10 Video Games Coming In 2017 That You Won’t Want To Miss


10) Nier: Automata

10 Video Games Coming In 2017 That You Won't Want To Miss

Platforms: PC, PS4

Release Date: March 7th

This spot on the list was originally going to go to Scaleboundbut after the sad news of its cancellation, we’ve had to steer the ship towards new waters. Enter Nier: Automata, an action RPG and the long-awaited follow-up to the 2010 original. Ironically, like Scalebound, this one’s a PlatinumGames title too, but we’re confident it’ll reach store shelves unscathed.

You play as 2B, a female android sporting an enormous sword and aided by another robot in a dystopian otherworld-y setting. The dress is short, the sword is oversized and the suggestive symbolism is in full effect here.

Automata sports the series’ characteristic dark, foreboding atmosphere but expands the world beyond the linear confines of the original with a sandbox to explore allowing for “seamless transition.” There are the customary RPG mechanics, full-bodied action to boot and a desire to break ground with this one.

Look out, because Automata is shaping up to be a true sleeper hit.