Classically Abby gets shade for comparing Madonna to Nancy Reagan

Few would have woken up expecting Ben Shapiro’s younger sister to be going viral for comparing music legend Madonna to former first lady Nancy Reagan, but 2021 still has a few curve balls to throw at us. Abigail Shapiro, better known by her content creation alias Classically Abby online, took to Twitter on Friday to post a take so hot, it began trending.

Shapiro launched the Classically Abby brand back in 2019, which focused on makeup, fashion, and lifestyle videos. The channel gained notoriety in 2020 after the video “Why YOU Should Dress Modestly || Get the attention you deserve” began to make its rounds online. Despite garnering over 19,000 dislikes (back when the feature still existed), it managed to get over 1,541,000 views.

But today, when she attempted to suggest that living like Madonna was “trashy living” compared to Nancy Reagan’s “classic living,” the internet went wild over the take.

Twitter users absolutely dragged her in the way only they could, with most users making it perfectly clear that they would choose to be and live like Madonna.

Another user pointed out that Nancy Reagan had a bit of a saucy past herself. Kitty Kelly’s biography of the former first lady noted that she was “renowned in Hollywood for performing oral sex.”

Another user pointed out how Nancy Reagan didn’t speak up during the AIDs crisis back in the 1980s. In comparison, Madonna has raised millions for HIV/AIDs research during her career.

Science fiction author Charlie Stross didn’t hold back, sharing his thoughts on why Madonna easily wins when compared.

The fact that Classically Abby got Nancy Reagan to trend at all was enough to stun some.

So who wins in the epic battle of Madonna vs. Nancy Reagan? At least today, the internet has chosen Madonna, sorry, Classically Abby.