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What is the viral ‘I’m just a baby’ trend on TikTok?

TikTok's latest and trendiest sound clip features a frustrated mom and her defiant — yet adorable — baby girl.

Image via TikTok

Some find it funny, others find it sweet, others have heard it so many times and in so many videos that they’re getting a little sick of it, but whatever you’re opinion on it is, if you’ve spent a few hours whiling away your free time scrolling through your TikTok feed you’ve probably heard the “I’m just a baby” sound used in at least one video.

The sound, which is featured on many of the video-sharing platforms’ most popular and liked posts, consists of a mother asking her child, Coco, to stop doing something when she asks. The child responds with an offhand, “I’m just a baby,” and mom repeats that she must obey only to be met with a much firmer restated “I’m just a baby!”

The sound was originally posted by TikTok user @little.blooming.women, who boasts an impressive 131 thousand followers and describes herself on her user page as a “Midwest mama and home educator to 4 girls.” The video, entitled “Did. She. Stutter?” features Coco, wearing a cute denim dress, being talked to by her frustrated mother, Jordan, who tries to explain that Coco needs to obey her. Coco doesn’t really seem fully on board. Over 50 million TikTok users have seen the video since it was posted in February, but that’s not the most viral thing about the post.

Many users have taken the video’s sound and used it to overdub their own videos, the most popular of which generally feature an adorable — and oftentimes obviously spoiled — pet, generally to hilarious or at least heartwarming effect.

Of course, domestic pets aren’t the only animals to get the Baby treatment. Other, wilder beasts occasionally feature as well.


Araali isn’t a baby anymore (😭), but that won’t stop us from using a throwback video for this trend! #imjustababy #africanlions #denverzoo #throwback

♬ original sound – user2389324224660

So far, the trend doesn’t seem to show any signs of dying away. It may go on to become a mainstay sound clip like Kreepa’s “Oh No” or “Don’t Be Suspicious” from Parks & Rec. Puppies need to do their part, though, and stay cute.

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