8 Disappointing Movies That Should Have Been Great

noomi rapace prometheus 8 Disappointing Movies That Should Have Been Great

Is there anything worse than being disappointed by a movie? Think of the ones you waited patiently and eagerly for, only to discover that everything you imagined in your head hadn’t made it up onto the screen. Like, at all. There are certain movies that had the odds weighed against them from the very start, and we’re not going to be dealing with those here: think George Lucas territory, what with The Phantom Menace and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. You willed them to be amazing, of course, but you knew the chances of success were on the lower end of the spectrum: in those cases, George Lucas is a generally lousy filmmaker, and the hype machine was in maximum overdrive.

But what about the flicks whose ingredients seemed perfectly placed, only for the final product to emerge mediocre in every sense? Motion pictures with marketing campaigns that made us feel as though their studios were promoting genuine classics? What about the movies that boasted an idea so brilliant that it seemed impossible for the filmmakers to screw it up? Here’s our pick of seven movies that fall into such a category: despite their esteemed cast and crew, each one failed to meet our (rightly) high expectations.

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8. Pacific Rim (2013) (Dir. Guillermo del Toro)

pacific rim teaser charlie hunnam 8 Disappointing Movies That Should Have Been Great

What We Thought Before: Transformers meets Godzilla in a Guillermo del Toro movie. A film starring Rinko Kikuchi, Charlie Hunnam, Idris Elba, Charlie Day and Ron Perlman – that will surely guarantee high levels of awesome, no? Did I mention it also has Idris Elba in it?

What We Got: A movie so bad, it actually generates a palpable sense of shame at the excitement once felt while watching the trailer. Sure, the robots and monsters look awesome, but if that’s the extent of interesting stuff in your movie, you might want to extend those scenes a little bit and dispense with the half-hearted attempts at an actual plot. Oh, and, incidentally, in case any ladies out there were wondering – in this vision of the future, you play no part of any significance whatsoever.

I mean, sure, there’s Mako Mori (Kikuchi) – an effective fighter – but she’s so sensitive and delicate, thanks to a traumatic childhood experience, she has be removed from piloting a robot on her first run out. She manages to get over it in time to help with the final battle, but is literally ejected by a man before the end. According to this film, she can’t even speak to another woman. Why? Because there are no other women whose roles require them to speak more than a couple of words. We must give credit where credit is due, though. There are a few women in this 21st century film – in the crowd scene, right at the back – if you pause it, and squint.

What They Should Have Done: They should have employed radical concepts of modern cinema – such as plot, structure and people that aren’t men.

Redeeming Features: Apart from having Idris Elba in it, there is a moment – right in the middle of all the tedium – when we are suddenly transported to what feels like an actual Guillermo del Toro film. Mako Mori (Kikuchi) relives the childhood memory of being attacked by a Kaiju (monster), and being saved by a Jaeger (robot), piloted by Stacker Pentecost (Idris Elba). This sequence – though only a few minutes long – serves to remind us whose work we are watching. It is a beautifully presented episode that, in and of itself, builds perfect dramatic tension and resonates with the audience on a deep emotional level. It is the stunning, yet tiny, diamond in a whole heap of rough. But then, as quickly as it appeared, it is gone, and we are slammed back into a messy, directionless vat of testosterone – filled with disposable and forgettable characters.

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7. Death Proof (2007) (Dir. Quentin Tarantino) 

%name 8 Disappointing Movies That Should Have Been Great

What We Thought Before: Quentin Tarantino and Kurt Russell are making a car chase movie? And this one looks to be fully embracing Tarantino’s love for exploitation and slasher flicks, which means he’s making an unabashed genre movie with old-fashioned titles and everything. There’s a seemingly endless line of pretty girls starring in this one, too, which isn’t anything to complain about. I’m totally in!

What We Got: A surprisingly long-winded talkfest that perfectly showcases how Tarantino’s dialogue might actually grate on an audience’s patience. Women seem to natter on endlessly with stories that aren’t at all interesting to somebody who wasn’t there with them when they happened. I mean, there’s one story about a girl falling in a ditch, for God’s sake. And there’s not enough Kurt Russell.

What They Should Have Done: Tarantino needed to discipline himself somewhat and make this thing more plainly fun. The action scenes are fantastic, but even for somebody who loves listening to the director’s characters just talking to one another, the conversations here just aren’t that enjoyable to listen in on. Less talk, more action.

Redeeming Features: Well, arguably the best car chase of the 21st century. Don’t believe me? See below.

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6. The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997) (Dir. Steven Spielberg)

%name 8 Disappointing Movies That Should Have Been Great

What We Thought Before: Given the huge success that was Jurassic Park, who wouldn’t want Spielberg to return for another slice of dinosaur-based mayhem? And with Jeff Goldblum – definitely the original film’s best and most enjoyable character – in the lead? Yes please.

What We Got: Something that feels like it’s trying to be a Steven Spielberg film by somebody who isn’t Steven Spielberg. A surprisingly hollow affair from the sentimental master, devoid of the magic that surrounded the original. There are some good sequences, but there’s nothing here that wasn’t done better in the first film, making this sequel utterly pointless in every way. Even Jeff Goldblum can’t bring some spark to the material, his character having been greatly reduced of its charisma and fun and swapped for that of the straight man. Oh, and that f*cking scene where that kid gymnastic-kicks a velociraptor is absolutely the worst.

What They Should Have Done: Developed its characters more, essentially bringing something to this movie that even the original lacked. That way, even when the SFX sequences don’t astound the second time round, the movie would have the depth of story that would make it a worthwhile entry.

Redeeming Features: The RV suspended over the cliff is one of Spielberg’s best ever set-pieces. And it’s fun to see a T-Rex stalking the mainland for a bit, isn’t it?

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5. The Beach (2000) (Dir. Danny Boyle)

%name 8 Disappointing Movies That Should Have Been Great

What We Thought Before: Alex Garland’s perfect meditation on backpacker culture is ripe for cinematic adaptation, given that the novel’s writing style reads like that of a screenplay and the man himself admitted to being far more influenced by movies than books. With Danny Boyle at the helm (who made two of the best British films of the 90s), they’ve hired a director who can actually get to the heart of the material. It can’t possibly fail.

What We Got: A complete misreading of the source material, with a ham-fisted ending that utterly defies the point of the entire book. The first twenty minutes are great in their attempt to capture the tone of the book, but after that the movie descends into a horrible mediocrity. Why remove the darker aspects of the novel? And though Leonardo DiCaprio is alright as protagonist Richard, the character was unabashedly English in the book – having an American in the lead just doesn’t feel right.

What They Should Have Done: Stuck to the much better source material, which basically serves as an in-depth blueprint for a great film adaptation. Barely anything needed to be changed.

Redeeming Features: There are a few inspired casting choices, especially with Robert Carlyle as mad Scotsman Daffy Duck.

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4. Killing Them Softly (2012) (Dir. Andrew Dominik)

%name 8 Disappointing Movies That Should Have Been Great

What We Thought Before: A modern gangster pic with Brad Pitt taking the inspired lead as a charismatic mob fixer. What’s not to like? And with Andrew Dominik – who made the brilliant The Assassination of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford - behind the camera, this thing is sure to knock it outta the park.

What We Got: Though it’s beautifully shot and acted, the film never comes together after the first hour, and insists on ham-fisted political intercuts that don’t fit with the material as seamlessly as the director thinks they do. There’s also a lack of drama, given that Pitt’s character is never required to exhume much energy. Ultimately, it’s a little dull and a little boring, especially when the characters seem to talk and talk and said scenes seem to go on and on and on. The plot, too, is extremely slight.

What They Should Have Done: Got rid of the unnecessary political avenue and emphasized the film’s inherent Martin Scorseseness. Cut down some of the longer scenes that have you checking your watch.

Redeeming Features: A spectacular opening twenty minutes, with a seriously tense and well-executed heist sequence. There were some great comic moments, too, though few and far between. The last line packs a punch as well (you can check it out in the video below).

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3. Prometheus (2012) (Dir. Ridley Scott)

WGTC Prometheus 8 Disappointing Movies That Should Have Been Great

What We Thought Before: When the trailer for Prometheus hit the web, nobody could quite believe what they were seeing: it appeared as though the greatest sci-fi film ever had been created out of nowhere. And Ridley Scott back in the film genre he helped define in the 70s and 80s? Michael Fassbender playing an android? A film that looks to be both beautifully-detailed and intelligent-crafted? Oh My God.

What We Got: A fair and enjoyable space thriller that failed to explore its story with any intelligence. Prometheus shoots itself in the foot as it repeatedly chooses to ask questions it never even attempts to answer (Damon Lindleof, we’re sure that’s all you). And there are plot holes all over the place, not to mention a whole host of characters acting as if they don’t have a brain cell between them.

What They Should Have Done: Spent more time on the script. Picture how mind-blowing Prometheus could have been if the writing matched its awesome visuals. Failing that, get a time machine, go back and un-hire Damon Lindleof.

Redeeming Features: A visual masterpiece in every sense. The set design, costumes and SFX are genuinely superior.

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2. Hancock (2008) (Dir. Peter Berg)

%name 8 Disappointing Movies That Should Have Been Great

What We Thought Before: What a great idea! Will Smith - playing an invincible superhero who doesn’t give a shit about humanity and just wants to laze about all day and drink – must be rehabilitated by PR guy Jason Bateman. The potential for great action sequences, comedy moments and plain old fun are endless. Get me a ticket to this thing.

What We Got: Tone-confused and nasty, Hancock completely fails to realise the potential of its premise and instead shifts itself into bizarre plot-twist territory that only serves to spoil the fun. Will Smith even lacks his usual charisma due to a script that refuses to play ball with its actors. And although it starts out better than it ends up, Peter Berg’s film never feels comfortable with itself. Here’s to the brilliant anti-superhero movie that never was.

What They Should Have Done: Settled on a tone and simply made it funnier. It’s rare that a Will Smith vehicle will make you feel so down in the dumps, but Hancock emerged as the feel bad movie of the year.

Redeeming Features: Jason Bateman, likable as always.

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1. Public Enemies (2009) (Dir. Michael Mann) 

%name 8 Disappointing Movies That Should Have Been Great

What We Thought Before: Michael Mann doing a period gangster movie? With Johnny Depp playing John Dillinger? And Christian Bale as the obsessed agent on his tail? What could possibly go wrong?

What We Got: A somewhat boring, middling picture lacking an emotional heart and well-defined drama. The actors are taking the material dead seriously, but both Johnny Depp and Christian Bale come across as rather vague and unlikable. Mann’s decision to shoot in digital and HD is also ill-judged: the feeling of the 1930s is completely lost as a result. Even the action sequences seem un-Mann like. What should have been riveting, pulse-quickening entertainment is surprisingly mediocre despite its ambitious attempt to capture Dillinger’s life. So much so that it ultimately feels… well, pointless.

What They Should Have Done: Tightened the drama and found better emotional cues for Depp’s character. And Mann really should have shot this thing on film. Dillinger would have been better being more charismatic and not so bloody brooding. There are only so many handsome/melancholic Johnny Depp moments you can take in one movie.

Redeeming Features: Steven Graham is very good as Baby Face Nelson.

Which sure-to-be-brilliant movies disappointed you immensely upon their release? Which ones have we missed out? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Jacob S

    Prometheus was great. Big deal if they give questions, movies can have you think once awhile. There will be a sequel to the movie where it will most likely throw answers every where for people that can’t think.

    Public Enemies was great too.

    • http://www.facebook.com/paul.j.mason Paul J Mason

      I totally agree; this article assumes that people go into the show not expecting to be challenged. Not everything should be spoon-fed.

      • Jack Strawb

        You both missed the point.

        Prometheus asking questions it can’t answer was like your neighbor showing up, asking ‘where do we come from?’, than staggering off, mumbling to himself about sheep. There’s asking and not being able to answer completely, and then there’s not having the intellectual ability to even frame the question properly.

        Besides, no one over the age of 12 expects a work of art to answer with finality a question it raises; a serious work, though, will suggest an answer, a line of inquiry, or will reframe the very question it asks in order to show it in a new light… SOMETHING.

        Prometheus didn’t do any of that. It didn’t do any of that so egregiously it makes you wonder if its elderly director can no longer complete an assignment.

        • TB

          Exactly! Perfectly explained.

        • http://www.facebook.com/Tsun420 Daniel Wood

          Your a idiot if your going into a sci fi movie based off Alien and looking for everything to be explained (cause you know,EVERYTHING was explained in Alien right?). Stop pretending every little thing is a plot hole when it’s just painting a bigger picture. In Prometheus you learn as much as your protagonist and it doesn’t change the ride if you will. Let’s call it what it is, people hate Prometheus because it didn’t have any Aliens in it. Right? That’s exactly right.

          You guys dissect Prometheus like you think it’s a religion or something, its a god damn sci fi movie.

          • Stephen Suggs

            Which is a shame because, at the end, it DID have Aliens. Everyone got the prequel they were itching for, PLUS a whole movie around it that could veer off into it’s own mythos. And yet people weren’t satisfied.

          • NCBrian

            i’d work out my understanding of contractions vs pronouns before calling people idiots on the internet.
            of course, that’s just me.

          • http://www.facebook.com/Miss.Coco.Fortune Coco Fortune


          • Mr Silly

            I’d personally master my capitals too.

          • NCBrian

            one is convention, the other is just a spelling error.

          • Mr Silly

            One can argue the same of grammar, spelling and orthography. One cannot make a convincing argument appealing to authority if one, while attacking grammatical errors, commits basic orthographic primary-school error. Though you may fashionably snub convention, it would be a severe reduction in any reputable tertiary text submission and many theses are rejected for such basic errors. So, the argument of capitals as merely a bow to convention is dubious.
            Capitals exist for a good reason, as does punctuation. Though English has politically moved away from its’ source German origins, personally, I would argue that it would be far clearer and thus easier to teach and acquire, if English followed identical strict rules as modern High German being: capitals for all nouns.

          • NCBrian

            I am not snubbing convention, you are. The convention on the internet is relaxed capitalization and punctuation. Look around if you need evidence.

            However, if you look a bit closer hopefully you’ll see that what I was really attacking was that guy’s unnecessary nastiness, not spelling.

            Additionally, your post should read “its source,” not “its’ source.” Its is a pronoun. It’s is it is.
            Writing i as opposed to I is laziness. Your has an entirely different meaning than you’re, as does its vs it’s.

            Unless of course you are talking about something that belongs to Cousin It:

            Whose comb is this?
            It’s It’s.

          • Mr Silly

            After writing several all invariably clever and ego-boosting ways to debate semantics without admitting my wrongdoing- I have to admit- we could both be right. Perhaps even if you’re slightly more right- as in 0.05%.

            I’ve never been academically flagged for it- yet a number of American websites seem to absolutely prohibit it [sic: Its'].
            But I was never taught against the its use- but maybe when re-editing I changed the sentence structure around so as it would not be required.
            Again, we both appeal to tradition, but without me bothering to actually get up and read through some rarely-used monographs that function better as decorations- and please don’t make me dig for a manual of style- I ,for the life of me, cannot recall seeing it in a formal setting or not- but have seen it [Its'] innumerably in everyday correspondence. Very foggy recollections of grammar recall apostrophe as attribution. I’m in a quandry.

            Are bad grammar contagious?
            This question we should beg answers for of.

            But I refuse to relax my capitals. Never. ever.

          • NCBrian

            I was assuming that its’ was a typo and that you meant to write it’s, which incidentally would also be incorrect. However its’ isn’t a word and is therefore never correct.
            I suppose if there were multiple Cousin Its then Its’ would be plural possessive, but now that I think about it I suspect that Cousin It should actually be spelled Cousin Itt.

            The reason we have possessive pronouns is so that we don’t have possessives confusing our contractions… your’s, his’s, it’s and so on.

            Either way, and I really can’t emphasize this enough, the only reason I said anything was because that guy was calling people idiots in an otherwise friendly and light-hearted conversation. I generally try not to be a pedantic grammar snob unless someone is being obnoxious and quite frankly “your a idiot” was just too good to ignore. If you’re mixing up 2/3 of the words in a sentence, it’s probably time to stop calling other people idiots.

            At the end of the day though maybe you’re right and I shouldn’t get to pick and choose the rules to follow and make excuses for the others…your is misused so often (and by extremely intelligent people to boot) that it’s practically convention in its own right.

            PS- I grew up with the Mr. Men books – so if nothing else I really appreciate the nostalgia :-)

          • Mr Silly

            Ir’s fine- water off a duck’s back.
            Not sure about you- but judging from your maturity you were- in my day we were taught, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me”.
            So- yes I agree you have a point and indeed are probably right. I just kind of wonder why I was never corrected. Or maybe I picked it up? Who knows. But it got me thinking- and I like someone who makes me think.

            Re Mr Men. Yes- they still rock. Taught my own kiddies to read with their Mr Mens.and LIttle MIsses. God knows the crap that’s out there today will stunt their minds.
            Did you also have the Little Golden Library series?

            PS- I always write tongue-in-cheek. Or to annoy. Depends on my moods.

          • Jake

            So throughout this whole debate between you two I got that a person cannot have a valid argument because of spelling and grammar errors, right? Or no? Just because some didn’t fare well in literature or English classes doesn’t make them incapable of having an intelligent opinion or a respectable debate. Just because you are very good with grammar and spelling doesn’t mean your opinion is more respected when it comes to film, you guys just look like pretentious asses for putting someone’s opinion down because of grammar errors. I completely understood what the person was saying and found no reason to call him out on his GRAMMAR when that is far from the point of the comment. Let’s also not forget that his capitalization was wrong as well, wow guys, that’s just unbelievable. I know he may have called you guys a name but damn y’all went off, calm your conceded asses down, OK?

          • Mr Silly

            I’m sorry you feel offended, but no- we were just engaging in sensible non-personal debate. I hope if you feel your English skills are lacking you’d consider taking some free online help??

          • Jake

            Lol I gotta say I do love your sense of humor but I do believe my English and Literature skills are more than adequate. I do think I get my point across quite okay, I mean you understand me, right? I do appreciate you not correcting me if you did in fact find something that needed correcting :) <— yes I use smileys lol

            I meant how you treated the first guy at the beginning not you and NC, you guys ripped him a new one because he may lack a little in the grammar department. All I Was trying enforce was that his lack of grammar doesn't effect what he was saying and it just bothers me a little when people think that someone can't have an educated opinion because of something like that.

          • guest

            LOL. Are you serious right now? Grammar is a changing catalogue of definable words and combinable phrases. Perfect grammar is always written, never spoken. Chatting, texting, posting, and note taking is everything informal and not written grammar. The entire point of contention is lost for the glee and glib interactions of you and your damn keyboard. Fuck outta here son. Yo, word up.
            (see what I did there?)

          • sharon green

            Oh, shut up!!

          • brian

            Mr Silly
            All language is just to communicate an emotional or physical want/need. Nobody really gives a hoot if the spelling and or punctuation is correct with the exception of snubby internet sophisticated wanna be losers. Capitalize all you wish, languages changes daily.

          • Tim

            You mean languages change daily? ;)

          • Laughed

            Are you Ridley Scott? Did you have a personal investment in the development of this movie? If not, you seriously need to calm down.

          • Squiggly_P

            I know it’s been 4 months, but I just read the article so…

            The thing about Prometheus isn’t that it leaves you with questions. Leaving the audience with some interesting things to ponder is usually a hallmark of a great film, especially a great Sci-Fi film. Children of Men, 2001, Solaris, Blade Runner… They were all entertaining in their own way, but all of them had interesting things to say and left you thinking about things.

            Prometheus doesn’t do that.

            It thinks it’s doing that, tho. It brings up all kinds of things, but it doesn’t focus on anything. It just brings it up casually and then doesn’t expound upon it at all.

            “The engineers made us, and we made an android. Neat, huh?”
            “If the engineers made us, who made the engineers? So deep…”
            “What if Jesus was a space alien? Far out, man…”

            It just brings this stuff up and about a dozen other things, but it doesn’t really say anything ABOUT that stuff. It doesn’t have a reason to talk about it, it just brings it up and expects you to think it’s being all clever and shit. This is utterly unlike Those films I previously mentioned, which bring up one or two major themes or ideas and then explores those ideas. It’s the exploration of the ideas that leads to you thinking further about them after the movie is over. Comparing Prometheus to those movies is like comparing a stoned highschool kid to a group of philosophers and anthropologists.

            Further, You bring up the idea that Alien didn’t explain everything, which is true, but you don’t need any of that unexplained information to know what is going on in that movie. Dunno what the Space Jockey is or why it’s got alien eggs on it? Doesn’t matter. Don’t know where the aliens came from? Doesn’t matter. All you need to know is that there’s a creature loose on a ship and that it’s picking off the crew. The movie explains all of that very well because that’s what the movie is about. You always understand why the characters are doing things in Alien. Every scene is there for some reason.

            In Prometheus you almost never understand why the characters are doing the things they’re doing, and there are characters and entire scenes that serve no purpose at all in the film. Why is the exploding head scene in there? What do they get out of that scene? A neat scene where a head explodes. Why is the zombie guy there? They just kill him and nothing really comes of it. It’s just a pointless action scene. Why does the silicon storm thing happen? is it important that the storm happens? Not really. The only thing it does is keep the two guys in the place for a while. It doesn’t cut communications. It doesn’t damage the ship. It doesn’t even scratch their glass helmets.

            All of those scenes were in the original script, but ALL of those scenes had reasons to be there. The storm in the original script does indeed damage the ship and prevents them from leaving. The head doesn’t really explode in the original script, but they take it back to the ship and poke it with science and learn some important information that is used later in the film (hint: Their eyes are special in the original script…). The zombie guy isn’t a zombie but a weird proto-alien that is both a scary enemy but also a harbinger of the fact that there’s some kind of scary shit on this planet that isn’t an engineer.

            Basically, they took a halfway decent early draft and under Scott’s orders re-wrote it to remove a lot of the connections between the dots. They purposefully made it not make sense, because Scott felt that having a bunch of random shit happen would make his film mysterious and appear to have a lot of intriguing questions and stuff. It doesn’t. There are no answers in the movie because there are no answers to this stuff. What’s the green goo? There’s no fucking answer to that question. They put it in there because they knew people would go “OOOh, what’s that green goo about!? MYSTERIOUS!” They cut the entire first ten or fifteen minutes of the original draft because it explained too many things, like why are they going there, who are these people, what was that whole opening bit with the black goo stuff all about, etc. It made too much sense and they cut it out to make it feel more mysterious.

            And people are talking about this film as though it’s some masterpiece of sci-fi cinema. It’s not. It’s an awful way to make a movie. There’s a difference between trusting your audience to understand what you’re doing with a subtle film, and being cynical enough to expect that your audience will take all of your random mysterious bullshit and fill in their own gaps and call your film brilliant and clever for it.

          • pat5star

            Damn. It seems like you spent some time writing a well thought out and articulated post that I might have enjoyed reading and considering…but in your second paragraph where you listed your great films…I had to stop as soon as I saw Solaris!

            How could anyone have even watched Solaris in its entirety? That should have made #1 on this list of disappointing movies that should have been great! I have never been so let down by a movie as I was with Solaris :-(

            Maybe I’ll try reading your post again but this time I’ll just pretend you didn’t list Solaris as an “especially” great film ;-)

          • Змей Горынович

            > Your a idiot

            oh, the irony…

          • Brian

            and as a sci-fi, and an Alien piece, it just sucked, period.

          • Paulmatthew22

            I thought the Idris Elba and Charlize Theron roles were HORRIBLE,.I lost total cradibility in the movie when that were all drinking on the spaceship,.C’mon,.This is suppoes to be a multi-billion dollar WORLD WIDE venture into space and you have people being loose and cavalier?,.Ridiculous

          • steven

            people hate Prometheus because it’s stupid, i would of thought that was pretty clear by now..

          • DarthCorleone

            No offense, but I generally expect a lot more intelligence out of science-fiction than religion.

        • http://www.facebook.com/Miss.Coco.Fortune Coco Fortune

          Yip, as above… it seemed to begin with something unique and different and then just kinda dissolved into an ‘Aliens’ sequel. And yes, smart people acting stupidly also disappointing.

        • John Askins

          First off I wonder did you even watch the movie at all, doesn’t sound as if you did. If you had, while it may not be satisfactory, it did answer the question “Where do we come from?”. That however raised more questions as to where our “engineers” come from, which wasn’t answered but set up to be answered in a sequel. I will say only logical complaint I’ve heard of the movie so far is that it is based off Aliens but doesn’t show an alien till the end.

      • Phillip Allen

        First, it’s a movie, it’s entertainment, it’s not meant to be some existential study of existence that seeks to explain the world and everything in it. As with Phantom Menace, this was a movie that was clamored for and demanded for 20 years, and couldn’t possibly live up to the hype in some people’s minds because they try to apply their own interpretations and ideas to the movie, tand it’s deeper meanings …. it’s the director’s vision, not yours or mine …. Prometheus answered many questions from Alien, and posed many others,if was a fantastic movie. Try being entertained and not get to wrapped up in your own demands for what a movie should be

        • PJM

          “First, it’s a movie, it’s entertainment, it’s not meant to be some existential study of existence that seeks to explain the world and everything in it.”

          Who ever said that’s what a movie should be?

          “Try being entertained and not get to wrapped up in your own demands for what a movie should be.”

          And who ever said that was the case, as well?

        • skunkybeaumont

          No one clamored for The Phantom Menace until the Expanded Universe exploded in the late ’80s. Granted, the titling of the films as Episodes 4-6 was a little annoying. George Lucas isn’t anything special as a filmmaker, he has great ideas but needs a lot of help realizing them.

        • Danix Defcon 5

          The Phantom Menace couldn’t truly live to the fandom’s expectation, but *nobody* was expecting the turd that actually resulted. The closest thing I’d even see as close as that letdown would be Alien 3. Similar story: Aliens had branched off into a whole Expanded Universe with the Dark Horse comics, which also spawned the Aliens vs. Predator franchise/crossover. Then the third movie … proceeds to take a dump on all of that and instead makes what amounts to a rehash of the first movie with a twist. TPM did the same with the EU material of Star Wars … and we’re probably expecting the same to happen with the sequel trilogy.

        • Hugh Buttsworth

          An expensively polished, beautiful-looking movie, without a good story, is still a shit movie. Any good filmmaker’s motto: Story first, glory last.

    • Metamorphis

      I think people have this the wrong way. I like how the article explained it, that the questions asked in Prometheus were not explored intelligently. I thought it would be the second coming of 2001 but it unfortunately wasn’t, which says a lot since Ridley Scott made Blade Runner, a film that asks very intelligent questions and explores them in very intelligent ways. Of course as you said not all movies are spoon-fed, watch a David Lynch movie and you will know. Everyone seems to be arguing over whether Prometheus revealed enough for the audience to feel satisfied. That’s not what went wrong! It didn’t explore the metaphysical themes well enough to feel satisfied.

      • Topper

        Exactly! And it only makes it more annoying when the people not exploring or acting intelligently are “scientists”! That’s what takes you out of the movie. These are suppose to be smart, intelligent people and they just… weren’t.

    • McMacBack

      questions are fine… as long as it’s organic to the story. Prometheus was garbage, that thought it was intelligent for asking questions that made no sense, and who’s context made less sense.

    • http://www.facebook.com/Miss.Coco.Fortune Coco Fortune

      i think Prometheus was GOOD, but they had a chance to do something truly inspired with it, and instead they made an alien movie. Which, lets face it, has been done several times before.

    • http://www.facebook.com/Miss.Coco.Fortune Coco Fortune

      i think Prometheus was GOOD, but they had a chance to do something truly inspired with it, and instead they made an alien movie. Which, lets face it, has been done several times before.

    • Andrew DeCriscio

      exactly ^^^^^^ and not the mention the movie was full of intellect and thinking….man the person who wrote that article doesnt have a brain cell between them and there asshole

    • nicolekruex

      No.. Prometheus was a beautiful mess. Problem is, it takes a writer to see the flaws. The general audience will forgive the mess because they don’t know any better. I loved the imagery, it was amazing… but the movie lost it after that. There are a few of us that can only be entertained by pretty pictures and brand names for a short period before the story has to maintain structure to keep us watching. I agree, I like a movie that makes me think. But in Prometheus’s case? You’d need a rocket science degree to make sense of it.

      • HenryC

        The audience is always right. Some people will not like any film. If the majority like it, it is a good film, if they don’t, no matter what the critics and writer’s think it is a bad film. They are entertainment.

        • filmreelist

          Welllll…. since it has BECOME entertainment and further from collaborative art due to many reasons (exclusive club-mentality by many film makers, similar to any “new” surge in industry, such as arrogant programmers), I suppose what you say is unfortunately true. Though it shouldn’t be. Even the statement “Some people will not like any film” debunks the very idea “the audience is always right”. Well, that means SOMEONE’S wrong. Right? The audience has rarely, if never been in 100% agreement about films, and what’s happened in the last 30 years (approximately) is audiences have been given so much instant eye-candy garbage, the percentage that knows they are watching crap has shrunk. Today I can’t go to a movie theater 4 times in one month without the audience including morons not paying attention. That did NOT happen much years ago. A family bringing toddlers to see “Edge of tomorrow”, dudes rattling popcorn bags and walking around throughout “The Budapest Hotel”, mature rich hags babbling out loud about anything that comes to mind while watching “American Hustle”. They aren’t even aware of what they’re watching, let alone know if it’s good!!!! I’ve changed my mind. Yes, the audience can still be wrong. VERY wrong.

        • Travis Morgan

          A majority of people liked Sharknado and that film sucked

    • skunkybeaumont

      The most disappointing thing about Prometheus was that it wasn’t a direct prequel to Alien; and apparently it wasn’t even sure about that. As most of the people reading this know, it actually DID start as a direct prequel, and it is clear that the elements in that original idea stuck around a bit too much without being able to follow through. The reason the film leaves questions unanswered and inexplicable things happen is because the story itself is conflicted.

      • steven

        correct the film was a mess. People can pretend that all the plot holes and unanswered questions were deliberate and part of some grand story, But truth is its just bad writing. All they did was butcher a simple mediocre alien prequel script.

      • Joel Farrelly

        Skunkybeaumont knows what’s up.

    • Jon

      I agree, Jacob S. Besides, that is what sequels are for :)

    • jta5

      No, Prometheus and Public Enemies were nailed right on by this article. I watched Public Enemies and I said it should have been better, something was missing. Prometheus, I just kept saying, no scientist would do that and why did they, which ruined, what should have been a great movie.

      • Paulmatthew22

        I know,.The acting and script left little to be desired,.Because the visuals were no less than stunning,.Could have been an all time masterpiece

    • Hugh Buttsworth

      SciFi should ask questions that challenge the audience in a good way. Alien asked great questions. However, when I find I’m asking things like “Why would scientists ever want to fool a decapitated head into thinking it was still alive?” or “Why is the scared guy so brave around alien cobras?” or “Why don’t the women dodge away from the rolling donut ship?” – they are not the right questions. Prometheus had the best promo I’ve ever seen for movie hype, but it was the most disappointing movie of all time.

    • Roxtaf

      Plenty negative comments here, i am happy to see some likes on it.
      Prometheus was great, maby the people with the MTV attentionspan syndrome should just leave this one be and leave the joy of thinking to the rest of us :)

    • Jack Madison

      What’s her face as the lead I didn’t like at all. She won the oscar for “Monster.”
      Anyhow…..and she’s having random sex?

  • Dana Wallon

    Amen on Prometheus. I saw Lindelof’s name in the credits at the start and thought; Oh, no.

    • JoseSD

      That name was so familiar, then I was watching a rerun of Lost on the G4 channel tonight and it said written by Damon Lindelof. Now I get why that movie was confusing and disappointing

    • bumboclot

      Yeah, maybe it’s best that Prometheus has no answers. If the writing is anything like Lost, those answers would be really lame!

  • http://twitter.com/Altavos Jarl Erik Cedergren

    Wut, Death Proof is an original and unique movie which makes no sense at all in the end! D: I liked it at least.

  • http://twitter.com/ReaperCorpse The Great One

    Deathproof was a great movie!!

    • obliv

      Death Proof mows my lawn and pays me a dollar an hour because it sucks and should be destroyed. If you can sit through those obnoxious idiotic girls, then your tolerance for dull boring brain dead idiots must be pretty high

    • Blunted Corleone

      I love Tarantino, every film that he’s done besides death proof is gold. When it comes to DP though i tried, i mean i really did, I sat there with a forced grin hoping that somewhere along the line i could justify the inane smile on my face. But after essentially two shit boring episodes of sex and city split up with a 5 minute car chase i was appalled, disgusted, sick, I felt as though i had been taken for a ride. I felt like at some point Tarantino just wanted to see if his fans were still committed to his movie making abilities or if his name had just become so mainstream that peoples would just nod and smile at any old shit stain. One day when i buy the entire Tarantino collection,(assuming that DP is in there) I’m going to take it out the box set, throw it in the fire, and replace the empty space with Natural born killers.

  • CSL

    The falling in a ditch story was to set up the fact that Zoe would be able to survive a fall, like later when she is thrown from the roof of the car. That was probably some of the most important dialogue in the film.

  • JoseSD

    In what way is Jason Bateman “likeable as always”? He plays the same character in every movie he’s in, I personally find him dull and obnoxious

    • eieio


    • CynicalErb

      He’s not the same in every movie. Have you seen Smokin’ Aces.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Phil-McDonald/1611043811 Phil McDonald

    I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that you’re never more entertained than when someone is jangling their car keys for you. Any movie that has emotional content is a disappointment for not having enough funny fall down go boom.

    Hancock is not a comedy and comedy would ruin it (though not for you cause ooh look shiny). It’s my favorite “superhero” movie because it has depth and far more going on than just cool effects. The level of pain and resignation in Will Smith’s eyes is something I never saw him achieve before. It was a great film.

    • Daoofgeek

      Truly agree on Hancock, Phil; it’s on my list of films I can watch at any time. While I do like the comedy in it, there’s so much more heart. When he tells Bateman and Theron how horrible of a person he must have been to have no one visit him in the hospital and her reaction to it, that right there let’s you know it’s much more than just a vehicle for laughs.

    • http://www.facebook.com/Miss.Coco.Fortune Coco Fortune

      here you go with the pain and suffering again guy…. weep, weep, weep

    • Mr Silly

      The assumption that Will Smith has any “acting ability: or any “mastery of thespian arts” is so self-evidently ludicrous as to border on self-deprecating satire. But my bar is not set so high for you as you cannot explain “depth”.
      That pain and agony was a heckler on the live set yelling “Imagine your obnoxious kid in a Karate Kid film”.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Phil-McDonald/1611043811 Phil McDonald

    I just re-read your opening paragraph. “Is there anything worse than being disappointed by a movie?” Oh I don’t know, your dog getting hit by a car when it’s pregnant with puppies? Being told you have terminal cancer, losing your job and becoming homeless? Or maybe even about a billion other things that can go wrong in your life that are more important than movies. Please tell me you don’t get paid to be writer.

    • Jack

      Jesus, what is your problem, buddy? This is a piece of pop culture writing, do you really think the writer was encompassing every aspect of life into that sentence? Just because he didn’t like your precious Hancock, which nobody liked anyway, you’ve gone insane. What loser wastes their time with comments like “Oh I don’t know your dog getting hit by a car”, as if there was ever any doubt about the fact. Get a life.

      • PsychoX

        Nobody is somebody.

      • rooster

        Your opinion isn’t everybodies. Nobody liked Hancock. Just cause some people didn’t like doesn’t mean everybody who saw it didn’t. Thats just bad english. Plus a stupid idea for a post. Goofball.

        • Jack Strawb

          I enjoyed the first half of Hancock. Only a boor wouldn’t.

          In any case, it’ll serve as the template for a well-made movie about a deranged superhero about five years from now. That makes it worth a little something.

      • GordoftheNorth

        By pop culture writing I take it your saying it’s excused for being thoughtlessly written. Okay well let’s treat it accordingly. What loser writes “get a life” when they are all worked up over someone else trying to write a thoughtful response to an article they’ve read on-line.

        • http://www.facebook.com/Miss.Coco.Fortune Coco Fortune

          is that your actual opinion or did you just jump on someone else’s band wagon? go weep in the corner with the other guy.

        • http://www.facebook.com/Miss.Coco.Fortune Coco Fortune

          is that your actual opinion or did you just jump on someone else’s band wagon? go weep in the corner with the other guy.

        • http://www.facebook.com/Miss.Coco.Fortune Coco Fortune

          is that your actual opinion or did you just jump on someone else’s band wagon? go weep in the corner with the other guy.

        • http://www.facebook.com/Miss.Coco.Fortune Coco Fortune

          is that your actual opinion or did you just jump on someone else’s band wagon? go weep in the corner with the other guy.

    • http://www.facebook.com/Miss.Coco.Fortune Coco Fortune

      get a grip guy. go have a cry in a corner or something. put a wet blanket over your head and pretend the real world isn’t out there. just look into your inward darkness and weep.

  • PsychoX

    Really, you could just learn that things are what they are and let them stand on their own merits. They are what they are…and not trying to be anything else. Prometheus told an ok story…as did Death Proof (Stuntman Mike was great…yeah was…until he got owned by a bunch of girls and turned into a whiny baby.)…they did what they set out to do and nothing more or nothing less. Honestly if you can make something better…I’d like to see that.

  • PyschoX

    Where’s any of the Transformers films. All of those should be the only films on this list. Mindless piles of drivel, really bad comic relief, lots of explosions, no depth of character, featuring Shia LaBeouf and some giant robots.

    • Sal

      Yes transformers movies are everything you claim…but that’s what you should expect going in. It’s based on a cartoon made solely to market toys in the 80′s. You can’t expect great acting and writing from that premise.

    • Danix Defcon 5

      The Transformers movies were based on a ‘toon designed to sell toys, though the cartoon’s story did have at least a coherent story. But then again, the Transformers series *itself* has ruined the franchise at certain points … I still remember the “OPTIMUS TRUCK NOT MONKEY” flame war. And I concur (at least the original ‘toon had the excuse of blending in with human society. Where do you get “animals in space”?)

      • MoparJoel

        Optimus prime was always a truck and never a “Monkey” that was Optimus Primal a whole different character created hundreds of years after the passing of optimus prime. Named similarly after Prime, because he was a historical hero on their planet and the animal forms were never in space it was on earth as a organic form to keep them protected from energon surges. Beastwars was a highly thought out complex written show that does not get the praise it deserves, much better than the 1984 G1 series (as far as story goes). but the original is the original and will always be the most loved for that. but i agree after Beast wars the whole franchise has gone down hill from there and Micheal Bay’s movies have all sucked.

  • masterhammet

    Silent hill would have been great if there were more scares and less confusing plot

    • Nothing

      You should watch Silent hill revelation.

  • imaginaryGHOST

    I disagree with a couple of things: Killing Them Softly is fantastic. I won’t go into spoilers, but if you liked Assassination of Jesse James… , you’ll love this.

    Prometheus was an ok movie, not great. But that has to do with the story, not a failure to ask the big question without providing an answer. Why do you need an answer? The implication is obvious – the Engineers tried to kill us because they could, or they saw us as a threat, or both. Why did humanity kill all homo-erectus and neanderthals? Why do we kill, period? Besides, the thought process of higher beings is most probably incomprehensible to us.I like that it asked us actual questions, too many films nowadays spoon-feed everything to audiences, and more than once, just to make sure that everyone got it (looking at you, Inception.)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mark-Harding/100000145858394 Mark Harding

    Here’s a complete opposite…..Rocky Balboa. Just about everybody groaned when word got out that Sly was going to make another Rocky film and thought he was out of his mind. Instead, what we got ended up being one of the best in the series. A very sentimental closer for a worn out franchise. Good one Sly!

    • tevra

      you don’t set the bar very high

      • carolsdavis

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        explained I cannot believe that a stay at home mom can make $7420 in four weeks
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    • Bill Capozzoli

      I thought it sucked bad. I liked Rocky 1, it is one of my favorite movies. The rest were a snooze. In my imagination Rockies boxing life ended with his one shot. He did what he said, he succeed and with he money he bought the pet store.

    • shaun

      Kinda. I loves the film BUT it wasn’t a great rocky film, it felt like I was watching a featurette on Rocky’s life and the story was far from new or spectacular, just because Adrian was dead everyone seemed to automatically love it, I saw past that and saw into a film that was nothing like the movies I saw growing up

    • Gary Hortzenbueller

      I agree that it did exceed the low expectations. But Bill is right–the original is by far the best. And as surprisingly not bad as RB was, it was still the sixth film in a worn out franchise.

    • Git Wood

      The first was not so bad ? Maybe for the era in which it was produced.
      I think audiences were far less demanding of realism in that time, and gritty was the sell point.
      Realism was still a new thing then, as censorship got looser, People found it had a moral as an reluctant afterthought,and mostly liked the bloody fights, and his struggle montage, and the getting even with Apollo..etc..but at best, it seemed a low budget but engaging retribution , The Righteous anger, get even , type of plot film that never should have had a sequel? let alone, what now, 6? Crazy!..Balboa’s young character seemed kind of believable . I saw gang people that even looked and acted just like him..on the West coast ? lol ,but as he got older in the sequels,his thin persona of “Yo Adrian, i’m so stooopuddd”? it got really fake. His supposed new worldliness, and after the money personality,just transposed to ‘Hollyweird”! to me for some reason, just comic book stupid.. TKO`ed IT! and the big Russian , Dolph- doofus was really! really dumb..as the size difference was just to lop sided and unrealistic..
      If you are a 10-15 year old Male>?This flic, Its just for you..

      • Iam_Spartacus

        English please?

        • Git Wood

          How bout you struggle to make out the last line..”Einstein” ?
          Guess whom it refers to in this regard Xd..?

          • Git Wood

            Yep there is some punctuation errors there for sure , but quite legible , phonetic enough? to make out? but you decided to be an abject asshole-whole? So feel lucky you got your little keyboard saving your teeth PUKE! You try speaking 6 languages, jerk!

          • luis

            I dont understand it either

          • Iam_Spartacus

            Again, English please?

      • Jim

        What are you talking about? First, learn how to write and convey thoughts. Secondly, the first Rocky won Best Picture and, as someone who lived in the 70′s I can tell you, people were not less demanding of realism. If anything it was the opposite. Some of the greatest movies of all time come from the 70′s.

        • filmreelist

          YES! If you didn’t write it, someone would. How anyone can look at those 70′s films and todays and question realism of the former, is simply terrifying. They don’t even understand what’s realistic, and I suppose that’s expected today with everyone sharing styles and ideas and… everything on the internet (duhh let’s go to hand-held shots here again), movies trying to please EVERYONE in 5 minutes. First sign of seriousness and class, and it’s obliterated by a smug look-a-like gorgeous person of the year, saying the coolest line instead of how life usually is. Or there’s an explosion. Or there’s the descending digital sound effect always used in every movie. Or the same staccato sound used for every monster. Last but not least lame about today… the CGI still rarely tricks out eyes, demanding we ‘help the movie along” with suggested images. Even a frumpy guy from New Zealand does a better job with CG. A MUCH better job. We have some great films today, but usually they aren’t the titles hyped. “American Hustle” was great AND hyped, but the other good realistic films are usually foreign or independant. What’s that tell us?

          • Ray

            Most Hollywood movies today rely on foreign non- english speaking audiences. That is who pays to see the big action cartoonish stuff, where little attention need be paid to dialogue. Almost like the silent era.

    • Joel Farrelly

      I’d say it’s the best Rocky SEQUEL. Still, solid point.

    • Doug Underwood

      Absolutely. My Rocky favs are the first and the last, perfect bookends.

  • http://twitter.com/InfectedByEli Munter

    And what about Terminator Salvation, one of the biggest let downs in history, to me anyway. I still hate you McG.

    • Jack Strawb

      Certainly much more of the ilk of Terminator 3 than the first two films. Look, I adore Moon Bloodgood, but when her acting is the high point of your film, your film is in deep and serious trouble.

    • Mr Silly

      It had flaws, but Christian Bales’ acting was certainly very good. I agree that it too was over-hyped- generally the best indication of a shite film.
      It was in many ways superior to the third, but admittedly inferior to the first and second. The script was not as good as it could have been- it seemed to me a lot had been cut for an awkward history of his future father (as a child) Hopefully the script-writers of the first and second are alive and being sought.

    • Seanpb

      Easy fix for Terminator Salvation.

      You don’t see John Connor until the very end. Throughout of the film he acts as a Winston Churchill type figure of inspiration, leadership and hope. His voice is heard on the radio, rallying the human resistance. The film plays as Kyle Reese on his own mission, as a part of a division of that resistance.

      Connor is revered, none of this false messiah nonsense where no one believes in him. He is thought of as the Connor we see at the start of T2.

      Plot, plot, plot, Reese and his mates stage a raid on some factory, at which point Connor rides in on a massive chopper, says “come with me if you want to live”, fucks things up and wins the day.

      In the next film Reese and Connor are closely bound to one another, developing a trust and relationship that ends with Reese going back in time.

    • Ed

      Terminator Salvation sucked because of its crappy PG-13 rating. You had many chances for images of real horror with humans as slaves but it looked so mild and bland.

      • Tim Church

        “Salvation” sucked because nobody could do what the late Ledger did on “Dark Knight” (earning his Oscar), & save it from Christian Bale!!

    • al kimeea

      When Connor finally meets Kyle… Reed

      He says Kyle Reed, how did that get by anyone.

    • Paulmatthew22

      Yeah,.I thought Salvation was a HUGE disappointment,.I was soo stoked to see ythat flick,.The first half is pretty good,.Then it takes a NOSE DIVE,Really bad movie,.How you can make Bale bad in any movie is a work of genius in itself

  • http://www.facebook.com/paul.j.mason Paul J Mason

    “Mann’s decision to shoot in digital and HD is also ill-judged: the feeling of the 1930s is completely lost as a result.”

    I very much disagree.

    The “film” feeling of the 30′s is not there; however, the real feeling of the 30′s seems very apparent.

  • http://twitter.com/MinimeJer05 Jeremy Lebens

    I really enjoyed Death Proof and Jurassic Park II. While I can see the disappointment in Hancock and Prometheus at the same time I can’t see how one didn’t like Public Enemies!

    Killing Them Softly is a highly-anticipated film that I’ll be seeing next week, so no comment from me until then.

  • Benjo Colautti

    Wow, very impressed not only with your points and the way you designed this article, but each movie is all over the place in terms of genre. Kudos for including such titles as The Beach and Public enemies. Good job man

  • Jeff Rittenour

    WOW – the first one of these kinda lists that was DEAD ON ACCURATE. Wow. Great job. Every movie on here WAS a letdown and for mostly the reasons you stated. And BTW, people down below: you may have ENJOYED Prometheus – but it was NOT great. Far from it. Neither was Public Enemies AND Deathproof. People need to watch better movies, nowadays they can’t tell the difference between something they like and something that was of actual quality.

  • Rooster

    I don’t agree at all. I Thought all these movies except death proof, were absoluely great. Deathproof was crap but the rest entertained me as I wanted them to. Try not to be so picky about collabroative efforts. Hating on prometheus is too easy. I didn’t even know it was supposed to be crap till I got on zergnet. WTF?

  • Rick Blackwell

    It’s “FEW AND FAR BETWEEN”. How “few between” are these comic moments.

  • Ginsberg

    Buy a cheap pack of old exploitation films. Most of them ARE 90% cheap-to-film talk scenes with a few sex or action scenes for the trailer.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jack-Prosser/1423450560 Jack Prosser

    All of these films are “great films” (apart from Hancock) maybe some were a little dissapointing but overall there all really good (oh ive not seen killing them.. yet, but ive heard good things)

  • hey

    public enemies is amazing, never got bored of it once

  • http://www.facebook.com/Tsun420 Daniel Wood

    loved Prometheus and i even liked the beach. Why on Earth should Hancock have been great? It’s a horrible idea since inception. Same as a remake of Public Enemies. Stupid list. You wanna know what movie should have been great? The Rum Dairy! based on the hunter s thompson book. Very Poor adaption that if treated a little more seriously instead of as a loose prequel to fear and loathing in las vegas, Would have been a great film. That’s just one example. Horrible list. No…just no… fucking hancock you kidding me?…

  • Ddl

    Dune. Perfect cast, perfect look. Script went stupid. Huge disappointment.

  • http://twitter.com/aRTCy Richard Terry Clark

    Great list!

  • Nakanaela

    I actually thought the gymnastic scene was the best and the T-rex in the city boooorrrring, one word Godzilla. Good movie though.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Laisa.echevarria Laisa Echevarria Colon

    i loved the lost world lol

  • Amanda

    I Am Legend should be on this list

    • bumboclot

      Yeah totally. Like Hancock, that one also falls apart half way through.

    • Darryl

      Yup, keep Smith and Reeves away from my science fiction classics.

  • NCBrian

    i’m disappointed at the unbelievable number of slideshows that still permeate the internet.

  • http://twitter.com/sailorwannabe Charlotte Frances

    The most disappointing movie for me was “Hunger Games” because of the wolves. I even said long before the movie, that it would be awesome if they got the wolves right, well they got it soooooooooo wrong. It would have been great, if you could have seen the faces in the wolves of the fallen gamers.

  • GordoftheNorth

    I’ve only seen 3 of these and 2 of them I liked. Prometheus was a movie I go back to and get something ,ore out of with each viewing. I wasn’t in the buzz loop so it was something I stumbled across. I now see there was a lot of hype around it which probably put expectations into overdrive. I also liked Death Proof for what it was. A goofy Tarantino indulgence. Public Enemies was boring and there was no need for that given the subject matter.

  • obliv

    You are truly someone I must follow. I agree with this list (although if they are in descending order of badness, death proof should be higher… it sucked, and I love Tarantino). Excellent work. Great article. You’ve got a fan

  • Normandy Gray

    im glad im not the only person that though killin them softly was bad

  • Handyman003

    Why isn’t “The Phantom Menace” on this list??

    • RobLM

      Seriously!? He explained why certain movies, specifically naming Phantom Menace, are not included in the first paragraph.
      Better to stay quiet and let people think your a fool than post online and remove all doubt- or click in agreement with a stupid statement in the case of the 15 who voted this up.

      • Jesse Hughes

        It’s OK Rob, we’ll get through this. Breathe.

        • Robin

          Exactly, we’re all in this together! Now, let’s take inventory of what we have for food and water. I’ll take the first watch while you guys get some sleep. We’re going to need to be rested if we’re going to have any kind of chance.

          • Jesse Hughes

            Keep a sharp eye out, Robin. This is orc country.

      • Fleks


        • Gary Hortzenbueller

          No, Fleks….. you’re.

    • Phillip Allen

      OK, I have to jump in here for a second …. First I take exception to this guy calling George Lucas a ‘lousy film maker’, Star Wars 4-6 were great movies. PERIOD,that’s not even debatable, American Graffiti is a classic film, once again, not discussion needed, but for all the build up and hype for Phantom Menace and Clones and Sith they were doomed to be considered less than absolutely fantastic, as the writer points out, this also demonstrates serious lack of understanding that G Lucas was THE innovator of all Sci-Fi that followed, he set the standard. And because he’s not all cerebral with the storyline ,this somehow makes him a bad film maker, because he gave people what they demanded for 20 years …. very poor description, and lack of understanding …. just a reminder Lucas, Spielberg, De Laurintis, Coppola, Carpenter and Craven were all contemporaries, and all set the standard for the current generation of film makers to emulate, each and everyone of them have been cited as influences for these current film makers.

      • Earych

        Thank you for that. It’s what Ive been saying for years :)

      • Jon

        All that notwithstanding, Lucas’s RECENT films have been supremely disappointing. It is as if he decided to “mail it in”. At least with Prometheus, you can see that there is an effort being made to cohere the plot. The Star Wars Ep. 1, 2, and 3, are simply attempting (and successfully I add) to capitalize on the successes on the recently designated Ep. 4, 5, and 6. It is as if Lucas’s primary goal was to ensure the film met its time (length of the movie) “requirement”.

      • shaun

        Innovator of SciFi that followed? Get your head out your ass and stop licking Lucas balls, he made 3 decent films american graffiti isn’t amazing at all and no one even talked about it until after star wars, star wars a new hope was good, empire so so, sure everyone raves it’s the best just because it has a fucking cliffhanger but to me that wasn’t amazing or anything, Jedi was a load of crap minus the scenes with Vader, I like star wars but I’m honest and realistic and I don’t jump on the mainstream bandwagon to feel like my opinion matters. Spielberg and Lucas lost there way pretty quickly, especially with Lucas, his kids basically helped with ep1 and his ego was already huge enough from the fandom a new hope brought in

        • Traci Ford

          Smoke a bowl and chill, man. You are one angry-ass film goer! Besides just like Mr. Allen was sharing his opinion, your wrathful rant is simply that…an O P I N I O N. Good. Lawd.

        • ecaravello

          Empire “so-so”?? We’re done here.

      • shaun

        Its kinda sad that you just pick out the most mainstream directors and say they set the standard, the really didn’t, but I can tell arguing this with you would probably go on forever because you live in that Hollywood mentality of “if he’s famous hes innovative and set the standard” it makes me laugh, you need to get out more and venture films outside your Hollywood comfortzone

      • Danix Defcon 5

        George Lucas did do real good movies, like THX 1138 and probably most of his pre-Star Wars material. He’s also made bad movies, even during the 80′s … remember Howard the Duck? Thing is that it seems the Star Wars prequels just ruined his reputation permanently, especially Ep. 1. Think of Joel Schumacher’s reputation post-Batman and Robin; he’s no longer that smart director known for Lost Boys, he’s the guy who killed Batman for almost a decade. Even though he has made good films after that.

      • Marijuanamoeba

        Star Wars is fantasy not sci-fi.

      • filmreelist

        Gotta agree with you there Phillip. Just because the dude has kids now and got all soft-brained ( I want to “brain” him for Jar-Jar), doesn’t mean he couldn’t or can’t make a good film. I don’t think he could always be a good director, but it’s not impossible for him to get serious and make a great flick with a smaller crew, someone like David Peoples to write, and no deadline. I hate when someone is branded by people with only short-term memory. “That’s what came out last, so thats all they can do”. Idiots. Have any of these people seen THX1138? Just a re-do of a student film, which again inspired many ideas for other film makers. Gotta give credit even when the actual project doesn’t make money, but makes dreams. George has certainly done that.

    • Guest

      Because it was one of the better movies in the Star Wars Series in my opinion at least in 1-3

      • Marijuanamoeba

        Agreed, Episode 3 should have been on the list if any. Episode 1 was not relevant to the rest of the series, it was like a prequel to the prequels. Nothing in Episode 1 impacted the clone wars storyline that ran through Episodes 2 and 3. Everything we had been waiting for since Return of the Jedi was pushed back to Episode 3, and it was just okay, the “Public Enemies” of the Star Wars saga.

  • Katie

    As soon as I saw the title of this list I immediately thought of Killing Them Softly. I was so ridiculously excited for that movie and then I went to see it opening day and was sad. Definitely agree with the heist scene though!

    • Nothing

      Killing Them Softly was marketed as different movie than it was. My husband liked it a lot but he would not care for most of the movies people talk about here.

  • bumboclot

    I must agree with all of these. I actually liked Prometheus, but I really wanted to LOVE Prometheus.

    Hancock should have been great as well! The story was so dumb they really should have stuck with the comedic tone. Instead they went for some pathetic “serious” ending that totally didn’t fit in with that cartoonish CGI mess of a movie!

    And yes – Tarantino needs to cut down on his damn dialogue – finally someone said it! His movies are in danger of becoming more and more predictable. Lately, it seems every scene has a long conversation, followed by a burst of extreme violence, and repeat. At least mix up the rhythm once in a while, QT. You actually can tell a story visually once in a while!

  • Darren.

    Prometheus was a disappointment. Not because of the lack of ‘aliens’. Because it was garbage.

  • puddintain

    It’s ridiculous to assume that a gangster flick ( or any flick for that matter) must be shot on film. They didn’t have celluloid film back in the middle ages. does that mean that King Arthur should have been shot on iron film? Sure it’s a little weird seeing a costume drama in the sharp tones of video, but once you get passed that first minute of “hmm…that’s a bit odd” your good to go.

  • ChowYunPhat

    The problem with Death Proof is that Tarantino made an actual approximation of a true Grindhouse film and most people don’t seem to understand that those films were usually painfull dull & awful with only a few action scenes sprinkled within the run time. Planet Terror may be more fun (and more like an 80′s Golan-Globus film) but it’s not a real Grindhouse film.

    • Darryl

      So he was trying to make a movie that sucked, that is what you are saying. Well mission accomplished.

    • Daniel Helmick

      Too true. The grindhouse vibe is thick in Death Proof, and for those with a taste for nostalgia, it makes for a heady brew.

    • Paulmatthew22

      I think Grindhouse and The Beach are definitely the best movies on this list,.By far!

    • Andrea Robyn Dodd

      lol I actually enjoyed Death Proof as did my teenager kids… I took it as fun and enjoyed. Maybe it’s because I’m a girl I enjoyed the conversation too…lol… I do agree there should have been way more Kurt Russel :)

  • Zippy

    Green Lantern should be on the list…. Along with Martix Reloaded & Revolutions…..
    Can’t believe these 2 were such a mess. Stupid marketing, horrible acting, crappy script…..

  • Iceman82

    Prometheus was imo one of the best movies of 2012…Possibly the 2000′s. I think it has been unfairly targeted. Ive watched it a few times…Im also a long time Alien & Predator fan. As someone whose seen all the movies multiple times, I really have no unanswered questions.

    I enjoyed Prometheus for what it was an amazing stand alone film in the Alien universe with little to no Alien connection. My biggest & most important question was…who were the engineers? I got my answer. what were their motives? doesn’t really matter.

    I believe though the movie was straight forward even in that aspect….we were marked for termination because we found out about the engineers. Who could see the face of God & learn his secrets & still expect to live? Great movie…im very happy to add to my collection. Was it perfect? no not at all….but then again Neither was Alien…Aliens being far superior.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bill-Puckett/1286982050 Bill Puckett

    Public Enemies was a great movie, It handled the accurate historical events of Dillengers life on the lamb and ended the way Dillingers life did, just shot in the head on the sidewalk.

  • http://www.facebook.com/belyshev1 Konstantin Belyshev

    i dissagree with pretty much everything except the beach.

  • mybad

    The book ‘Public enemies’ is far more compleling than the film. The movie is too close to the dynamic of ‘Heat’ ‘brodding cop pursues brooding robber, when the real story was incompetent feds learn their trade as they pursue charismatic killer.

  • Movie Groaner

    Prometheus was pretty bad, granted it had to live up to the originals, but finding some wall art from people who were afraid of the sun and claiming it as irrefutable proof and spending billions of dollars in search of it with an idiot crew whose led by a woman (or possibly a man) who can only run in a straight line really makes the movie hard to watch as a movie. The significance of the black goo, how the engineers died, what they were doing and why, could all wait for a sequel of course. Everything else was pointless really unless they plan on having the head of that android go into a monologue of why Vickers hated her dad (who are now both dead so who cares) and the protagonist explains why it hurts to walk after a c-section, but not sprinting, jumping and rolling.

  • jj

    where is TDKR here

  • http://www.facebook.com/ahmeda.sure Ahmed NeverSleeps

    You know what movie really needs to bein this list? Lawless. That movie had so much potential; such fantastic actors and it’s shot so beautifully, but it ultimately falls flat with terrible pacing and a vague direction that leaves the viewer impressed but unsatisfied.

  • Reilie

    Jurassic Park 2 would have been great if it had been more about the dinosaurs than the human characters other species of dinosaurs had been introduced in addition to the Hadrosaur. Further, INGEN’s new director could have been developed into a more complex villain than. Last, all of the women in Dr. Malcolm’s life in the movie were annoyingly hard-headed and underdeveloped.

    Julianne Moore’s character was a complete idiot. Your boyfriend IS the man who was trapped on Isla Nublar during a systemic malfunction which caused alllllll of the dinosaurs to be able to escape their enclosures. He knows the dangers of being around them, including the those such as Gallamimus! If he tells you that it is too dangerous to conduct research at the place, then you should listen. He shouldn’t even have to tell you about the number of people that got eaten by carnivorous dinosaurs such T-Rex and Velociraptor. Just the fact that he was almost eaten should be enough for you to not go to Isla Nublar!

    The character of the adopted daughter was a little idiot, too. The character was also horribly underdeveloped. She sneaks onto his voyage to Jurassic Park, Isla Nublar. She knows the reason he wants her to stay behind, like Julianne Moore’s character, YET she goes anyway. That Velociraptor should have nipped her,lol. She, along with any other non-main character from the first film, was an annoying distraction from the Dinosaurs and Dr. Malcolm.

    Dr. Malcolm’s character was the exact opposite of how he was depicted in the first film. He was somewhat of a chauvinist in the first film, however he had more intrigue because you didn’t really know who he was or what he was about in the first half. He was beautifully revealed in the first movie. The second movie should have shown him as beginning the transition into a more evolved man. We should have seen the beginning of his relationship with Julianne Moore. As he dated other women, a development of admiration for Moore’s character would have been great. Then, towards the end of the film, he realizes how important she is to him.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001423497521 Spyda Ace Capone Jones

    who writes this shit!? Public enemies was a great, evening gangster movie. i wasnt expecting seeing people shooting up the place, but it had his great scenes.

  • radvile

    super, perfect, amazing movie! the best of all time!
    johnny is soooo hot in this on

  • puddintain

    I will grant that Public Enemies was a major snooze, but please stop dissing Mann’s choice of using HD video over celluloid. There’s nothing about “film:” that lends authenticity to a 1930s period piece. The invention of photography was about 1800 years after the time of “Spartacus” but that film somehow managed to have a sufficiently authentic feel.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ryan.mccafferty.370 Ryan McCafferty

    Godfather III? Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I? Looper? Bullitt?

  • eikapika

    i loved talking scenes but my boyfriend hated them

  • KillerPool

    I can’t believe The Dark Knight Rises is not on here. It was the most disappointing film ever in life and 2nd worst film of 2012 after Taken 2.

    • jasonca

      that’s because you’re a dumb comic book nerd.

      • KillerPool

        Still doesn’t mean it didn’t suck.

        • jasonca

          If you consider TDKR the worst film of 2012 after Taken 2. You haven’t watched many films. You most likely don’t have particularly good taste either.

          • KillerPool

            But you have no way of knowing and I can easily say the exact same thing to you if you think TDKR isn’t, Then you especially haven’t seen enough films in your life yet alone that year.

          • jasonca

            really. you citing Take 2 and TDKR goes to show you only seem to watch action films. The year of Piranha 3D, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, Alex Cross, Battleship, Mansome, The Magic of Belle Island, That’s My Boy (Although something tells me you liked that drivel).

            …but you have no taste…so you probably liked the films I’ve just listed.

          • KillerPool

            You just named a bunch movies that you can tell are gonna be crap from the get go why on earth would I choose to watch those? Those aren’t real films, Those are just crap studios dish out for entertainment. TDKR Was not just crap because it was a truly disappointing sequel but unlike real films and its predecessors, it completely lacked Soul. You can feel in every aspect of the film how much of their heart just wasn’t it. They were obligated to make the film and it was the biggest piece of crap of that year in every way. Taken 2 is a hard movie to mess up considering how simplistic it’s plot is and instead of being a sleeper hit like the original, it just felt like a bad episode. It’s funny how defensive you’re being doh.

          • jasonca

            it’s funny how stupid you are. Disappointing doesn’t equal worst. you just wrote a long winded paragraph trying to say it does.

          • KillerPool

            I didn’t try to say, I did say. What’s funny is that you think crap entertainment is the same as a quality film. Expectations are different, aspects are drastically different. Ex: You don’t compare a film like The Godfather 2 to entertainment like Machete Kills. No movie buff in their right mind does.

          • jasonca

            I have no idea what you’re talking about. You’ve completely lost the plot. You claimed TDKR was the worst film of the year, I named films that were far worst in the year. Than you bring up an idiotic anecdote about comparing The Godfather 2 to Machete kills. WTF does that have to do with you claiming TDKR is the worst movie of there year when there were far worst movies of the year?

            Do you have autism?

          • KillerPool

            You named crap not films. TDKR is a quality film made by A- List filmmaker’s that turned out to be horrible. You brought up crap thats meant to entertain, things that aren’t serious/real films. It’s like comparing a kids book to a best selling Novel. They aren’t in the same league at all and you’re just ignorant not think so.

            I usually don’t resort to name calling but you have to be retarded not to get that.

          • KillerPool

            hahaha! You’re moronic and ignorant if you couldn’t get that

  • Nunya Business

    I liked Hancock but have to admit I agree with the gripes, I don’t think it ruins the movie but it also keeps it from being great. We didn’t need to know his back story and Therone didn’t need to be a superhero too, I would have liked it more if it left his past ambiguous and had went for more funny than tragic (though to say it’s the saddest movie Will Smith’s ever been it is way off base, ever seen the Pursuit of Happiness? Seven Pounds? I Am Legend?). I would have like Therone to be less important, I didn’t like a single thing she did after the restaurant scene. But all that being said I think it’s not bad, just could have been better.

    • Squiggly_P

      In the original script, Smith’s character was much more of an asshole, Therone’s character had no powers and the two ended up having an affair. There was a reason he lived out in the desert, and Smith’s character tried to become a better person but ended up probably more of a dick by the end than the beginning. It was more about the salesman guy, who ended up taking a security guard job or something and stopping some crime on his own and having his own redemption. It was more about heroes and how often times the people who get called heroes are actually assholes, and how there are a lot of people who try their hardest stand up for what’s right and get attacked for doing so.

      Then they took that interesting, somewhat somber script (It wasn’t all that well written, but it was a good concept for a movie and had solid themes going on) that was a clever take on the whole superhero thing and rewrote it into a goofy action comedy that ended up being just like the cliche comic book movies it was originally trying to make a point about.

  • William

    The most disappointing movie ever imo was Martyrs. I was watching heaps of YouTube videos of the scariest movies of all time, and Martyrs was always in the list, and if it wasn’t there were several comments saying it should be. I was then talking to people online about it on chat sites and they all said it was so scary. So I decided to watch it and got so bored, the story was terrible, acting was alright, not the greatest, but I seriously don’t see how people got scared from that film.
    Another movie that really disappointed me was Paranormal Activity 4. I loved the 1st three, they kept getting better and better, and then the forth went completely downhill. The story made no sence, it was only scary in the last 20 minutes and the ending was terrible

  • Lambda Punk

    oh man I laughed till I stopped.
    just get rid of the boring political undercurrent?
    sure why not. or better still why not just rewatch all your favourite Scorcesse flicks and marvel at how actually political they all are as well. Taxi Driver anyone?

  • tevra

    Everyone I know loved Jurassic Park and everyone would have cheered with me if it was Goldblum instead of the lawyer that had gotten eaten by the dino.

    in what dreamworld did you imagine that Jeff Goldblum was the most beloved of the original cast…. he was barely a supporting character and for sure was not necessary to the story……

  • Dave M

    I was just thinking of this movie the other day: ‘Rumor Has it’. The Jennifer Aniston movie where she suspects that her family may have been the basis for the book and movie ‘The Graduate’. With the cast they had and Rob Reiner at the helm-and the incredible concept-this should have been one of the greatest movies ever.

  • zaz_cag

    I’m tired of hearing people saying they hated Death Proof, because of all of the talking. Quentin loves dialogue, and he’s giving us something that a lot of other writers have fallen short of, or don’t care about, giving us.

    • http://www.facebook.com/anthony.d.stokes.3 Anthony Donovan Stokes

      Yeah, but the dialogue was terrible

  • Arysta Henry

    Why isn’t “Eragon” mentioned? that movie was seriously wrong and disappointing. Talk about trash. Do us a favor…Make another that follows the books.

  • Portmanteau

    Couldn’t agree more with regards to Hancock….completely fails to realise the potential of its premise

  • jawsfan2008

    Great list all around. I would throw in the American Godzilla. Waited years for a big budget American Godzilla flick. WhatI got was a film that was so bad that I thought it destroyed all hope that toho would ever let us have another shot at the Big G. Thank goodness I was wrong. But boy it was bad.

  • cms8924

    Nine. All those expectations…

  • elguapo

    Death proof is in my top ten worst movies list. Torture is the only word to describe listening to those girls talk. A total shame because planet terror was great fun.

  • Hidrocarburo

    Where is Superman Returns??

  • Hidrocarburo

    Where is Superman Returns??

  • Cervantes

    Come on… Those who didn’t understand Prometheus hate it or don’t like it… If you undrestood just in the slightest you actually like the film! And there’s no plot holes! AND there’s answers for most of questions right there in the film itself! And the rest you can imagine if you think a bit.
    By the way, it’s Lindelof, no Lindleof. Be sure to spell correctly and use the language properly. Damon is one of the best writers ever. Period.

    • guest

      You’re an idiot if you believe Lindelof has any talent. All he does is treat almost every little detail as a mystery, to which the answers never live up to the hype. Look at Lost. He can’t write himself out of a wet paper bag.
      I understand Prometheus completely. And I still think it’s garbage.

      • Tommykey69

        I completely agree guest. Prometheus was an unmitigated disaster as a story. It actually made me angry because I was looking forward to a reboot of the series and instead we got a pretty looking but otherwise incoherent mess of a movie. One of my many pet peeves, Shaw makes a show of wearing her Christian cross necklace, but nothing she says she believes appears to have anything to do with Christianity. She believes that humans were engineered by extraterrestrials, whereas Christianity claims we were created by god.

  • Cervantes

    I agree with everything else, though. I’m glad I’m not the only one that sees the flaws of those movies (except Prometheus… Film that is misunderstood, as many good works that are too complex for average minds).
    Best regards.

  • Kenneth Serenyi

    Why limit this list to just 7? It would be really easy to come up with at least 3 more… ;)

  • chinga

    Killing Me Softly was great and it was what it was. What it wasn’t: the completely different movie the article writer wanted.


    Hancock was awesome but I agree it could’ve been slightly funnier.

  • Paul Christman

    Hancock, yes, I agree… And I hate it when directors think it’s cool to NOT HOLD THE CAMERA STILL throughout the entire film! Arrrgggg…. so frustrating

  • Bob

    Where is what I think they did wrong with Prometheus.
    1) The captain and his two crewmen were the only adults in the entire movie.
    2) No sense of a chain of command… Which would be a no go if you couldn’t adhear to a clear chain of command.
    3) No sense of anyone receiving any phyci-evaluations… I got the feeling that space flight was new for us in this movie… So one would think that ensuring sound minds were to go on this mission would take priority over most everything else.
    4) The reanimation of the dead wasn’t useful, nor failing to explain most anything in the movie. Either it needed to be longer and explain things, or useless things like the prometheans killing themselves on Earth needed to be cut out.

  • tom riddle

    hancock should be at #1 it was just pathetic i mean i was so excited it had the potential to be great but it was just hopeless especially the stupid twist.

  • magnoluizmarzalek
  • Rumplestiltskin

    The Beach was originally slated to be a small ($15m) movie starring Ewen McGregor. Some idiot gave it to Leo, and once he announced his interest the stakes went up, the studio got involved, and 37 extra producers came on board to interfere in what was now an expensive star vehicle.

  • Sogo

    I completely agree. I was so excited that I went to the theater alone to see it.
    And Damon Lindleof has proven his lack of talent with Nash Bridges, Crossing Jordan, and Lost…

  • tman418

    I never had the luxury of seeing [i][b]Grindhouse[/i][/b] (the double-feature version) when it came out in theaters. But when I heard that it was FINALLY coming out on blu-ray, I bought the Double-feature version, along with the unrated cuts of both [i][b]Death Proof[/i][/b] and [i][b]Planet Terror[/i][/b]. Looking back, while the blu-ray for the Grindhouse double-feature was a good investment, I should have NEVER bought the unrated cut of [i][b]Death Proof[/i][/b]. It was even worse than the “double-feature” cut.

  • Samiam8888

    I disagree on Hancock. I thought it was a reasonably enjoyable watch. What ruined it for me was the fact that Black Superman’s Kryptonite was… a White woman.



  • M. White

    The fifht element is on the top of my list. Same goes for ‘
    The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’.

  • Grace

    *coughs voilently* the purge

  • Mr Silly

    I disagree with Public Enemies. It was excellent. Well shot, well acted, superb stylistically. The film is not your typical ostentatious, moronic, lowest-common-denominator Hollywood Yarmulke tripe- but more mature, nuanced and frankly, European.
    This is precisely the film that the Boardwalk Empire fans support, enjoy and patronize. They appreciate intelligent story-lines, meandering complex plots and interesting mutli-dimensional characters.
    Can you imagine a Spielbrg, Weinstein or similar treatment of this genre? Even Tarantino would find it distasteful.

  • John Taylor

    I was going to say that this was a list you had to care about to be disappointed. I wasn’t until you threw Hancock on the list. Was not a disappointment to me.

  • Kathryn Henricks

    At the top of my list in this category: HOOK. The premise — that Peter Pan has grown up, left Never Never Land, and has 2 children that Hook decides to kidnap — is BRILLIANT. Casting Robin Williams as Peter & Dustin Hoffman as Captain Hook — also brilliant. But, sadly, the script SUCKED. Julia Roberts (as Tinker Bell) SUCKED. The whole suicide scene was confusing and completely unbelievable. TRULY a disappointment.

  • Jared Prophet

    No. The better than Hatari scene and the raptors stalking in the tall grass are the best parts and the Mighty Joe Young, King Kong, Valley of the Gwangi bringing the monster back to the city was the worst part. And the worst of the worst is the Godzilla homage with Asians looking up and screaming. If Spielberg wants to do Godzilla he should license the character from Toho. Loved this movie up until the end, and then I hated it sooooo much.

  • Constantinos

    the beach? disappointing? prometheus? disappointing??? who the fuck wrote this article?? a god damn monkey????

  • Graham Ian Mann Gogs

    Someone please explain where the plot holes are in Prometheus!

    • drew
      • Graham Ian Mann Gogs
        • VisualInsanity

          It quotes some out of date science (saying scientists are looking for a missing link) and actually gets some facts wrong, such as saying the computer didn’t indicate a 100% match, when it says so. Also, some of the “Why is this character stupid.” responses are “Your mom is stupid” or “future science can do anything.”

          • MSJ

            The characters are stupid because they are stupid. Humans who overshoot boundaries and became too arrogant. They were all brought down, except for the robot who was smarter than everyone, and the woman who saw the truth.

  • Megan Walsh

    Ummm Death Proof kicks ass and is my 2nd favorite Tarantino film!

  • JustSayingWhatYouAlreadyKnow

    You are just starting to realize how overrated Tarantino is? Oh and Public enemies besides being shot in pitch black lighting sucked.

  • Cherie Nelson

    I happened to like that show. Enough that I bought it!

  • surprise

    Surprised to see prometheus on this list but hey, not even was intelligent enough to understand it. I am no sci-fi buff but if you understand what is going on, you realise what a good film it is.

  • Angela B

    The Host was disappointing and felt like I had to settle and be pretend excited since this was all I had to represent the beauty I read in the book. So much was cut out and it jumped all over the place. I was so excited to see it and I had read the book a few years earlier before they announced the making of the movie. By the end of the film I had a dissatisfied taste in my mouth that even the movie after mint couldn’t cure.

  • Nicole Elizabeth

    The new OZ movie was awful but didn’t have to be. The plot was okay, but the script? What the eff time period was that supposed to be? Hard to tell when some characters seem to be living in one century and others, another. And then a man who speaks modern English appears to come from the circus heyday (no later than 1920, right?!) which makes little sense. The “sisters” come from two different countries, or so it seems, as one speaks English like a proper Brit and the other speaks like, well, Meg Griffin. Nothing made sense, nothing gelled – it as as if they had ten directors working on it together, each in charge of a different element or actor, and none of whom had the ability to consult each other at all throughout the process.

    It was a movie made entirely around special effects and pretty costumes, and as a result it in no way even remotely lived up to the 1939 version with Judy Garland, that managed to become a beloved classic without any of that 3D b/s. I wish they’d either spent more than 30 minutes writing the script or cast people with talents more appropriate to the film they were creating. What a letdown.

  • holly

    Death Proof is amazing!!!

  • joe hubbard

    promethius is the prequel to Alien. if you dont know this why are you even writing about movies?

  • nicolekruex

    …Welcome to Tarantino. Oh and that Ham-fisted thing you keep saying? I don’t think it means what I think you think it means.. =D

  • Fabyen Robinson

    Masters of the Universe for me!!

  • Robyn Buchanon

    The movie that I thought was going to be great was Clash of the Titans in 3d, just think of how far we have come with technology that this movie shouldn’t have sucked like it did..

  • mallah

    One of the problems with Hancock especially with white folk, is that you expected a comedy. It was not nor should it have been a comedy. When actors especially black actors step out of the box that white folk put them in. It makes them uncomfortable. Will Smith has made a few movies that were NOT comedies. Most of those have gotten the same treatment that Hancock did. ”It was not funny enough” That is the perception that whites want from black actors. Anything that is drama featuring black folk whites don’t want to see.

    • WolfStar

      Little bit racist of you there man but I’ll overlook it. As an Asian chick with predominantly white friends, we still enjoyed a good serious action flick. Favorite Will Smith movie, possibly ever? I, Robot. Or maybe I Am Legend. Haven’t decided which. Didn’t like Hancock much, but that’s because I’m not a huge fan of super hero movies to begin with.

      • mallah

        You need to grow up Wolf. What I said came about from reading posts from white folk about the movie Hancock. Most said in many different ways ”that Will Smith” wasn’t funny enough in this movie. ”Where are the laughs”? ”Hancock isn’t much of a comedy” Words and sentences to that effect. All posted by white people. You need to find out what racism is and means before you throw the word about. I don’t need some politically correct, erroneous definition, about what racism is from you.

        • Chase

          I didn’t think Hancock was that bad. It had it’s problems, but still a decent flick. I think people complain about the lack of comedy because it was supposed to funny. It was shooting for dramatic comedy and the dramatic part ended up overshadowing most of the comedy giving the movie a weird tone. Iron Man pulled off a type of dramatic comedy and if RDJ could do it, Will Smith certainly could do and it just didn’t come off the way they were hoping. The reason Iron Man made it work is because the comedy overshadowed the drama and not the other way around. It’s hard to be serious and funny at the same time and it doesn’t always work. I dunno, that’s my 2 cents and I dunno if it made any sense or not. I gotta stop getting into these discussions just after waking up.

  • Ernie

    I loved Death Proof

  • Ernie

    The Beach Sucked

  • Ernie

    Hancock is one of the worst films ever made. This movie was dreadful. Not a big Will Smith fan.

  • Nikel Panou

    Death Proof and Killing Them Softly are both great movies. The Lost World is pretty good too.

  • AntonioTambornino

    STOP BASHING PROMETHEUS. Start Bashing Rise of the Planet of the Apes. A film that could have been great all the way through, and instead you get a movie that has disappointment at every plot point, a story that promises to be a prequel and instead decides it’s a reboot, and then through in visual effects that are worse than those seen in Tron: Legacy.
    You guys among the internet crowd did not deserve to see Prometheus.

    • VisualInsanity

      Prometheus is a subpar movie. Deal with it.

      • MSJ

        Fine, Prometheus is the 21st century The Shining, except nobody nominated Ridley Scott for a Razzie.

  • AntonioTambornino

    My apologies to any among the internet crowd who did see Prometheus and enjoyed it.

    • MSJ

      You did not write this article, you don’t have to apologize for anything.

  • skunkybeaumont

    Death Proof wasn’t what anyone except Tarantino fans expected. Don’t watch it again.

  • Kris Gokuraku

    Regarding prometheus, they had a good script but Lindeloff fucked it up like he fucks everything else up. Read the original script, it’s somewhere floating online. So instead of spending more time on the script they should have just leaved it alone.

    • MSJ

      Actually, everything Lindelof did was at the orders of Ridley Scott who taught that the original script was a retread of Aliens and emphasized elements of the franchise that Ridley wants to avoid. He wanted Lindelof to turn the movie into something more along the lines of Blade Runner, where the answers are not clear and the thematic elements are more important.

      • Wilf Tarquin

        Well they sure fucked that up.

  • squiggysmom1

    You can add the movie “Time Line” which was adapted from a book by Michael Crichton about the effects caused by a ripple in time beginning in a small desert town. A cat is discovered to have been deformed by a time overlap that causes scientists to investigate time travel, and travel back to 1300s England to search for a time travel scientist who couldn’t find his way back. I LOVED the book, and couldn’t wait for the movie, but a seemingly low budget, and the choppiness of the editing ruined a potentially great film.

    • pat5star

      Yes! Time Line was a huge let down….good pick!

  • dazha alyce

    I was pretty young when the Fantastic Four came out and I loved it, until I watched it the other day. Probably the most disappointed I’ve ever been in my life.

  • David Minor Jr.

    Watchmen should be on this list. It’s the only 3-hour movie that’s actually too short. They cut out far too much from the comic book classic — it would be like if they had tried to make the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy fit into 3 1/2 hours. With that said, they should have just made it into a trilogy at 2 hours apiece.

  • Rowan Charlton

    “Prometheus shoots itself in the foot as it repeatedly chooses to ask questions it never even attempts to answer (Damon Lindleof, we’re sure that’s all you).”

    My thoughts exactly. I can tell his writing style and anything in a film he has co-written you can tell instantly what parts are his. M Night Shylaman is more forgiving than Lindelof.

  • pat

    The Beach was an absolutely incredible film. Easily in my top 5 favorite movies. It Has action, humor, drama and great characters. Dicaprio’s best performance other than “What’s eating Gilbert Grape” . This list should be movies like Argo or I Am Legend. Had so much potential but was ruined by terrible characters and stagnant plots.

    • Adam James

      Agree, but DiCaprio has been better (Departed, WoWS). It’s actually my favorite movie of all time, though I don’t think it’s anywhere near the best. It’s a very good interpretation of the book (which I love), and only really deviates at the end, which I think metaphorically is much better in the book, but would be really difficult to film.

      The film works perfectly as a depiction of backpacking culture, my generation, the Western destruction of SE Asia, the human destruction of the planet, and the ability of humans to screw up even the most ideal place by just being humans. It’s brilliant.

    • Danix Defcon 5

      I liked that movie because it finally released DiCaprio from the “pretty boy” curse that stuck to him after Titanic. He has made good movies before and after that one, but he kinda got typecasted after that.

      The fun thing is that The Beach got panned by critics and said “pretty boy” girl fans who were expecting some romantic movie and got served with a backpacking culture movie. I initially thought it did actually suck, until we watched it during a party and found it to be actually good.

  • Roxtaf

    Why do people who clearly dislikes movies always hang around movies, i dont get it. Yes some of those had serious flaws, but most of them are perfectly average decent films. Negative critisism must sell or something, i dont remember any movie not having at least a 50 line rant dedicated to them about how bad they where regardless of how good or bad they where.

  • omgnoway

    I agree with everything but Killing Them Softly. For one thing, the brilliance of the film and its message is made clearer since it doesn’t go into Martin Scorsese territory. It’s not a fast ride, quick edit, fast talking affair (would sort of also negate the title of the movie some.) I do agree the political aspect was forced down our throats and made way too obvious, but the whole tone and mood of the film exhumes the state in which we were in, and still sort of are. The scenes with James Gandolfini are magnificent and it’s a shame he didn’t even get nominated for his performance. Instead of whining about how they’re talking too much, actually listening to the dialogue really helps in this case; seeing the state in which this once great assassin is in, now a drunk, impotent, old, washed up gun for hire. Sound familiar? (America, congress, the banks.. I don’t know, take your pick.) The scenes with Brad Pitt and Richard Jenkins are hilarious in that this crime syndicate are no better than a management team at Wal-Mart. He’s got to deal with the lower class (the robbers) and upper class (the bosses), essentially making him the struggling middle class. The last conversation is of course the nail in the coffin. Enough of your crap banks, and rich wall street dick heads, and corrupt congressmen, “Give me my f**king money.” Man it’s tough defending this movie…

    Now if you all have another hour to kill, I’d like to talk about Prometheus and how much it sucked….

  • Joey Hollywood

    Death Proof was great, it was kinds what I expected

  • Jackie Jormpjomp

    I loved Lost World. The problem with Prometheus was that TOO MUCH time was spent on the script. Like I Am Legend they took an intriguing script and then worked it over so many times it lost all that was great. Track down a copy of the earlier draft of I Am Legend. It’s the perfect example of how movies like Prometheus lose their power and effectiveness from too many writers.

  • Movie-Man Smith

    Stupid Article. George Lucas isn’t a terrible filmaker, he just needed much more collaboration for the screenplay and another director for the first Prequel Trilogy film. Roky Balboa was pretty solid & as good as you could have a current Rocky picture, and Prometheus while not being perfect or what we expect, was a terrific film with a gret setup ending . . .

    Many of those movies were not terrible and the whole article is just a uninteresting, not well written, fan-rant opinion. I hope your getting paid good money for this slop.

  • darcy

    The Purge, that is all.

  • The voice of Sanity

    Oh how about The Running Man, possibly the worst adaptation of a Stephen King/Richard Bachman novel which bore no resemblance to the book apart from the title (Mind you neither did The Lawnmower Man!). The book is utterly brilliant, suspenseful and fast-paced (King wrote it in 24 hours) whereas the film was awful.
    Had it starred someone like Bruce Willis or Harrison Ford (at the time) instead of Arnold Schwartzenegger and stuck to the plot of the book, it could have been a brilliant film – maybe someone will remake it!

    • Joe Cogan

      Richard Dawson actually makes the movie watchable.

      • The voice of Sanity

        Yeah but have you read the book…it’s miles better and they just took the name and made a poor film when it could have been brilliant. I loved the book and was really pissed when I saw the film hence my comment. However don’t know what the critics made of it or whether it was commercially successful (guess not though cause they would have made a sequel)

  • Danix Defcon 5

    JP2 sucked because it strayed away from the book, even though the book was admittedly less interesting than the first. But the good parts it had were damn good, and no it got axed in favor of lame dinohunters and the T-rex in SF. It really shows that the redeeming features being the RV scene… which is the only thing remaining from the book after the dinohunters appear.

    • Duck1897

      Judging movies on how the book was is like judging animals on how they taste grilled.

      • Danix Defcon 5

        Some book-based movies will actually be good and a few will end up being better than the book source (13th Warrior, The Shining/Kubrick). But some movies are based on very good books (or at least decent ones) and get awfully ruined during the movie conversion. JP2 is one of those, though the king of failed adaptations has to be Battlefield Earth. The book was fairly decent if you set aside who wrote it, while the movie … well, everyone knows how bad that was.

        Good movies can be made without keeping in line with the book all the time, see Kubrick’s The Shining (though some Stephen King fans hate it with passion) where some of the changes made to the story made it a classic. It even changed the oh-so-clichéd “evil building blows up” ending into something completely different.

  • Chango

    Half of these were good.

    Another idiotic list from an idiot trying to get traffic.

  • Sam

    Purge was such a let down. It had such an interesting premise and was so so bad in the end.

  • laura brennan

    there are two movies that would have been great if the director and producer would have followed the book, both stories was written by dean koontz phatoms could have been one of the greatest horror movies ever made and odd thomas one of the best books i have ever read

  • writersbloq

    On The Lost World—I remember as if it were yesterday—I saw Ian Malcolm’s daughter doing gymnastics and I immediately thought, “Oh please, if you’re up there Lord, do not let gymnastics save the day.”

  • hariman

    The only thing that needed changed in Hancock was the prison scene of one man’s head getting shoved up…. well… you know. That was a terrible scene and should have been adjusted to be less disgusting and ridiculous.

    • Wilf Tarquin

      You mean the scene which was not shown on screen?

      • hariman

        They didn’t show the whole scene, but it’s the joke/scene itself that’s the issue. It’s an extremely juvenile joke that drags the movie down.

        I don’t mind the backstory in Hancock. But the prison section needed altered into something that’s not disgusting.

        • Wilf Tarquin

          I see what you mean. The movie couldn’t decide if it was a comedy about the antics of a couldnt-care-less superhero, or a drama about how absolute power corrupts a good person. Smith played his hero straight, a sad and tormented person alienated from society, while the script had him shoving people’s heads up other people’s butts. It didn’t bother me, as I considered it a cartoon anyway, but I do see your point.

  • Joe Cogan

    Watchmen comes immediately to mind. Best graphic novel ever, but it just didn’t work anywhere near as well on screen. (It didn’t help that Matthew Goode’s performance as Ozymandias consistently fell flat.)

  • Patrick

    For those who didn’t like Lost World, the actual book that it’s based on is much more intense and original than the movie. To this day, it is one of the BEST sequels I have ever read, and one of the scariest books as well. Highly recommended.

  • Aaron Stites

    I liked all of these movies. You know what movie I thought was going to be good and ended up being garbage? The Expendables. It had the worst story and dialog ever.

  • shaun

    The beach was good
    Hancock wasn’t and was never going to be, its a typical knee jerk Hollywood reaction to “oh superhero films are going well right now” then make a comedy about it which they’ve done about 5 times now and few are ever that funny, even the scary movie style one was the best and I wouldn’t call it great.

  • Wilf Tarquin

    It’s a bit redundant to list Prometheus. All Alien-franchise movies after Aliens have become successively worse and successively less R-rated, so of course Prometheus was going to suck. Gigantic. Goat. Balls.
    For lovers of the Alien & Aliens movies there’s no point in complaining any more. It’s over. Yahtzee put it best: “What gets me is the Alien fans that have been declaring this the ‘final betrayal’. Have you seen literally anything Alien related post Aliens the film? Your sweetums has been putting it about for decades guys, the betrayal ship has sailed circumnavigated the globe and returned to port laden with exotic spice.”

  • Duck1897

    Prometheus was awesome. 10 times better than Alien 3 and Resurrection.

    • stegokitty

      It was actually better than the original.
      I went back to watch Alien just before going to see Prometheus.
      The idea was great, the sets were beautiful, but there were so many bad, and stupid parts in it.
      Granted Prometheus could not exist without Alien, but Prometheus is the real deal. Great science fiction.

  • Robert Colontonio

    maybe will smith should have shoved his son somewhere in hancock to make it better cuz its obvious the kid is a great actor and will go on to……sorry. i can’t even type that with a straight face.

  • Mootfish

    disagree…. Deathproof was bare bones awesome. You’re showing your lack of film knowledge if you discount this amazing hommage to the early 1980′s.

  • Mootfish

    Prometheus was great. Not disappointing at all.

  • Zoe Porphyrogenita

    I don’t understand your complaint about “Hancock”: the comedy and the pathos were a perfect mix for an anti-hero. The premise that superbeings formed in mutually attracted but incompatible pairs is implausible but intriguing. The characters behaved consistently with their own natures. I enjoyed it all three times I watched it.

    Where’s the “dislike” button for the “Hancock” article?

    By contrast, I agree about the “Prometheus” script being a letdown, and in oh so many ways. The core idea is sound and the question asked at the end is a good one, so I still hope there’s a sequel – but this time written intelligently.

  • MG2390

    I just want to point out a few things that T.J. Barnard obviously didn’t get
    about Prometheus.

    First of all he mentions that the film asks questions that it never intends to answer. Actually if you watch the film you will find that it does answer most of the questions it asks however, I’ll assume he’s referring to the overall questions of the film such as were did we come from etc. Before the film was released we the audience already knew there would be a sequel. We know this because they told us. Nobody got mad when the first Lord of the Rings film ended with not only unanswered questions but also an unresolved story because we knew there would be more, so why should we get mad at Prometheus for doing the same.

    Secondly he states that the characters don’t have a brain cell between them. I’ll have to assume that he’s talking about when the alien space ship crashes. Why would they runaway from the spacecraft in the same direction that it is falling? Its simple, they’re shitting themselves. When people are scared they do stupid things, even the smartest of us do. I would have thought this would be obvious, apparently not.

    Finally my personal favourite, He mentions that there are plot holes all over the place. T.J. Barnard obviously doesn’t understand what a plot hole actually is, so allow me to explain. A plot hole is some kind of inconsistency in the plot of a film, book, play or TV show. Plot holes have various manifestations but can include such things as unlikely behaviour of characters, actions or events which contradict earlier elements of the storyline, and events which are impossible, illogical, or happen for no apparent reason. Basically, it’s an element in the story that contradicts itself. It’s NOT a part of the plot that has no explanation. This one sentence assures me that he’s just regurgitating the same BS everyone else does.

    I would also like to point out that its not Damon Lindleof’s story, he only amended the script later on. So well done, he successfully blamed the guy. If he had done your research you would have known this. Also he should know that you can’t start a sentence with the word “and”. So not only does he not understand film, but he obviously have a poor understanding of the English language.

    Good Job

  • Annoyed

    Why cant I look at one of these lists as a list, instead of having to click through?

  • Otter

    Your wrong

  • KiKKeh

    I must disagree on ‘The Beach’, one of the best movies iv’e ever seen

    • KiKKeh

      Though I do agree with the ending being crap.

  • Craig Forsdike

    RE Prometheus, everyone seems to forget that it was always designed to be a trilogy, Ridley even said it would answer some questions but asked many more. It wasn’t the best, but to criticise before it becomes it’s fullest (Paradise and P3) is always a bit harsh.

  • Django 2Chainz

    Is it Just me or does whoever wrote this Article sound like a Prick?? Im Just Saying….Public Enemies was a good movie, & Hancock wasn’t Bad

  • Tim Church

    What should have been done with “Enemies” is not cast Bale, who later proved with the Batman trilogy he doesn’t belong anywhere near the lead of a drama.

    • Tim Church’s Troll

      Just like you don’t belong anywhere in public!
      Hey Timmy boy! You can’t stop me! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      • Tim Church

        On the contrary, you are proving you don’t belong (& are probably not permitted) in public, which is why you are forced to get all interaction online, rather than face-to-face with anyone.

        • Tim Church’s Troll

          Oh my gosh, the guy with rotten teeth and a massive forehead is telling me I shouldn’t be interacting with anyone face to face. How’s that for hilarious irony? You’re so ugly, you could be a modern art masterpiece!!!

          • Tim Church

            You’re telling me I could be a masterpiece, while proving you’d just be an ass!

            Also, my “massive forehead” is covering my huge intellect/brain, whereas yours is just compensating for the massive pain in the rear end you are to all others & the big space where others keep their friends!

          • Tim Church’s Troll

            The big space where others keep their friends? I’d respond to that but I can’t if it doesn’t make any sense. Reread that part of your comment. You must have some sort of learning disorder.

            Also, please provide some scientific evidence that a massive forehead is the sign of a superior intellect. Come on Tim, you can do better. We both know that’s spurious bullshit. Nice try though, thanks for coming out.

            P.S. – I enjoy wasting your time!

          • Mr.Plontas

            WOW, you really think you have a brain… You must be as stupid as you mother who gives plontas head

          • Tim Church

            I KNOW I have a brain… The same way I know you don’t, & know you won’t be responding to this.

          • Tim Church’s Troll

            You have a brain, but you just never use it!
            Too easy, Timmy boy!!!!

          • Tim Church

            Ironic! I proved the same thing about your sister over our Lunch break this afternoon!

          • Tim Church’s Troll

            Right Tim, that’s why your blog says you’ve never had a girlfriend before. You always come up short, don’t you? You should be used to that.

          • Tim Church

            Who needs a girlfriend?! They come with the potential to dump you, whereas your sister cums (repeatedly) and stays under me… Not to mention no comments about me coming up short!

          • Tim Church’s Troll

            That’s funny because that’s not what your blog says. It says you’ve never been with a woman and aren’t even sure if you’re straight. Keep your fantasies to yourself, Timmy boy.

          • Tim Church

            Don’t get it twisted. You have fantasies about guys, girls, even the dead… But my blog says nothing of what you claim it does.

          • Hey Timmy Boy! Over here!

            Gotcha again Timmy! You fucking zero! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

            You’re so easy to troll it isn’t even a challenge. *Yawn*

  • Traci Ford

    There’s a LOT of angry, wanna-be filmmakers spouting their O P I N I O N S like they’re facts. Good grief. These ARE fictional accounts we’re talking about, right? You know… MOVIES?!?!

  • Vortious

    I’m EXTREMELY surprised that Batman & Robin isn’t on this list. I mean you had Arnold Schwarzenegger playing Mr Freeze. That alone should have been great, but NO the writers totally F***ED that script all over the place.

    • Tim Church

      You’re kidding; Right? Keeping COD as Robin was the only right casting move.

      Mr. Freeze has an accent heavier than any weapon, Uma as the female villain (name forgotten due to selective amnesia), Alicia as Batgirl (related to Alfred & not the Commish in the writers’ one mistake)… It was the casting director that screwed that one.

      • Promontorium

        Right, Arnold in an action film was bad casting…

        That film killed the franchise. It make the over-the-top kookiness of Batman Forever look like Masterpiece Theater.

        George Clooney is often criticized for this role. He makes campy one-liners and doesn’t take anything seriously, or comes off as corny when he’s trying to be serious. But then watch Michael Clayton, The American, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Syriana, etc. for eva. Clooney was not the problem.

        The cast was excellent. Uma Thurman couldn’t play Poison Ivy in your mind? Hell-fucking-o, Kill Bill! Put her in a green suit instead of a yellow one, make her victims good people, boom. Bullshit argument.

        For Alicia Silverstone this was probably the career killer, but give her The Crush + Clueless and you have a character that can be incredibly dangerous, yet sometimes entirely innocent.

        God awful writing and directing. The cast was squandered. Your delusion is in thinking a bunch of brilliant actors with proven chops all got together with a great script and a great director and all the actors just happened to fuck up in exactly the same way, they all randomly decided to be corny and uninterested. Rather than the more sane conclusion that the problem was a bit more universal, like the script, and the director. The script created the horrible dialog, the director made everyone corny or unbelievable in every scene, I imagine the actors all realized how bad this was and couldn’t conjure up a serious performance to save their career in the face of this nonsense.

        • Tim Church

          I liked “Clayton” when I saw it, but have yet to see any of the other Clooney films you list. However, I also enjoy his work as Ocean & several other roles… Which is the #1 reason he should never have played Bat or Bruce; Everyone knows who he is, no matter which of the films’ characters he plays. (Batman wears a mask!!!) As for the female dating his alter-ego (if this film had one), she is only doing so because he looked & acted like Clooney. (This is one of the many places where Kilmer was best ever in the role on big screen.)

          Uma may be great in many roles, but as with Clooney, this was not one of them. Arnold in any film where his lines need to be understood is bad casting. Don’t even get me started on Batgirl; Not related to Alfred, & Alicia’s idea of a physical role is being cast due to looks (Crush or Aerosmith videos), not stuntwork.

          I think many of them have done better work both before & after, but not in this film.

  • Sean Macy

    My main issue with Public Enemies, was the number of close up shots.

  • TimL

    Surprised that skillfully polished turd known as Iron Man 3 didn’t make it on here

  • TroliusMaximus

    The Thing (2011)
    300: Rise of an Empire
    Man of Steel
    The Hobbit(s)
    Star Wars I, II and III…

  • david s

    idiocracy!!!! great idea, ok movie

    • Force Meow

      Gets better as you re-watch it and learn to laugh at our inevitable slide into mediocrity instead of watching in horror as it continues to come true…

  • elca too

    Prometheus was bad ass but Americans need//due to there laziness and hand me everything on a silver platter fill the holes of the plot, with guess what there brain, what a beautiful sci fi movie one of the best of all times, I love it and seeing a couple of times, Mara Rooney is perfect for this role,

  • Richard Schubiger

    I Don’t know how you could call The Beach a disappointing movie that movie is awesome as a matter of fact most of these movies are good movies this guy doesn’t know what he is talking about I mean The Beach was a great movie not just good great i wouldn’t say that public enemy was great but it was very close to being great the lost world was just good but it was far from disappointing i liked hancock it was never meant to be a serious movie so…,Prometheus was a good film probably could have been better but I am not complaining the only 1 on the list that i thought sucked was death proof

    • Derk73

      “The Beach” is a pretty good movie if you’ve never read the book. I’m not one of those who always thinks the book is better, but the book “The Beach” was WAY better.

  • clip rocket

    i love prometheus despite itself. big deal.

  • Matthew Watkin

    The premise of The Beach still lingers with me, a young disillusioned late 20 something just finished University and away to enter into a world that I did not really want to be in, found the premise of self sufficiency very appealing. I should read the book.

  • fragmannyc

    Re: Prometheus… If you’re going to insult somebody, at least spell their name correctly. It’s not “Damon Lindleof,” it’s Damon Lindelof. You did that twice in a row. You mean to tell me that there’s no Google where you live?

    Also, maybe you could try explaining WHY you’re bashing him, instead of being all Hipster cryptic/ironic/whatever…

  • Cho

    Not completely agree with you. I think that death proof & hancock are sweet, but ok with your list..

  • Chris

    Whats wrong with you?

    Pacific Rim is a great movie and delivers everything it has advertised. Don’t interprete too much into a movie like that – it’s basically a Godzilla movie – just a good one.

    The Beach parts a bit from the great book, but it’s still a great movie. Beautiful locations, sympathic characters and a very well done narration-wise storytelling.

    Hancock was a decent movie too. I didn’t expect anything but a lame Will Smith “another type of prince of bel air” movie, but the twist totally saved the whole movie for me.

  • jerewolf

    It almost completely followed the book yes they could have done some things better but they had to follow the story of the book all they left out one kid and teradactal

  • Eric Kuhns

    Prometheus is written as a trilogy, as stated dozens of times by Ridley Scott in interviews; of course you have questions having only seen the first movie. Be patient. You can complain after the third if you don’t get a satisfying ending. Also, saying “What they should have done” and then following that with basically “Write Betterrrrrr”, isn’t very helpful. I don’t like to leave comments without saying at least something nice, so…err…your article font choice was easy to read.

  • Shaggy Douglas

    I was not disappointed by this movie at all.

  • Burn a Koran a Day

    that’s such BS. Hancock was awesome.

  • Matthew Ryan Kyle

    This movie was alright but I remember hearing from everyone right after it came out that it was amazing. I just never saw it or really even got what they were thinking with the plot.

  • Timothy A. Kramar

    Maybe women find their proper role in the future predicted in Pacific Rim.

  • Git Wood

    The remake of “Day the Earth stood still”? C’mon! even K. Reves could not make the loosest adaptation I ever saw interesting. I was pissed! dreaming of how cool the new special effects of the saucer landing in D.C. would be and Gort melting tanks and cool stuff after hearing a remake was on the way.
    What did I get ? K . Reves at his most unconvincing ,Think he must of thought he was sleeping in the Matrix or something ? and a pathetic CGI adaptation that was so unremarkable , I really can’t remember the action scenes? They being not more than seeing the locust attack of Egypt in the 10 commandments ? But cornier acting..
    And I was pumped! all ready to see a 20th century version of GORT! a super advanced peace keeper GIANT robot I dreamed of as a kid for years! with the eerily Romanesque head and eyeshield arrangement , waiting to open and FRY YOU! But…Whoopie dooooo! Gort has been replaced by nanobots? {Army ant sized robots? really?what a stupid and boring way to ruin the best part of the old movie? Just pissed me off !
    That 1st 1950′s classic still has exponentially more class than the 2nd flop..
    The sound effects even were far superior in the old,one with that infamous, eerie- buzzy- creepy sound so many, in the day , if you are my age in 50′s you still can’t think of an alien scenario without that sound popping up in your memory as the pure ambiance of aliens and the like. It’s a real instrument , forget what it was called? anyone know?} care for that matter. its actually an easy to make instrument , with parts off the shelf in Radio shack I would surmise. it is just a steel rod on a mic stand with a proximity circuit that modulates a range of electronic tone by the proximity of the operators hand to the steel rod ,as I have seen it demonstrated decades ago ..the old movie used another trick most never notice is the use of a very rapid staccato drum roll modulation of the large “Kettle drums ” in syncopation with the electronic modulator ..the effect was quite unique , and really set the “Tone” of the whole story..Now? you get AC/DC ? or RAP ? That is rather scary? have to admit . Or Some other totally campy out of place music , about as appropriate as the “Happy/ happy /glad” music of ; old Japanese sci/fi films of the 50′s and 60′s..as the cities were being razed by some fake looking monster,lol..guy in a rubber suit.. still gotta love them guys..xd.

  • Dan T

    I thought Prometheus was fanatastic.

    I think people assume too much of a pretentious attitude when it comes to reviewing entertainment.

  • Lunk

    A potentially great movie murdered by the crappy, cheesy rap-inspired ‘he-man’ dialog. Does anyone really think that the crew of a spacecraft are going to speak like dead-end kiddie rappers? Come on! The whole crew sounded like a bunch of coked-out hip-hop deadbeats. That’s what killed the movie. What was Ridley thinking? Maybe those cigars are getting to him.

  • luis

    totally right on the lost world, gymnastics??? really??, after that the whole movie was just a cartoon for me,

    • Promontorium

      The biggest let-down for me was the horrible car-chase scene in the end with a car chasing a T-Rex stomping through a city. How they f-ed up a T-Rex stomping through a city will live on in infamy. It should have been the most epic dinosaur scene out of all Jurassic Park movies. Instead they played it for humor and campyness.

  • mike

    Prometheus was great, I dont know what you are talking about!!!!

  • wilsonmjw

    Escape From LA.
    Followed one of the great 1980′s movies. They even got Kurt Russell back and he f’n surfing with Peter Fonda? Really?!?

    That movie literally pissed on my childhood and stole my money while doing it.

    • Force Meow

      I can see why you’d say that, I found it amusing but of course nowhere near as good as the original.

      But if you want to see a movie that veers WILDLY off course, I’d nominate Silent Hill 1 & 2- the first one was a visual masterpiece, looked as perfect as a Frazetta drawing, even though the acting and plot were kinda basic, but the second one was like Las Vegas trying to copy something and adding lots of glitter and neon “because people like that”.

      Ugh. Total abortion. Whoever did that needs a good slapping.

  • Promontorium

    Prometheus was f-ing amazing. How much more would you want from it? It was already pretty heady. Should the 20 minutes of action be replaced with 20 more minutes of philosophy and contemplation? You have no idea what you’re saying or asking for. It was incredibly intelligent. “Always leaving them wanting more” never glared so much as with you demanding more talking in a thriller.

    • Force Meow

      Us Star Trek(kies) feel somewhat differently about it, I think- Prometheus starts with a truly epic storyline, us searching for our progenitors, and devolves into a horrorshow.

      I recently rewatched it, only to turn it off when dude slowly gets his arm broken, and awful monsters crawling down his throat.


      Great movie, just would prefer the grandeur of space, instead of death around every corner.

      Of course, that’s not to say I won’t see the sequel.

      • Promontorium

        I too am a Trekkie, but the Alien franchise is a different thing entirely. Compared to any of the other Alien films this is massively more philosophical and heady, this is the 2001 of Alien films.

        There’s a common theme among the Alien films of a massive corporate/bureaucratic force shoving humans into every crevice of space. We then observe in these films those people who got the worst of it pitted against murderous aliens that the collective back at home is only moderately aware of or interested in. It’s horror from two different directions.

        In many horror films the violent force coming upon a small group of people is exploiting some weakness in our natural defenses; like a cabin in the woods too far from police, or monsters so powerful our military can’t stop them.

        The Alien franchise, including this film take an even deeper route ,not only are these people faced up against an evil that is systematically killing them, their supposed safety net of technology and man-power is run by people who don’t care that these people are being killed, in fact, the little interest they do happen to ever show, is to intentionally put these people in harm’s way.

        What I loved about this movie is that it continued this theme, but it also toyed with us. Instead of beginning the film with a bunch of grunts complaining about how their lives are meaningless (Alien 1-3) it begins with dreamers and experts, you think this might be more like Star Trek, an idealized humanity willing to explore the unknown. So it lures you in with this so well-developed false pretense that many people actually got lost as to what was happening later. It was almost too well written and performed, because in most horror movies that toy with the audience in this way, it’s never done so brilliant and thoroughly, it’s usually quite a thin veil like “Hey guys we’re going to Spring Break!” followed by “Oh no, our car broke down in the middle of nowhere!” This film enhanced the horror of the evil corporation aspect by slowly revealing just how cold they really are to the well-being of others.

        The shinning moment of this is when the main character saves her own life by defying the others, refusing to be a guinea pig she drastically uses the surgery machine to remove the alien before it kills her. Now you know they had written her off for dead, and had no intention of helping her, but when she shows up alive they don’t take on some stereotypical “Guards, seize her!” attitude, they just nod to her, and the old man just gives her credit for not dying.

        That’s what most of these people seem to have missed. This film was too intelligent for the standard horror genre so people actually criticized it for being a horror movie, not realizing that’s all it ever was, yet it was so well crafted people got the notion it was something entirely different.

        It would be like people watching Friday the 13th and criticizing it for not spending more time developing summer camp aspect and not showing enough scenes with people just rowing boats and playing dodge ball.

        • Force Meow

          Well, we’re sure not living up to the internet troll/debaters stereotype in this conversation- I agree with everything you just said.

          Prometheus was a great movie, I guess my only gripe is that I wish it hadn’t taken the left turn into horror, and instead continued on the same excellent path the first 40 minutes laid out.

          It WAS so good that I forgot where it was going.

          And why it was so dismaying to see these people slaughtered when they were well down the trail of solving a mystery that has bedeviled the human race for eons…

          And that’s why I have to see the sequel, even though I think I have a pretty good idea where they’re headed with it…

          No, no spoilers please, we’re both insightful, no need to flaunt it, you’ve already shown that, but just for the sake of being entertaining, …

          turtles all the way down, agree?

          I didn’t miss all those things that you spelled out, I just prefer to escape the struggle for survival in my flights of fancy, and even though Prometheus 2 won’t be the movie I’d like it to be, it should be excellent.

          It was a pleasure to make your acquaintance.

          • Promontorium

            I don’t have any spoilers for you. I didn’t even know they were making a sequel. I’m glad they are too. I hadn’t heard this phrase “turtles all the way down” until now.

            Being such a lover of exploration that you are I would guess as entertaining as the new Star Trek movies may have been, they are a bit lacking in this regard right? I actually laughed out loud in the theater when watching Into Darkness when I noticed the action, cuts, and music all came together to be so…Star Wars. I love J.J. Abrams, but he’s no Trekkie. I think he’s much better built for Star Wars.

            I really really want someone to make another Trek series to get the whole universe back on track, preferably taking place about 15-20 years after the end of DS9.

    • mori bund

      I don’t know… how about a decent script where smart scientists don’t act like complete idiots.

      • Tim Church

        It can’t be done!!!… Yeah; I know it sounds like a no-brainer (pun/irony intended) that scientists shouldn’t be idiots, but to write the characters that way would require the writer(s) to not be an idiot/idiots, which is simply not the case in much of Hollywood’s writer areas these days.
        That is why you get 80-million sequels to everything, including a “Transformers” movie so bad even Shia Lebeouf (an admittedly-plagiarizing writer himself) would turn it down, passing it along to Wahlberg.

      • Promontorium

        How do you mean?

        • mori bund

          For example an “expert for alien life” who sees his first alien, a creepy dangerous looking creature and the first thing he does is he wants to play with it like with a little kitten – that’s not what a scientist would do, that’s rather what a complete idiot would do. ^^

          • Promontorium

            Do you mean the first two guys to die? They weren’t alien scientists. None of them were “expert for alien life”. The main couple were language and history experts, the two guys who got it in the egg room were a geologist and something else. This took place in the realm of the Alien franchise, where interstellar travel was possible, but no one had any evidence of actual alien life, let alone experts in alien life.

            In fact the guy might have been a complete idiot. They weren’t hired because they were the best, they were hired because they were willing to go on the very long trip, which means they were probably kind of desperate in their career.

            A key part of the film was the protagonist couple were bamboozled by old man Weyland. They believed Weyland was supporting them, and that he was indulging their desires for exploration, when really he saw this as an opportunity for himself. He didn’t care if their scientific mission succeeded, he only wanted a chance to “meet his maker”.

            This is why when they finally meet the crew they are surprised to find they are a surly and confused bunch who don’t really want to take any orders. They had been tricked by Weyland into thinking they would get the best and they find out they’re stuck with a bunch of rejects. It’s a theme throughout the Alien films where the corporation sends unwilling or unprepared people off to die as fodder for their own bloated and misguided ends.

          • mori bund

            “the two guys who got it in the egg room were a geologist and something else.” – The something else was a zoologist who was on the team in case the find an alien life form. And yes, he was the guy who acted like a complete fool as they actually found an alien life form.
            “They weren’t hired because they were the best” – but noone is THAT stupid, especially not a zoologist.
            – The movie and its premise had great potential. It’s a shame that it got ruined by sloppy writing.

            Someone made a comment of the 10 most annoying flaws in the script (this is not my list – credits to the OP):

            - Mapping a structure then getting lost in it despite a tracker in your suit
            - Walking past a stack of corpses and thinking that the nice large snake-like critter is perfectly safe
            - Taking your helmet off in an atmosphere where the biota are un-analysed
            - Apparently not having any anti-contamination protocols at all
            - Opening the ship without checking the outside camera feed
            - Organising a massive interstellar project where most of the people have not even met one another
            - Modifying your space suit to compromise its air supply – safety checks not catching that this has happened
            - Newborn octopus increases to 1000 times original mass in a few hours in a room with no food
            - People with massive abdominal wounds are actually really good at running and jumping
            - A woman has a male-only medical centre in her quarters AND despite the mission being four years from Earth has a life-pod that will only last two years

            I hope I haven’t ruined the movie for you. ;-)

          • Promontorium

            No, I’m pretty sure you’re actually trying your best to ruin the movie for me. Unfortunately you’ve failed.
            -Mapping then getting lost: I don’t think they were lost, they were just running around.
            -Pile of corpses, snake: the corpses had been there for a very long time. There’s no rational reason to assume they were killed by the snake creature, particularly when they saw the playback and they were trying to get INTO the room with the snakes. But I’ll agree the guy was dumb, because it fits the story. It WAS NEVER SUPPOSED TO BE A PROPER SCIENTIFIC MISSION, they hired anyone willing to go, I don’t know how you’re so dense you keep missing this.

            - biota: Really? Kudos I had to look that one up you pretentious retard. AGAIN this is a fictional universe where they have NO EVIDENCE OF ANY ALIEN LIFE ANYWHERE. Biota implies an entire global biology, which is not the right term for what you’re actually talking about. A t-rex isn’t going to slip into their helmet. You mean micro-organisms.

            -Anti contamination protocols: There is no “protocol” when there’s no alien life in the first place. Protocols react to lessons learned. It would be like you bitching that the Native Americans didn’t employ anti-contamination protocols when they met the Europeans. They had no idea such a thing existed.

            - people have not even met
            They met before they left. The film wasn’t in real time. And for 100,00th time, they didn’t actually care if people got along because it was a ruse.

            - Newborn octopus increases to 1000 times original mass in a few hours in a room with no food

            Afterbirth, and editing. We have no idea what food it had.

            - massive abdominal wounds:
            People with advanced medical technology that sewed up a medical cut. Not really the same thing. It might hurt, but there’s no more “wound” it’s been sealed.

            - A woman has a male-only medical centre in her quarters
            If you watched the movie you know it was for Weyland. And he didn’t bother getting one for anyone else. Why would you even list this if you knew shit about the film? It’s probably too expensive for anyone else to get one, just a luxury for an old businessman.

            -four years from Earth; life-pod will only last two years: And life rafts on ships that can cross the Pacific Ocean can’t go anywhere. What’s your fucking point? People don’t build their emergency support systems to match their primary ones, that’s not a plot hole, THAT IS REALITY.

  • anonymoose

    Fuck that. Pacific Rim was awesome. Go to a coffeehouse and drink lattes or something, friggin’ hipster.

  • Skaught

    Hancock could have at least been redeemed somewhat by supervillains. Instead we just got guys with guns, and our hero running away. Lame.

  • Promontorium

    How about great movies that the public has called disappointing?

    #1 Anchorman 2. All I heard was how horrible the movie was, that it fell flat, that it had a weak story. Then I watched something called Anchorman 2, but it couldn’t have been what other people watched, because it was f-ing brilliant, hilarious from stem to stern. Definitely superior to the first. A very subtle yet powerful plot that had a larger more intelligent social criticism than most serious films ever manage to pull off.

    #2 That’s My Boy! If you never liked Sandler’s humor, OK, you probably wouldn’t like this. But if you liked Happy Gilmore or Billy Madison or you simply have a sense of humor, this film is 9/10. Another film I heard nothing but bad from, then laughed my ass off from beginning to end with a sweet story to carry it along. Not the most solid story, but for every re-use of the “You were too immature to be my dad!” you had scenes with Vanilla Ice that were priceless.

    • MegaSolipsist

      I really really really want to shoot you in the face…

      • Promontorium

        So you’re saying to want to shoot yourself in the face. You are Jack’s retard side.

        • MegaSolipsist

          You’re resorting to “I know you are but what am I?”
          Now I want to shoot you in the face AND the bollocks.

          • Promontorium

            You have “resorted” to threatening me with violence. For absolutely no stated reason. That makes you human scum. I replied with a joke that apparently you’re too stupid to understand.

            Your username is Solipsist, in fact it’s “Mega” Solipsist. Since you’re apparently too lazy to look up your own name, it means you believe you can only know yourself to exist. So you wanting to shoot me, is really you wanting to shoot an extension of yourself. Get it? I doubt it, because you really are a moron. It was a brilliant retort to a threatening comment from you.

            But I didn’t stop at mocking your own idiotic name, your idiotic comment, and your idiotic beliefs in ONE simple sentence that you were too ignorant to understand, I also tossed in a clue to all of this, in the form of a reference to the film Fight Club. Since you think you’re so brilliant in film that my mere writing about it drives you to violent thoughts, I guess I wrongly assumed you’d get the reference. I didn’t know how stupid you really are.

            “You are Jack’s retard side”. In Fight Club the main character has a split personality. He refers to himself as “Jack’s…” based on the situation. He also ends up shooting himself in the face to get rid of the other personality. You with your split personality made an idiotic comment devoid of any logic or criticism, just a straight reference to violence without justification, so I called you Jack’s retard side, as in your Solipsist world view, since everything and everyone is you, or doesn’t really exist, your comments are only directed at violence against yourself, so you should do what the guy did in Fight Club, and as you suggested, SHOOT YOURSELF IN THE FACE.

            Understand? I doubt it.

          • MegaSolipsist

            The self-righteous, narcissistic idiocy of your comment is just staggering.
            You claimed that “That’s My Boy!” was a great film, to which I logically desired to shoot you in the face for, something that Gandhi and Pope Francis themselves would approve of.
            My username is a deliberate joke, as through the internet people only appear as text and therefore any personality I attribute to you is essentially of my own creation.
            Now, not only were you too stupid to realise that I was aware of this, but you were arrogant enough to actually think that you were the only one to work this out.
            You are now, in your idiocy, declaring yourself to be brilliant and irrationally assuming yourself to be more intelligent than anything other than retarded pond-slime.
            Begone from the internet and never blight it with your presence again.

          • Promontorium

            Is this your attempt to get your dumb ass out of the hole you dug? Well then, apology accepted. Also, voting up your own comment isn’t at all “self-righteous, narcissitic” is it fucktard? Keep being a giant asshole with no sense of humor, no ability to reason, and an absolutely pathetic sense of superiority. I’m sure it’s gotten you far in life to threaten people with violence and need to have things explained to you in painful detail while you still claim some kind of superiority.

          • MegaSolipsist

            I know it’s clichéd, and you must get this a lot, but there is no way you are not projecting. If your name isn’t enough of a clue, the fact that all of your other comments generally involve calling anybody who disagree’s with you stupid and bragging about your own ‘intelligence’.
            Really, stop replying. You’re just embarrassing yourself.

  • pat5star

    300 + posts and nobody mentions Sahara?! The producers screwed that up so bad that I think Clive Cussler is still in court over this almost 10 years later! If they had done this right we probably would have had our own James Bond franchise in Dirk Pitt…and I think we would have done even better!! So much potential all lost….so very disappointing.

    However, one thing I’ve learned from all these comments is that I definitely need to go watch Prometheus lol! Quite the polarizing movie it seems….I’ll go watch it and then come back and let you all know which half was right ;-)

  • md22mdrx

    I know Pacific Rim was Del Toro’s baby, but I still believe he wasn’t the one who should direct it. Same with Raimi and Oz. I thought they should have been switched. Never in a million years, I know … but they would have been better movies.

  • http://picasaweb.google.com/JTHolroyd/TileStoneWork JessSayin

    Saw ‘Alien’ in the theater in ’79. Guys were screaming, women were walking out after calling their dates S.O.B.’s, even my dad had his eyes closed through half of it. scary, scary movie!
    33 years later I get the piece-of-shite that is, ‘Prometheus’. Damn! what a colossal let-down. And now a re-do of Blade Runner?

  • Queefer Sutherland

    It was a bunch of fun, you whiney-assed baby.

  • Queefer Sutherland

    He did the same thing with Kill Bill. Part one was great, full of fun action and characters. Part two was just a bunch of people talking. David Carradine said more than he said in all three seasons of Kung Fu. He wouldn’t shut up! Nobody would shut the fuck up!!!

    Tarantino has WAY too high of an opinion of his own dialogue. It’s not that good. Part Two is the worst sequel ever made!!!

    • Derk73

      Personally, I think the only thing Kill Bill vol 2 needed was some tighter editing. The training scenes were hilarious, Michael Madsen gave a surprisingly touching performance, and I loved the spaghetti western vibe.

      • Queefer Sutherland

        Fair enough, yes, it definitely needed some editing, but I view both films as one movie, as Tarantino supposedly intended. And when viewed like that, the last half of the movie changes drastically in pace, and ends with the protagonist and antagonist talking each other to death until there is a brief and very disappointing “fight” between them.
        When viewed as a whole, and I can’t but but do so, it’s a wretchedly paced and edited film, action-heavy in the first half before becoming a dialogue-heavy film.
        I don’t know, I just can’t see it as very good film making. Taken as a whole, I like it, but will never care for the switch from a Kung Fu move to a Spaghetti Western. At the very least the Western should have come first.

  • DK

    For Pacific Rim… They could have done WITHOUT the ANNOYING scientist with the glasses and strained loud voice. I wouldn’t call that testosterone based anyhow.
    And by the way, what the hell is with the whole sexist outlook on the flick? It wasn’t satisfying enough that there Was a tough enough chick? And Not a white girl?

    Death Proof was a MOCKERY, and done well….. But, I, like everyone else, didn’t care for the 10 minute shot of babbling women.

    The Lost World… Yeah, it didn’t have much cohesiveness….And Julianne Moore isn’t that much an actress.

    Prometheus… Damn It… They should have just stuck with it as a PREQUEL instead of venturing onto another , as they said, “Myth”.

    Public Enemies I wanted to see, especially because it was made by Michael Mann, but… unfortunately, the look of the footage didn’t appeal to me. Looked too fake/flat/amateurish.

  • A B Chilling

    I too found Prometheus disappointing, although visually stunning. OK, so one big question from the original Alien was answered; “who was the giant petrified pilot humanoid, and what caused him to wind up like that?” But no explanation of the identity of these beings, their origin and their mission. Then, we have this heroine who’s no Sigourney Weaver and who’s down right annoying plus the premise of her alliance with the android and a subplot in which the company and spaceship owner secretly screws everybody for his on purposes, both recycled from every Alien film. What you have here is a good looking film, with a weak leading actress, weak supporting actors, lots of holes, and a last-minute tribute to the Alien creatures as if the writers realized that the script was mostly lame and needed something exciting towards the end.

  • Joel Farrelly

    Lindeloph owes every Alien fan an apology. He can even piggy-back it onto the epic “my bad” he has yet to deliver to all of the Lost fans that believed him when he said that every answer in the show would have a scientific basis.

    And if you haven’t already, you guys should definitely do an inverse list of seemingly bad films that ended up being awesome. Fight Club is the first example that comes to mind for me.

  • Derk73

    I LOVED “Death Proof” when it was called “Grindhouse”. The long talking scenes were a nice breather after the overkill of the previous movie, “Planet Terror”. The theatrical version of “Death Proof” was also 25 minutes shorter, which was a VERY good thing.

  • Derk73

    Blaming Damon Lindelof for “Prometheus” is unfair. I’ve read the script as it was before he was brought on, titled “Alien: Engineers” and it is just as disappointing. In fact, it’s worse at times since it is a DIRECT prequel to “Alien” but has absolutely nothing new to offer.

  • Paulmatthew22

    I thought The Beach was an awesome movie,.I think it is Di’Caprios best

  • Roxtaf

    You completely lost me at Prometheus. Not that i dont understand you, trouble with that one is that it is to brilliant for you to comprehend it, and if you dont see it a few more times you will keep thinking that it is “fair” there are layers upon layers of hints and answers you will have to think on to put two and two together. But realy it is a work of art.

  • Blais Elias

    Death Proof sucked big time.

  • Neobooper

    Pacific Rim?! Really? obviously you hate life

  • Jiffylush

    1 – I like six of these and wasn’t disappointed with them at all, maybe the problem is expectations.

    2 – Why in the Hell is Indian Jones and the Crystal Skull not on this list? Abomination that shouldn’t have been made at all, the series will always be a trilogy to me.

    • MegaSolipsist

      It was explained right at the beginning why it wasn’t there.

      • Jiffylush

        But why should I read it when it has pictures?

  • your_wrong

    So Pacific rim is an aweful movie cause it didn’t have a generic love story in it?

  • John

    THe Beach..I thought this was an awesome movie! Stupid critics!

  • Cory

    If “The Lost World” movie would have followed Michael Crichton’s original book, it would have been so much better. Instead, they took bits and pieces from the book and left the rest for the third film.

    • MegaSolipsist

      They ended up only using a single scene from the book.

  • mofongo101

    I must say that the film “The Counselor” is one of the best movies in cinema today, very smart film, finally Mr. Scott at his best.

  • mofongo101

    Prometheus another amazing film by MR. SCOTT….impressive….stunning…..

  • Christian

    When people start going into a film to accept it for what it is they’ll be disappointed far less often.

    • Tim Church

      That is perhaps true… Too bad that will never happen. The people on the staff/crew of all live-action films make sure that the advertisements for each film (posters & other stills, as well as trailers) advertise a film as something besides what it truly is, perhaps completely on the other side of the proverbial spectrum.

  • sidney

    As far as Hancock is concerned, if you think the film was a bummer, try reading the screenplay it was based on, “Tonight He Comes.” You’ll likely want to commit seppuku.

  • MegaSolipsist

    Pacific Rim was absolutely brilliant fun.
    You clearly hate puppies, chocolate and sunshine.

  • DeonteThomas

    OK now I know this list is shit. Public Enemies is #1??? That movie was good

    • Tim Church

      “Newsies” is perhaps the only film with Bale in a lead role anyone can honestly call “good”!

      • DeonteThomas

        bale was more of a supporting role if you ask me, but Johnny Depp was phenomenal as usual.

        • Tim Church

          Bale is never in a supporting role; He is either a star (“Newsies”) or an anchor (any “Batman” film)!!

  • Doug Underwood

    Idris Elba makes any film he’s in suck. He’s one of those pariahs that dooms every project he’s in just by showing up. Like the guy that played John Carter. Same thing. He’s in BOTH of the biggest money losers in movie history….John Carter and Battleship. Maybe they learned their lesson with Prometheus and the second one will be good. At least Idris Elba can’t fuck this one up unless he’s recast as someone else.

  • srichey321

    I thought Pacific Rim was pretty decent and so did most of the other people I work with. Whoever wrote this, must have been having a bad day.

  • Barry Wood

    this article is proof to me that critics have no taste you criticize cause you cant do go back to your basements at mommy’s and cry some more

  • Nick Carton

    Hancock was bleak as all Hell and Prometheus is proof that Ridley Scott should not be allowed to expand upon his earlier films. Besides that the rest of these films are enjoyable at the very least

  • hawkgirl2369

    the purge

  • jordan

    are u kidding pacific rim was a good movie yeah it was a little disappointing but overall it was a good movie

  • remyfacade

    I liked Death Proof. The main complaint I always hear is “too much talking” I wonder would people be just as annoyed with the talking if they were all guys

  • The Realist

    Prometheus was fine as long as you knew there was going to be a sequel to tie it all in.

  • mro1337

    deathproof was fine exactly how it was.

  • Grizael

    I liked Hancock and Public Enemies. The ones I’ve seen before other than that I agreed with whole heartedly. They should have added water world, the postman, and the fifth element to the list.

  • Grizael

    Also they should add every X-Men ever made. Each one a failure, each one cherry picked the story lines, the scripts were awful, and the acting was bad. I expected better out of Gandolf and Piccard.

    • Tim Church

      I don’t know about “Future Past” or “First Class”, but the other 3 & the most-recent “Wolverine” were awesome. (Everyone admits “Origins: Wolverine” sucked, including Jackman himself.)
      However, the blame falls squarely on the writers, not the actors. You admit that yourself when you close by saying you expected better out of 2 of them due to other performances.

  • William Roose

    Expenadables.anchorman2,die hard 5, man of steel, pacific rim, Thor 2, terminator 4, batman and robin, Star Wars 1 and 2, and THE LAST AIRBENDER

  • Ivan Lopez

    I enjoyed most of the movies in the list. Wouldn’t call them bad movies in the way they’re being called here. Besides never seeing the Beach or Killing Them Softly, I think the only one I agree with is Hancock, but mainly because it ended up being meh and the only part that really sticks out to me was him being drunk.

  • Peeg

    Anything Michael Bay touches……

  • Gregory Brown

    Prometheus was horrible. The characters were supposed to be all brilliant scientists, etc., but ended up doing the same dumb things that B movie heroes/victims always do.

  • rat

    Who the fuck wrote this? It’s like they’re intentionally making good movies seem bad. Pacific Rim is the best movie of the year, Jurassic Park 2 is fantastic in it’s own right, Prometheus is not a “fairly enjoyable space thriller” (it was too grey and brown, not to mention it’s constant references to the Alien franchise detracts from it, not any imagined questions), and hancock is a predictable but enjoyable “modern superhero” story. What a dumbass.

  • Roger Smith

    I agree with some of these films being on the list (Public Enemies, Killing them Softly), but not Prometheus. The film was well reviewed and accomplished what it was intended to accomplish. It kept me entertained. It was worth the money and I enjoyed the experience. I’m not sure what made the author of this piece think it would be the greatest sci-film ever. Ridley Scott’s past his prime, and at the outset we knew the film would retread some old ideas from the Alien films. Maybe the author’s expectations were the problem?

  • Alvin Anderson

    Prometheus had so many of us Sci-Fi nerds hissing at some many things but number one was when the explorer/scientist decided to pet the weird alien life form that looked a lot like an earth cobra. But really guys, don’t pet any alien life forms if you end up on another planet until they’ve been examined and classified. Especially snake like deadly aliens.

  • scotto

    I remember sitting in the theater during the Lost World and knowing that the the girl was going to utilize her gymnastic skills to defeat a dino and despite that I still cringed when it actually happened (kinda like you know the head of that dude is coming out wreaked boat in JAWS but you still wince every time you see it!) I read someplace that one of the producers had received a letter from a 12 year old boy that stated “get the dinosaurs quicker” and that thought animated much of the plot of the sequel.