6 Must Own Pieces Of DLC For The PS4


6 Must Own Pieces Of DLC For The PS4

Younger gamers won’t necessarily remember the days when we used to call DLC an “expansion pack,” especially those that didn’t venture into PC gaming. Of course, back in the day PCs were really the only hardware with which additional content was viable because of the nature with which they were installed and saved on hard drive. But consoles have since caught up, and thanks to the connectivity afforded by online networks such as Xbox Live and PSN, substantial additional content has become common place for most AAA titles.

And so began the era of “DLC,” an abbreviation that is now thrown about in no short measure within the gaming industry, not least because a game’s length is increasingly being perceived as important to its value. As a result, developers are keener than ever to support their games with a healthy eco-system of additional content post-release.

Of course, there are two sides to every tale, and the same online networks that have gifted us the ability to download and install expansion packs like PC gaming have also given rise to the much abated micro-transactions, but also paid content in the form of special items, character outfits and skin packs; the less glamorous side of DLC. Sadly, we’ve seen far too many publishers blatantly use DLC as a cash cow in to squeeze extra money from players.


Fortunately, sandwiched in amongst the controversies of micro-transactions and the sensitive ethics of paid mini-DLC such as upgrade packs and pre-order bonus content, there’s been plenty of superb campaign expansions and the addition of stellar online modes. In fact, in some instances the narrative expansions have so perfectly complimented the original story and are so accomplished in their design that they rival or even surpass other fully fledged video games.

The PlayStation 4’s impressive library of titles continues to grow, and so, some of its best games boast must-play DLC content. Here you’ll find a list of 6 single player DLC campaigns that are absolutely essential and if you own the base game, then you simply can’t afford to miss them.