The Five Best Superhero Video Games In Recent Memory

batmanarkhamcity 6 The Five Best Superhero Video Games In Recent Memory

Superheroes provide video game developers with some of the best characters they could ever hope for. They’re well-established, well-known and a large percentage of our hobby’s enthusiasts are well-versed when it comes to comics’ most triumphant protectors. Add in the fact that many kids grow up dreaming of being their favourite heroes, and you have the reasons why superhero video games release to such high hopes. Not to mention why it’s so disappointing when they end up being terrible, broken and/or uninspired.

With all of the above being said, it’s important to point something out, and that is the fact that not all superhero video games are of low quality. In fact, there have been quite a few standouts over the years, and this console generation has received more than its fair share of comic book inspired triumphs.

Stick with us as we count down the five best superhero video games in recent memory.

Honorable MentionCaptain America: Super Soldier

captainamericasupersoldier3 e1311623834764 The Five Best Superhero Video Games In Recent Memory

With brute strength comes the potential for a fun video game, and that’s what Captain America: Super Soldier is. Mixing a punishing and cinematic combat system with a unique open world design, it gives fans of the enhanced, tight-wearing soldier a way to take out frustration as the man himself. The chance to introduce the hero’s metallic shield into hard-hitting melee combos made for a nice added touch, and became useful whenever baddies needed to be dispatched from afar.

When Captain America: Super Soldier was released, it didn’t receive the recognition it deserved. So, if you’ve yet to take the plunge with SEGA‘s red, white and blue superhero tie-in, then you might want to do so.


5) The Amazing Spider-Man

amazingspiderman e1341461423991 The Five Best Superhero Video Games In Recent Memory

Peter Parker’s arachnid-based powers make him an ideal video game character. After all, there’s nothing like being able to swing through the Manhattan skyline – that is when quality mechanics are utilized. Some of the web-slinger’s more modern interactive adventures have delivered open world swinging better than others, and Beenox‘s interactive sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man deserves commendation for presenting us with one of the most enjoyable web travel designs that the gaming industry has ever seen. It’s not only accessible, but also visceral and cinematic, making the player feel like he or she is actually cutting through the open sky above major New York intersections.

Although some questionable design choices prevented The Amazing Spider-Man from climbing its way to greatness, its mix of open world freedom and interior stealth culminated to create a quality experience that the majority of the character’s fans should enjoy.

4) X-Men Origins: Wolverine

wolverine2 e1342503278354 The Five Best Superhero Video Games In Recent Memory

Loosely based on Marvel‘s 2009 celluloid blockbuster of the same name, X-Men Origins: Wolverine showed that an appropriate amount of development time and a noticeable amount of infused passion can lead to a quality licensed title. Not only did this game give everyone’s favourite adamantium-clawed Canadian a chance to shine – it did much more simply because it was obvious that Raven Software cared about getting things right. They turned a relatively volatile hero’s origin story into an engrossing action adventure game with thoroughly entertaining combat and some appreciated exploration elements. Additionally, interesting flashbacks were entwined throughout the campaign, giving us a chance to learn more about Wolverine’s early missions.

3) The Marvel Ultimate Alliance Series

marvelua e1342475198980 The Five Best Superhero Video Games In Recent Memory

What’s better than being able to play as one of your favourite superheroes? Being able to create a dream team consisting of that fictional protector and his creative peers. That’s exactly what the Marvel Ultimate Alliance games offer, presenting players with a plethora of badass characters to choose from, and some well-designed action-RPG gameplay mechanics that take advantage of their incredible powers. Add-in interesting storylines, including one taken straight out of the popular Marvel Civil War comic book arc, and you have a comic fan’s dream.

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2) Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

shattereddimensions e1342475217125 The Five Best Superhero Video Games In Recent Memory

There are two types of Spider-Man games out there: those which offer open world freedom, and those which constrict Spidey’s adventures to varied stages. Although some believe that the character is at his best when he’s given the ability to travel through Manhattan, it’s tough to argue with the great and memorable experience that is Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions – a game that I consider to be the best of all of the web-head’s interactive appearances. Yes, it really is that good.

What was most impressive about Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions was its creativity. Its four playable Spider-Man variations all had their own individual gameplay mechanics and quirks, creating an experience that changed on a level-by-level basis. In one, players would be forced with being as stealthy as possible within a darkened black and white stage. Then, the next stage would offer something drastically different, changing things up in order to prevent repetition-based boredom from setting in. Even though a couple of the characters didn’t shine as much as the others, and happened to feature similar gameplay styles, they were still quite fun to play as and the game benefitted from their inclusion.

Beenox truly deserves this recognition because they hit a home run with this proverbial ball of webbing.

1) Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City

Batman Arkham City Helicopter e1342475299586 The Five Best Superhero Video Games In Recent Memory

As expected, Rocksteady‘s two Arkham-centric masterpieces top this list. That’s because no other superhero video game has ever captivated gamers like both Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City have since they hit store shelves. The British developer truly honoured the Caped Crusader with unforgettable digital ventures into Gotham’s most troubled areas, showing that they truly understood what it took to bring Bruce Wayne’s alter ego to video game greatness.

It’s tough to pinpoint what makes this series so exceptional because each of its two critically acclaimed entries is made up of many top shelf mechanical ingredients that culminate into one spectacular finished product. That’s the true mark of a great game as, while some titles are known for excelling in certain areas, our interactive hobby’s true masterpieces use that description as their starting point. As a result, they deliver experiences that excel in multiple areas.

Take a bow, Rocksteady. You deserve it.

There you have it, folks. Our countdown of the five best superhero video games in recent memory has come to a swooping end. Do you agree with our picks? Let us know.

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  • Palmer Rubin

    What about The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction?

    • Chad

      I decided to limit the list to current generation titles.

  • Keltari

    Superhero games can be fun, but… meh. They all turn into repetitive gameplay, which is boring. Marvel Ultimate alliance just ended up being a button masher, with no skill involved. At least the story, changing environments, and different combos/characters made it just interesting enough to finish. The sequels, not so much. Batman Arkham Asylum was fun for a short while. Even after completing more than half the game I stopped. It is just boring to do the exact same things every level, every pack of mobs, every boss fight. I didnt even bother with Arkham city.

    • A-Rob

      Then you missed out on the endings of the Batman Arkham Asylum and city. They were just mind blowing.

  • ballverine

    Jesus what a shitty list, apart from batman and ultimate alliance the rest of these games were god awful

    • Jeff

      When you try to bash someone, at least give some arguments… The guy made a list and explain why he likes those games. If you’re not happy with his choice, it’s ok. If you say it’s shitty, it’s ok too but explain why or you’re just as useless as a condom to a nun.

      • I’m going to kick chris brown

        When you try to defend someone make sure they aren’t a complete idiot Everyone agrees with the fact that web of shadows and infamous should be on here Your making yourself look retarded by defending him

        • Shame

          Oh, well if the majority think that then yeah screw opinions. And he already said why there was no Infamous, he stuck to licensed superheroes, and as for Web of Shadows… it’s a list of 5 games, things are going to be left off. The task is on us to be mature enough to understand this is all subjective.

    • Hilarity Ensues

      So brave.

  • Peter Palmer Poker

    Spiderman: Web of Shadows? How could you not list that as at least an “honourable mention”?! Still, an agreeable list nonetheless.

    • Chad

      I thought Web of Shadows was pretty good, but I wasn’t blown away by it. Like a lot of the open world Spidey games, it suffered from repetition and glitches.

  • Max

    I thought Iron Man was a good game. Fun and decent combat, but too short.

    • Delta

      Iron man? IRON MAN? OMG ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!! Iron man is the worst fucking super hero game of all time (well except for super dick 64)

      • Ihateyou

        Ya i agree iron man is complete garbage

  • Jared Goh

    Shouldn’t the article be titled, “The Only Five Superhero Movies Maybe Possibly Worth Mentioning In Recent History”?

  • Flab

    …Really? This list is fucking terrible. Spider-man: Shattered Dimensions, instead of Web of Shadows? Also known as “the worst Spider-man game” and “the best Spider-man game” respectively? And no Infamous 2? Fuck you, dumbass.

    • Chad

      Web of Shadows was OK, but I found Shattered Dimensions to be a lot better.

      • Nicholas Gatewood

        You still avoided the guy’s(Flab’s a jackass for being so unnecessarily rude, by the way) inFamous point. Other people have made it, it really is better than any other superhero game/series besides Arkham.

        • Chad

          I ended up sticking with licensed superheroes. The inFAMOUS games are very good, though.

        • Delta

          Your a jackass for not being rude enough
          The truth fucking hurts

          • -


      • TomasHunter

        Of the open world Spider-Man games, Web of Shadows was easily the best. I liked Shattered Dimensions, but I feel like we need a Akrham level Spider-Man game; something darker… say a Maximum Carnage reboot.

    • LOL

      web of shadows is one ugly looking game with more bugs and glitches than actual gameplay.

  • Andrew Boyce

    How about inFamous or inFamous 2? None of them beat your Spiderman games?

  • Nicholas Gatewood

    Where the heck’s inFamous, 1 OR 2? Either of those games are better than any title on this list except the Arkham games, same with Gravity Rush. Should’ve said “licensed superheroes” in the title, dude, there are lots of superhero games better than any of these(except, again, the wonderful Arkham games). Crackdown’s another good honorable mention. :v

    • Chad

      Those are good games, I agree. However, as you noted, I did decide to stick with licensed superheroes.

      • Delta

        If your going to make a list you need to not exclude things that are better based on preference If you didn’t “stick to licensed superheros” you would only have arkham and maybe ultimate alliance You would then fill the gap with better games

        Also anyone that says shattered demeans ions is better than web of shadows isnabfuck

        • Chad

          I thought Shattered Dimensions was much better than Web of Shadows. The latter was decent, but it suffered from the same issues as other open world Spider-Man games: glitches, repetition, some bland mission design and mediocre A.I.

          The Amazing Spider-Man fixed a lot of those issues, thankfully.

        • -


  • Josh Parsons

    Spider man 2 and The Punisher for Play Station 2 are amazing!!

    • Chad

      I really enjoyed the Punisher game.

    • Basil Jarmakani

      You got it. especially spiderman 2

  • Delta

    This also makes no sense because I clicked on a link from zergnet that said most disappointing games in recent memory So either someone is playing a joke on you or whoever put that article up is retarded

    • Chad

      I wrote both articles. The link on Zergnet must’ve been incorrect.

    • Chad

      I wrote both articles. The link on Zergnet must’ve been incorrect.

  • Pani Booyah

    Some nice choices but you left out LEGO Bamtan 2 Infamous 1 and 2,

    • Delta

      Lego batman? Haha your funny

      • Pani Booyah

        Lego Batman 2 was superb dude come on!! :D

        • Delta

          It was average but there are defiantly 5 games better than that

          • Pani Booyah

            All your favourite characters in Lego form was like Christmas for me…yeah I’m easily amused :D

          • nananananana-(dead)

            Maybe if your a 12 year old

          • jerk

            I like playing with Legos but not playing lego video games even if the games are themed with something i like, but oddly enough i have no problem playing the first lego star wars even though i hate star wars.

          • Chad

            I honestly don’t like the LEGO games very much. I’ve tried to get into them, but they tend to bore me quickly, so they weren’t really considered for this personal list.

          • meesa

            couldnt agree more, i remember playing star wars lego and thinking haha ok this is kinda funny, then it dragged on and a special edition came out and almost every film got a lego spin off and i just kinda phased out pretty quick, especially batman, although the lego batman movie was pretty funny xD

      • -


        • ViciousGuy

          shut the fuck up…. :D

    • Anthony

      I agree with you,I enjoy the lego games

    • Ghost

      They mean superheroes from comics, and inFAMOUS got a comic AFTER the game’s release so it doesn’t count

  • Tygr

    5 Worst or 5 Best?

    • Bruce Wayne

      You really can’t argue 5 worst with the Arkham Games up there.

      • meesa

        you really can, the rest where horrible games, asylum bored me and was super linear but fair enough not the worst definately, and city was great, link to this was somehow labelled worst games :S so i think some people got confused reading it

  • Snot

    What no Ironman? lol yeah right they sucked

  • Chris Robb

    i love how you put The Amazing Spider Man game on here, it really isn’t getting the praise it deserves nowadays. Once you get over the fact that your web is latching onto the sky, it’s a pretty darn awesome experience. It also isn’t repetitive like the others because of the new travel mechanic, i forgot what it’s called but you go into first person view of spider man and time slows almost entirely, then you aim at a destination you want to zip/swing too and you’re off. It also has some Batman Arkham Asylum mechanics like the stealth and combat similarities. so it’s basically Batman: Arkham City (free roam and all) but with Spider man.

  • Mike Be Blessed

    i rather play spiderman edge of time, and i just played both marvel alliance games, they both sucked, 1 sucked all around, and 2 sucked cuz it was short, easy and had a weak selection of heroes

  • Mike Be Blessed

    infamous 1/2 were weak as hell, i for some reason wasted my money on the psn only version “festival of blood” (also weak as hell) the movement mechenics were irritating and (I’m not clever enough to think of another adjective), his combos looked stupid(a headbutt?…. just like cap in alliance 2…) so lame

    • James

      The movement mechanics were homosexual??

  • Paulo Vicente

    Hulk: Ultimate destruction? Come on!

  • awsomedude101

    you kidding the batman arkham city and asylum games were the best and they are still pretty beast

  • Anthony

    Wow, I thought I was one of the few who enjoyed the Captain America Game, glad it made your list

  • mrbrockpeters

    Superman 64 anyone. Not just a disappointing superhero game, one of the worst games of all time.

  • sk

    seriously, how much did disney and marvel paid you for this?

  • LegendInMyMind

    1. Batman: Arkham City
    2. Batman: Arkham Asylum
    3 – 5. Fill in the blank.

  • meesa

    oh wait…. this was a run down of GOOD games :S

    sorry but i thought all of those games minus arkham city was terrible, asylum was okish in a linear kinda way, but amazing spiderman was a horrible game and over too quickly with no depth, web of shadows on the other hand was a great game, spiderman 2 aswell, the rest though meh i honestly hated those the most out of all games ive played… minus the punisher games they where the worst

  • Jason Lore

    I hated Shattered Dimensions. Don’t get me wrong, the concept was fascinating – play as one of four different Spider-Men. But the level design was horrible. Every single level was the same: follow the villain from A to B to C. To call it linear is an insult to linear games. And the web swinging was terrible. Beenox should all have committed seppuku,

  • dragonoid350

    Add Superman 64, that sucked dicks.

  • FiachSidhe

    God, you’re an idiot.