10 Superheroes Who Still Need Their Own Films


10 Superheroes Who Still Need Their Own Films

Now that Man of Steel is out in theatres (and apparently tearing it up), it seems like a fitting time to consider what other comic book superheroes are ripe for a big screen rendition of their own. Now, we call this list “10 Superheroes Who Still Need Their Own Films,” but it’s probably closer to 50 because we’ve included a number of teams in the mix.

At this point, we’ve seen a ton of films based on superheroes, and most of them have been pretty well done. You may not think we need anymore offerings from this genre but as a comic book lover and all-around superhero fan, I think that there’s still a great number of characters out there who haven’t been given their own film yet, even though they deserve it.

So, which heroes are ready for their close-up? We present the following characters for you consideration…

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