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We hate to break it to you but a ‘Joker’ musical already exists

It also doubles as a summary of the original film.

joker 2 folie a deux musical
Credit: Warner Bros. Productions

News of a Joker sequel has been a hot topic of late, as fans have become highly invested in the movie reportedly taking on the musical format. However, deep in the rabbit hole of YouTube is an already released Joker musical, which hilariously parodies the 2019 blockbuster.

Released by YouTube channel LHUGUENY, “JOKER THE MUSICAL” is one of many other film parodies on the channel, and it debuted just one month after the Todd Phillips’ film.

It’s a two-minute flash summary presented in a rap-sung fashion and depicts key moments from the original film. The animated video starts with Arthur Fleck the party clown being beaten in an alleyway and follows his story of becoming a murdering menace. 

Other notable moments in the video include Arthur Fleck’s memorable standup act, and the talk show scene where he shoots Murray Franklin, who is played by Robert De Niro in the original.

While an animated video, it still offers up a lot of blood and gore, and has a very catchy chorus, albeit with lyrics that are quite inappropriate. The video has also been viewed more than five million times, which is far from the highest audience LHUGENY has pulled in with their musical videos. A musical riff on IT: Chapter Two, for example, has 30 million views (and counting).

The Joker sequel, or Joker 2, has been tentatively titled Joker: Folie à Deux , and with Lady Gaga in talks to portray Harley Quinn, fans have become even more excited for what’s to come.

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