5 Actors Who Could Play Doctor Strange

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A Doctor Strange movie has been rumoured for a long time and many fans have proclaimed their desire that Marvel’s most famous sorcerer get his own film. Well now their wish has been granted, as the film has finally been confirmed as one of the initial projects of Marvel’s phase three, meaning in a few years we’ll get to see the full spectrum of his magic and mysticism on the big screen.

For those who don’t know, Stephen Strange was a neurosurgeon who was in a horrible car accident that severely damaged the nerves in his hands, leaving him unable to continue as a doctor. In a desperate search for healing, he travels to Tibet where it is rumored that the mystical Ancient One resides.

The Ancient One at first refuses to treat Strange, but agrees after Strange acts unselfishly when he attempts to stop Mordo, the Ancient One’s pupil, from attacking the Ancient One. He then studies under the Ancient One, ultimately gaining the knowledge that he later uses to defend the defenseless as Doctor Strange.

Of course, this announcement raises the question of who will star as Strange. This casting decision is of the utmost importance, and it’ll likely give fan-boys something to loathe or love until the film hits the big screen. Strange is a very complex character, meaning an extremely talented actor will be needed to play him. While comic book films may have once been looked at as something that wasn’t worth a top-notch actor’s time, the success of many recent Marvel films means the studio will likely be able to pull in just about whoever they want, assuming scheduling allows.

In order to ease Marvel’s decision making process, just in case anyone from the studio is reading, I’ve compiled a list of my top 5 actors to play Doctor Strange.

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Orlando Bloom

orlando bloom 5 Actors Who Could Play Doctor Strange

Orlando Bloom may be a bit young for Strange, but he’s definitely still one of my top choices. The guy already played a character of superhero proportions in The Lord Of The Rings, albeit a character just about as opposite from Strange as possible, but the guy is just made for this role.

He’s also extremely talented, so I’d feel comfortable with him taking on just about anything, but it’s hard not to get giddy thinking about Bloom learning the art of sorcery under the Ancient One in Tibet. He also wouldn’t look weird at all wearing the flowing cape of Strange, which is something that can’t be said for most men.

Bloom historically has been very selective with his roles, which is probably part of the reason he’s avoided an endeavor into comic films. That means the script would have to be excellent, and a top-notch director will have to be on board before he joins. But honestly, are we expecting anything less than top-notch from Marvel at this point?

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George Clooney

george clooney 01 5 Actors Who Could Play Doctor Strange

Yes, George Clooney was an utter fail as Batman. There’s no denying that. But I say that’s all the more reason to let him jump ship to Marvel and prove how great of a superhero he can be. The guy is too talented an actor for anyone to think he can’t take on the role, and while not as striking as others on this list, the resemblance between him and Strange is still pretty spot-on.

Clooney hasn’t ventured into sci-fi or fantasy much, but I think that would actually be a positive thing for Strange. While the mysticism of Strange is going to be something totally different from what Marvel has previously done, it still is going to need to be firmly grounded in the world set up by the other films, which, for the most part, has an extremely realistic feel.

Clooney’s ability to make every role feel like a real person would greatly benefit the film. Plus, with his future features like Gravity and 1952, by the time Doctor Strange rolls around Clooney will have enough sci-fi in his system to totally cleanse his palate of battling Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Mr. Freeze.


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Hugh Laurie

hugh1 620x350 5 Actors Who Could Play Doctor Strange

If there’s anyone qualified to play Stephen Strange pre-accident, it has to be Hugh Laurie. Strange is an arrogant, self-absorbed doctor. Ring any bells?

That doesn’t mean that Laurie wouldn’t be a good pick once the conversion to mystical hero is complete. His performance on House was much more than a narcissistic doctor. He’s shown great range and truly top-notch talent as an actor. Although much of his acting recently has been voice-over work, it’s time that Laurie made the transition into full-blown feature film star. Doctor Strange would be an excellent film for that to happen.

The look could easily be completed too. Slightly darker hair and a bit fuller of a beard and you’ve got a perfect Strange. His extremely proper manner would be great for the methodical nature of the character, yet he isn’t so uptight that he would look out of place dueling Mordo. All things considered, Laurie would be an excellent pick for Doctor Strange.

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Johnny Depp

url34 5 Actors Who Could Play Doctor Strange

Perhaps better suited to play a villain than a superhero, it’s a shame that Johnny Depp hasn’t been in a comicbook film, regardless of whether he’s fighting for good or evil.

One of the most talented actors of our time, I don’t think anyone would have any doubt that Depp could pull off playing Strange. That being said, the sillier side that Depp often shows, even in serious roles, wouldn’t be a good fit here. However, if he turned in a performance reminiscent of recent ones such as The Tourist or Public Enemies, that would make for such an epic Doctor Strange film.

It isn’t hard at all to picture Depp traveling to other dimensions to battle evil, all while maintaining the feel that the film belongs in the same world as the rest of the Marvel films. Plus, how awesome would it be to see Depp and Robert Downey Jr. team up at some point in a future film? I can think of very few duos that would be better.

And just look at Depp. I mean, there are few people in the world who look more like Strange than he does. You could practically cut out his picture and paste it in your comics and hardly notice any difference. Depp dealing with magic is a dream come true for fans of Marvel and quality films alike.

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Joel Edgerton

joel edgerton 600x4001 5 Actors Who Could Play Doctor Strange

An actor who is rapidly on the rise, Joel Edgerton has already been rumoured for the role of Strange, but of course there’s nothing anywhere near concrete. Word is at one point Marvel talked to him about the character, and the goal was a cameo in Thor: The Dark World.

If Marvel actually considered the guy, he’s worth taking a look at, but even without that rumour he’d be more than worthy of a place on this list. The man has proven time and time again to be a phenomenal actor, worthy of the praise that’s awarded to Hollywood’s elite. His performance in Warrior was outstanding, and he should be one of the real treats of The Great Gatsby. Hard to imagine that this is the same guy who once played Luke’s uncle in Star Wars.

A big problem with Edgerton is how busy he is at the moment. He’s in extremely high-demand, and may be working on his directorial debut, Weirdo. That being said, I don’t see him slowing down anytime soon, so if Marvel wants to bring him in, they better hurry up and do it. I’d hope he’d be willing to put something else on hold to star in a Marvel film, because if he did, fans would be blessed with a excellent mystical performance doing justice to Doctor Strange.

So those are my picks. What do you think of these choices for Doctor Strange? Is there someone you’d rather see in the role? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sam-Dulmage/780180540 Sam Dulmage

    Edward Norton, man.

    • mtattoo

      No, let’s not do that again just so he could be replaced for a cheaper actor. Not hating on Norton, he’s one of my favorite actors and I loved him in the incredible hulk.

  • Grover

    John Hamm could do it. He is the right age. and could pull off narcissism very well. Just have to see him in a goatee

    • Laughed

      Of the original list and the other suggestions in the comments so far this actually stands up (to me) as the best and strongest candidate. While I am sure he could walk the walk, I’m not positive he could pull off the dialog. Strange has a very specific way of speaking that I think would be hard for most actors to pull off. I always here it as some weird cross between Vincent Price and a British butler.

  • Michael

    So, the first choice for Sorcerer Supreme is… Orlando Bloom? The guy has no acting talent whatsoever. The same furrowed brow and far-off stare that he used during the pirate attacks of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies was the same he used to survey the rampaging Orc armies in Lord of the Rings and the same he used to view the eastern armies in Kingdom of Heaven is the same he used to look out from over Troy’s walls in… well, Troy. George Clooney, similarly, has been imbuing every role he’s done with too much comedy these days. You get the feeling you’re watching George Clooney playing a role, not the character themselves.

    Hugh Laurie now? Excellent choice, especially if he shies away from turning the role into House with magic. Johnny Depp? Eh. I could go either way on that one. He is a fine character actor, but he has some of the comedic issues that Clooney has. His better films were not the ones where he played very serious roles. Joel Edgerton was a surprise and probably my favorite choice of the list. He’s been in the business too long to be fairly called an up and comer, but is seasoned and capable enough to pull the role off, without the preconceived notions of the larger stars.

    All in all, it’s a solid list. Some I liked, some I hated.

    • Alex Lowe

      The list is in no particular order, so Bloom isn’t the first choice, but I definitely think he would be awesome in the role. If I had to choose just one I’d probably go with Edgerton. I’d love to see him take on the role. Then again he’s rumoured for Guardians which would also be awesome. Really I’d like to see him in any Marvel film.

  • Drewby

    This list is horrible. None of these people has even the remotest chance of getting picked and they would not be right for the part if they were.

    • T Joe

      I totally agree :)

  • casman82

    Patrick Dempsey would be the best he’s already gone on record saying he wanted to play Dr. Strange and he’s already played a doctor on Grey’s Anatomy.

    • Laughed

      I don’t agree. He doesn’t have the air of mysticism or gallantry needed for the role.

  • Knowzbæst

    What a crappy list.
    1: Viggo Mortensen
    2: Hugh Laurie
    3: Daniel Day-Lewis
    4: Guy Pearce

    • Alex Lowe

      As good as Pearce might be, he’s already in Iron Man 3, so his spot in the universe is basically set.

      • Laughed

        Not necessarily. Look at Chris Evans whose is only second to Ryan Reynolds for the amount of superheros he’s played, let alone in the Marvel Universe.

        • Alex Lowe

          true, however the Fantastic Four didn’t really overlap with the new films, and wasn’t even done by the same studio. There was no chance of seeing that Human Torch and Captain America in the same film.

          • Laughed

            good point.

        • Deadpool82

          That all depends on your definition of superhero, and if you mean superheroes played or comic book films they’ve been in (no that’s not the same thing). For instance Evans has played 4 separate characters, 2 of which are heroes, over a total of 6 films released so far, whereas Reynolds has played 3 characters, 1 hero, 1 anti-hero and a supernatural detective/vampire hunter, over a total of 3 films released so far

        • BigBoss1990

          Reynolds has not played 2 characters for Marvel…. it was one for DC and one for Marvel

    • Keltari

      I can picture Viggo Mortensen as Dr. Strange

  • vangpo

    Does Johnny Depp even do films that aren’t directed by Tim Burton and also starring Helene Bonham Carter? The perfect guy is Robert Downey Jr, but he’s forever linked to Iron Man now.

  • sasa

    nicolas cage and tommy lee jones

  • Darth Snoogins

    Liam Neeson anyone? The voice, the dramatic skills, I can think of no one better..

    • the dutch

      good choice Jeremy irons might be up there also. liam is a bit over rated.
      Jeremy irons is a great actor for dr strange roll

  • Po

    Michael Shannon would be my pick, he has that strange-ness over him and he is a really good actor.

  • Jason

    Dylan McDermott. Bam.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Erik-Foerster/100000333505561 Erik Foerster

    Hugh Laurie yes i want him as the good doctor

  • http://www.facebook.com/cade.ezell.5 Cade Ezell

    Tim Curry, and only Tim Curry

  • Sam

    Wes Bentley.

  • Old&Ugly

    Bryan Cranston, ftw!

  • Rob

    Joel Edgerton would be the best for me on this list.. Closely followed by Hugh Laurie.. However my own personal suggestion would be Jude Law. He has that air about him. Oh, and he almost starred in the prestige, so we could’ve seen him as an awesome magician. :)

  • Witnezz

    Richard Armitage
    James Purefoy
    Alan Rickman
    Jean Reno

  • the dutch

    what a crappy list.. dr strange needs to be of the older actors..
    vigo mortensen is good
    Jeremy irons will be great in my opinion

  • Rich

    How about Oded Fehr?

  • NDR

    Daniel Day Lewis.

  • YoYo

    What about Adrian Brody?

  • Ron

    How did you fail to think of Ben Stiller? Yeah he is a comedic actor but so was Downey Jr. at one time. Would take a haircut and a beard and he would be damn near spot on for looks!

  • Eustace Cromartie

    This is a terrible, awful, disgusting list! Only Depp might fit, if he were to take it seriously. How could you not mention Viggo at all. Bloom does have talent he like most others on your list are COMPLETELY WRONG. You should be punished somehow for this terrible list. I am sorry but this list is just plain AWFUL. Do yo know the character at all. They are all fine actors but NO NO NO, NOT A CHANCE!

  • mgam

    Um clooney? Clooney is always just clooney. Like Cruise is always Cruise. Horrible choice.

  • http://www.facebook.com/edmorita Ed Morita

    Oded Fehr! He even did the voice of Dr. Fate on Justice League which is DC’s version of Dr. Strange.

  • KillerPool

    4 & 5 are just terrible ideas even though i am able to picture them in the role. Add Clive Owen and Rufus Sewell

  • me

    Two Words…

    WES BENTLEY!!!! (i win)

  • Yomama yomama

    Robert Downey Jr. should play every character in the Marvel Universe. Now that would be a funny SNL sketch.

  • http://www.facebook.com/wayconn Wayne Connelly

    Sean Bean would be awesome, as well as Viggo. And NOT because of their affiliations, lol. Both just happen to have excelled at gallant nobility and physicality in their roles. (Strange was surprisingly physical and agile at many times despite being a ‘squishy sorc’)

  • Elora

    Oded Fehr, anyone?

  • T Joe

    Yeah this is a horrible list!! There are other great actors that can do Dr. Strange. Redo the list big time!! :)

  • DrNope

    Clooney was not an utter fail as Batman. He was cast in an utter fail of a Batman film. I certainly liked him a lot more than Val Kilmer, even if Batman Forever is a better film. George Clooney was an excellent Bruce Wayne, as he plays an international playboy quite convincingly. He wasn’t the best Batman, but it’s hard to say how much of that was his fault when he’s dressed up in bat nipples. I give him a pass. That movie was doomed from the start.

  • Luxozu

    /wrists if Bloom is cast. Seriously….

  • Marc

    They better use the black and red robes of the modern Dr. Strange. Keep the crazy cloak and blue shirt for special occasions like when he becomes the sorceror supreme.

  • JBrotsis

    Wow, absolutely the worst selection possible. You’re literally picking the “hottest” actors today. That’s like asking someone what their favorite song from Guns N Roses is and you say “welcome to the jungle”. You know what made the avengers so great, is they took actors from all skill levels. Sam Jackson, Ruffalo, and Renner were already stable, great actors with tons of movies under their belts. But then they grabbed Evans, Hemsworth, and the reincarnated Downey Jr. (actors who were little known or never had very big roles in movies), gave them a chance to shine, and they did. Pick some newer actors, one’s that you can are starting to have potential. Strange isn’t going to sit well for fans when they know Brad Pitt is playing him (surprised he wasn’t on your list).

    • mike

      When you lump RDJ as “little known” or “never had big parts in movies”, you pretty much tell me that you know zero about anything. It made me pretty much ignore whatever else you had typed. You are aware that he has a little statue sitting around somewhere named Oscar, don’t you?

  • Tommy

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say Timothy Olyphant. Before you say he hasn’t shown the range, he plays arrogant and self-absorbed well on Justified, so, with a change of accent, he could easily fit the persona of Dr. Strange.

  • Alfredo

    Michael Richards!

  • MrDogg

    Zack Quinto. Nuff Said!!!

  • flybywire

    only 1 and that is the 1 Adrien Brody

  • gary

    Josh Brolin

  • kaanan

    what about Oded Fehr?

  • http://www.facebook.com/jehuty.ender Jehuty Grandius Ender

    Since Marvel is known for being cheap, they could always re-use Ioan Gruffudd, like the did Chris Evans, and have him for Dr. Strange. hahaha, it would be typical of them anyway.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jehuty.ender Jehuty Grandius Ender

      Oh yeah, BTW, this list sucked. It doesn’t take into account how Marvel loves to save money. hahaha, next time, do some better research.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dbother Dont Bother

    i have been thru this many times and my number 1 pick would have been guy pearce check out lockout shame is they pegged him for iron man 3 as Aldrich Killian

  • dave

    how about liam nesson. he would be awesome as doctor strange

  • dave

    how about liam nesson. he would be awesome as doctor strange

  • dave

    how about liam nesson. he would be awesome as doctor strange

  • Writer6886

    If anyone has ever seen the Raven then we would know the perfect Dr.Strange would be Jon Cusack

    • Laughed

      He just isn’t gaunt or tall enough to pull it off. That and his voice just isn’t noble enough. Then again, Hollywood doesn’t really care about that. After all, they put a 6’2″ gangly stammering yutz in the new Spider-Man. A travesty in my honest opinion.

  • Barry

    Hank Azaria

    • Laughed

      You’re not even trying.

  • Frysauced

    …this list is terrible. George clooney? Johnny Depp??

  • Sploich

    Honestly, my favorite choice for Doctor Strange: Edward Norton.

  • Brandon Box

    Edward Norton. That is all.

  • ABJ

    Christoph Waltz , THAT would be a nice choice .

  • Me

    I knew this was gonna be a bad list when it started with Orlando Bloom.

  • James

    My shot would be David Tennant. He’s indicated interest in a Marvel role (referencing Mister Fantastic), and he’s just in the right age bracket for Strange. His work as the Doctor proved that he can do both chillingly cold and spectacularly hammy at the drop of a hat, and he is well acquainted with slightly mystical phenomena (in his time as the Doctor, he took on the Devil. And dropped him into a black hole). Sign this man up, Marvel!

  • exus

    John C. McGinley (Dr. Cox, on Scrubs) for me it’s a good choice also.

    He can play faithfully both sides of Dr. Strange (Before and After the incident) plus he is a great actor.

  • Shiggy

    I was actually thinking John Travolta (from his performance in “From paris with love”)

  • obloodyhell

    }}} Johnny Depp hasn’t been in a comicbook film, regardless of whether he’s fighting for good or evil.

    LOL, Captain Jack Sparrow is not occurring in a “comicbook” film? For that matter, though we haven’t seen it yet, you figure The Lone Ranger is not going to be a comic book film?

    Source matter don’t enter into it, it’s a matter of style, and those two characters played by Depp are certainly comic book style characters.

    • Laughed

      Actually, the movie From Hell is a graphic novel by Alan Moore, so…


  • J.C.

    How about Johnny Lee Miller from CBS’ “Elementary”???

  • bill

    id probably try to cast liam neeson

  • Dan

    IMO Orlando Bloom has always been crucified because he got very successful very quickly, & there is a sense that he did not deserve that level of fame, so he gets slammed. The truth is he is a good actor, who has only improved over time, I was one of the people who was very negative about him in the past, but now appreciate his performances, I realize now I was just being a jerk, & that he is actually a fine actor who has played some legendary roles & deserves his credit & status as a star. I think he would make Dr. Strange just as iconic as he made Legolas, I think he would be a great Dr. Strange.

  • Ross Laney

    I just feel like Jeremy Irons was born to be Dr Strange.

  • wyatt

    I think Bloom could pull it off, he is good in action films & he is a better actor than some would like to admit.

  • Debo4735

    No Jim Caveziel, have you seen The Count of Monte Cristo? He looked exactly like Dr. Strange, and he’s a great actor. People slept on the movie Outlander, and he’s super b***** on the show Person of Interest.

  • Lokibenitez

    Johnny Depp has ruined too many films already

    • Laughed

      Said no one, ever.

  • BigBoss1990

    I prefer Edgerton as a younger Hank Pym