, independent, suspicious, misses nothing. She is fiercely loyal to her friends, a brick wall to everyone else. The daughter of a chaotic, bohemian single mother, Kate worked hard to create the life she now leads. She’s an art gallery director whose job means managing tempestuous artists. Kate tends to be “the adult in the room,” and has embraced the moniker of “icy bitch.” She’s especially protective of best friend Lady Phoebe, a sweet and trusting person whose extreme wealth and fame tend to attract opportunists. Kate prefers “arrangements” to love, which is why she dates fun but self-centered partier Malcolm. When Malcolm invites Joe (Badgley), an American outsider of no apparent means, into their privileged world, Kate not only immediately dislikes him, she strongly suspects something about the man is not what he seems.”

Production for season 4 was just announced earlier this week with this twitter post.

Ritchie joins Lukas Gage as the newest cast member to join the series. Gage is known for his work on Euphoria and The White Lotus. Gage will play Adam, “the warm, funny, and hard partying son of a wealthy family who is famous for failing to meet their standards. But the one thing he did lean from his parents is to do whatever it takes to get what you want.”

There has been no word on when season 4 is expected to drop, but if the last few seasons are any indication, then audiences can hope for another fall release.