Jennifer Lawrence To Star In Adam McKay’s Medical Startup Drama

Jennifer Lawrence

Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence is teaming up with The Big Short director Adam McKay for a real-life drama based on the founder of revolutionary medical startup, Theranos. Deadline reports that Lawrence is “attaching herself” to the project, which we’ll take to mean she’s working out a deal to headline another film where she plays an entrepreneur.

If she hammers out a plan with McKay, she’ll headline as Elizabeth Holmes, the 32-year old founder and 50% stakeholder of Theranos. The firm essentially changed the way the medical community operates, by allowing blood tests to be undertaken with a pinprick of blood as opposed to an injection.

That type of development shook up the medical industry, sending the company’s worth skyrocketing — Holmes was at one time valued at $4.5 billion. Since then, Theranos’ stock plummeted due to inconsistencies in test findings. You can just see the montage now, can’t you?

With McKay at the helm, it’s shaping up to be a weighty pic that’s perfect for attracting the attention of Academy voters. We might be a ways off from this film even hitting theaters, but there’s no denying the unmistakable reek of Oscar bait. Luckily Oscar bait directed by McKay and starring Lawrence is exactly the sort I’d happily fork out to see, and no doubt so will millions of other moviegoers.

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