New Young Justice: Outsiders Image Reveals Batwoman


With the Kate Kane version of Batwoman having been around for more than a decade now, one could certainly say she’s due for some mainstream exposure outside of comic books. In fact, she made her way over to animation in 2016’s Batman: Bad Blood and, more recently, made her live action debut during the Arrowverse’s “Elseworlds” crossover.

Well, get ready for her popularity to surge event more in 2019 and beyond because not only is she poised to headline her own TV series on The CW, but Gotham’s scarlet-haired protector will also head back to the world of animation via the highly anticipated Young Justice: Outsiders.

Of course, we don’t expect for Kate to steal thunder from the younger heroes as it is their series, though it’s probably fair to say she’ll get ample screen time similar to her older peers. Our biggest hint at this comes in the form of a new image (seen below) showing what appears to be a hologram with Batwoman standing alongside the likes of the Flash and Katana.

Truth be told, the producers could throw us a curveball by revealing that it’s Bette Kane under the mask because she’s appeared in several episodes and tie-in comics in the past, but fans of Kate would probably riot if that were to happen.

For more on what’s to come, be sure to check out the official synopsis for the season premiere, “Princes All”:

After the Justice League faces a horrifying incident on the planet Rann, Dick Grayson gathers an elite squad of heroes to shut down a meta-human trafficking syndicate in Markovia.

Young Justice: Outsiders premieres on Friday, January 4th on DC Universe.