5 Movies To See In June

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June is upon us and the summer blockbuster season in underway, which means there are a ton of great movies hitting theaters. From long awaited sequels to a certain superhero seeking his cinematic redemption, this month is going to be yet another where you may wish you could spend the entire time in the theater.

But that isn’t realistic, you likely have a job, and other life commitments besides movies, so you’re faced with the ever so daunting task of deciding which films are worth your time and money this month.

In order to help you make up your mind, I’ve put together this list of 5 must-see films releasing over the course of the month. There are certainly some other quality films hitting theaters, but these are the 5 you need to make sure you don’t miss.

So without any further ado, read on for our list of 5 movies to see in June.


Much Ado About Nothing

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Or maybe just a little more Ado (sorry, I couldn’t help myself). But seriously, Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing is something you should be seriously excited about. I’m fascinated by films set in modern time with original dialogue, and Whedon has assembled (okay, I’ll stop with the puns) the sort of cast who can handle that daunting task.

It’s the small projects that really let fans connect with Whedon. All Whedon fans love Dr. Horrible, and while this film isn’t going to be too reminiscent of that, the entire thing is filmed in Whedon’s house, so at the very least you can have a glimpse into where he lives. He’s getting his friends together and shooting a movie, and more and more in Hollywood we’re seeing that method work for talented filmmakers. The cast is filled with Whedon staples such as Nathan Fillion and Sean Maher (Serenity, Firefly), Amy Acker and Alexis Denisof (Angel), and Clark Gregg (The Avengers).

The cast and director aside, this is an absolutely phenomenal story that hasn’t been made into a quality film since the early ’90s when Kenneth Branagh took it on. This is the play that spawned much of the modern romanticizing of masquerade balls, and that scene should be especially fun to watch.

This film may not be receiving as much attention as some of the other heavy hitters releasing this month, but it’s a film that you should not miss.

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This Is The End

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I won’t lie and say I’m a big fan of modern comedy, and most of the films that the stars of This Is The End have been in recently have disappointed me, but this epic ensemble looks like it could be one of the most memorable comedies in a very long time.

I’d start listing the cast, but I don’t think there’s room on this page to house all the notable names in the film, so I’ll just highlight a few. All of the characters are playing themselves here yet they are playing slightly heightened versions. For example, Michael Cera is playing a drugged out womanizing version of himself who gets destroyed by a slap from Rihanna and then is the first one to die. Sounds awesome, right?

The film is set in James Franco’s house which means a ton of references to his bromance with Seth Rogen and plenty Freaks And Geeks memorabilia. For all the knocks on Franco, you can’t say he’s ever boring. But I’m most excited to see Emma Watson as she kicks some ass and proves that Hermione can be ruthless as well.

The whole cast is exciting since they’re all actors that are known and loved. It’s a bunch of friends getting together to make a movie, and reports from set are that every take was rampant with improvisation. When funny people make it up as they go along, the result is probably going to be pretty dang humorous.

You also have to respect the whole idea of making an apocalypse film and not rushing to release it before the supposed end of the world back in December of 2012.

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Man Of Steel

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Superman’s big screen return. Will it finally be the great film the character deserves, or like many recent iterations, will it fall far short of what fans are hoping for? And perhaps most importantly: will Man Of Steel be successful enough to spawn Justice League?

That’s the main question for most moviegoers coming into June, and for many, that’s the big cinematic question of the year. Hopes are sky high for this film, and they should be considering the powers of Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan are combining to form what could be the greatest mesh of story and spectacle ever seen.

The trailers we’ve seen so far have been absolutely outstanding. The first trailer was enough to get me excited, but the second one led to full-fledged goosebumps that wouldn’t go away for hours. It was after watching that when I decided that Henry Cavill is indeed fit to play Superman, and that it’s worth driving as many time zones as you need to see this film as soon as you possibly can.

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Monsters University

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There hasn’t been all that much promotion for Monster’s University, but let’s be real, Pixar doesn’t need to do anything to get audiences excited about this movie.

Pixar films are always fantastic and there’s absolutely no reason this prequel won’t follow that mould. The trailers for the movie have been exciting, but again, those previews could’ve just been two minutes of Mike staring at the screen and this movie would’ve still been on my must-see list.

Mike and Sully in college learning to be “scarers” is an incredible idea for a film. The two have such good chemistry in Monsters Inc. that any opportunity to revisit those characters was a must for Pixar. The Scare Games will be awesome to watch, and the opportunity to see a ton of other college-aged monsters is one that simply can’t be passed up.

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World War Z

World War Z Pitt Scarf 5 Movies To See In June

World War Z is almost worth seeing purely because of the long road it has taken to the big screen. With more reshoots and delays than any film in recent memory, it hasn’t been an easy task for Brad Pitt and Paramount to get this film into theaters, and all the delays have left many feeling like the film is going to flop.

I, however, think it’s going to be well worth seeing. Brad Pitt has been even stronger than usual over the past few years, showing that some actors do indeed get better with age. The book is wildly successful, and while the film is said to not follow the novel as much in plot as it does in spirit, that still means solid source material for Marc Forster to work off of.

Regardless of all the issues, this movie is going to have zombies, and it’s going to have Brad Pitt trying to save humankind. I really don’t know what more you can ask for out of a safe, mainstream horror film. The hordes of zombies in the trailers look vicious enough, and there’s no reason to pass up what should be an awesome undead film.

So there’s our picks for what to see this month. What do you want to see in June? Let us know in the comments.

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