7 Awesome Exotics You Need In Your Destiny 2 Arsenal


7) Riskrunner

Remember the Zhalo Supercell from Destiny? Well say hello to Riskrunner: it’s a sleeker, more compact descendant of The Taken King’s similarly Arc-infused firearm and packs one hell of a punch in PvE content. Unlike its forebear, Riskrunner’s a submachine gun, and less stable because of it, but don’t let the recoil and shorter range deter you. Mini-Zhalo has smoother-than-butter handling and arguably better perks to boot.

The unique chain lightning perk returns for Zhalo’s successor, though this time it’s not quite as simple as jumping into a group of enemies and spewing lightning all over the place like a certain Sith Lord; there’s a catch. Owing to its name, in order to trigger Riskrunner’s Arc Conductor perk, you’ll purposefully need to take damage from enemies using the same element, which will, in turn, empower its barrel with a shocking (pun intended) amount of power.

Adding to that already impressive benefit, racking up additional kills while it’s firing on all cylinders, so to speak, will extend the duration of Arc Conductor, with every electrified bullet having the chance of being returned directly to the magazine. I still find myself mildly peeved that Bungie decided to do away with light machine guns for Destiny 2, but this is the next best thing.

With a careless attitude and a bit of luck, you’ll clear out an entire room of Fallen goons without having to ever reload.

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