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The ‘Try Guys’ cheating scandal is even more brutal than you think

Just a whole lot of yikes.

Ned and Ariel Fulmer attend The 9th Annual Streamy Awards on December 13, 2019 in Los Angeles, California.
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Much ink has been spilled about The Try GuysNed Fulmer‘s cheating scandal with co-worker Alexandria Herring after the YouTubers’ official social media account shared a statement saying Ned was no longer a part of the team. Fulmer has been married to his wife Ariel Fulmer since 2012, with whom he has two children. He also took to social media on Tuesday to confirm he entered a “consensual workplace relationship.”

Although rumors of the cheating had been rampant online for long after Fulmer was edited out of most of The Try Guys’ content, and videos of him kissing Herring leaked online, the official confirmations have given way to even more chatter, and debate.

One viral tweet is turning the magnifying glass to the ages of both Ariel and Alexandria. According to the Reddit comment shared on Twitter, Ariel had previously talked about feeling insecure over being older than Ned, which, for this fan, makes the fact he cheated with someone “much younger” even worse.

Other The Try Guys followers were quick to question this tweet, considering the fact Ariel and Ned are only one year apart (the former is 36, and the latter 35), and Herring is around 30 years old, according to her LinkedIn account which says she graduated college in 2014.

Whether or not the public considers a 5-year age gap to be reason for scrutiny, the matter of fact is that Fulmer was Herring’s boss, which has added another layer to the conversations around the scandal. “This is not cut and dry cheating. There was an inappropriate power dynamic here,” one Twitter user said.

Regardless of the power imbalance, fans are not excusing Herring for her part in the affair, and believe she is as much to blame as Fulmer. The majority is standing in support of Fulmer’s wife, Ariel, who has also made a statement about the situation where she thanks everyone who has reached out to her.

In The Try Guys, Fulmer had a reputation for being crazy about his wife, mentioning her and gushing about her at every turn. Some ex-employees at Buzzfeed (The Try Guys’ original platform), particularly Devin Lytle and Maya Murillo, also had something to say about the shocking revelations, and some were not surprised Fulmer’s whole act was a facade.

It gets awkwardly worse, though. It turns out, Ned and Ariel were actually giving talks on “healthy relationships” in the past, as one Twitter user shares. The married couple hosted a “ethics of healthy relationships” panel at his university.

Goes to prove you never really know someone. The Try Guys, whose main cast is composed of Keith Habersberge, Zachary Kornfeld, and Eugene Yang, will continue without Ned Fulmer. It’s unclear whether Alexandria Herring will also be removed from the project.

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