6 Secrets And Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed In Destiny 2


6) Giant Traveler Ball

The original Tower from Destiny may have been blown to smithereens by Ghaul and his Red Legion in Destiny 2‘s eventful opening hour, but fortunately, mankind’s most talented architects seemingly survived the Cabal’s aggressive invasion of Earth. It’ll gobble up around 12 hours of your time to achieve, but you will eventually triumph in your quest to wrestle control of mankind’s home planet back from the burly, piranha-faced alien race, in doing so marking the start of a potential new Golden Age for the Traveler’s chosen.

That process begins as soon as the credits are done rolling, where you’re immediately plonked onto the main plaza of a new Tower, one that sits directly alongside the now-uninhabitable remains of the original, full to the brim with hidden Easter eggs and secrets. Owing to its larger size, Bungie’s managed to sneak in considerably more activities for Guardians to indulge in during their downtime between missions, with everyone’s favorite – the purple ball – returning from the original.

There’s a difference this time around, though. If you head up onto the gantries in the main plaza, you’ll find the ball sitting on a crate, just waiting for a procrastinating Guardian to come along and give it a good punt. However, instead of aimlessly kicking it about, guiding the ball to a certain location will prompt it to disappear and trigger a series of sparklers – a prompt that you should return to where you found the ball originally.

A new, different color ball will have subsequently spawned which also needs to be directed to a particular area in the main area. Complete the process a grand total of four times, and a giant ball adorned with Destiny 2‘s logo will drop out of thin air. Have fun with it but take care – nudging it off the Tower balcony will mean having to repeat the entire process again.

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