Why are people angry at popular TikToker White Dolemite?


A new post on Reddit has people in an uproar over the behavior of popular TikToker White Dolemite. The creator, who has gained popularity on the social media platform for a series of well-received prank videos, has been shown in a video allegedly being physically abusive towards an unwitting target of one of his pranks.

The Reddit video purportedly shows White Dolemite in the process of one of his video pranks. When the man he is supposedly pranking knocks something out of his hands, the TikTok star aggressively pursues him in a threatening manner. The situation is then diffused somewhat by the pranked individual’s companion – she identifies him as “her man” in the audio – and White Dolemite walks away.

Website Social Telecast identifies White Dolemite as an Atlanta-based creator named Chris Blu, who is a musician and a content creator. White Dolemite joined TikTok in mid-2019, and he has achieved some degree of fame under his alias on the platform. However, he appears to have deleted his account from the site. A Twitter account under the name of @whitedolemite_ appears to be active and features the creator’s prank videos, but it appears to be a fan account with very few followers. A YouTube Channel under the Name White Dolemite with 5.9K subscribers is still active and showing the creator’s prank videos, but all comments have been turned off. His Instagram is currently unavailable.