The Top 10 Movie Moments Of 2012 So Far

%name The Top 10 Movie Moments Of 2012 So Far

Here we are, at the halfway mark of 2012. Six months have gone and we still have six months ahead of us. So, where does that leave us in terms of movies? Well, admittedly, the first half of the year is always pretty slow. We’ve seen quite a variety of films over the past six months and while not all of them brought something exciting and unique to the table, a fair amount of them definitely had their moments, moments that made the price of admission worth it and moments that make you happy to be a moviegoer.

On that note, I present to you our Top Ten Movie Moments of 2012 So Far! They are arranged in no particular order, but before we begin, remember that these are the top movie moments, not movies. We are judging these choices on the scenes described, not on the whole film.

Please note that there are spoilers for each particular film in this article.

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The Monster Extravaganza In The Cabin In The Woods

%name The Top 10 Movie Moments Of 2012 So Far

There’s a lot to like and appreciate about Drew Goddard‘s new horror film The Cabin In The Woods. From its tongue in cheek humor to its over the top madness, the film is entertaining on many counts. Hands down though, the best scene in the film, and one of the best movie scenes of 2012, has to be what I call the “monster extravanganza.”

There’s a point in the film where Marty and Dana are riding down an elevator into an underground facility. On the way down, they pass by hundreds of glass cases all housing different types of monsters. In fact, they pass by just about every type of horror icon/monster imaginable. Once they exit the elevator, they are cornered by a security team and to escape, they decide to release all of the creatures from their glass cases.

What ensues is absolute mayhem, as vampires, witches, demons, mutants, werewolves, unicorns, mermen, goblins, giant snakes, mummies and more descend upon the facility, decimating anything in sight. It’s as hilarious as it is horrific and it is simply a blast to watch. The scene is so wildly imaginative, audacious and over the top fun that, in my theatre at least, it had audience members howling with laughter and standing in their seats cheering.

There’s no doubt that Goddard and writer Joss Whedon went boldly where no filmmaker has gone before with their insane third act, but it paid off in spades and proved to be one of the best scenes committed to celluloid this year.

The Engineer Awakens In Prometheus

prometheus david engineer  span The Top 10 Movie Moments Of 2012 So Far

Prometheus had a number of awe-inspiring moments. Visually, it was magnificent and on a storytelling level, it completely captivated me. Though there were many contenders for best moment of the film, the one I settled on was when the Engineer awakens near the end.

For one, the amount of build up and anticipation to this moment is almost unbearable, so when the towering behemoth finally stands up and comes to life, we’re pinned to our seats. The fact that he proceeds to absolutely shred David and the rest of the crew to pieces only makes this moment that much more electrifying, shocking and terrifying.

We truly feel the Engineer’s fury and anger as he decapitates David and goes on to take care of the rest of Weyland’s gang. To see this creature in action, ripping through Weyland’s crew with ease, is truly a sight to behold.

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Assemble In The Avengers

%name The Top 10 Movie Moments Of 2012 So Far

Admittedly, most of Joss Whedon‘s The Avengers can be classified as spectacle. The film had a ton of “wow” moments and there was a lot to marvel at (sorry, I had to). That being said, one of the standouts, for me at least, was at the very end, when our mightiest heroes come together, or assemble, if you will, to make one last stand in hopes of saving New York.

The final assault, when played out in 3D on an IMAX screen, is nothing shot of awe inspiring. Though it could have used a couple more edits as it does run a bit long, from beginning to end it’s a non stop rollercoaster ride that shoves us right into the middle of the mayhem. Featuring some of the best effects and destruction…well, ever, the battle for New York City is truly a triumphant sequence and one that really defines the term “Hollywood blockbuster.”

When you couple all that with the fact that we get to see our favorite heroes all assembled in unity fighting a common enemy, you get a truly “great” movie moment. One that makes you want to stand up and cheer.

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The Ship Splits In Half In Titanic 3D

%name The Top 10 Movie Moments Of 2012 So Far

Watching that ship split in half was breathtaking the first time around, but in 3D? Well, that’s a whole different story.

Honestly, Titanic is just as effective as it was back in 1997. The sinking of the behemoth that is the Titanic is a harrowing scene and it’s brought to life in a whole new way with the use of that third dimension, which Mr. Cameron so effortlessly inserts into his 90′s classic.

Though many are probably overly-familiar with the above mentioned scene, it had been some time since I’d seen it. Watching it in the theatre, and in 3D, all these years later, was really something special. To know that Cameron crafted such a large scale, complex and effects laden sequence almost 15 years ago, really puts things into perspective. For a film scene from 1997, this is some really impressive stuff. But then again, it’s James Cameron; did you expect anything less than impressive?

Whether you watched it 15 years ago or mere months ago in theatres, the sinking of the Titanic, especially the moment where it splits in half and the events that immediately precede, make for some incredibly entertaining, powerful and epic movie moments.

White Apes Meet Their Match In John Carter

%name The Top 10 Movie Moments Of 2012 So Far

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be the first one to admit that John Carter had its fair share of problems, many problems actually. But that doesn’t mean that there weren’t a few triumphant moments sprinkled throughout. One scene in particular that I enjoyed quite a bit, especially in 3D, was the scene of John vs. the white apes.

Both the effects and use of 3D upped the ante in this scene and provided for a very thrilling couple of minutes. Though most of the film is marred with severe issues, it does have several entertaining moments and this is definitely one of them.

Seeing our protagonist go up against these mammoth creatures, and then swiftly deal out death to them, is another great example of what it means to watch a true, big budget, Hollywood blockbuster.

Miss out on the white apes in theatres? Check out the clip below.

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Any Fight From The Raid: Redemption

%name The Top 10 Movie Moments Of 2012 So Far

The action genre has gone down the route of generic and stale as of late, which is why it’s so gosh darn refreshing to see a film like The Raid: Redemption. The Indonesian film that took the film world by storm was director Gareth Evans‘ showcase of the traditional martial art Pencak Silat and is both exhilarating and thrilling.

It’s truly hard to pick just one kill or fight from this film, as almost all of them can best anything seen from Hollywood from at least the past five or ten years. The fighting here is so well choreographed and so expertly executed that it’s literally impossible to take your eyes off the screen for even a second.

The fight pictured above, between Rama, Andi and Mad Dog, is probably the highlight of the film but like I said, the furious, fast-paced fighting is a marvel to behold in a film that truly feels refreshing and dare I say it, re-defining?

Finding Out Tom Cruise Can Sing In Rock Of Ages

%name The Top 10 Movie Moments Of 2012 So Far

Though he may be “wanted dead or alive” by Katie Holmes‘ lawyers, Mr. Tom Cruise is most certainly singing those words to a different tune in Adam Shankman‘s Rock Of Ages.

The usual action star, sometimes dramatic actor, showed that he actually has the pipes to pull off rock star, as he fully embodies the personality of Stacee Jaxx. Though skeptical at first, I thought Cruise absolutely nailed the role. His pipes were pleasing on the ear and his rock star persona could easily have many an audience member fooled that he actually fronted a band at some point in his life.

While stunts and lavish set pieces may be his forte, Cruise reached new heights with Stacee Jaxx, giving us not only the best part of an otherwise crummy film, but  a wildly entertaining and enjoyable performance.

Each time he belted out a tune, it was music to my ears. His rendition of Dead or Alive is easily the highlight and watching one of Hollywood’s biggest stars take on such a role, and succeed like he did, makes for another, immensely satisfying movie moment.

Still not convinced that Cruise can sing? Check out the clip below.

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Channing Tatum Adds Stripping To His Resume In Magic Mike

%name The Top 10 Movie Moments Of 2012 So Far

Just as audiences were getting over the fact that Channing Tatum was capable of doing comedy, director Steven Soderbergh gave us Magic Mike, which showed us that the multi-talented actor can also dance and strip, and surprisingly well.

Of course, anyone who saw Tatum in Step Up knows that he can dance and anyone who knows about the actor’s past knows that he used to strip. But in Magic Mike he brings the two worlds together and man does he kill it up on stage.

While Magic Mike may not be the best film of the year, or even close to it, Tatum is impeccable in the lead role and easily steals the show. He’s completely at home on stage and his charisma, charm and performance skills are superb.

If you haven’t had the chance yet to catch Tatum busting out his moves, check out the clip below.

Is That Johnny Depp In 21 Jump Street?

%name The Top 10 Movie Moments Of 2012 So Far

Sure, we all knew Johnny Depp would have a cameo in 21 Jump Street, but did anyone know which character he was until it was revealed at the end?

Going into the film I knew that Depp had a small role, but right up until the end I was puzzled and confused, I couldn’t figure out when, where, or how he would show up. When the reveal finally came, it was a shock not only to me, but to most of the audience members in my theatre.

21 Jump Street was throughly enjoyable and still stands as my favorite comedy of the year, hands down. There were truly a ton of very funny and laugh out loud moments, but for me, the highlight was the reveal of Johnny Depp, who I had been searching for the whole film. Little did I realize, we had already seen him multiple times in earlier scenes, we just didn’t realize it. Or at least I didn’t.

Depp isn’t the only surprise happening here though, we also realize that two of the bikers are actually undercover cops. It’s a scene full of surprises and the fact that Depp plays the part to perfection, before going down in a blaze of glory, makes it even more enjoyable.

“You’re an amazing actor man,” says Jonah Hill to Depp. We agree Mr. Hill, we agree.

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Man vs. Wolf In The Grey

The Grey1 The Top 10 Movie Moments Of 2012 So Far

There’s something incredibly enticing about watching Liam Neeson kick ass. I’m not sure what it is, but the actor, even in his old age, seems to be very adept at it. So adept in fact that this year, he decided to take on one of mother nature’s most ferocious creatures: wolves. While watching Neeson take on cardboard cut-out baddies is a ton of fun, watching the man take on a wolf is something else entirely.

Though the scene that I’m referring to, the one near the end, fades to black before we see the outcome, it’s deeply chilling and immensely satisfying. It’s almost poetic in the way director Joe Carnahan frames it. The chills running through our spine as the wolf pack surrounds Neeson feel just as cold as the snow on the actor’s forehead. As he prepares to say goodbye to the world, and he accepts his fate, the haunting piano chords playing in the background envelop us in the scene, causing total immersion.

Man stares at the wolf, wolf stares back at man. “Once more into the fray, into the last good fight I’ll ever know. Live and die on this day. Live and die on this day,” whispers Neeson, before charging head on into battle.

Now if that’s not a great movie moment, I don’t know what is. Don’t believe me?

Check out the scene for yourself below.

Now it’s your turn. Sound off in the comments below and let us know what your favorite movie moments from 2012 are!

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  • diegomom50

    I am a huge John Carter fan, and I am glad you included it in top 10 movie moments so far of 2012, But to include Titanic means you left off another moment from a current film.  Titanic was a retread. I also loved the John Carter vs the Warhoon horde. Bout as I said thanks for that. Ut also had the best ending of any movie I have seen for awhile and made me immediately want to go back to Barsoom. I want a John Carter Sequel

  • DanielWillison

    not likely to get a john carter sequel as it is now officially the biggest flop in hollywood history and disney have made a massive 264 million dollar loss so I wouldnt expect one if I were you plus I fell asleep while watching it as it was boring !!

    • Jared M Kuntz

       @DanielWillison Not in ANY WAY. The biggest box office flop was Green Lantern (yet i liked it). Plus, John Carter is one of the best movies of 2012 and was the ORIGINAL sci-fi epic adventure. Star Wars is basically a rip-off of JCM, or the story/script at least

  • nevermindpop

    One of my favorite moments came from a different scene in John Carter. Where they simultaneously revealed his wife’s burial and his battle versus the horde. Really well done moment.

  • PenelopeQuail

    Prometheus =)

  • Get_Reel

    I think the climactic scene of The Hunter, starring Willem Dafoe, deserves to be up here. 

  • Jared M Kuntz

    Absolutely agree with this, except for Magic Mike. That should have been replaced with the climatic scene from Willem Dafoe’s, The Hunter (agreeing with Get_Reel). But there is no way i could rank the scenes because they’re all as incredible/epic as each other; with Prometheus though, I could have picked a variety of scenes that would qualify in my opinion (especially Idris Elba’s climatic scene).

  • Red_Joker

    Channing Tatum worked as a stripper before he became an actor, so a) it should not come as a surprise that he is capable of doing so and b) this should not warrant him a spot on the Top 10 Movie Moments etc.

  • Jeff Hicks Anderson

    I sincerely enjoyed the list, but the fact that you put that ridiculous idiot Tom Cruise on the list is simply PATHETIC. The ONLY person who still wants to see him is Tom Cruise.

    • Jesse Comier

      Actually I do. And MI4 was fucking awesome so I’d suggest stfu.

      • seksivitez

        I agree, but don’t tell people to shut up.

        • Jesse Comier

          Well he needs to. Tom Cruise is legend.

          • Jeff Hicks Anderson

            Legend!! HAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            Hopkins – Legend.
            DeNiro – Legend
            Bieber – Legend!! (just kidding)

            Cruise? – TOOL (With great movies)

          • obloodyhell

            Cruise USED to be legend, now he’s largely a puffed up aging pretty boy. His acting chops have always been vastly overrated, since he’s much more of a STAR than an ACTOR. Like John Wayne, he’s basically playing himself, not a character.

    • Tinwoods

      So delusional. And so inappropriately angry. Me thinks frustrated Jeffy may have a crush on Mr. Cruise… and he hates himself for it.

      • Jeff Hicks Anderson

        Well, “Jeffy” does not like Tommy, and he don’t much like any of you, either. :-)

  • Jesse Comier

    That scene from The Grey… one of the best.

  • Matt Finch

    The scene in The Grey is fantastic, but you didn’t mention the scene after the credits. This is another one of those movies that they give you just a little bit more, as long as you’re willing to sit through the credits at the end.

  • Wolfie

    Tom Cruise plus AutoTune = credible singing performance. Any recording can be enhanced by AutoTune. “They say” that their isn’t enough computing power to AutoTune a live performance yet, but who knows. In anycase they have lip syncing for live anyways….

    • RXNiN

      I’m a professional audio engineer—-they’ve been live auto-tuning as far back as Ricky Martin…

      • obloodyhell

        I stopped tuning my auto when I got one that was fuel injected


  • jbdub07

    FYI – Johnny Depp wasn’t the only TV 21 Jump Street alum in the movie version. Pete Deluise, Holly Robinson, plenty of TV series tie ins.

  • reidisking

    that scene in the Avengers is good, granted . but the best scece in a movie chalk full of great scenes is. ‘ That’s my secret cap, i’m always angry. ‘ then Bruce Banner turns and punches the big flying alien thingy, as he turns into the Hulk. now that was awesome. lol

    • thirdshiftdan

      I’d have to say the only thing to match that scene was was Loki starting to say “I am a god! I will not be bullied by…” then being picked up legs first and smashed into the ground over and over in true loony toons fashion, ending in Loki moaning on the floor in pain and the hulk walking off saying “Puny god…”

      • Wibbly

        I whole heartedly agree with your viewpoint.

      • obloodyhell

        And the final, final scene in the restaurant. And the cheap shot by The Hulk at Thor. These two and the beat down on Loki as he starts to monologue were the three best scenes in the movie.

  • JB Willers

    1. The Grey – completely agree with your comments on Mr.Neeson. I think the reason why we like him so much is because he makes the action look convincing. That might sound obvious but I can list a hundred movies of action that is spectacular but not convincing. Ask any doctor or paramedic if they think Gray’s Anatomy is convincing. The Grey reminded me of The Edge – Anthony Hopkins was superb.
    2. Avengers – Awesome…agree with reidisking…that scene was so cool. Hulk was by far the most entertaining character in the movie.
    3. Titanic 3D…Mmm, I’ve seen that ship sunk once to many times, don’t know if I can put myself through that again. But with Mr. Cameron, I suppose it’s worth the watch.

  • devon chapman

    he didnt get killed in the grey

    • Humberto Adan Herrera Cosio

      Yes he did. Or maybe not. That’s the pont of the scene in the end credits. Think the one you like!

      • Muffie CorsetLover PlayPage

        Its based on a short story … I hate them so much . They like to leave you not really knowing what happened in the end

  • devon chapman

    i found out he didnt die like 3 weeks after i saw the movie

    • Alkalid

      Who die?

  • Paul

    Seriously, there’s nothing wrong with John Carter. Just everyone jumping on the bandwagon to sound like they’re expert reviewers. The white giant apes were great equal to all the other cgi throughout the movie.

    • Ken

      Then, of course, there’s the obvious fact that John Carter was a bad movie.

      • SubSumeYou

        You idiot.

    • SteveMcqueen

      It’s not a bad movie, it was just forgettable. The effects were stellar and Taylor Kiitsch did a fine job, but there was something off. One Rule that I believe in is that you need to understand the rules or physics within the world of the film. If the audience can’t understand the basic rules of what is possible in this film, then they will not get involved in the story.

      When you watch movies like Empire Strikes Back or The Matrix, they all defy gravity or do amazing stunts. The difference is that they explain to the audience the boundaries of how these things work, how far the characters can go or what’s considered impossible and possible. In John Carter, the main character was given super strength and jumping abilities that no-one else had, and it was fun!

      The only problem was, John Carter found himself in situations that the audience thought he could escape from, or he could handle but experienced something cliché or redundant. The best example is the scene where he escapes from prison with the guard, and he has to jump to another tower. He for some reason is afraid to jump, even though there are buildings in-between that he could hop on to get to his destination. The film tries to make us feel worried that he won’t make it, when in fact he has accomplished far greater feats prior to this. They tried to make it a challenge for the character, when the audience assumes that this is no big deal for him, once this happens they lose any feeling of doom and are no longer entertained.

      Imagine if Neo dodged bullets early on in the Matrix film, and at the end they make a big deal about him dodging a few more bullets. We just wouldn’t care at this point, but if you build up the suspense, and have the character slowly grow and stand up to the challenge then the movie truly succeeds.

      • cusman

        All good points.

      • Chris

        This leap was one of the best scenes in the movie and had me on the edge of my seat. He had jumped nowhere near this distance in previous scenes and he wasn’t sure how far he could jump. This was a great story and much better than the Avengers storyline.

    • thewolfkin

      the problems i had with JC were storywise.. having not read the books the bookends (start and end) didn’t work.

  • ronin

    The scene from Grey gave me an extra set of balls.

  • Nemo Hoes

    I’m actually surprised Johhny Depp appeared in the 21 Jumpstreet movie, as many times as he’s talked crap about the series. As for Liam Neeson vs wolves, I knew he was tough when he took out a Yao Guai with a baseball bat in Fallout 3!

    • Muffie CorsetLover PlayPage

      Holly Robinson Peete and
      Peter DeLuise and
      Dustin Nguyen all had Cameos as well … I think the only one who didnt was
      Richard Grieco wonder why??

  • Bane

    THE scène where Batman appears in dark knight rises..

    • OtherBane

      Or when Bane breaks Bats back…

    • Joe

      this wa as of JUNE! TDKR cam out July 20th

  • Jartell

    Terrible article… and Tom Cruise is awful in lip-sync… (sorry to disappoint you guys but I would prefer to forget that this movie was made).

  • filmmovienew

    i think every thing is good but amazing spiderman is missing here. from my point of view avengers is the movie i liked most.

  • Do

    Fuck you for putting Titanic in there…

  • John

    What about Chronicle? Probably one of the greatest movies of the year

  • Josh

    You missed King Kong + Dinosaur combat scene….!! where he rips open the jaw… that scene was epic!

    • john

      your kidding, right?

  • Rich

    The Grey – such a great movie. Also, most people miss the fact that “The Grey” is Liam Neeson, not the wolf.

  • Tlev

    there was alot of funny moments in the seth macfarlane film ted. like the scene with Patrick Warburton & Ryan Reynolds being together, also love in the avengers where The Hulk was beating the hell out of Tom Hiddleston, one scene in the dark knight rises, but don’t really want to say the scene, cause it’s alittle bit of a spolier.

  • Jipper

    The Grey was good because of Liam Neeson then ruined by fake CGi wolves that stood out like a sore thumb and left the movie un-enjoyably like a bad ending to an otherwise good movie, See the movie Contact for reference.

  • Diana

    I can agree with most of scenes. I didn’t see Tom Cruise in musicle and this scene didn’t sound well for me. I’d prefer the countdown and the first fight
    scene from The Hunger Games. It was really powerfull.

  • Lola Peters

    The Raid Redemption, OH MY GOD… I am SO glad someone finally gave this movie it’s props… I’m a HUGE fan of martial art movies, and when I saw the commercial for this movie and that it was being released here in the US, I was a bit sad because I assumed it would be edited and cut so to be more appealing to American audiences because they may not understand the significance of it. It was done with Ong Bak, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and The Protector. So much was taken out… So I usually purchase my movies from Asia… But the release for The Raid Redemption in the US, nothing was edited or taken out… And every single scene was done PERFECTLY. It’s gritty, raw, at times disturbing, actually VERY disturbing, but it’s a complete and well done movie. And surprising… For the main villain, you’d expect some huge muscular person with guns or weapons or intelligence to kill… But not in this movie. The villain was the smallest goons of the main main guy… And killing him was nearly impossible… Thank you, for adding this movie to your list.

  • brainema

    It’s amazing..! Good moments..!

  • cusman

    I feel the need to watch Cabin in the Woods. I guess I should also watch Rock of Ages and John Carter.

    • Muffie CorsetLover PlayPage

      I loved Cabin in the Woods it was funny and a little geeky and different.

  • Omar

    How the hell is Channing Tatum stripping and Tom Cruise singing a bigger moment in film than Bruce Wayne climbing out of the pit or the end of The Dark Knight Rises or Batmans fight with Bane?

    • Tom Abila

      This list was made in June.
      Dark Knight Rises came out in July.
      Do try to keep up.

    • dg101

      Because we knew those were going to happen and they were dull as shit?

  • Delta_Assault

    1. Batman getting broken.

    • obloodyhell

      Only if you accept that the “fix” for it was the worst scene ever this year. You don’t fix a broken back with a few punches. If it were that easy, there’d be few problems with getting your back broken. No I don’t care how many “secret oriental techniques” you know. The problem isn’t the bones, it’s the nerves, which don’t naturally regrow. This, the movie failed utterly on, it needed a much better reason for why he wasn’t permanently paralyzed from the waist down. It’s the one absolute FAIL in an otherwise exceptional movie.

      • Delta_Assault

        His back wasn’t broken.

        • psychosomatic

          Yep I agree, the simplest explanation was his back wasn’t broken.

  • Chan

    Channing Tatum was a stripper before actor, so it’s already on his resume….

  • John G. Simley

    Watch The Grey past the last credit,….. He wins that fight,…or at least the wolf loses.

    • Pete Kujath

      My take was it was more of a no-win fight.. Liam may have gotten his revenge on the wolves, but he wasn’t going to have long to enjoy it.

    • Marcus Fisher

      they both die i believe

  • thewolfkin

    That scene is fantastic but the movie The Grey is terrible precisely because that scene only shows up at the literal end

  • Ararico

    all good picks, fine sir. however of all the ones you chosen, The Grey was the only one that made me alive with emotion. so thats my pick .

    • MonkeyFascist

      All good picks, except for John Carter.

  • Cory Gross

    For crying out loud, stop apologising for thinking that John Carter was okay. The whole “it’s the worstest movie evar” was just a dumb media narrative that had nothing to do with the actual quality of the movie. It was entertaining. I enjoyed it. Get over it.

    • Victor Dammie

      Damn right – it’ was – .::

  • Matthew

    If this had been made in August, there would definitely be something about TDKR (Batman’s back being broken, or Batman getting out of the pit, or John Blake telling Bruce he knew his secret, or when Bruce took the bomb away, or when Morgan Freeman realized Bruce had fixed the auto pilot, or etc.) and Amazing Spider-Man (the swinging from crane to crane while being hurt, George Stacy dying, Uncle Ben dying, Peter revealing his secret to Gwen, Stan Lee’s cameo, etc).

  • obloodyhell

    }}}} Sure, we all knew Johnny Depp would have a cameo in 21 Jump Street, but did anyone know which character he was until it was revealed at the end?

    LOL, sounds like Joel Grey’s part in Remo Williams.

  • obloodyhell

    For those of you just discovering Liam Neeson as an action hero, I recommend you hunt up “Darkman”. You can see from DM why he’s good in Taken and other movies like it.

  • laurantalasa

    I absolutely agree with “Cabin in the Woods” – it was my favourite film 2012, until last weekend … we are blessed here in UK, because we already have “Dredd” on screen here, and it pushed Joss Whedon’s movie from rank no. 1 for me!
    There are quite some favourite moments I have here, but I will not spoil it for all the people whi haven’t seen it yet (like, the rest of the world) but I like for one thing that there is no romance in the movie – not at all. Not even a tiny bit. Not even a glance. Which leads me to the second point – I love the fact that Dredd never takes his helm off – it would be in fact quite disturbing to reveal that soulless-seeming and pain in the butt-Judge Dredd looked actually very handsome … At least at this point, there is still hope for him in later movies (trilogy!!! We want a trilogy!!!).
    The 3D works for this movie – simply brilliant, there is no other way to descirbe it so I leave it up to you to see and categorize it.
    Last but not least – great acting! This movie rises or falls with Dredd, and Karl Urban nails this grumpy and deadly Judge to the spot!
    So, Dredd it is.

  • Nachiket Daithankar

    Any scene from TDKR is better that Tom Cruise playing an 80s Rockstar :-P

  • Chris

    The ending to John Carter is one of the best on film and had me in tears. On a par with the endings in Ghost and even Gone with the Wind.

  • matt

    the grey sucked

    • Marcus Fisher

      u sucked

  • Thomas R Gabrielli

    Best movie moment so far: hiding out in the outhouse in “Headhunters.” Brilliant!

  • Mark

    The most memorable scene in Prometheus wasn’t the Architect waking up, it was the self surgery scene when she removes the Alien.

  • Eric Jones

    You watched Rock of Ages and Magic Mike. You suck, A Lot. Seriously.

  • thewolfkin

    Though the scene that I’m referring to, the one near the end, fades to black before we see the outcome, it’s deeply chilling and immensely satisfying.”

    No. Not it isn’t at ALL satisfying. Because they advertised the movie with this scene. You hoped to see him fight wolves and in the end we see him set up to fight wolves and then *Fin* Maybe it would have been different it this hadn’t been a KEY piece of advertising for the film. (probably not) but they did and it sucks that we don’t see ANYTHING after that.

    • Vanquix

      you get to see the after-credits scene at least. it really IS a satisfying ending man. but i understand why some people were disappointed. the previews definitely tried to sell it as an action movie, with Neeson fighting wolves the whole way, but the actual film came together as an incredible piece of metaphorical gold. not what a lot of people expected, but for those who like or are open to that type of film, very satisfying, even if they dont get the closure they hoped for. hope this makes sense haha

      • thewolfkin

        it does make sense and I will concede it’s a brilliantly awesome movie. It’s just NOTHING like it was advertised. Which is why I hate trailers-that-lie

  • tomerik

    The scene where Hulk says puny god :) most memorable moment for me

  • Dave Melges

    Ummm, you are aware, when you say “Channing Tatum ADDED stripping to his resume” that he used to BE a stripper, lol. And that the movie “Magic Mike” is loosely based on Tatum’s OWN experiences. And when you say “can also dance” that his first starring role was as a dancer in “Step Up” a LONG time ago, and his first part of any kind was as a dancer in a music video. It really can’t hurt to at least WIKI a guy before you write an article about him, lol.

  • Crashnburn

    Weak Weak year for movies. 2 additional thoughts. Hunger Games when Katniss volunteers for tribute. Dredd 3D when Dredd throws Mama off the roof.

  • sckofrtwngbs

    I have been weak at seeing new films this year, I appreciate pieces, like yours that help me navigate what to see as the year progresses, and changes into 2013. I have to say with a few exceptions, it looks like pretty low hanging fruit, nothing too outstanding. It is sad we still have to go back umpteen years to a 3-D Titanic, as one of the best.
    That being said, I still think Titanic is one of the most beautifully filmed movies, I have ever seen, only to be eclipsed, by Cameron’s own Avatar, which again was stunning on the big screen. He brought the world a new 3-D and it’s power to change film forever. No longer just a novelty, 3-D when used to near full capacity, has the ability to literally to take us into the movie we are watching, simply magical and staggering beyond belief.

  • patrick mcguire

    the Grey was a terrible movie seriously everything this guy did and urged the other survivors to do was totally retarded its a wonder they didnt die in the first 30 mins of this abortion. and the absolute worst is his ridiculous mini bar brass knuckles/wolverine bs fn retarded

    • Marcus Fisher

      U r a dipshit moron

  • cryptrider1

    I also thought John Carter was a good movie…

    • MonkeyFascist

      Keyword is “was”…even though it being good has never been true.

  • You serious bro

    Yeah Tom Cruise can’t sing

    • MonkeyFascist

      Of course he can sing…everyone can sing…what he can’t do is sing good…

  • Orionsaint

    Really, the white apes in John Carter? More like unmemorable. Is there anything more generic and lifeless than modern day CG creatures in most movies today? CG artist today are obsessed with super speed. Every damn CG creature has to move at 100mph! Slow down! Let me take in the monster. That’s why Jurassic Park worked. The T-Rex’s first intro. It walks at normal speed. You can be in awe of it. Even when it runs fast. It’s not exaggerated. Now I know these are alien creatures, but that’s no excuse.

  • Tenkan

    I totally agree with the final movie scene moment.

    Absolutely epic!

  • Mike

    John Carter WAS bad, it felt like they just made up the movie as they went along, and it wasn’t one of those just entertaining movies either it was just bad

    • MonkeyFascist

      Correction:John Carter is bad.

  • Steven Schuyler

    How did life of pi not make this list?

    • MonkeyFascist

      Because the article was written 5 months ago…before that movie was released.

  • Batman

    “John Blake, please”
    “You should use your middle name… Robin”

  • MonkeyFascist

    John Carter? Seriously? The entire movie is a travesty. There is no best moment anywhere in that film. Even the arena scene from Attack of the Clones is much better than the drivel you mention. Get it off this list right now.

  • Melissa Hamari

    I don’t understand everyone thinking that Channing Tatum is someone to worship. I could list 15 actors in Hollywood today that are vastly hotter than him. He went through a very puffy period, plastic surgery, me thinks. And he’s REALLY not that great of an actor.

    1. Jensen Ackles (Supernatural) 2. Jared Padalecki (Supernatural) 3. Chris Hemsworth 4. Nathan Fillion 5. Chris Evans, 6. Alan Tudyk (Firefly) 7. Chris Pine 8. Stephen Amell (Arrow) 9. David Boreanaz 10. Jason Statham 11. Timothy Olyphant 12. Jeffrey Dean Morgan 13. Clive Owen 14. Gerard Butler 15. Ewan MaGreggor

    Okay I could probably list more, but that’s good there. Okay, one more, but not in hollywood – Clay Matthews III (Packers)

  • Joe

    The Dark Knight Rises was obviously the best film of 2012, well summer 2012 at least if you don’t agree with the whole year. But it was released JUly 20, 2012. This page was posted in June. So whoever is saying tdkr scenes were the best, nobody knew they were the best in June when this page was created. But also the ending of the grey was just so emotional, sad, and outstanding it made the whole movie and probably one of the best endings in movie history.

  • John Taylor

    Yup, another list of who cares movies with two exceptions. Avengers and John Carter.