Man Of Steel To Feature Wonder Woman Cameo?

justice league Man Of Steel To Feature Wonder Woman Cameo?

Looks like things are in full swing over at Warner Brothers.

As the studio gets ready to release The Dark Knight Rises, their attention is now turning towards Man of Steel as well as their Justice League film.

Hoping to copy Marvel’s model, the studio is looking at how to establish their universe and if what we’re hearing is true, they may kick things off with a Wonder Woman cameo in Man Of Steel.

Now, before you get on your soapbox and start shouting out this ultra exciting news to anyone that will listen, read on.

This report is originating from Comic Book Movie, who claim that Warner Bros. is hoping to reveal plans for their “movie universe” later this month. The report goes on to say that the studio will use Man Of Steel to “drop hints that Superman is in a shared universe with his DC counterparts,” kind of like Marvel did.

It then goes on to mention that one hero they are intent on referencing is Wonder Woman. The studio is hoping that if Man Of Steel takes off, these references can be used as a springboard to launch either solo films for the heroes or the Justice League film.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting.

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man of steel banner Man Of Steel To Feature Wonder Woman Cameo?

CBM claims that these references won’t be that big and they tell us not to expect any character cameos. While that’s all well and good, it seems odd that Warner Bros. wouldn’t use Man of Steel as an opportunity to introduce Wonder Woman with more than just a reference.

In thinking this, I spoke to one of our sources that has close ties to the project and he confirmed to me that CBM is correct in that the studio is trying to find a way to reference Wonder Woman. But, our source also disputes CBM on the fact that there won’t be a cameo.

From what I’m hearing, the studio isn’t opposed to doing a cameo and if the timing works out (ie: if they find a Wonder Woman and announce the casting on time), then they may be able to pull it off. So don’t rule it out just yet.

Now, there’s two things to consider here. First, who will the studio choose to play Wonder Woman? Should they go for a big name, an unknown, or someone in the middle?

Personally, I’d like to see an unknown take the role. Sure, Christian Bale was already somewhat well known by the time Batman Begins came around but for Wonder Woman, I’d love to see an unknown actress take the role.  Of course, I’m sure a lot of that will depend on how audiences react to Henry Cavill as Superman, though I’m sure things will go just fine with regards to that. The studio and Zack Snyder seem pretty confident in him. Plus, he’s already had one semi-big role when he starred in last year’s Immortals.

Another thing to point out is that it’s still possible for Wonder Woman to actually appear in the film even if she hasn’t been cast. Depending on how they choose to show her (what type of shot, angle, for how long etc.), they could get away with having an extra play the part, just for the cameo.

All that being said, it’s important to remember that right now, this is all up in the air. Nothing is concrete. Sources are never 100% and for all we know Man Of Steel may land in theatres without any references at all.

When we hear anything more though we’ll keep you posted.

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  • lafanboy

    If it were up to me, I’d create this scene for Man of Steel: Have Clark Kent at the Daily Planet, with colleagues crowded around his computer watching an amateur-shot Youtube video of a beautiful Amazon princess deflecting bullets with her bracelets. No one knows who she is, including Clark. Lois Lane says something like, “This woman might give Superman a run for his money…” Then, just move back into the plot of Man of Steel. This could literally be done in 30 seconds. Quick. Kick-@ss. Something to get people talking…

    • DevjyotiGhosh

       @lafanboy and the best part is they dont even have to show wonder woman’s face it could be hazy. Thus the studio dont have to rush in to finalize the cast.

      • lafanboy

         @DevjyotiGhosh I was thinking the same thing! A person on another board suggested they have a newsreel showing Col Steve Trevor’s plane had gone missing, which would be more subtle, and more in the easter egg tradition. That would also work nicely. But I’m crossing my fingers we get to see Diana in action–even if it’s sorta blurry. :-)

  • outsource a freelancer

    I can’t wait to see this. I’ve been warmed up by things like DC Universe and Young Justice.

    • Daigoji Gai

       @outsource a freelancer New 52 has some solid runs too. Morrison’s Batman Incorporated, Batman & Robin; Animal Man has been killing it – so damn good along with a parallel story in Swamp Thing that has been solid as well. Justice League, Detective Comics (despite the Night of the Owls letdown) and Action Comics have been solid as well. IMHO, still doesn’t hold a flame to some of the storylines Marvel is running now, but DC has been gaining some momentum again.

  • Batmancanseeyou

    It would be a MAJOR fail,cluster f@#$ for WB NOT to drop some sort of easter egg,reference,etc as to the existence of an “unknown” superhero. Marvel has been cashing in like crazy. When will DC wake up? #ManOfSteel

  • RichardTheNerd is notorious for making up rumours.

  • strokeme

    At least have her as Diana Prince … I have heard officially that they have their Wonder Woman and the cameo is already shot, and just like the rest of the new and fresh project they emptied the corn out of the silly outfit and totally designed the costume in lock step with Superman’s. They chose an older woman too. They chose Valerie Harper. They have already made it quite clear that they will add the necessary height adjustment to the Amazon via CGI … sounds  AMAZING!!!

  • AuntyJenny

    wasn’t it in the pilot episode of Smallville that we saw a headline referring to the Ambassador (or was in Queen?) of Themyscira?  THat might be the lines they’re thinking along?

  • ParadiseOnmymind


  • Langeljoy

    Holy tits. I need a wonder woman movie in my life. I really hope the Justice League movie is amazing, I hate to say it, but marvel is kind of “winning” in the comic live action movie department right now. DC really only has batman saving them…I hope they can step it up for these upcoming movies and character storylines.

  • Cloud

    Still think Warner Brothers should just go with a Justice League movie instead.

    • Lord Spliffmeister

      They should start out with a World’s Finest movie 1st.Then go from there.IMO.Introduce WW & Flash somewhere down the line & finally set up JL

  • ɥɔnoɹƆ ʇʇɐW

    Yea but these characters are lame.

    • digidax

      i think MARVEL is lame…so what all of the AVENGERS are lame …..well Ironman is ok

    • simon

      FUCK you i likes supes, batman, GL and FLash alot better than any marvel team up

      • Chris Kevin

        Simon. Chad one of the commentors on Disqus was very disrespectful, and hypocritical badmouthing DC’s heroes like that. Even the great Stan Lee aka Stanley Lieber co-creator of the majority of Marvel characters respects a legend during the time he was growing up. Superman came a decade after Stan Lee was born in the 1920s If I’m not mistaken Simon. Stan Lee was born, December 28, 1922 making him in his 90s now. Superman is about 75 years old or older now being a godfather along with Batman in 1939.
        Simon I like Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Flash and all of the other iconic DC superheroes, and supervillains. Chad has no idea how the comic-book pathology began starting, with Superman.

  • Paradise on mymind

    Yeah I’m Marvel fan I grew up on DC though, Super Man was my favorite right now The Dark Knight is…. Being a Marvelite I’m still aching for this movie Wonder Woman or no!!!!!!

  • JohnCuriel

    Instead of a Wonder Woman cameo, Why not a Batman cameo? That’ll be cool, right?!

    • Chris

      Because they’ve already done a bunch of Batman movies, and never did a Wonder Woman film, it’s highly anticipated by fans and has been in the works for at least 20 years or more?

  • GXO

    I think that’s a good move. Wonder Woman is a good choice since we have all been knee deep in freakin Batman for decades, ugh!

    • Alex

      Batman is a boss, though. No one can ever get tired of Batman.

      • GXO

        I am! LOL Nothing against the character, but we’ve had soooo many movies and animated stories about Batman. I don’t even go to see the movies anymore cause I just don’t care. I wait for demand.

        • Hernam Tirado

          i am with you GXO..this is the first time that i didn’t go watch a batman film in The Dark Knight Rises and i guess that was mostly my fault because i ended up reading on everything to do with the film and ended up spoiling myself…so i decided not to go see it

  • logan3022

    If you want to go strictly for look, The Brunette Stacked chick on “Love in the Wild” Michelle Succo is her name I think, would be perfection as Wonder Woman

    • Chris

      Fake boobs and a bitchy expression do not a Wonder Woman make. Besides, DC won’t cast a porn star in the role, and she’s close enough to that point that… yeah.

  • Supy Dupy

    Batman is a wuss in Superman’s universe… just an overblown Black Widow. If they’re going to include Batman, they have to reinvent Batman because Superman doesn’t work with Nolan’s Batman. If they leave him out, they leave out their best and most bankable character. The general populace doesn’t know anything about Green Lantern (except for the horrible movie), Green Arrow, Flash, Hawkman, Aquaman (all but Flash are lame anyway) etc unless it’s based on Superfriends or the Wonder Woman tv show with Lynda Carter. Without movies to make people aware, no one but the geeks will care. Shame on DC for thinking that just because the Avengers has been successful (because of great build-up, cast, story, direction), that the JLA will be an automatic hit. Copying Marvel, as DC has done since the early 1960s, isn’t going to make a successful movie. Ultimately, no one apart from DC geeks cares about a JLA movie.

    • Christian Bale’s Batman voice

      That’s why I think in order for JL to be a success DC & Warner Bros HAVE to do individual movies to familiarize people with the other characters…other than Superman I would do Wonder Woman, Flash, a Green Lantern reboot, and MAYBE another Batman reboot but if it’s too soon then probably a World’s Finest film instead. And while I like Nolan’s Batman I would think the Tim Burton version would’ve been a better fit in a universe with characters like Superman, GL, etc. DC & WB might be anxious to strike right now but they can’t rush it & that’s probably their fault….If they had jumped on this years ago like they talked about then they would be ahead of the game by now. DC has to take their time & not rush this or else it will fail.

      • Aravind Sivasailam

        I read it in Bale’s voice..

      • Chad

        If the individual movies fail — i.e., Green Lantern — then people STILL won’t be familiar with the characters. They had a shot at Green Lantern.. another reboot so soon won’t change anything. No one cared last year, no one cares now. DC characters are far more lame and unbelievable than marvels, so they should skip the individual films, just do a team up, then based off audience reaction, decide which characters to spin off.

        • Chris Kevin

          Chad. you must be out of your mind or something. The majority of Marvel’s characters and villains are more imaginary than DC’s superheroes and villains. Most of of DC’s characters are more realistic, and don’t come from mythological places like, Aarsgard where the mighty “Thor Odinson” comes from. Aquaman, Hawkman, and Hawkgirl are all mythological but they are all more realistic characters than “Thor”, “Odin”, and “Loki” the enemy of Odin and his family. Someone had to have lied to you because Marvel’s characters are not more unbelievable and certainly, not more interesting than DC’s characters. DC was the first comic-book company franchise in business and “Marvel” formerly, named “Timely Comics” didn’t come around until the 1940s or 1950s I believe. Captain America was Marvel’s first comic-book hero, then came “The Fantastic Four”, then “The Amazing Spiderman in 1962, then “The Incredible Hulk” that same year of 1962 then “The Uncanny XMEN in 1963 the following year. DC signed Superman up from his old comics and Superman’s origin stories began in “Action Comics” in 1938, then Batman showed up in 1939 a year later. These two heroes were the godfathers of all superheroes. Superman is the reason Why you are such, a major fan of Marvel. If not for Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Supergirl and so on you would not have the Marvel characters in front of you reading about them, and buying there toy merchandise. Thank Jerry Siegal and Joe Shuster from giving us” Superman:The Man Of Steel”.

          • Robert Jensen

            I’d really love to see a Hawkman (and especially Hawkgirl) movie or animated series. The Hawkgirl from the animated ‘Justice League’ series and movies was really kick-ass.

        • Richard

          I disagree that DC characters are far more lame and unbelievable than marvels. Try to review the heroes on marvel, they are more unbelievable and somewhat intended for little kids while DC has this sense of maturity in their characters. I know Green Lantern was not that successful but still that does not imply that all the other DC individual hero movies will be like that…just look at batman.

    • Digidax

      Marvel is on a hot streak….I remember when all of the movies were garbage most still are….campy and for kids…noone cares about Marvel really except MARVEL fatty fanboys liks yourself.. …

    • BartNJ

      There’s a reason ”
      The general populace doesn’t know anything about Green Lantern (except for the horrible movie), Green Arrow, Flash, Hawkman, Aquaman”.

      It’s because the DC universe is clearly inferior, more campy, less thought out and inter-connected than the Marvel Universe. By far. And I’m not some 15 year old fan boy just getting my kicks by saying “DC sucks” but it has always been my opinion for 40 years. Marvel Comics have always been more “believeable” in the sense that their characters are real, fleshed out. DC only started copying this trend in the 80s after guest authors like Frank Miller redefined what Batman could be. Marvel has been doing this since the begining.
      DC started out with Superman (don’t bet me started on the uniforms – and that goes for both companies) , then Batman was cool. The rest of their universe was added on from holdovers and forced fillers after Marvels success during the 60s and 70s

      Ironically, it is with great pleasure that I admit Nolan’s three Dark Knight films are among my top ten “comic” movies. Actually, 3 of the top five. The scripts alone have them at the top. But I digress.

      • 2MorrowNOT2Nite

        DC has almost always done universe wide stories way better than Marvel. Civil War was a massive let down, while Infinite Crisis was an amazing 3+ year story cover essentially all of DC.

  • Kris

    They should start of with a batman/superman team instead.. Whatever happened to the movie poster of batman n superman in the movie I am legend? When I saw that I was ecstatic!

  • Josiah Silas Michael

    I’m not sure how much I trust this.
    Wonder Woman doesn’t have a director yet but somehow they have the actress already picked to play her? I guess crazier things have happened, but it sounds like some bullsh*t “a friend of a friend told me…” article just to get nerds all worked up over nothing.

    • moses johnson

      no that means they wont show her face

      • Josiah Silas Michael

        I don’t know, that makes it sound even lamer.

        • Campbell_Glass

          Have you seen Wonder Woman’s ass? Don’t be so quick to judge.

          • Josiah Silas Michael

            Funny. But I’m hoping WB is planning on marketing the movie with more than just her T&A. That’s not the Wonder Woman movie I’ve been waiting for.

  • cdspower

    I love it when people refer to Cavill as an unknown. They are banking on his popularity in the Tudors to boost the numbers of boomers in the early in the day showings.

  • Kris Johnson
    • Kollin Spenrath

      Eh looks too young and skinny. Its Wonder Woman not Wonder Girl.

      • Sentinel Kwan

        Someone with breasts that big, I wouldn’t call “girl” so easily. And Henry didn’t look like Superman until the studio casted him and beefed him up. I’m confident that they can do the same with a woman. Regardless, a live-action Wonder Woman still doesn’t seem like a possibility with the current generation of fans, too much debate over her looks rather than her character. I hope for the best and seeing this happen, but I believe the worst will happen and we won’t see her for another lot of years….

    • Campbell_Glass

      This is clearly better than the Gina Carano casting.

    • James Podesta

      megan gale had the role secured for the ill-fated justice league film. I still think she is a good choice and unknown in the US.

    • Craig Barner

      Funny thing about you using that picture. He actually tried out for the role of Superman. But it’s been said already Gina Carano is the only one I can see in the role.

  • bbk8970

    If they do it, a simple shot of the Amazons watching Superman flying past Paradise Island, with a back shot of Diana is all that you would need.

    • GES


    • Joe Fornabaio

      exactly perfect set up less is more just an image would be cool.

    • Lyndon

      OMG that is so perfect! I sometimes think they should let the audience have some say in what should go into a movie and build it from there. Alot of times people are disappointed by what they feel movie makers did wrong.

      • Arthür Täylør

        Snakes on a Plane.

        Nerds and fans are generally idiots and the audience being given what they think they want never fails to suck. What you’re suggesting is a movie version of American Idol. Remember all of those classic songs the winners have had hits with?

        • obloodyhell

          How dare you impugn the talents of American Idol Contestants!!

          They are Gods walking amongst us!!


    • Aditya Iyer

      yeah very good idea!
      wait its perfect!

    • InvisibleZombie

      Exactly what I was thinking too! Also that way if they didn’t follow up on it, it wouldn’t look so ridiculous later. Good grief why can’t these people just write scripts and film them?!

    • JusticeDCDS

      That would be perfect. Superman flying past the ocean, breaking the sound barrier, the Amazons watching in amazement and it pans to Diana with her back turned, looking up.

    • Robert Jensen

      Perfect! Maybe have the Amazons stop during battle practice to get the idea across that the WW is a serious bad-ass warrior. Just make sure its short, no more than a 5 seconds or so, and that the Amazons speak to each other in Greek.

      I also think the idea of mentioning Steve Trevor in a Daily Planet piece a good idea, just keep subtle.

      • Tony Malone

        Perfect idea, one step further…Amazons battling, Superman flying over, Queen Hippolyta says in greek, “What was that?” and half turns to the camera and it Lynda Carter!!

        • Naomi

          Lynda Carter should play Queen Hippolyta, she was amazing as WW and should continue being part of that role :D But i wonder who would play WW, I mean the actress needs to be serious, cunning, and well visually good for the role. Megan Fox, horrible person to play WW she doesnt even have the body to play her, and her acting skills.. We need a female counterpart of Christian Bale xD

          • Nick Knight

            Milla Jovovich!

          • Gabriel Popoca

            hell no thats the worst choice ever.. have you seen the garbage that is the resident evil films? she has no butt, no boods and is not even attractive enough to play Wonder Woman

          • Gabriel Popoca


          • Arrby

            She has an awesome body. Globs of fat do nothing for me. Sorry fat ladies. We are terrible. We all love to coldly assess others’ beauty or lack of it, which I guess isn’t so bad when it’s at a distance and when we remember that the people whose beauty we assess are more than how they appear to our eyes.

            So, here I’m only talking about Milla as a sex object. I know that people are more than that.

          • Craig

            There is is something between mill a lexxxi luxe. Wonder woman needs to have so.e body.

          • bfg666

            Nah, just… nah!

          • Pani B

            Too skinny and flat chested

          • Ian

            I have thought that so often. That would be so cool.

        • Pablo

          Is it a plane?
          Is it a bird?

          • K1CK455

            no, it’s WW.

    • Lynn Singleton Headley


    • Matheos

      that’s an interesting idea…it would def work. very cool. I am beyond psyched that Zack Snyder is directing this…although i REALLY wish he was directing the Wonder Woman movie!! that’s really the best director for her story and image. The article idea w/ Steve Trevor is good too, since Clark Kent works at a newspaper, makes sense, but an actual image of WW is better (either back view, or if casted by then, actual actress)…the shot should definitely on Paradise Island, w/ the Amazonians in their classic Greek clothing doing warrior practice…Zack would pull that image off VERY well!!

    • jwsgt

      That is an excellent idea.

  • schuster2000

    You know, the fishing boat bit in the recently released trailer may hint to Aquaman.

    • Joe Fornabaio

      good point but i think wonder woman might be better jumping off point.

      • obloodyhell

        LOL, Aquaman is an interesting character for a comic book, an occasional cameo in “Smallville”, but he’s not conceptually interesting enough to pull off the lead role in a movie. That was one of the jokes of HBO’s “Entourage”, as they have Vincent become a major star based on a James Cameron movie about the character.

  • renee

    if they do something along the lines of marvel, they could do something with like, since superman(well clark kent) writing a headline for steve trevors missing in action, that way they don’t have to directly cameo wonder woman, and only fans would know who steve trevors is. because he is the reason wonder woman even comes to ‘the world of man’
    that way, or something to the fact that superman is talking to steve trevors near the end of the movie(if the military is involved in the story plot of superman) and superman wishes him luck, in reply steve says, ‘well, if i do crash, maybe it will be on an island full of hot women’

  • Emil B Garuba

    Two choices for WW… First one, Bridget Regan from the Legend of the Seeker tv series. I think she fits the image of a Wonder Woman perfectly (emphasis on the Woman part). But my personal favorite would be Paula Patton. She showed some balls in M:I Ghost Protocol. I’m up for some color-blind casting here, just like Larry Fishburne is Parry White in Man of Steel.

    • DeistBrawler

      I’d be down with Bridget Reagan.

    • Dean Kish

      Bridget Regan would be perfect!

    • Robert Jensen

      Almost every woman I know has two notables they look up to, Wonder Woman and Angelina Jolie. No brainer, Angelina has proved herself as an action hero as well as intelligent and a humanitarian.

      For decades I thought Clint Eastwood would have made the perfect Batman. (Still could in if they used one of the Miller storylines)

      • saavik001

        Keaton is just about old enough to do a Dark Knight Returns or Batman Beyond movie if the JL movie doesn’t pan out…

    • The Troll Hunter

      Bullshit, I’ll be damned if some scrawny flatsy that I’m supposed to believe is capable of beating up men is to be cast as WW. If it isn’t Gina Carano, I don’t see it. I guess a lot of people assume that since she was a mma fighter that she can’t act, she proved to me otherwise in Haywire towards the end when she broke down in her father’s arms & conveyed everything she was going through with her eyes alone. It has to be her or nothing; especially since the fight sequences also in haywire further cements her casting in the role!

  • Shannon Campbell

    A flash movie is needed before wonder woman, I believe a wonder woman movie will not make that much money until you get the audience excited about the JlA. DC did alright with batman and the only good superman movie was in 1978. LOL I am a superman fan, yet I am not a total DC fan. I like Marvel more than DC the story lines are better.

    • Chris

      The Wonder Woman DC Animated Movie was the highest grossing film out of that studio, beating out every other film they’d produced at that time. It was also an amazing movie.

    • bfg666

      Not to mention the heroes are usually slightly less ridiculous. I mean, Green Arrow?! Or that guy who recharges his powers with a lantern? I’ll pick Hawkeye and Captain Marvel over these two any day.

  • unknowncast

    I believe Supes was cemoed (news paper header) in TDKR so I’m not suprised.

  • Feedback

    I want a post-credits sequence that shows Superman flying about. It slowly zooms out and it’s shown he is being watched on a screen. It zooms out even more and we see the silhouette of the Bat-suit watching Superman’s every move. Then we hear from a distance “Is that him, Master Wayne? Are you sure you can trust him?”. And then “For the world’s sake, I hope so.”

    • Mechnohan

      Sure, except that sounds totally gay. Not to mention, they’ll need to cast a new batman. Nolan’s batman is done. Time to restart him.

      • Lee Keels

        Ah, still using “gay” to make something sound negative…that’s so Mechnohan.

    • Dom

      Unfortunately Batman has made it apparent in the comics and cartoons that he trusts no one. While the idea of a Batman reference/cameo would be pretty sweet. It just isn’t right for this movie. Batman would have to be introduced in another film that precedes the Justice League film. Maybe a re-boot for Batman then the Justice League film. As far as Diana being in this film, I say go for it. Whether it be a fight near the island or her watching Sups fly by during battle practice. I am excited to see what they have for this film.

  • troy bailey

    megan fox man, its easy, megan fox as wonder woman.

    • CommanderJustice

      Gina Carano = Wonder Woman!

      • notanerd12

        YES!! shes the lady from haywire aint she? she would be perfect!

        • Wesley Gibson

          perfect physical choice but she’s too butch comin out of training &her acting needs a few more roles to give her some character first

    • Chris

      Ew, god no.

  • notanerd12

    what i think would be perfect is clark kent (superman) bumps into a black haired girl says “oh sorry”, she says “no thats fine”, he says “my name is clark” and she says “im diana”. and boom there you go!

  • Aditya Iyer

    its not necessary to even cast someone, even mentioning in some clever way would do the trick

  • 1hotspot

    The source is CBM. Which is filled with fanboys who spread fake rumors all the time as fact…. which is quite manipulative!

  • Al

    We’ve been promised cameos from other heroes in DC movies before. I call bull.

  • Charlie

    Lol this is a joke. CBM is a joke of a website who put out stupid, made up crap like this all the time.

  • Richard

    The Dark Knight Rises was directed by Nolan…Man of Steel is produced by Nolan….Justice league is possible and i hope Nolan will be behind it…

    • Wesley Gibson

      Nolan doesnt LIKE Justice eLeague or even the IDEA of it.. whys everyone forgettin before this hullabaoloo started he said THIS superman is in his OWN world

      asmuch as i forever thank him for BB &TDK ill NEVER forgive him for RUINING Rises because of his ego issues.. we need someone with his grounding artistic approach &cinematographic qualities in ALL future DC projects.. but he’s not good for a JL project &certainly no good for future DC CBM’s in general

  • Robert Jensen

    Where the unsuccessful superhero movies go wrong (ie Green Lantern) is forgetting to cast a believable actor to play the hero in the story.

    GL started out as a hero, a Top Gun jet pilot back from the Korean War who now is working the bugs out of cutting edge jets. This is back in the days of the start of the space program where we had real life heroes on our TVs, the original Mercury astronauts and the GL comics from back then had to come up with their own believable hero, and they did a fantastic job. (Also kudos to the Flash team)

    First off they needed an actor who could play a believable Top Gun jet pilot, like Robert Duvall played in ‘The Great Santini’, ‘Countdown’ and many other films. Also, Sam Shephard and Scott Glen in ‘The Right Stuff’.

    Mark Strong would have made a better cosmic Green Lantern than comic Ryan Reynolds did in the part. (and IMHO Strong would have made an even better Sherlock Holmes than Downey’s comic, but excellent, version)

    Its also got to have cool CGI effects and characters. Sorry but the team who worked on the Hector Hammond character did a comically bad job of character design/makeup. If you want to see a better representation of GL that’s a hero (still not up to the comic books, but getting there) its ‘Green Lantern: The Animated Series’. (Young Justice if full of well written heroes too)

    Whatever superhero you want to put in a movie you’ve GOT to cast the right actor or actress for the part, like Robert Downey, Jr. in Iron Man/Avengers, or Angelina Jolie in the ‘Tomb Raider’ films. (or Tom Baker as Doctor Who, IMHO the first Doctor that played him as a hero.)

    You’ve got to have the right script, pretty hard to screw up since you’re going off a classic story already written in the comic books. And, you’ve got to have the right people direct, shoot and edit the film. The director should love comics and know how to create tension and resolution, how to make the 2D comic book characters into real, believable, people who raise to the occasion when they are needed.

    • Grendel007

      Well said. Just hope it doesn’t all come down to money and draw. Too often they do stupid things to try to appeal to non-comic fans and stoop up the character to the point that they lose everyone

    • obloodyhell

      LOL, not that I completely disagree with your thesis, but “Mark Strong”? This is a terrible idea for the simple fact that he’s got Sinestro’s FACE. That’s why he was cast to play him. That’s not based on the FACT that he was cast to play him, that’s putting the cart before the horse. Look at EVERY freaking picture here
      It’s Strong’s face. It’s Stanley Tucci’s face. It’s several other guys’ faces.

      Strong’s face is a villainous one. He might get the lead as J.R. Ewing on a “Dallas” reboot, but he’s simply not got the looks to be the “good guy” for the most part.

      Reynolds might easily have been the wrong choice, but as far as his looks, he was much closer to Hal Jordan than Strong could ever have been…

      • pipes_46

        Agreed. Casting was one of the only good things about GL. I still want to see them follow up on a sequel about Sinestro but with new writers.

        • 2MorrowNOT2Nite

          Ryan Reynolds should have played Wally West.

  • jkuss

    Gina Carano. Google her.

    • Campbell_Glass

      Uh. No. Pretty? Yes. Wonder Woman? No.

      • Eingoluq

        I disagree. She has the height, shape, bust and cheekbones that Wonder Woman is known for. Plus she is a martial artist. and not too old. So much win here!

  • fuck you

    It’s a shame there are so many people out there who are so lazy and weak that they get into superheroes. As a result the rest of us have to endure endless re-boots of lame movies. Superhero movies are bad enough, but the endless remakes, reboots, prequels and sequels suck even harder. Notable exceptions like Kickass, Hancock and a few others all succeed by taking the piss out a genre the writers know is shit.

    • Daniel M. Clark

      Obvious troll is obvious.

  • JetpackJesus

    Gina Carano. Problem solved.

  • Leprechaun

    I would love to see a Justice League movie, own the animated series and loves it. Hawkgirl was my favourite Justice League member. A Hawkgirl movie would be awesome!

  • lono321

    Ashley Greene + Wonder Woman = A hot Wonder Woman!

  • Mantronix

    BB8970 Really good idea however consider this, Diana with a full body shot watching Kal-El flying by with a couple amazonians watching.

  • Leslie

    I don’t want to see Megan Fox in a WW costume. Not after she trashed the character to the extent that Lynda Carter felt compelled to speak up. I want a realistic, believable actress to play WW not someone the fan boys pick out just based on the size of her breasts (ie; Christina Hendricks). Why not someone like Julia Voth, Lynn Collins, Odette Yustman, or Daniela Ruah? Maybe Olivia Munn. No to Ashley Greene/ Katie Holmes/ Rose McGowan/Jennifer Love Hewitt.

    • obloodyhell

      She doesn’t have to match Lynda’s DD chest, but she does need a respectable pair, sorry. She also needs to be strikingly attractive, that’s just a heroic quality on most levels. I mean, talented actor though he is, if you chose Peter Dinklage to play Zeus in a movie about the Greek Gods, people would laugh, and never take anything you did, ever again, seriously… And rightfully so, because you’d be a freaking idiot. Unless a role calls for a deformity or physical weakness, Super Heroes, like Gods, need to be MORE than human… It’s in their job description.

      • pipes_46

        haha, you should have picked a better example than Peter Dinklage because he’s so bad ass that I would actually believe him as Zeus. A better Hades perhaps. lol

    • Lance

      Christina Hendricks’ boobs are also attached to an extremely talented actress, I would say much more talented than most of the ladies on your list. Let’s see she was good enough for Joss Whedon, Matthew Weiner and Nicholas Winding Refn, but not good enough for you? My personal choice would be another Whedonite namely Morena Bacarrin, watch the end sequence in Serenity and tell me she couldn’t pull off WW.

  • Aron

    To be honest with this.. I love WW alot and to see someone else besides Lynda Carter not doing it is upsetting. Why not have Her play it one last time.. I would love that :) Plus all the other Actress can’t compare to Lynda Carter by far..

    • bfg666

      Is this a joke? Dude, she’s 61…

  • Del Mar Dentist

    I’ve been always a fun of superman and the idea of getting all of these heroes in the same movie are great. Who’s gonna play the role of superman this time?

  • Palson

    Gina Carano would be an excellent choice, i think. She managed in haywire was what i haven’t seen in years. She was really intimidating character in a physical way. It was absolutely believable that she was a serious oponent to the male characters. She could kick some ass. That’s something you can’t train or act. And i think that’s one of the main reasons why the female superhero movies (Electra etc.) are having such a hard time at the “box office”.

    • 2MorrowNOT2Nite

      completely agree she is the obvious choice to play WW.

    • The Troll Hunter

      She’s always been my choice & I loved that they even made the wonder woman reference in her movie, Haywire. She’ the only logical choice!

    • bfg666

      Elektra was a failure because it sucked, not because of the lead actress! Jennifer Garner had been training for years for the Alias series when she landed the role, so she was physically at her best. Catwoman was such an awful movie on all levels that a tougher-looking actress wouldn’t have made the slightest difference (strength isn’t one of her main features anyway). And Supergirl is a whole different thing: the movie was bad beyond redemption but the heroine, as a Kryptonian, doesn’t have to look tough. On Earth, the puniest Kryptonian would be able to throw buses. I can’t think of another female superhero movie.

  • nick

    whatever Warner Bros plan is, it will surely be amazing fim to watch. I can’t wait to see my number 1 superhero… superman

  • Michael Nestor

    All i can say is it better be better than the last Superman film. As Bart Simpson said “it sucks and blows at the same time”

  • Hulon Pate

    I think the Wonder Woman cameo is a good idea.

    However I do feel that the ‘Man Of Steel’ trailer opens with a scene of the ocean. So, perhaps Superman saving Batman (TDKR) is already planned. Note that Man of Steel is produced by Nolan. It would be the Ultimate tie in to set the tone for the shared Universe. It would also show the contrast between the different kind of Super Hero powers abilities. It would not so much undo Nolan’s “Thinking Ending” but would establish the bond and friendship which leads to the founding of the Justice League.

  • shopgirl

    what about wonder woman swapping slobber with the invisible man…now thats great tv….

  • Just ™

    what about kate beckinsale as WW

  • Taylor Smith

    Forget it…Henry Cavill just blows. The previous Superman, Brandon Routh should’ve been recast and he wanted to be as well. Hollywood has to stop casting non Americans to play America’s superheroes.

    • bfg666

      What Hollywood should mostly do is to stop speaking american when a movie is set in another country. Les Misérables talking anything else than french is downright ridiculous!

  • Robert Julio

    I will love to see Diana in MOS to begin the journey of the legendary group known as Justice League which deserves a film. Been waiting all my life for JL theatrical film, its time

  • abw2

    Okay, I know I’m going to, probably, get bapped in the mouth for saying this, but I do hope that Snyder/Nolan sneak Lex Luthor, or at the very least something Luthor related into this film, especially since, there is an ongoing legal ownership battle going on right now…, unless that’s been settled, finally. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still see and undoubtedly enjoy Man Of Steel without Luthor…, but (…feel to call Luthor crazy/obsessive…, if you want to) I may enjoy it, only, slightly less without Superman’s archenemy, at the very least lurking in the shadows somewhere.

    One thing however that I am sure, at least, one or two other people might, very well, agree with me on, is the fact that I still don’t see a Lana Lang or a Jimmy Olsen anywhere in the cast…, what’s up with that… I mean, granted, I do, still, trust Snyder/Nolan’s judgment here, but, regardless, I, genuinely, think that Lang and Olsen are two very important characters to Superman’s story (…origin and/or otherwise…). Agree or disagree with me on this, but, personally, I think that not having a Lana Lang and/or a Jimmy Olsen in the story is kind of a, “Well what’s the point of including Perry White or, even, Lois Lane, for that matter…” kind of a situation that we have here, ya know? Anyway, I’ll just, wait, hold my breath I guess, until we get closer to 2013 – and we start seeing some more detailed trailers, before I, quite possibly, jump-the-gun, a little too much, here, ya know?…. *a bit worried*; *hopeful*; *cool*/P :)

    • bfg666

      You, seem, to, enjoy, commas, a, little, too, much. ,,,,,,,,

      • abw2

        I’ve been cutting-down on them lately… *cool*/P :)

    • moses johnson

      please no more lex

      • Craig

        Good luck with that. They might be able togo the whole movie without sshowing him, but I can promise you he’ll be mentioned. And probably be on the next movie even if not the main enemy. And its kinda silly to expect otherwise. He’s a major driving force in the universe.

      • abw2

        They’ll have to include him eventually – Unless they plan on making someone else Superman’s archenemy not including Lex Luthor, at some point or another, would be like Christopher Nolan not including The Joker or Shane Black not including The Mandarin – It just has to happen at some point, somewhere down the line, here, ya know? *cool*/P :)

  • Abhishek Kathe

    Can’t wait to see a Flash film!

  • Aniel Lynne Storm

    Why cast at all? Hasn’t even ONE of you thought about The Hulk!!?? They could just as easily CGI a WW for such a limited scene. Sheesh…. End of story. Btw, my top three were 3,Yasmin Bleeth (looks just close enuff) 2.Nadia Bjorlin (Looks like Thiesen/ Carter) 1. Tiffany Thiesen (ever since SBTB always knew she’d play her one day & looks like Carter alot). lol I’m just sayin.

    • moses johnson

      or just show her from the back. the can look for the best person later

  • Ickmark_Ackbay

    Michelle Ryan would make a perfect WW. She has the look, the size, and the chops to pull off action.

  • Supes#1Fan

    Ryan Reynolds was not a good GL but he would have been a great Flash. I would like to see Flash in a real movie. I would like to see action like in the opening credits of DCUniverse,now that was cool,but i tell ya what..They better not mess up my Main Man Supes.

  • Shane S

    If Linda Carter Was Queen H even as a 5 sec cameo that would be simply amazing.

  • Jose Alejandro Agalabia

    Wasnt Australian Supermodel Maegan Gale cast for the role of WonderWoman? It was on the news…

  • Outbackjim

    Simply in an after credit scene, just show show superman flying and all of a sudden have something “whoosh” past him, but you can’t see it, implying Wonder Woman using her invisible jet.

  • Sam

    I think they should do a Batman cameo in Man Of Steel. Something like when Kal is with his parents at the farm he could be driving a tractor with the radio on then the radio says something like “there has been a report of a vigilante in Gotham city who looks like a Bat”.

  • Nick Knight

    I will say again, as I have been saying for years, there is NO one better, in Hollywood right now, who can do the role of Wonder Woman more justice, than Milla Jovovich. She has the look, the build, and the talent to do an exceptional job as this character.

    • moses johnson

      too old

    • Craig

      I like her but she doesnt even kinda have the build.

  • Ray W.

    Why cant Beyonce Knowles play WW? She would be PERFECT. She has the perfect body, she can act her ass off. She may cost a pretty penny but it would be worth it. She has a serious body and she has a lot of sex-a-peal. Your thoughts?

  • Bradley Paul Valentine

    Wonder Woman NEEDS to be played by Carla…er, what’s her name? From Soderbergh’s HAYWIRE. The lead actress from that movie. She’s PERFECT for Princess Diana. Get her NOW before she signs on to a string of embarrassingly terrible C-list action films.

  • Luis Guzman

    Jeniffer Lawrence! Jennifer Lawrence for W.W!

  • Shangho

    Catherine Zeta Jones as Wonder Woman!!!!!!Been hoping for that for a long time

  • Lucrecia

    well, I don’t like Gina Carano for Wonder Woman role! what I remember about W.Woman is that she’s GIRLY and strong enough, she wasn’t an strong woman from the first instant; that’s why I don’t like Carano, she’s cute but look strong as a man can be. For example Angelina Jolie could be WWoman because she’s strong but don’t look at the first sign. Well, I hope Gina will continue having sucess but I hope she won’t be at that movie…


    I think she could just appear in a TV news in the background, beating the shite out of somebody

  • Emily Kordovich

    Emily Blunt should play Wonder Woman. I believe.

  • James O’Brien

    Olivia Wilde is currently beating out Gina Carano to play Wonder Woman on the big screen. What do you think?

  • Lewis

    I don’t know why they keep referring to DC copying Marvel because DC was before Marvel and also the Jusice League came out before the Avengers.

  • AJ Steele

    I just have this image of Wonder Woman standing in the shadows at the end of the film as Lois and Clark stroll down the streets of Metropolis discussing other alien beings (since the film will have an alien attack and that will have already occurred). WE of course know she is not a space alien alien but a powerful ‘alien in a sense’ that will soon enter the scene.

  • Sinjun

    if so they should lead it into a movie version of “Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman: Trinity”

  • Guest

    why do you idiots make these retarded comments


    “i think MARVEL is lame…so what all of the AVENGERS are lame …..well Ironman is ok”

    who cares about your opinion

  • Guest

    why do you idiots make these retarded comments


    “i think MARVEL is lame…so what all of the AVENGERS are lame …..well Ironman is ok”

    who cares about your opinion

  • raquetmaster15

    I’m surprised no one is talking about The Flash. He’d be perfect for the cameo at the end of Superman because he’s the only one of the Justice League who is outright better than Superman at a particular physical attribute. They should show Supes flying Mach V somewhere then a red and yellow blur zooms by him, camera pans back to Supes face and he says “it’s time to recruit”

  • aann80

    if they do that wil be great.. but better be a very good actress or someone who will look great like Lynda Carter…loved the show ! I hear Gina Carano?>> hope not.

  • ervin

    i just hope the rock doesn’t play her

  • jay

    Yes! Wonderwoman has a cameo in Man of Steel! Superman crashlands on themyscira and before losing consciousness sees the silhouette of a woman on a horse. Perfect premise for the amazons to send an emissary to Man’s World!

  • Pani B

    Nope it doesnt

  • Arrby

    Great. Take a dorky Superman and pair him with the least interesting superhero there is. Just great. I can see it now. They won’t (not can’t) do Hulk right. How many reboots are we into there? Superman is now ramping up to be re-done again and again. Cearly, Tweaks in the original story line are not taboo. So why can’t we have tweaks that we really, really need? Nach to the dorky, Christopher Reeves Superman. (Chris Reeves was a great dude. Not the point.)

    • Craig

      Hulk rebooted once.
      Superman redone once. Superman returns was a sequel that ignored two of the movies. I suppose you can call it a reboot if you want to stretch. And since this one did quite well I done’t see this ramping up thing you’re talking about.

      • Arrby

        Hulk rebooted twice now. Not counting the tv version, using Lou Ferrigno, Eric Bana’s Hulk (which was perfect, while the movie was an over the top mess) is the original big screen Hulk. Then we had Edward Norton’s Hulk (which was crap as was that kiddy-level movie) and the most recent version with Mark Ruffalo. Mark’s Hulk character was fine in form, but what was done with him was a travesty. He didn’t act like the Hulk. Worse, The idiots telling that story had him fleshed out properly for the first half of his appearance and then in the second half it was like he was a different Hulk altogether. So that’s three Hulks.

        Not counting the older but buff Superman of the 50s (George Reeves), and (big screen) versions that Wikipedia refers to that I’m not familiar with, Superman has been rebooted in recent times by Brandon Routh and now by Henry Cavil, which, with Reeves, gives us three versions, all dorky.

        • Craig

          Fair enough. I guess I don’t really count TV hulk or ruffalo since it wasn’t a hulk movie. I also tend to forget there was a superman before Chris. Iddon’t understand the dorky comment. Clark Kent is supposed to be dorky. And this cavil qaa anything but until the last two minutes.