10 Superheroes Who Still Need Their Own Films

man of steel superman battles zod 579x360 10 Superheroes Who Still Need Their Own Films

Now that Man of Steel is out in theatres (and apparently tearing it up), it seems like a fitting time to consider what other comic book superheroes are ripe for a big screen rendition of their own. Now, we call this list “10 Superheroes Who Still Need Their Own Films,” but it’s probably closer to 50 because we’ve included a number of teams in the mix.

At this point, we’ve seen a ton of films based on superheroes, and most of them have been pretty well done. You may not think we need anymore offerings from this genre but as a comic book lover and all-around superhero fan, I think that there’s still a great number of characters out there who haven’t been given their own film yet, even though they deserve it.

So, which heroes are ready for their close-up? We present the following characters for you consideration…

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Wonder Woman

wonder woman 401 480x360 10 Superheroes Who Still Need Their Own Films

I wonder if on May 5th of last year, in the midst of The Avengers‘ first record-breaking weekend, some studio guys at Warner Bros. were kicking themselves because Joss Whedon was once on their payroll. His mission: to bring a live-action Wonder Woman movie to the big screen, a mission that eventually failed, but it’s one that a revolving door of other filmmakers haven’t enjoyed much success in accomplishing either.

But why? Why is Wonder Woman such a tough nut to crack? The easy answer is that it’s because she’s a female hero, but unlike her contemporaries like Superman and Batman, she doesn’t have a straightforward, consistent origin that’s been more or less unchanged for 70 years.

So go with the path of least resistance and keep it simple: an Air Force pilot named Steve Trevor crash lands on the island of Themyscira, home to the mythical Amazon tribe of warrior women who have been hidden from the world for centuries. Princess Diana returns with Trevor to the “world of men” where she uses her super-powers to fight for truth, justice and the rest.

Throw in a heavy dose of Greek mythology, and make Ares the God of War the bad guy and you’ve got a helluva movie going. Need a hint to do it right? Check out the animated Wonder Woman movie that Warner Animated released in 2009. It’s not perfect, but it shows that a Wonder Woman movie can be done, and done well.

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Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange 10 Superheroes Who Still Need Their Own Films

Combine a story about an arrogant and selfish man who learns to find the hero within and place it in a grand magical mystical world of adventure, and you have to wonder why Doctor Strange hasn’t yet made it to the big screen.

Stephen Strange is a highly talented neurosurgeon whose hands are irreparably injured in an accident, thus ending his career. Searching for a cure, Strange goes to the Himalayas where a sorcerer called The Ancient One fosters a more selfless side of the doctor and trains him to be the Sorcerer Supreme, the guardian of all things magical in this universe.

If you think about it, the approach to a Doctor Strange movie would play pretty close to Iron Man but with weird creatures and magical powers instead of guys in mechanical suits. Given the success of fantasy flicks like Harry Potter, not to mention Marvel’s own Iron Man franchise, a Doctor Strange movie should be a no-brainer with the right talent in front of, and behind the camera, which is probably why Marvel’s Kevin Feige is always talking about it.

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The Great Machine

ex machina 348225 10 Superheroes Who Still Need Their Own Films

Probably no comic book explores the idea of “With great power comes great responsibility” more (excluding Spider-Man of course) than Ex-Machina. The book tells the story of Mitchell Hundred, a civil engineer who’s exposed to an alien device that gives him the ability to communicate with mechanical devices, as well as the ability to invent complex machines, like jet packs and ray guns, which he uses in crime-fighting.

But deeper than that, the series follows Hundred from his crime-fighting days to his election as New York City mayor in 2001 after The Great Machine saved the south tower of the World Trade Center on September 11th. Dealing with threats that are political, personal and super-human, weaving a fictional superhero story with real-life events and characters, Ex-Machina comes across as a combination of Iron Man and The West Wing.

A movie based on this work by Brian K. Vaughan and Tony Harris would probably be completely unlike any superhero movie yet made, combining big action and small character drama, but like the series itself it will be a tricky balance for some filmmaker to get the tone just right.

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T bolts 463x360 10 Superheroes Who Still Need Their Own Films

After both The Avengers and the Fantastic Four apparently perished in a battle with the super-villain Onslaught, a new team of heroes tried to fill the void. Called The Thunderbolts, their actions quickly earn them the respect and admiration of the general public, but what nobody knows is that Citizen V, Atlas, Songbird, MACH-I, Meteorite, and Techno are really the long-time Avengers enemies, The Masters of Evil.

Attempting to ingratiate themselves with S.H.I.E.L.D. and thus learn valuable secrets that they can sell off to the highest bidder, the Thunderbolts’ plan worked too well, and some of the villains started seeing themselves as heroes, leading to an inevitable conflict as leader Citizen V, AKA: Captain America nemesis Baron Zemo, continued to pursue the original agenda.

With a clever twist on the standard superhero formula, the comic asked what makes a hero, and can one outrun their past in order to embrace a better future? It was once a famous axiom that in comic book movies, the villain was more interesting than the hero, so by that standard, a Thunderbolts movie would be the best of both of both worlds, right?

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Robin Tim Drake 0101 433x360 10 Superheroes Who Still Need Their Own Films

The Boy Wonder doesn’t get a lot of respect, which is sad because there have been several times in recent history when Robin has not only deserved, but earned, his place in the spotlight.

In the 90s, following the death of the second Robin, Jason Todd, another young man named Tim Drake volunteered to succeed him, deducing the secret identities of Batman and his original protégée Nightwing, and making an appeal to the Dark Knight that he needs a Robin for support and balance.

Impressing Dick Grayson and then Alfred with his skill and passion, Tim eventually makes his case to Batman himself and becomes the third Robin. For the purposes of a Robin movie, we can imagine a Gotham City where Batman is MIA, and his teenage sidekick has to balance school, social life and keeping the city’s colourful menagerie of villains of Gotham City occupied. Sound impossible? Check out the first arc of the Robin ongoing series by Chuck Dixon and Tom Grummett and tell me that you can’t believe a Robin can fly solo.

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Astro City

astrocity 10 Superheroes Who Still Need Their Own Films

Nearly all of Marvel’s comic books take place in New York City, the same metropolis that the publisher is based in real-life, but imagine if someone tried to tell stories involving all the Marvel characters in one comic book. That’s kind of the point of Astro City, a creator-owned title launched by Kurt Busiek in 1995.

The eponymous city hosts a great number of heroes and villains, and the comic tells stories from the points of view of Astro City’s various citizens. A typical Astro City story involves anything from a day-in-the-life of a superhero, the difficulties of a former super-villain trying to walk the straight and narrow, and what life is like for the so-called normal people who live in a city surrounded by super-human beings and people in costumes.

Taking inspiration from the biggest and brightest of both DC and Marvel – like Superman (the time-traveling Samaritan), Batman (the religious-themed vigilante The Confessor), Captain America (the tragic Silver Agent) and the Fantastic Four (the eccentric explorers The First Family) – there is no shortage of directions an Astro City movie can be taken in, but one thing’s for certain, it will be like nothing else made in the genre.

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Black Panther

Black Panther 10 Superheroes Who Still Need Their Own Films

Movies featuring black superheroes are about as rare as movies featuring female superheroes, so for obvious reasons, a movie featuring the Marvel superhero The Black Panther is an idea that’s highly appealing. Borrowing from pulp comics like The Phantom, The Black Panther first appeared in Fantastic Four #52 as a potential antagonist, but was later given an almost Shakespearean background of destiny, duty and tragedy.

Part of a long line of Black Panthers, a sacred mantle worn by the ruler of the fictional African country Wakanda, King T’Challa balances the internal tribal strife of his kingdom, while protecting its vast wealth of the mineral vibranium (the same stuff Captain America’s shield is made out of) from outsiders looking to exploit it.

Black Panther has a rich history in the Marvel Universe having been part of The Avengers, a sub in the Fantastic Four, and once being married to the X-Men’s Storm, he’s also been featured in numerous animated series, video games and was the subject of his own feature length animated movie released direct to DVD. So what’s stopping the Panther from making a big screen bow? Once again, Kevin Feige promises they’re getting to it…

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RobinsonStarman63detail 467x360 10 Superheroes Who Still Need Their Own Films

Most superheroes can’t wait to don their flashy outfits and use their abilities to fight crime and protect the general public, but not Jack Knight. One of two sons of the Golden Age (circa: World War II) Starman, Jack wanted nothing less than to take up his father’s mantle and be a new generation of Starman, but when his brother David is killed as the new Starman, Jack feels a family obligation.

The 90s version of Starman leaned heavily on themes of the father/son relationship, the struggle to find the hero within, and how the past can sometimes come back to haunt you even if you’re running away from it as fast as you can. More emotionally complex and thematically challenging than a lot of comic books at the time, Starman was a cult success, but it struggled through its 81 issue run to find an audience despite the fact it was launched after the heavily-hyped Zero Hour crossover.

But a good comic book idea then is a good comic book movie idea now, and a cynical, struggling hero trying to live up to a larger than life legacy while leaving his own mark in the process might speak to a lot of people in the movie audience.

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Alpha Flight

alphaflight 480x360 10 Superheroes Who Still Need Their Own Films

If Marvel can greenlight something like Guardians of the Galaxy, an also-ran sci-fi superhero team that’s had its five or six attempts at a long-running comic series, then why don’t they keep stretching by bringing Canada’s super-team to the big screen? No, really.

Unlike The Avengers, who came together to battle a specific threat, Alpha Flight is a government sanctioned team recruited to be Canada’s first line of defense against super-human threats. Led by the hero Guardian, who wears stylized Canadian-flag battle armour, the team is frequently made up of the Hulk-like Sasquatch, the Native-Canadian sorcerer Shaman, the diminutive but super-strong Puck, the transforming Snowbird, and the mutant twins Northstar and Aurora.

Whether or not producers want to do a big-budget action movie, or something more like Canadian Bacon with superheroes, one thing’s for sure: since a lot of big Hollywood movies shoot in Canada, the filmmakers won’t have to hide it in the case of Alpha Flight. And before you say “No one will ever watch a movie with Canadian superheroes,” remember that the biggest X-Men of all, Wolverine, is himself a Canadian.

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miracleman1 10 Superheroes Who Still Need Their Own Films

In comics, the name Captain Marvel is a popular one. There’s Marvel’s eponymous alien hero from the Kree Empire, there’s DC Comics magic word activated tween Billy Batson (whose since been officially re-named Shazam), and then came Mickey Moran.

Created for the U.K.’s Warrior magazine, MarvelMan – later renamed MiracleMan after Marvel Comics got litigious – was more or less like DC’s Captain Marvel except that he was nuclear powered, not magically powered, and he was activated by the word “Kimota” (“atomic” spelled backwards) as opposed to “Shazam!”

It took Alan Moore (V for Vendetta, Watchmen) in the 1980s to reboot the character to feature an adult Moran, a freelance reporter who had forgotten his heroic youth, to really shake up the series and make it something original.

MiracleMan is reawakened in the midst of a disaster, and ultimately saves the day, but just as MiracleMan returns to heroism, he learns that his former sidekick Kid MarvelMan has gone mad in the interim and has become a sociopathic super-villain.

With such heady-psychological material, a MiracleMan movie could stand next to Watchmen and Kick-Ass in the club of smart superhero movies that deconstruct the mythology, but given the character’s legal morass it’s more likely we’ll see a Bat-mite movie before MiracleMan.

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  • Patrick Bayard

    The only ones that have any box office appeal are Black Panther, Doctor Strange, and Wonder Woman.

    I have to disagree about the story that is suggested for Wonder Woman. It would all but destroy the credibility of the universe created and influenced by Man of Steel and to some extent the Dark Knight movies. Wonder Woman’s story needs a major overhaul which could very easily be accomplished while maintaining key elements of her story. Continuing to discuss Greek gods and fights with Ares is a recipe for box office disaster that will turn off people faster than you can say Green Lantern.

    • tony

      Actually I disagree, look at how Marvel incorporated Thor into there universe and he is a God, so it could work with wonder woman if its done right. You just cant exclude who ww really is, you have to incorporate the greek gods aspect. Ares is like her biggest villain.

      • Lance

        Cheetah is actually traditionally her biggest villain. Ares is the the one whose been done the most recently. Think of him as Bane to Cheetah’s Lex Luthor.

    • Anonymous Guy

      I disagree that Wonder Woman’s mythology won’t work within the universe Man of Steel set up, but I do think there’s a high risk that it could be cheesy if not done right.

      First, Themyscira has to be as authentic and well thought out as Krypton was in Man of Steel. The approach should be that magic is just science we don’t understand. It must be obviously influenced by Greek culture (or maybe it influenced Greek culture), yet it has to be an advanced warrior civilization. It also has to somehow be hidden from humanity.

      • redprince

        i agree one of the best thing’s about avengers is black widow they gave her a perfect she is not like i am black widow i am a super spy nothing upset’s me emotionally that would have stupid intead at first she shows emotionally undisturbed demure she later reveals at multiple points how disturbed she is and her pain full past wow that does it and in case of diana they should go for a shielded princess who wants to explore the world ,what pushes her how she gets out of it would be apt and why she decides to protect humanity both men and woman this is something never explored before in media the whole trevor thing is similar lto lois and clark treatment i don’t how they are going to handle that,i would go for cheetah Barbara Minerva they make her some thing more like zod a power hungry woman who first wishes to do good but her jealousy and power hunger and quest to get natural born powers like diana should make her a natural villaiin but not the primary antagonist the primary antagonist should more pushy and background mainly and cheetah should be alive

    • Mr__Applesauce

      One way I think a Wonder Woman movie could work is if they stole a page from Captain America.

      Date the movie to an earlier time, so her outfit and ethos isn’t completely looked at as ‘schtick’.

      When they make the JLA movie, she can be a long time serving superhero with gravitas.

      • G Clem

        I think Wonder Woman movie might be good if she’s in a movie with another super hero to share the screen, so the burden won’t be entirely on her. Maybe the Flash might help make it work, then you can go into the Justice League movie.

    • dmc14

      also it might be seen as steeling ideas from marvel to the people that dont know about comics?

    • William Stage

      Dude you are way off, I think the link to Greek Gods is the best recipe for success in this case. You have to examine who Wonder woman really is and dig into the mythology. Thor got into the mythology and it seemed to work just fine. The writing needs to be well done obviously. Green Lantern suffered from a terrible script mostly.

    • G Clem

      Thunderbolts might be good also. As far as Black Panther, I hope it doesn’t get campy like the second Matrix. Too much over acting and not a great story.

    • bigglent

      Michael his white would make the perfect black panther.

    • Jeff Rittenour

      I think Johnny Depp (maybe) or even JGL would make good Doctor Stranges… I think strange would have to be played by someone you wouldn’t think right away – yeah he looks just like him! – that kind of actor.

  • john

    Wow this article is a waste of time.

    • weap

      Based on what? It’s hypothetical. What’s wrong with that?

      • Brian Knockin

        great article to me I agree with some n some I dont

  • Eldo

    Please guys, change the font! This website can’t be browsed on Firefox because of the Helvetica Neue bug. You are loosing a lot of trafic!

  • Eldo

    Please guys, change the font! This website can’t be browsed on Firefox because of the Helvetica Neue bug. You are loosing a lot of trafic!

  • Kenneth Serenyi

    Batman’s origin has actually changed quite a bit. There was no ninja training in previous Batman movies or TV until ‘Batman Begins’. For those of us who haven’t read Batman comics in awhile, that actually seemed like a fresh take on Batman’s origin. There’s no reason Wonder Woman has to stick to some formula.

    • Kenneth Serenyi

      Batman’s journey into the Orient for training in Batman Begins actually reminded me a lot of Doctor Strange’s origin in the comics. The Doctor Strange movie might have to change some things to keep from looking like a copy-cat, even though the comic was first.

      • Brak Dayton

        Which also reminded me of Dr Doom’s origin.

    • Jeff Rittenour

      ummm…technically that ‘ninja’ training thing (which was kind of dumb, the way they did it. Oh I’m hiding out at the ass end of the world but wait you know who I am? …oh you wanna train me, old english white guy – to be a ninja? Boss!!) is taken from Batman’s training by the league of assassin’s from (at least) BATMAN TAS…Plus he’s had ties to that kind of thing before. It wasn’t goyer or nolan’s ‘original idea’… I fuckin hate those nolan movies….but to each their own.

  • Brian

    D.R STRANGE & IRON FIST need their own movie.

  • Alex Lowe

    Love that Starman pick, one of my favorites heroes, and the version you mention is definitely my favorite of his. A way underrated hero.

  • GrowlerRob

    Marvelman was created by Mick Anglo in 1954 for publisher L. Miller & Son, not for Warrior, which began publication in 1982.

    • nevilleross

      Different Marvelman, sir.

  • caroline

    I think that a black panther ,ovie would be interesring for the first few minutes…maybe…

  • mermes

    never heard of a lot of these. also, where is nova?

  • Rondevouz

    A cool left-field superhero movie would be Booster Gold. He’s not very relatable, but he has a lot of room to develop.

    • Reaver

      If there’s Booster Gold, you almost HAVE to throw in the Blue Beetle. I mean, those two characters are practically joined at the hip.

  • Max

    Where is The Flash?

    • stephanie767

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  • Nate

    Flash should have totally been on this list. I think a Firestorm movie would be pretty cool, too.

    • The Gotham Ninja

      I completely agree with the Flash, however I really hope they go in order and dont completely ignore Jay and Wally. Jay is the original Flash while Barry is second and Wally being third. Or if anything they should do an animated feature on where the Speedsters originally began.

      • Khyborg

        Flash was already done a while ago. it was a “B” movie but I would recommend it to Any flash fans. Moon Knight would be a cool movie but then it may seem like an Assasin’s Creed rip off. Howerver it’s more like Assasin’s Creed ripped off Moon Knight. There’s a conundrum for ya!

    • Jeff Rittenour

      YEAH firestorm would be great too. Even cyborg. Plastic Man and Shazam! Ah to hell with it, I wanna see and Avengers type SUPER POWERS movie where they battle Darkseid.

  • Charles

    No Deadpool? :(

    • EnigmaV8

      Where have you been, Deadpool is out next year (2014) still played by Ryan Reynolds.

      • Brent Adams

        What are you talking about? Sorry, but there is no Deadpool out next year, there is no Deadpool in production right now, and there are no immediate plans for that to change.

        • EnigmaV8

          I think you need to research more. Screenplay/script was already completed, and the producers and the director have sent that along with the test footage to the studios and pre-production is already underway (I know this personally)… it’s only even being this delayed on final casting and production start because the studio is wanting a PG-13 but the script is basically R and there’s not much way around that–and considering it’s Deadpool you can kinda see why. Trust me, even thought slightly delayed, it’s a done deal!

          • Brian Knockin

            i hope

        • Jim Spradlin
    • Josh

      1) Deadpool
      2) Cable
      3) Dr.Strange
      4) Black Panther
      5) Deathlok
      6) Luke Cage
      7) Bishop
      8) Moon Knight
      9) Mr. Sinister
      10) Omega Red
      11) Apocalypse
      12) SIlver Surfer
      13) Onslaught

      • tofuti2001

        Obviously you live in the Marvel Universe – DC has some great characters that should make your list well ahead of Moon Knight, Onslaught, etc. Mr. Sinister and Apocalypse should be in an X-Men film – Omega Red should be in a Wolverine film.

        • CHAOS101

          the only heroes worth the time in DC already have a movie , but there are at least to more good Batman villians that need a movie . Mainly Killer Croc and ClayFace.

          • John

            Please shut your stupid face. Please, you’re very dumb.

          • Irrevenant

            Nightwing, Flash, Teen Titans, Blue Beetle, and Birds of Prey immediately come to mind as DC titles that would make great movies in the right hands (EDIT: Plastic Man and Martian Manhunter could be great too). DC’s problem isn’t that they don’t have worthy characters, it’s that their film-making skills seem to be uneven at best.

            Some of your suggestions (Bishop, Mr Sinister, Apocalypse) are very tied into X-Men continuity and probably would serve better as characters in an X-film than being given their own movies. I believe Bishop *is* in the next X-film, actually…

    • Lucinne

      yeah thats the main reason why i viewed all 10 just hoping to see Deadpool

  • Mr__Applesauce

    I wish they’d redo the Green Lantern movie and start with the Kyle Rayner story. You could combine a big picture storyline of the past human green lanterns, fall of the Green Lanterns, Parralax, etc (as backstory, history)….. along with the personal darker storyline of his girlfriend in a fridge and his revenge on Major Force for the first movie.

    If it worked right, the movie series could end with Hal, John and everybody reintroduced and back.

    • Al

      Kyle Rayner sucks ass. He is the second worst lantern after john stewart.

      • Reaver

        Lets not forget Guy Gardener.

        • bigevilworldwide

          Guy Gardner is god awful too…..Nobody other than Hal Jordan will ever see a movie screen unless it’s someone who is supposed to be Hal’s Sidekick….And even then it would probably be guy gardner they would use

          • Reaver

            Guy Gardeners best moment? Hands down when Batman decked him.

        • bigevilworldwide

          Guy Gardner is god awful too…..Nobody other than Hal Jordan will ever see a movie screen unless it’s someone who is supposed to be Hal’s Sidekick….And even then it would probably be guy gardner they would use

    • The Gotham Ninja

      What we need is to start with Hal again and actually get it right! Then we can worry about the rest of the lanterns getting movies. Cause if you cant get it right with Hal, how the heck are you gonna manage to do any of the rest of them correctly?

    • Sabina De Duonni

      @Mr__Applesauce:disqus Care to elaborate your idea? Drop me a line on sabina@moviepilot.com if you’re interested in posting on our site

  • Craig

    What about the Authority? It was written as if it was a movie anyways and after all of the superhero movies that have come out it would answer the question, ‘What if the heroes made changes that laste?’

  • Daniel Willison

    WTF apart from possibly Wonder women every suggetion on that list was garbage I mean did you just look up golden age comics to make your list I can tell you now 9 of them will not get. To be honest im glad your doing crap articles and not making decisions in hollywood!!! you get an (F) for effort

    • ZapMan

      Are you on crack? Black Panther and Dr. Strange are already in production for Marvel’s “Phase Three” Projects.

  • JaboCalrissian


  • JaboCalrissian


  • Billyman Gilson

    No Booster Gold? For shame…

    • The Gotham Ninja

      That showboat from the future? Really?

  • Lee

    Image comics and tow cow have some awesome hero’s ,.. Anti hero’s.
    The darkness could one of the best.
    The witchblade, made right not like these stupid series.
    Characters by image are more complex, why marvel?
    Cause they have money??

  • redprince

    i am not so happy about this wonder woman story this is still not 70′s and that animated straight to dvd feature they should explore woman in wonder woman and they should try to get some body like jos whedon or renny(long kiss good night,die hard)who really understand woman and make kick ass female characters my best choice is mathew vaughn of kickass fame

  • Barry

    What about Captian Lame the author of this article? The Flash please.

  • Flosi

    what about justice leauge

  • http://30bilder.de/ Nikolas Ingerle

    Where is Shadow Man? :D

  • Pat

    What about the Blackhawks? They were pilots with magical airplanes, I think. It was in the 40′s that the comic was popular. I think they were a group of 5 or 7 heroes.

  • Reaver

    Personally, I’d like to see team-up films. I mean… cmon. Who wouldn’t want to see The Worlds Finest or The Brave and The Bold?

  • Pelexo

    None of them deserve their own movie. What a piece of crap of an article!

  • narcan

    L O B O

  • Harry

    They’re in the progress of making a Flash movie

  • Joe Bob Briggs

    What about She-Hulk? She has become more than a distaff version of
    the Hulk. She’s also a unique combination of brains and brawn. And the
    comics have a very meta, funny feel to them. And She-Hulk provides a
    needed twist on the “dual identity” trope of superhero comic books.

    But don’t call her Shulkie, it makes her very angry and you don’t want to see her angry…

  • Wally West

    What about the Flash? Show the scarlet speedster some love!

  • The Jouney to the dwe toliets

    i think spider women would be fantastic

  • https://twitter.com/#!/Obey_TheGodz Obey_TheKings

    Gambit or GTFOH

  • dmc14

    and an ex-member of alpha flight himself.

  • dmc14

    and an ex-member of alpha flight (wolverine that is)

  • dmc14

    instead of miracle man i think the Sentry would be a better movie.

  • John Recon Zwawa

    Lobo should definitely have a movie. He is the toughest Bastich, in the comic world.

  • Aaron Conaway

    Wonder Woman. Absolutely.

  • Robert

    Wow, fuck you. Your site sucks. Learn to deliver content correctly. ~Designer

  • John Taylor

    Only thing wrong is casting these films. That and changes in characters and costumes to fit the live format. Best example is the new supersuit. Amost black and latex instead of red/blue cloth. Do super hero movies as animated feature films. That way we could get things looking like drawn in the comic books. Plus, in the case of Wonder Woman, an animated film would allow us toi still have Lynda Carter doing Diana’s voice.

  • mmusicman1

    Alpha Flight before The Defenders???…No.

  • Sean

    Some solid (albeit obvious) suggestions, mixed with some pretty horrific ones. Wonder Woman, Black Panther and Doctor Strange are eagerly awaiting their jumps to the silver screen. Robin was the only suggestion that I don’t hear tossed around a lot that could be successful. It would be interesting to see him in a standalone film, rather than being the childish addition to a Batman film that everyone was afraid of. As for the others…never going to happen. Regardless of their fanboy or cult status, the general public has never heard of these characters. No reasonable production company would take that big of a risk.

    How about The Flash, Silver Surfer, Venom, Justice League (duh), Aquaman, X-Factor, Nightwing, or any of the X-Men besides Wolverine (Gambit).

    • Sabina De Duonni

      Interesting point @sean. Care to elaborate on it for moviepilot.com. Drop me an email on sabina@moviepilot.com

  • Patrick

    I’ve had Alpha Flight in my head as ‘Wolverine III’ forever,t uses him as a spring-board for a whole new team. I’ll even start the casting w/ Verne ‘Mini-Me’ Troyer as.Puck

    • dreski

      lol a midget drunk i love it

  • Nick

    What about Sea-man and his sidekick Swallow

  • Rein Sastok

    Alpha Flight would be a cool film. They could also instead appear in one of the Wolverine films.
    They’re such a multicultural smashup. It would be great if they are all treated as actual characters and not caricatures of their respective groups.

    I can’t help but feel the Canadian government is up to something sinister in the Marvel universe… They have the clandestine Weapon X program and also their sanctioned superhero team, Alpha Flight. What are they up to…?

    • dreski

      my thoughts exactly a wolverine tie in and perhaps here’s one that they missed “Weapon X and use alpha flight to try and subdue him and we find out that wolverine might not be the only weapon x project or even the first maybe yuriko lady deathstrike perhaps.

  • jason

    you read all the bargain bin comics when you were a kid

  • Zainab

    I wan the thunderbolts movie to be made!!

  • Gabe

    No Cable and Stryfe? Wow, you guys have no soul (or taste).

  • 1890-asa

    where the f***k is Dr. Fate
    look him up

    • Ronnie James Dio

      Dr Fate FTW

      id poo.bricks for.a.dr.fate movie , or even a JLD with a fate cameo…

      Seriously this is bs warner bro. Fawk..dr.fate was about 50xs cooler than blade was circa.before wesley snipes started killing vamps an wearing sunglasses. If they can do it over at the marvel house wb can do it ! They have great.characters and need to break em out


  • Elaina


  • Tony

    I’m a big fan of Starman and would love to see it as a film. My fave scene is one where Jack asks all the other heroes including Green Lantern and Batman what their favorite Woody Allen film is. Batman balks but later admits . . . Crimes and Misdemeanors.

  • Irrevenant

    No “The Authority”?

    A few of these (AstroCity, The Great Machine, StarMan) would make better TV series than movies, IMO.

    It’s hard to see Thunderbolts working as either a movie *or* a TV series. The characters are unfamiliar to the average viewer and introducing the audience to a sizable cast of characters who are pretending to be a different sizable cast of new characters? It’d be a really hard sell…

    • Steven Lyle Jordan

      YES! Ex-Machina TV show for the WIN.

    • Patrick Longworth

      Wasn’t that true of Watchmen though? I think most people might only be slightly aware of heroes/heroines – the movie itself might bring more people to be interested in comics.

      I’d want to see Thunderbolts with Hawkeye featured as it was he who drew me to that series.

      • Irrevenant

        Yes, it was very true of Watchmen. The movie did a decent job of conveying the story in the space available but a series would definitely have done it more justice.

        • Patrick Longworth

          Most likely a series would have done Watchmen more justice, but someone decided to make it a movie – anyway Watchmen was pretty good considering, as I recall, I hadn’t read the graphic novel prior to seeing the film.

  • james

    jaason todd was the 3rd robin timmie drake was 2nd, also todd didnt die

    • Jason Tadd Jackson

      Jason Todd was the second robin. He was originally killed off when DC gave the fans a vote to let him live or die following an explosion. He was recently revived as the red hood.

      • The Gotham Ninja

        Its true. And now the current Robin is dead as well, which freakin ticks me off. Damian was really growing on me. Batman fans, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!?

  • Nightwingisawesome

    Nightwing PLEASE!

  • smartartist

    Robert Kirkman’s Invincible.. anyone?

  • Matthew Barber

    How about “The Shadow” ? One of the oldest superheroes, and a total badass with an awesome dark past. I don’t count the movie that was made for two reasons. 1) The script was complete and utter crap and it was practically a direct-to-video release. 2) Alec Baldwin. Worst actor they could’ve gotten for the part. The man who almost guaranteed no more Tom Clancy movies after Hunt For Red October was made, unless the studios were forced to swear on a stack of bibles they would do better than Alec Baldwin for the next one (and went with Harrison Ford, an obvious improvement)

    • Jeff Rittenour

      The Shadow was awesome. Loved it. Since when does ALec Baldwin suck? That’s hilarious. Great cast too – j Winters, J Lone (that’s a nice jacket? May I ask where you acquired it?), penelope ann, tim curry… I think most people just didn’t get it’s tongue and cheek concept. And you’re a twat with that tom clancy statement. Baldwin DIDN’T return, not ‘ruined the franchise’ lmao Hunt was a great flick and a success… Don’t spew out nonsense as fact.

  • offysports

    Deus Ex Machina and Astro City should only be done as cable series. There’s no way that movies could do them justice.

  • Jason Tadd Jackson

    An Alpha Flight movie would also feature the first gay superhero to appear on the big screen.

  • matsuiny2004

    the thunderbolts should be in an avengers movie

  • AlfredHero

    Aw, no Deadpool?

  • MeanGreenMachine

    PowerPack would be an excellent comic to bring to the big screen….Get on that Fox.

  • MeanGreenMachine

    what about the micronauts?

  • GBannis

    Astro City was a stunner, and its stories would make great cinema. Its characters and plots are far deeper emotionally than any of the superhero movies made to date.

  • Mike S

    “I’m going to write an article full of obscure teams/heroes that most people never heard of, with a sprinkle of mandatory popular characters. Surely this will give me the geek-cred I crave.” The list does nothing but to serve as some geek’s stealth “I know more about comics than you” agenda. Black Panther for instance has a cool story, but as a film? It would be incredibly boring. Robin balancing his life as a student and superhero? We already have Spider-man for that. Alpha Flight? Really? They could be fun, but it would just be taken as an Avengers rip-off and likely wouldn’t receive the budget nor the gross to justify any budget proposed. Films are, whether we like it or not, a business. We need to be bringing forth characters with meaning and compelling stories coupled with edge of your seat action It may not be fair, but it’s the way of the world. If we want the comic-book genre to continue, you have to get asses in the seats and very few of these would do that.

    • The Gotham Ninja

      You do realize there are more Robins then just one, right? Richard Grayson was the first one who is now Nightwing, Jason Todd brutally murdered by the Joker and brought back by the Lazarus Pits and became Red Hood, Tim Drake who’s now Red Robin, Stephanie Brown the daughter of Cluemaster who became the third Batgirl and then Damian Wayne, son of Bruce and Talia and for now is the current Robin. There’s one more, a second girl Robin, red-headed that appears in The Dark Knight Returns though I dont know her name. Any of them, although I cant imagine Warner Bros. actually trying to try making a motion picture with The Girl Wonder in the title, would make an excellent film.

  • Markus Jonathan Savage

    i’m gonna have to cast my vote for hunter rose as grendel from matt wagner and the pander brothers i’d go see that one with the comic movies yet to be seen

  • Calum

    What about Flash, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Deadpool, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Nightwing, Batgirl, Silver Surfer

    • Eric Lucero

      If you put Luke Cage and Iron Fist together in a “Heroes for Hire” movie, I’d totally see that. On their own however? Not so much.

  • Sean Caldwell

    Robin movies idea sucks

  • Bellarius

    Definitely one of the best lists i’ve seen of late. It’s nice to see one done by someone with more than just a passing knowledge in comics and goes for the more obscure choices like Starman, even with a criminal lack of Wildstorm heroes.

  • The Gotham Ninja

    Seriously, THANK YOU! Though I must say, people need to get this clear. There have been a total of 6 Bat-family members to go by the hero name Robin, two of them being girls and only the second of them is actually remembered. What we need is for Grayson to get his own solo movie as Nightwing before we give Tim a shot, but I agree that Robin is a must.

    • dreski

      as far as Nightwing hell yes and please no stand alone robin unless they do a teen titans movie then robin and with the right director and the right crew of teen actors it might work, see the real problem to many directors never read a comic book so how would they know how to develop a character much less more than one? and they need to stop killing off all of the Villians asap then you run out of ideas if you want to take the series past the trend of 3 and wait for a reboot. and if they had done it right with batman when bane broke his back it was Azrial was took up the mantle and he was way darker and just as vicious as the Villians he was fighting.

      • The Gotham Ninja

        I must agree with you on this. These directors need to start reading the comics before making movies. And seriously, no pantsless Robins please! Azrial did that!? I thought Nightwing took over for Bats when Bane broke his back

  • The Gotham Ninja

    Robin seriously needs a movie revamp, I know Batman originally planned to take out crime on his own but you simply cant take on crime itself all alone. I mean, if that were true then why have Alfred or Commissioner Gordon? And there’s nothing wrong with getting help, and I’m positive that with the right people putting it together a Robin movie would be AWESOME! But start with Grayson and then have him become Nightwing :D If Grayson can have his own comic series, which is pretty good so far, then why shouldnt he have his own movie? HE’S FREAKIN EPIC! I mean, first of all, in the comics when Bats got his back broken by Bane, it was Grayson who came to the aid of Gotham as Batman until Bruce was healed up enough to take the mantle again. Then when Bruce went missing for a while, thought to be dead, the Battle For The Cowl arc launched and ending with Grayson ultimately taking on the role of Batman for a while, with his own Robin too, the son of Bruce and Talia, Damian, which gave us a flip flop of the characters: A “lighter” Batman and a “darker” Robin. Not to mention that during this time, Grayson, since he was Batman at the time, was part of the League. If anyone deserves their own live action blockbuster on the big screen its him.

    • Sabina De Duonni

      hey @thegothamninja:disqus. Great post! We’d love to have you contribute your thoughts on moviepilot.com. Drop me an email on sabina@moviepilot.com to find out more details.



  • poohbear1647

    How about villains fighting each other? Dr. Doom vs. Magneto or Mr. Freeze vs The Riddler, The Eliminator vs. Electrode ?

    For Superhero’s how about Prince Namor or the Original Human Torch ? I agree with the others, the flash needs his own movie. How about The Atom? While on my rant, stop making movies that face the superhero vs. the villain with the SAME superpowers. Ironman 1 (Ironman vs bigger ironman)? Green lantern 2 (green vs. yellow)? Hulk 2 (hulk vs. bigger hulk)? Spiderman 3(Spiderman vs. Venom (super Spiderman) This is the best writers can come up with? Worst article ever.

    Just bring back the 6 million dollar man (oh yea, he battled the 8 million dollar man).

  • Xander Lewis

    Robin star man and wounder women sound good thunderbolts whould be decent the rest I’m not sure about

  • Edward Blue

    i think this list is very reasonable and would love to see a movie of each one of these titles, and yes flash should be a part of the list too

  • Lazarus Darell Ethelwulf

    Black Panther would be amazing. A hero only challenged in his mettle by a comparable Batman. A hero that defeated the entire Avengers squad just to test their skill. Yeah…thats my guy.

  • Mantris100

    Deadpool needs his own movie. A few minutes in X-Men Origins doesn’t count.

  • Edison Carter

    What about Mage? Grendel (1st do Hunter Rose, then Christine Spar and finally Grendel Prime)?

    Then of course Batman/Grendel (Bruce Wayne/Hunter Rose)? Bone for the kiddies? Mr. X (by Alex Proyas and Dean Motter)? Strangers in Paradise? Shatter? Love and Rockets? Mechanics?

    Oh yeah Morpheus and the Endless, Tim Hunter, The Dead Boy Detectives, Mr. E., Death.

    For the hard R people Strips, Hardball, Omaha the Cat Dancer.

  • Brian Knockin

    Maybe a Robin movie but Bruce is in it but its a Robin movie maybe 3 or something but I always wanted Sub Mariner thats my wish

  • Christopher Torres

    I would love to see Robinson’s Starman come to theatres. Easily my favorite comic series of all time! Thanks for including it in the list.

  • SimonFraser4

    Dear universe,
    If you’re going to allow an Alpha Flight movie to happen, please stick to the canon – kill off Vindicator in the first 10 minutes, keep Northstar gay, keep Aurora schizophrenic. But please Please PLEASE no Marina. Also, cast Dinklage as Puck. And don’t put Shaman’s daughter in there.

  • dreski

    it could be worse no talent Hollywood could do a reboot of Swamp thing smh .

  • EJ

    I feel cheated out of 5 minutes of my time for this pathetic lineup

  • Drumig

    There already was a Doctor Strange movie. I watched it recently, http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0077469/

  • Laslon

    i agree with robin and black panter but the rest arent really movie worthy and doctor strange will just seem like ,a doctor who ripoff to the audiance

    i agree on flash btw i hope hes coming with the justice league movie

  • Samuez

    The Flash is already getting a movie somewhere in 2015-2016, I believe and I also think this article is so right! They are to busy making remakes of Superman, Batman, and all of those popular heroes. And Wonder Woman is also getting a movie like after the JLA Movie which is in 2017, I believe.

  • Thomas Gray

    Where is Iceman? Or Firefly?

  • Carnifex

    where is me????

  • goddessofmusic

    In the comment about Black Superheroes being rare, it’s time that a reboot was done for the DC character STEEL. A movie was made, but poorly done. Time to bring back this iconic John Henry character – maybe in a Death Of Superman?

  • quadibloc

    It’s probably still too difficult to put on film in these days of CGI, but I would like to mention my all-time favorite comic book – Magnus: Robot Fighter, 4000 A.D.

  • Sean

    NO SENTRY?!?! A schizophrenic agoraphobic drug addict accidentally ends up with superpowers and has the internal struggle of stopping himself from killing everyone on earth. The script writes itself. Sentry is better suited for a movie than he is for comics

  • Mikael

    Flash – Wally West
    Green Lantern – Alan Scott
    Captain Marvel
    Captain Atom

  • Yun

    Gambit was my first option… also why does Starman looks exactly like Bono from U2??

  • Peter__Principle

    I now refuse to read any article that doesn’t load onto one page.

  • CabezaQueso

    They need to brig Hooper X’s White Hating Coon to the big screen.

  • Melwing


  • Philip James

    Marvel missed a great opportunity, IMHO. There should’ve been 2 Captain
    America movies among those leading up to The Avengers. The first one
    could’ve had his origin, and established his presence in WWII, and even included The Invaders, although keeping the focus on Cap & Bucky throughout. Then, the 2nd Cap movie could be the one they actually made, except they’ve already established his origin, and they could’ve shown him near the end of WWII, the death of Bucky, and Cap falling into suspended animation, only to be revived in present-day.

    If you think about it, Cap, in both his own movie, as well as The
    Avengers, was portrayed as having a great deal of experience
    “superheroing”, as much as everyone else, even though they all had more
    than he did. That was one of the few problems I had with the whole
    lead-up to The Avengers.

    I realize it’s easy to play “Monday Morning Quarterback”, but this has bugged me, ever since The Avengers, and I’ve never seen anyone mention how Captain America so easily adapted to, not just jumping from WWII to 21st century, but also to gaining super-strength!

  • HPotter

    I think that they should also make a teen titans movie.

  • http://www.criticalmarshmallow.com/ lucius


  • Bob

    If Steve Trevor is a space traveler and crashes on another planet where the Amazon tribe women live and brings her back, it may work better than some island on Earth.

  • http://www.stephanyt.weebly.com/ Stephany

    Well said Adam A. Donaldson :))

  • Matt

    Miracleman? really? and no flash or deadpool…

  • KA107

    Everyone will have a favorite.
    mine is Marshal Law,
    the Pat Mills (Judge Dread, ABC Warriors) and Kevin O’Neil (league of extraordinary gentlemen) creation, Is a near future “hero hunter”. Basically he meets and kills every other superhero you can imagine – including Superman, Batman, Punisher, fantastic four, avengers, justice league and justice society, zombies, the mask, pinhead, etc.
    Sex, drugs, murder, rape, prostitution, war for profit, gang warfare, war vets with issues, psychosis, government control, loveless marriage for social gain,
    The story is like nothing out there, super controversial, and would be a super box office hit.

  • ELargo

    The list isn’t bad. The main problem with it is that nearly half the picks are teams. It’s hard to cover each character in a team within two hours and Wonder Woman would have to have spot on talent or it wouldn’t work. Here are a list of comic book heroes that I feel would do well on the big screen. 1)Silver Surfer. 2) Etrigan the Demon (non-rhyming of course), 3) Deadman, 4) Adam Warlock (bribe Jim Starlin to write the script and draft the story boards), 5)Dan Dare, 6) Doctor Fate, 7) Static Shock, 8) Vampirella, 9)Robot ARCHIE, 10)Invicible. I could do another ten easily. There is still a lot of cool comic book characters that Hollywood hasn’t begun to even look at.

  • Christi

    Where is Aquaman?

  • Michael Jeter

    Agreed with much – Dr. Strange, Black Panther, Wonder Woman. Would Add Luke Cage/Power Man, Power Man/Iron Fist, A full-fledged Defenders Movie, Black Widow/Hawkeye, and Shang Chi.

  • Air Walker

    comment of unneededness number 148, but still it’s MINE!!!!!

    Fork yeah give me a Jack Knight property, you could even do it as a network non-showing supervillian, spfx-lite SmallVille/Arrow and still do it some mighty justice, I can see it now……………………………………………..

  • Zeke

    Micheal Jai White would be an amazing Black Panther. Just saying.

  • R G

    Haven’t heard of the Thunderbolts did they arrive after 1996? Marvel is successful because of comic reader involvement (comics and animatiodn)

    • angelorabbit

      Thunderbolts were very big in the Civil War era, which was about 2004 or 2005 I believe (not checking), and I don’t think they were around THAT much earlier than that.

  • R G

    No one cares about Robin, not a big seller.

  • R G

    Dr. Strange, Silver Surfer and Wonder Woman are the only films I care about seeing. OK Warlock (with Thanos and Eternity & Watcher & Galactus done right all matter). I WANT AN INHUMAN’s FILM NOW.

  • What

    Uh, Hugh Jackman is from Australia. Not Canada.

    • nathan

      The actor that plays him may be Australian but the character Wolverine is from Canada.

  • dicinabox

    astro city would be great if done like v/h/s or abc’s of death but styleized and varying perspectives shots. cam…newscrew…stalker/fan etc . id pick this one first. great book

  • frank the tank

    They need to remake green lantern because it was shit. Also one vote for iron fist..

  • http://www.thajackal.com/ Tha JackaL

    “The Great Machine” That would be a good role for Tom Welling because damn he looks exactly like the character. I mean he’s the spitting image.

  • Krabby

    Moon Knight

  • Timmy Ghee

    Besides Wonder Woman and Black Panther, Deadpool deserves a movie of his own to undo the damage done to him in the X-Men movie. He’s the hottest comic character right now they need to cash in. I’d be willing for a Deadpool vs. Wolverine movie. #SuckItWolverine #MercWithaMouth

  • Port

    I like Alpha Flight’s inclusion. Would really love me a Batgirl or Shadowcat movie, though. Or a Black Widow and Hawkeye movie!

  • whyyman011


  • theKYrose

    We say Wonder Woman 1st, then Barry’s Flash. Yeah he’s 1 of 3, but Hal @ GL was a choice out of 4 GL’s.

  • Jeff Rittenour

    Seriously? Where’s Captain Marvel…oh wait I mean SHAZAM! (that’s s so stupid, changing his name. But I digress…) I’ve never seen something so BEGGING to be made as SHAZAM. Patrick Warburton IS Captain Marvel! Puddy’s squint – that’s cap. He was made for that role (way more so than the Tick. Which he was still good as)…soon he may be too old. THIS NEEDS TO BE MADE. For the love of good lol I thought The Rock was supposed to be black Adam (like along time ago that was rumored – but I’m not sure I even dig that TOO much)…and honestly I don’t think ANYONE will be able to be Wonder Woman. Even though we’ve had many batmen and now a new awful Supes…Linda Carter just owns that role, just like West and Reeves (although in Batman’s case Michael Keaton and Kevin Conroy actually went to toe with Adam West. One is the light batman, one is the dark batman and one is the animated batman. So they share the role equally. Eat a dick Bale, you sucked beyond belief). Same with Chris Reeves. No other Superman. Period (as evident by the 600 million take that’s still considered an disappointment cuz no one bought any toys. I’ve never in my life seen merch FLOP like Man of Steels did hahaha… Like parents were gonna by toys of an angry, violent, joyless, neck breaking-murdering Superman…Chris’ wheel are spinning in his grave over that one). Even Batman and Robin sold more toys…even if it WAS just one big toy commercial – so I guess that’s why. Anyways…SHAZAM!!!

    • Jeff Rittenour

      and just out of curiousity – does this sound too dumb? I thought that eventually orphan billy would find out he had a sister and I don’t know how but there’d be something about his blood that contains the power of Shazam. So at some point she could say the words and be turned into mary marvel and then billy (or mary’s) friend Freddie freeman would be in an accident (thus the reason he’s got his limp or lameness) and needs a blood transfusion…thus giving him the shazam powers. I’ve been trying to figure out how they could ‘logically’ (lol) have the marvel family in a movie… I would want to see the whole family, uncle dudley and the talking tiger too. I LOVED the carton show growing up. Loved it!

  • That One Dudet


  • Brad


  • Miggggggggya Balapolo

    Wonder Woman, Doctor Strange, and many others listed here already have their own film.

  • nick harshenberg

    1.Dead pool obviously

    2.The Flash
    3. Invincible
    4.Black panther
    5.wonder woman
    7.Captain Marvel
    8. Dead shot
    9.Thunder bolts vs avengers
    10.Dr. strange

  • Talon

    I want to see mostly some of the well known women heros and certain villians get their moment to shine.

    1) Ms.Marvel
    2) Wonder Woman
    3) Hawkgirl
    4) Storm
    5) Oracle
    6) Lilandra Neramani (Empress Of The Shi’ar Empire)
    7) Apacalypse
    8) Loki
    9) Phoenix
    10) Doctor Strange

  • Darwin Rivers

    Power Man & Iron Fist Damn It!
    Why can no one get this right? A super hero buddy movie starring a Harlem-born African-American, and a Caucasian Kung Fu billionaire raised in the Far East mystical city of of Kung-lun. How could that miss? Plus, the story’s premise would allow the film to explore social/racial issues rarely tackled these days. They could even delve into interracial romance as Iron Fist’ girlfriend is also African-American. And at the centre of the story, there are two guys from literally different worlds who would die for one another.
    Again, how can this miss? Hell, it evens works as a trilogy!
    I’ve wanted this movie more than Avengers, Spider-Man, or even the X-Men for pretty much my entire life. Please, someone read my comments, do this movie, and do it right!

  • Klnklove1

    They should have been working on black panther instead of another Spider-Man!

  • Rence

    Even if they don’t do a full solo movie for her right off the bat, X-23 needs an introduction in either the next Wolverine or X-men movie. Done right that could spring board her into a solo movie.

    So yeah, X-23

  • tanya

    what about Ms Marvel? the 2014 edition would be amazing!!!

  • JUStAnotherGUEST

    If there is or if they’re are going to make a “Wonder Woman movie” I want Zoe Saldana to play the amazon girl. GRRRRR!

  • Patrick Longworth

    Alpha Flight has potential although Marvel arguably screwed up the comic and the characters – I guess they don’t have Canadians working at Marvel or their writers are too “Americentric”…

  • Patrick Longworth

    It would be nice to see a Wonder Woman film but given the controversy over casting maybe filming her on Paradise Island would be the best place to start then have an unknown become Wonder Woman?

  • Patrick Longworth

    Astro City is another film that I could look forward to if done right but Black Panther doesn’t interest me as much. Maybe Panther could be introduced through Avengers or Captain America?

  • Patrick Longworth

    One DC comic that had potential was Dial H for Hero- reader influenced to an extent though the hero/villain names etc. were maybe badly handled.

  • Jennifer

    Mystic from X-men needs to have her own movie and explains all her story how she got to Professor X and how she came upon a villan and the love story and kids etc.. She is a bad ass character and villian. There should be more of her to show and more of her role to talk more then just one word in her films. I hope producers will take in mind of this. Also, have the first actor Rebecca Romijn as the main chick not Jennifer Lawrence!

  • Sadistic_Centurion

    “10 superheroes who still don’t need their own films….”

  • Eric

    A male superhero named Robin just doesn’t work. They may as well have called him Hummingbird.

  • CESRSW7991

    Not Robin, per se. Definitely Nightwing though. Will need a Batman buildup, obviously.

  • A.More

    Dr. Strange and Black Panther are getting theirs, Alpha Flight is a maybe. Robin most certainly does not need his own movie.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/pandaBear7109 pandaBear7109

    Absolutely love that Ex Machina made the list, what a great series.

  • G

    Justice Society. Hawkman. Flash. SHAZAM. Luke Cage & Iron Fist. Captain Marvel. FIrestorm. Blue Beetle. There are so many better options for this list than you suggested.

  • Ethan Campbell

    Dr.Fate, Deadpool, Hawk Girl, Black Panther, Nightwing there are tons that deserve a movie that don’t get noticed.

  • seth

    Most of these characters already have movies in production.

  • nol

    I wonder if they are going to introduce Nova from the Nova Corps!
    A long with a reboot of Galactus, not a cloud….

  • Nat James

    I vote for a Super Girl movie with Laura Vandervoort playing Kara. If made right Super Girl could be a great movie and spawn many sequels.

  • Heath

    I haven’t seen anyone post about Rom: Spaceknight.

    I buy a ticket just to see the Dire Wraiths on the big screen!

  • Barronius

    What about Marvel’s “Luke Cage – Hero for Hire”….or even Iron Fist…those would be interesting.

  • CaptSensible

    “…teenage …has to balance school, social life and keeping the city’s colourful menagerie of villains of … City occupied”

    That sounds awesome! I loved it the first five times when it was called Spider-Man.

  • jake driggers


  • alphadeus

    What about every other character in 2000ad other then judge dredd..which would be a great animated movie because the films suck big time..but the character would make his wonderful harsh and humorous self come to light in animation.