ContraPoints Courts Controversy Over Deleted Gen Z Tweet


Twitter drama incoming! Popular YouTuber Natalie Wynn AKA ContraPoints has rubbed a lot of people the wrong way by posting a message that criticizes Gen Z LGBTQ+ people for using terminology in paradoxical and contradictory ways. In a now-deleted tweet that’s blowing up all over the internet (well, bits of it anyway) she said:

“Gen Z people are hard to figure out. They’re like ‘I’m an asexual slut that loves sex! You don’t have to be trans to be trans. Casual reminder that your heterosexuality doesn’t make your gayness any less valid!'”

This is the Twitter equivalent of pouring gasoline on a hornet’s nest, kicking it, and then setting it alight. Here’s a selection of how it’s gone down:


That’s just a smattering of the discourse, however. Some say that anyone who is offended by her statement is being enormously over-sensitive, while others claim that queer zoomers have it so tough that anything other than unequivocal support is aggression. A few even claim that this statement is proof that she’s deep cover fash.

In addition Wynn, who is 32, has also been dubbed a prehistoric relic from the past who shouldn’t stick her nose into contemporary issues.

Wynn responded with a lengthy multi-image essay:

And also said, perhaps more pertinently:

The main takeaway from all this is, of course, that Twitter and social media as a whole was a mistake and has broken everyone’s brains. And if you’re busily formulating some kind of snarky comment along the lines of “what kind of weirdo would care about Twitter drama”? Well, you read this far into the article. So that’s on you.