7 Characters From The Walking Dead That Would Make For Great Telltale Spinoffs


7) Glenn

Oh Glenn, you poor, headless soul, it must have been hard for Maggie to bury what remained of your cadaver following your run in with Negan. But look (not that you’d have the eyes to do so) on the bright side – at least she didn’t have to worry about your corpse reanimating into a flesh-hungry Walker before being put six feet under.

Yes, Glenn is now very much dead in both of The Walking Dead‘s universes, and while fans of the comic knew exactly what awaited the character in the TV show’s season 7 premiere, those less informed were left reeling, following Glenn’s death, at the sheer brutality he faced at the hands of Negan’s affectionately named baseball bat, Lucille.

Sadly, that means the former pizza delivery boy will never again be involved in the day to day rituals of surviving the post-apocalypse, but there’s plenty of opportunities for Telltale to rewind the clock and explore the character’s past. No, I’m not talking about a pizza delivery sim, but rather, a miniseries that details the early days of Glenn’s fight for survival.

I mean, there has already been a precedent set for such a venture. For those able to cast their minds back to Telltale’s first season of The Walking Dead, you may well remember that Glenn did make an, albeit brief, appearance in the first couple of episodes as part of a group of survivors that Lee and Clementine encounter. Still wet behind the years, so to speak, at this point in time, Glenn eventually leaves the group to go it alone.

Of course, he’ll eventually meet up with Rick’s group, but the open-ended nature of his departure is too perfect of an entry point to pass up.

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