6 Small But Important Changes We’d Like To See In Destiny 2


6) Expand Xur’s Inventory

Xur’s first appearance in Destiny 2, welcome as it was, didn’t quite manage to meet expectations. The mysterious Agent of the Nine decided to set up shop for his sequel debut last week on Nessus and, unsurprisingly, Guardians stumbled over themselves in an effort to discover what bits and bobs he’d decided to bring with him from the outer reaches of space.

The usual, three Exotic pieces of armor – one each for the Titan, Warlock and Hunter classes – and one Exotic weapon were among his saleable wares for the two-day period, as well as… No, wait – that was it. Three of Coins, Ammo Synths, Sparrow Kits and weapon Ornaments: it seems that, in the transitional period between Destiny and its successor, Xur’s been hit with some crippling stock resupply issues, the aforementioned miscellany entirely absent from his inventory. Why exactly Bungie decided to lighten Xur’s load, so to speak, in Destiny 2 isn’t entirely clear, but in doing so, it has made his weekly arrival considerably less exciting in the process.

Many of those items, like Heavy Ammo Synths and Glass Needles, for example, have either been removed or made redundant by Destiny 2‘s mod system, so it stands to reason that they haven’t returned, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be replaced with something else entirely.

Expanding the range of Exotics for sale each week wouldn’t work, as there aren’t enough of them to keep Guardians coming back week after week. Instead, what Xur needs is something that only he sells. A rotating selection of Exotic mods and Ornaments obtainable only from the tentacle-faced vendor would make for a terrific start, don’t you think?

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