First Trailer For Young Justice: Outsiders Reunites The Team


It’s a good time to be a fan of animated series that were cancelled prematurely.

Yesterday, Lucasfilm announced that Star Wars: The Clone Wars was returning for a new season four years after it ended abruptly. Similarly, the upcoming DC Universe streaming service will see the comeback of Young Justice, the fan favorite cartoon focusing on the Justice League’s younger counterparts, for a much-anticipated third season dubbed Young Justice: Outsiders

If you can’t wait to get a look at the new run, you’re in luck, as the first trailer for Outsiders is now here, courtesy of SDCC. And, wouldn’t you know it, it’s absolutely epic. The 5-minute long promo promises an intense, exciting reunion of such heroes as Nightwing, Kid Flash, Blue Beetle, Aqualad, Artemis and many, many more as they attempt to infiltrate the mysterious supervillain organization known as The Light and put an end to them once and for all.

Young Justice was always praised by fans for its mature tone and great character dynamics, and that’s something that only looks to have increased in Outsiders. Perhaps because the showrunners are now free from the constraints of working for Cartoon Network, they’re able to make the tone even darker as things get really dramatic in this trailer. And if that’s what they’re showing us as a tease, what more will the rest of the season feature?

Of course, this is just one of the many shows coming to DC Universe. The rest of the strong line-up includes Doom Patrol, Swamp Thingan R-rated Harley Quinn animated series and the just-announced Stargirl. Titans also received a trailer via SDCC, which promised a very different take on DC’s teen heroes.

We still don’t have a date for Young Justice: Outsiders‘ release, but we can expect it to arrive sometime later this year.