Nato And Remy’s Last Stand: Ten 2014 Horror Films To Look Forward To!

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Wait – 2013 is coming to a close already?! I feel like just yesterday I was finding out about Fede Alvarez’s Evil Dead remake, debating with my horror loving brethren whether or not such a sacred property should be touched. Now, here I am starting to format my “Best Of/Worst Of” lists for 2013′s slew of horror films, reflecting on a year that saw tremendous highs and rock-bottom lows. While Remdog and I already reflected on our predictions from 2013, and how right/wrong we both were, it’s now time to put the past behind us, and look forward to an entirely fresh batch of horror movies – 2014 horror time!

Unfortunately, looking at what’s been announced already, I’m not expecting another year like 2013. As you’ll see from my upcoming “Best Of” list, I found PLENTY of horror movies worth my time and effort, from polished big-budget winners to hidden independent gems. I personally don’t see that same hype with 2014′s announced crop, as there are some fantastic concepts ready to be unleashed – but a lot of question marks. As the year goes on, I’m hoping my early doubts are proven completely wrong, but in a year that’s going to see two, yes TWO, Paranormal Activity movies, my expectations are already skewed.

Don’t be silly though – there’s still plenty to get excited about. This is the horror genre! There’s no telling what surprises we’ll find, and what terrors await! Going based off of trailers and built-up industry talk, a few films have caught the eye of both my partner and myself, leaving us a little bit more excited and curious than other more generic sounding films. Bitchy witches, satanic babies, adorable animal murderers, cannibals, religious wingnuts, and a freakin’ walrus man?! Alright, maybe I was a little too hard on 2014, because that sounds like a perfect roster of insanity.

Go ahead horror fans, read on to find out which horror movies Remy and Nato think are going to be some of the biggest highlights amongst 2014′s horror releases!


Remy – Here Comes The Devil

here comes the devil magnet Nato And Remys Last Stand: Ten 2014 Horror Films To Look Forward To!

I know some people may have received screeners of Here Comes The Devil this year, but I was not one of them. So, as it is, this stands as the horror film I am most looking forward to next year – albeit with bitter jealousy.

Here Comes The Devil is a Mexican-American horror flick about a couple who lose their son and daughter overnight in some Tijuanan caves. When they re-appear the next day, the parents sense that something may be very wrong with them. The more they see and experience, the more they realize their children may have “brought” something home with them – something not so nice.

I can say, plainly, that this movie looks creepy as fuck (technical literary jargon). Seeped in an odd sense of the ominous, the feeling I get from watching just the trailer reminds me of the way I felt when I watched trippy horror films from the late seventies like Let’s Scare Jessica To Death. From me, that is a huge compliment. Here Comes the Devil looks incredibly stylish, and incredibly creepy, and for those reasons alone, this evil haunter is the horror film I’m most looking forward to seeing next year.

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Nato – Witching And Bitching

witching and bitching 2 670x337 Nato And Remys Last Stand: Ten 2014 Horror Films To Look Forward To!

Why am I excited for a horror comedy so cheekily titled Witching And Bitching? If you’re asking that question, you probably don’t know who writer/director Álex de la Iglesia is, and you probably haven’t seen his foreign dark comedies like The Last Circus. Álex de la Iglesia is a crazy, unique, very vibrant filmmaker who has achieved a foreign cult status much like B-Movie auteurs here in the States achieve with campy B-movies – but his quality is much higher. Go ahead, watch a trailer for Witching And Bitching, just see if you’re not instantly hooked by whatever the hell is going on (silver Jesus with a shotgun?!). Trust me, Iglesia’s last film saw a sad clown go on a gun-toting rampage – that’s the kind of insanity you can expect.

The plot is simple: “A group of Spanish thieves run amok of a coven of cannibalistic witches in the Navarrese town of Zugarramurdi.” It’s this kind of simplicity that Iglesia favors though, because his mind runs rampant with the nitty-gritty details that bulk up such a short plot summation. From the trailer alone we see iron chompers, tortured men, action sequences – and that’s only a short glimpse. Mix the enticing trailer with some favorable reviews out of early festival screenings, and you’ve got a horror comedy I’m jonesing hard for. Thankfully, IFC Midnight has already acquired the satirical witch tale for US distribution, so be on the lookout for a simultaneous Limited/VOD release in 2014!

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Remy – Theatre Bizarre 2: Grand Guignol

bizarre banner 670x228 Nato And Remys Last Stand: Ten 2014 Horror Films To Look Forward To!

The Theatre Bizarre is a strange little French horror anthology that I feel like no one saw, yet I really enjoyed. For that reason alone, I got pretty excited when I saw that there’s a sequel planned for 2014. I got even more excited when I saw some of the names attached. Then I saw the subtitle, and pretty much got wood.

Do you know what the Grand Guignol was? If you don’t, I think it a joke that you call yourself a horror fan. Honestly.

The Grand Guignol was a theater in Paris in the the early nineteen hundreds that pretty much invented the horror performance genre. Yes, in the earliest parts of the century, audiences were flooding to a theater in Paris to watch people get fake murdered on stage. The modern equivalent doesn’t exist – that is how twisted and ahead of its time the Grand Guignol was.

To see there is a Theatre Bizarre sequel, and to see its subtitle honor such a momentous horror movement, gets me super excited. I also LOVE me a good horror anthology, which is exactly what this series is. Oh, and the directors I am most excited about being on board? Xavier Gens and Pascal Laugier. French horror directors at their finest. I say this easily trumps the lackluster V/H/S/2. Mark my words.

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Nato – Devil’s Due

208038 640x360 Nato And Remys Last Stand: Ten 2014 Horror Films To Look Forward To!

I’m almost certainly shooting myself in the foot here by picking a January horror release, a doomed release month for the genre, but I have faith in directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett. Coming from Radio Silence, the foursome responsible for V/H/S segment “10/31/98,” these guys created my favorite short in the “found footage” horror anthology. Having already successfully adapted first-person camera shooting, and after seeing the trailer for Devil’s Due, color me excited for this hellish birthing experience.

The story does sound a bit cheesy, as it follows a family giving birth to some type of demon (maybe Satan himself?), almost like a serious take on Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant’s slapstick comedy Hell Baby. The trailer does have a certain kick to it though, and displays some pretty cool visual effects along the lines of what Radio Silence was already able to pull off in”10/31/98.” Call me a dreamer, but part of me thinks we’ve got a decent winter horror movie on our hands. Don’t worry, we’ll find out soon enough whether I’ll be considered a genius or moron, as the film opens January 17th – only about a month away. Damn, it’s December already?

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Remy – Tusk

Tusk Kevin Smith 552x360 Nato And Remys Last Stand: Ten 2014 Horror Films To Look Forward To!

I still think most of the world misjudged Kevin Smith when it came to Red State. A comedy-drama-horror-thriller from the one man writer/director machine? I loved it. It felt incredibly realistic to me. The church scenes were creepy as hell, the cast was amazing, the shootout was insane, and how the whole scenario mirrored real life (Branch Davidians meets Westboro Baptist) was incredible to me, but, as is often the case with good horror that also makes people think, audiences and critics shit all over it. I was pissed. I even thought it may have turned Kevin Smith into a horror-hater – but Tusk proved me wrong.

So what is Tusk? Simple -  a movie based on an idea that came to him and one of his friends during a podcast. For me to tell you any more would ruin it. Just kidding. I don’t know any more, except that the little kid from The Sixth Sense is in it, all grown up, which is weirdly nostalgic.

All that aside, I have a lot of faith in Tusk, based on name and the caliber of talent involved. Oh, and it involves a walrus, and those things are scary as fuck.

Or it might just be a guy dressed like a walrus. No, seriously.

Either way, I am in.

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Nato – The Green Inferno

The Green Inferno 585x389 541x360 Nato And Remys Last Stand: Ten 2014 Horror Films To Look Forward To!

This is one I’m kicking myself over, because there was a chance to catch Eli Roth’s The Green Inferno during a poorly publicized horror film festival at the Lincoln Center (NYC) – and I missed it. I’m not as mad that I couldn’t make it all the way to Toronto for its true premiere, but here was a screening right in New York City I would have hopped on a subway for immediately. Oh well, at least I got to see Bobcat Goldthwait’s Willow Creek at the festival, so SOMETHING good came out of it – but boy am I dying to see The Green Inferno.

Paying tribute to Ruggero Deodato’s Cannibal Holocaust, Roth went deep into a dense jungle to film his own tale of primitive cannibalism, as a group of student activists crash land in the Amazon and are met by some, well, “misunderstood” locals. Yes, this just screams Eli Roth’s name, because the scenario begs for gross, squishy, bloody, gutsy, stomach-churning gore. I mean, cannibals eat people, so expect ample amounts of flesh-munching, skin-tearing, and organ-eating – damn, all this talk is making me hungry. Is it lunch time yet?

No, seriously, The Green Inferno seems like the perfect film to bring Eli Roth back into the horror director spotlight. I cannot wait. I wish there was some voodoo magic to make a screening happen this very second, but as of now, no release date has been announced. Keep your eyes peeled!

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Remy – The Sacrament

tiff the sacrament Nato And Remys Last Stand: Ten 2014 Horror Films To Look Forward To!

I still have faith in Ti West. HAHAHAA, get it, because it’s called The Sacrament? Oh man, I kill me.

Again, this is a movie some people have already managed to see this year, but those motherf*ckers at the horror studios never hook me up, so I end up having to wait around like the rest of you assholes to see this stuff.

Just kidding, horror studios who will make my future film. I love you guys! Lulz and stuff!

Anyway, The Sacrament looks to blend some religious taboos with the “found footage” genre. I like the people who are involved, and from what I have seen it all looks pretty effective, so in that sense, I am ready to go back to church for the first time in years. From early buzz, people are claiming this film is essentially The Jonestown Massacre: The Movie. Oddly enough, it all sounds slightly similar to Red State, which I mentioned before.

Organized religion is not a joke, but some purists tend to be really scary (proven by real events), so we will see how far Ti West can take that idea.

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Nato – Cooties

Cooties 31 1024x655 562x360 Nato And Remys Last Stand: Ten 2014 Horror Films To Look Forward To!

Ok, I’m doing a last minute edit here because I CAN’T BELIVE I forgot to mention Cooties. I’ve been a huge Leigh Whannell fan since he broke onto the scene, showing off some serious scripting chops as well as an illuminated on-screen presence, so when I heard he’d be tackling a script involving teachers fighting back against infected children – my heart skipped a beat. Leigh Whannell scripting a horror comedy (my other guilty pleasure) about adult teachers against little zombie like kiddies? How could it get better?! Easy – by adding the names Elijah Wood, Alison Pill, Jack McBrayer, and Rainn Wilson as Whannell’s fellow teaching staff. Yes, please!

I absolutely loved Elijah Wood in 2013′s Maniac remake, so to put him back in a horror film is a huge deal to me – plus now that he’s older, he can play a teacher character after already playing a horror student in The Faculty. In addition, Wilson and McBrayer are both equally funny comedians, and judging by their character costumes, McBrayer will play a neat and clean personality like he usually does, but I’m going to take a guess and say Wilson will go out-of-character and become a masculine gym teacher? With those three talents alone, there’s so much potential for some seriously dark comedy and gleeful horror fun. Plus, let’s not forget that Whannell’s good buddy is long-time collaborator James Wan, and it’s hard to think Whannell hasn’t learned a thing or two from watching Wan work.

We’ll see what directors Jonathan Milott and Cary Murnion can do with Whannell’s script, but in a scenario where the students are usually fighting the undead (infected, or whatever the “sickness” is), I can’t wait to see the teachers fight back.

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Nato – Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead

dead snow 2a 600x316 Nato And Remys Last Stand: Ten 2014 Horror Films To Look Forward To!

While Dead Snow wasn’t critically acclaimed by any means, even finding disapproval from horror junkies I’ve befriended over the years, something about Tommy Wirkola’s Nazi zombie thriller had me addicted. Whether it was the towering Herzog, that undead German monster, or the numerous references to American cinema, or Wirkola’s wildly brutal sense of gore – Dead Snow was a winter wonderland with a liberal coating of red mist. You’ve heard of yellow snow? How about red snow…

In true sequel fashion, Wirkola is picking up directly where he left off. Martin (Vegar Hoel) is armless, all his friends are dead, he’s just avoided certain death, and he wakes up in a hospital. Now, if you remember Dead Snow, you’ll remember that Martin has to amputate his own arm to avoid succumbing to the zombie infection. You’ll also remember that while driving away, Herzog’s detached arm ends up in the passenger’s seat of his car. Well, if you watch the trailer for Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead, you’ll be happy to find out that doctors assumed Herzog’s arm was actually Martin’s, and attached the undead limb to Martin’s healthy body. What does this mean? I have no idea, but in the trailer, Martin punches a zombie’s head and it explodes Scanners style. Add to that the casting of Martin Starr and Derek Mears, and you’ve got one seriously excited zombie fan.

In all honesty, I could probably just list each genre film premiering at Sundance and have a full list of anticipated horror movies for 2014, but considering the ones I’m MOST excited for, Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead is on top of that list.

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Nato – Squirrels

Squirrels poster banner 670x228 Nato And Remys Last Stand: Ten 2014 Horror Films To Look Forward To!

Alright, here’s my gamble pick, because outside of a ridiculous teaser trailer (seen below), nothing else has been announced surrounding a director, casting, or any other signs that show movement on the project. Red Sea Media previously announced that they’d be partnering with Wanted/Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter director Timur Bekmambetov (as a producer) on their creature feature Squirrels, but since then, the promo trailer is all we have – which still inspires a generous heaping of hope. I don’t think there’s any question about the comedic elements such an idea presents, and with Bekmambetov’s watchful eye, this could be one hell of a woodland adventure, maybe along the lines of something like Grabbers?

The only other information we have is a plot summary released via Bleeding Cool, which sounds zany enough to work:

When a young man’s estranged father is killed under suspicious circumstances, he returns home for the first time in years to get to the bottom of the mystery. Hoping to uncover some logical explanation, he instead finds his mom’s sleazy new boyfriend, a natural gas company buying up the town, an angry female sheriff who happens to be his ex-girlfriend, and an army of flesh-eating squirrels hellbent on destroying everything in their path due to an erosion of their food chain as a result of environmental destruction by the gas company.

Nobody has created killer squirrels before, so I mean, why not? The story also doesn’t make them radioactive or mutated in anyway, like Zombie Roadkill did, which actually adds more comedy to the situation. Imagine if you were minding your own business, and all those cute little squirrels playing about in the trees started gnawing off your limbs? Hells yeah, I’m in!

Like I said, there are no plans for release yet, or even information on the cast and crew, but I’ll hold out hope that Squirrels is filming in secret as we speak, ready to pounce on viewers come 2014!

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Alright horror fans, which 2014 horror films are on your must-see radar? Let us know in the comments section below.

*A special thanks to Remy for stepping in to guest write! Feel free to follow either of us on Twitter for even more insanity and updates:

Matt Donato

Remy Carreiro

Like what you read? Check out last week’s article where we reveal which moments from this year’s horror genre we were truly thankful for!

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  • Saros7

    Red State was/is a terrible movie! The ending was god awful…. Yeah sure genre bender, whatever….

    • Dane Bramage

      I can’t fucking stand politics in horror or sci-fi movies. (I now some sci-fi deals with social blah blah that’s different unless the politics is obvious)

  • annoyed

    I was rather enjoying your article until you said “lulz”… Don’t do that. Not cool. I’m sure your not some ignorant middle/high school student.

    • LeQuack


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      • Remy Carreiro

        This wins.

    • Matt Moore

      Never fails. On every message board there is always some ass clown that calls someone else an idiot or stupid or moron and then they end up looking like a bigger idiot themselves.

      • Remy Carreiro

        Nicely put, sir.

    • TSJones97

      It’s you’re, not your and how do you know he is not some ignorant middle/high school student? ;)

  • Nice Marmot

    I love killer critter movies and wish someone would make a good one. Take it serious and let some animals go nuts . . .

    • Matt Donato

      There’s a movie called Cute Little Buggers coming out that you should be on the watch for as well. It’s marked for 2014 too. Adorable critters and death ahah I’m with you!

  • gesoflip

    So what are they? You just have a few paragraphs listing not a single movie.

    • Matt Donato

      Did you try clicking the “Next” button? Seriously not trying to sound like a dick by saying that, just making sure you didn’t miss the button haha

      • Saros7

        No, see people like us want to see a damn list! We do not want to see a hidden “Next” button for the sake of more “hits”

        • Remy Carreiro

          You think it’s hidden?
          Oh man, that’s a bad sign for you, my friend.
          A big, glowing NEXT button seems hidden to you.
          Sorry our format confuses you. You seem like the type who cant eat dinner with a fork without sticking it in your fucking eye.

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          • Pinback_Sherman

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            Hahahahahaha!!!! Sorry,that’s hilarious

        • Pinback_Sherman

          Hidden? Not only are you blind but you’re a moron. Oh – and it is a list. God some people are too stupid to live.

  • Moe

    I definitely agree with Remy on Theatre Bizarre 2. The first had some really surprising shorts that had my skin crawling (similar to the original V/H/S). I don’t think it would be a stretch for it to be at least as good as V/H/S 2.

    • Saros7

      VHS2 was strangely shorter than VHS… I wonder why? There are so many superstitious legends that it would impossible to run out of ideas

      • Dane Bramage

        I don’t care to be honest- it was leaner and the stories were much better.

    • Guest

      Okay, as a horror fan for decades, I think you folks who were impressed by Theatre Bizarre need to watch a few more horror anthologies, because this is a below-average attempt. Ffs, Udo Kier is in the linking story, which is practically horror movie code for “Don’t take this too seriously.”

      Theatre Bizarre is plainly a collection of six totally unrelated short films. There’s no through-line or connection or sense of progression between any of these, you might as well put a random collection of horror shorts on shuffle. One short isn’t even “horror”– it’s simply about a mother and daughter witnessing a car accident and talking about it afterward.

      The others are completely bog standard Twilight Zone-plus-gore type stories, with only “Vision Stains” standing out for a strong performance by its main actress and stomach-twisting effects. Everything else is completely predictable, ho-hum, seen it, and only “Sweets” has much style– and that one came off like the director would rather have been doing fashion shoots than directing a horror short.

      Seriously, horror fans should expect more from an anthology than an indifferently curated grab-bag of timewasters.

      • Remy Carreiro

        Very well-thought out comment. If more people worded their disagreements this brilliantly, the internet would be a better place. Thank you for expressing your point with artistic merit and not with insults. It is appreciated (and very rare) on this end. People on these threads have yet to figure out. you get more bees with honey. Again, nicely done.

  • Kill yourselves

    Damn this article is annoying to read. I was forcing my way through it until you said red state was a movie that made you “think”.

    Ooh evil overly religious people! How original and thought provoking. Like they’re SUPPOSED to be good because they’re religious… But really… Wait for it… THEY’RE BAD!

    • TSJones97

      Yep, The author is a self righteous anti religious bigot. He typifies the smarmy self congratulatory jerkweeds of narrow minded left wing ‘critics’. If he were a true journalist/critic/honest writer, he would discuss the films on terms strictly associated with their quality or innovation. NOT whether or not they align with his bigoted partisan politics.

      • Remy Carreiro

        I’M SELF RIGHTEOUS??? Oh my God, listen to the vile, pretentious tone that this whole comments stinks of, and YOU call ME pretentious? I hope God knocks your girlfriend up, and you think she cheated so you make her abort the baby.

        • Cathy

          I was on your side until you said that. Disgusting sexist bullshit.

          • Remy Carreiro

            Yeah, actually threw myself off a bit with that one.
            Will do better to keep myself in check and not react like a dick in future pieces.

          • Dane Bramage

            I get the general consensus is that, in the US especially, most people don’t give a rip about other people’s political, and or religious beliefs and is best left out of entertainment written media- and IMO media in general- but that isn’t happening. I watch movies to escape that kind of B.S. for 90 or more minutes.

          • john varg


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        • Helz

          That’s gross. Keep your anti religious and sexist rhetoric to yourself. Report on the movies based on their own merit, like TSJones97 said.

          • Remy Carreiro

            Agreed. Removed said comment and took some ownership. My apologies.

        • TSJones97

          And you just proved my words. The fact that you immediately ‘went there’ with a vile God Rape Abortion comment (even though it was in the heat of the moment) shows folks what type of person you are. Vile? Look in the mirror bub. :D

          • john varg


      • michael35

        SO let me get this straight there are no smarmy right wing critics? People like you always do that you always try to turn it around on the people you hate or have an issue against. Ridiculous behavior period.I hate to tell you also but religion has brought a lot of hate and intolerance to this planet soooo yeah there has never been anything loving about religion unless your kind of narrow-mindedness is supposed to be an example of LOVING.

        • Dane Bramage

          And what is so sad the people who preach tolerance are intolerant of opposing viewpoints/beliefs. True intolerance is the barricade to social harmony.

      • Pinback_Sherman

        Because Christians are so PERFECT and MORAL and invulnerable to criticism.

        Oh – and people who call people pretentious are just too stupid to learn new things.

        • Dane Bramage

          Look – there are decent people who are good and do good things and believe in a diety- same for those who do not. They are laid back and live and let live.

          It’s the fanatics who stir up negativity and provoke.It’s the fnatics who kill in the name of their philisophy. – that goes for fanatic atheists as much as fanatic Christians, Muslims, Jews or Buddhists. (Yes there are fanatic buddhists)

          • Pinback_Sherman

            Any man can be good or evil but it takes religion to make a good man do evil.

        • Max X

          Uh no, it’s called being modest and humble. Sounds like you don’t know the definition of the word pretentious.

          • Pinback_Sherman

            Um, no, I know what it means. People that call people pretentious just don’t want to think and want things simple and dumb.

      • Dane Bramage


    • Remy Carreiro

      Not seeing how you got all this from me wanting to see Tusk, but this is kind of funny, so continue to look too much into what I say and do while I continue to not know that you exist.

      • Psycho Rockter

        I’m all for scrutinizing religion and whatever else, but you do come across as an egotistical smarmy self-serving *adjective* in these talkbacks.

        Somebody says you said something annoying, you attack their existence. I doubt I’ll happen across your stuff again, you only hit the jackpot once guy.

        Just learn from Bill & Tedd, be excellent to eachother.

        • Pinback_Sherman

          I don’t know either of you – first time here – but you seem more of a cunt than this Remy guy.

        • Iforgot

          Bill & Ted also used a telephone booth for time travel…..let’s be sure to learn from that as well. :/

      • Psycho Rockter

        Yes I know, your fragile sense of self worth and inflating your ego (can
        it get bigger) are all you know. Anyone who points out these obvious
        unlikable traits of yours will be met by your 12 year old internet
        “battling”. You’re a truly silly individual. Here’s hoping you become a
        nice person one day, having an epiphany while jerking it to your hits counter.

        • Remy Carreiro

          Oh man, the guy who quoted Bill and Ted and said we should all play nice is now talking about me masturbating. Yes, I am CLEARLY the one on this thread who has problems.
          You clearly can write. You also clearly resent me because you are not doing it for a living.
          I am okay with that.

          • Psycho Rockter

            You pointed to a link and your web traffic to explain why you feel important. And no one asked by the way. You don’t see how this is weird? And you get that the laughing thing is the #1 most bush league internet move, I’d hope?

            I don’t resent you for writing, that’s silly, I resent the egotistical comments you make, nobody likes arrogance. Here you’re suggesting I’m jelly of your job, I didn’t even know you had one. You’re just another person typing online like anyone else, as much as feeling you “matter more” seems to be your m.o., and it’s sure a strange way to look at the world.

          • Remy Carreiro

            When you said “jelly” it hit me I was talking to a fourteen year old girl.
            I feel really silly now.
            Well played.

          • Psycho Rockter

            Somebody said the same thing to you for saying “lulz”, I’m sure you get how using this lighthearted lingo injects some humor into a post. You’re Scrooge, I’m a ghost telling you you’ve been uncool, this is helpful stuff. You should be paying me for this.

          • Remy Carreiro

            Do you have a Paypal? I will send you three dollars. That seems fair.

          • RemyWho?NatoWho?

            Uhmm, “Jelly” is actually quite common in modern day British vernacular. Look outside of your own self-box and you’ll see that I’m not making this up.

            You elitist twat.

          • Iforgot

            … have a “self-box”!? Can I see it??

        • Iforgot

          I also hope that you will become a nice person one day….and that you stop thinking about how other people masturbate. That’s just weird.

      • Dane Bramage

        That’s kind of an immature response to a genuine criticism. What happened to discourse…?

      • RemyWho?NatoWho?

        You obviously DO know they exist, as you replied to them.

        Elitist twat.

        • Remy Carreiro

          Says the pussy hiding his face and name.
          Keep flinging stones, you cellar dweller.

      • Iforgot

        Do you mean to say your posts aren’t all about me? :( YOU BASTARD!!!!!!

    • Hammerstrike

      Religion is badh hurr hurr NO SKY DADDY atheist am so smart unlike intolerunt christan bigots!

      All teh problems of humanity, corporate greed, rape culture, racsm is all becauise of RELIGIUN! Atheism, love and tolerance can only triumph when these pepole are dealth with, Japanese nanjing style…

      • michael35

        You make yourself look like a hypocrite if you actually ARE religious considering right beside your username you have the words KILL YOURSELVES . Hypocrite.

        • Pinback_Sherman

          Kill Yourselves is the person he’s responding to. Moron.

      • Pinback_Sherman

        Yeah, a lot of hate and murder has been in the name of religion. You are correct.

      • joe

        Your full of shit

        • Hammerstrike

          Religun just be stupid, derp herp! No sky daddy, all violunce and persecution in history is because of religun and christrinity, religun is outdated and Obamaera is coming 1984-style, with transexual hookers and bowel games! Muh atheism down ur throat, enjoy it!

      • Odallys Arteaga

        Wtf are you posting like seriously you are so full of SHIT!

        • Hammerstrike

          To parodie the internet “atheists”, of course!

          • Dane Bramage

            I got it on the first post. Wow. I am literally stunned.

      • ben

        shut the hell up u evil bitch!!!

      • Dane Bramage


    • Dane Bramage

      I’m with ya on that too. Red State was rehashed drivel. Like there’s never been a movie about a religious Cult. Children of the Corn. OR how about something that really happened like Jonestown- oh but they were from a Blue State…918 people died. THAT is horror.

  • Kenneth Edward Polley

    What is with the filthy language in the descriptions? Are you really that ignorant that you have to use words like that to make a point? I stopped reading after the first one!

    • Matt Donato

      Remy and I apologize for my language, but when the title of the first film is called “Witching And Bitching,” there has to be some sort of expectation.

      • Dane Bramage


    • Pinback_Sherman

      You’re an ignorant cunt if you think curse words are any different than other words. Especially if you think they make the user seem less intelligent. Words only have the power you put in them.

      • Kenneth Edward Polley

        Curse words are not necessary, and are usually not used in polite society. But that is something your mother should have taught you , she has obviously failed you in that regard!

        • Pinback_Sherman

          Ha, ha. Curse words are words just like any other word. Just given a bad rap for no reason at all.

      • asashii

        no actually people who constantly cuss, have the vocab of a sixth grader, sorry just the way it is!!!!

        • Pinback_Sherman

          That’s not true, moron. Look up George Carlin and Stephen Fry and many other famous comedians and go drink a cold glass of STFU.

  • Jakk Frost

    Hmm, I assumed that the “Squirrels” trailer I saw was some sort of CollegeHumor style joke video, or at least made by someone showcasing their skills to prospective employers.

    I never realized it could be a real trailer for a real movie. O.o

  • Cwiggyman

    I think a bunch of idiots with no taste in American Horror wrote this list.” Oh let’s list a bunch of a Foreign and B-rated shitty Horror flicks cuz it makes us different and cool, and we’ll wear skinny jeans and have stupid haircuts too!” Morons. Anyone with taste knows the movies coming up in the future, the ones people will actually care about include titles such as Army of Darkness, IT, The Purge 2, Demons, Amityville: The lost Tapes and even sequels to Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street and Poltergeist hold more ground than the flicks on this list. Wake up, your not cool cuz you watch movies with subtitles or low budgets, you just have no taste!

    • Melissa Yaeger

      Nobody gives a shit if the movie has subtitles or has a low budget. It just so happens that most serious horror fans have seen a million versions of the same shit that comes out as sequels/remakes. It gets a lot less fun when you know exactly what is going to happen. Low budgets and other countries’ ideas are new and different. No need to get angry or start judging.

      • kane

        Yes some People Do Give a Shit if it Has a Low Budget and Has Subtitles.These Garbage B Horror Movies on Here are not Real Good Horror Movies.Like The Grudge or The Ring or the Hell Raiser Movies for Example.Two Waynes World Rejects Think They have Any Idea What a Good Horror Movie is HA HA HA HA.I Think Remy and His Buddy Should Move out of Mommys Basement and Stop Watching Bad B Movies Melissa Yaeger.I could Watch the Same Kind of Crap B Movies on the Chiller Channel.If You Think any of these Movies are Good it Shows You are Easily Impressed.

        • Matt Donato

          PARTY ON, KANE!

        • Melissa Yaeger

          Damn you sound pretty angry at what I watch…shouldn’t even matter to you. Nobodys opinion is the right opinion, thats why its an opinion.

        • Remy Carreiro

          I FInD YoUr OdD and InconSisTent Use of CAps To Be REally OfF puTTing AnD MakeS Your PoInt MoOt.

          • kane

            Does Not Change Your Taste in Horror Movies is Still Garbage Waynes World.

          • Juggernaut

            Hahahaa, you thought the Grudge was a good horror movie. hahahaaa. You arguments are all now invalid.

          • kane

            Grudge Was a Great Movie Juggernuts Your Thoughts Matter as Much as Shit in the Toilet Does.

          • john varg

            kane Remy Carreiro
            • 24 days ago

            Does Not Change Your Taste in Horror Movies is Still Garbage Waynes World

          • john varg

            pot kettle wrestling boy

          • Shari Weston

            Creeped me out in the Grudge when she buzzes the guy in 60 floors down in the Lobby and “it” rings her doorbell a split second later.

          • Remy Carreiro

            I wont lie, the Wayne’s World thing is kind of funny, but atleast learn how to use caps.
            That is all I ask of you…

          • john varg

            and you have exquisite taste in horror do you?

          • Pinback_Sherman

            I’d block his ass. He’s giving me a headache.

        • kiva

          Like the Grudge or the Ring??? You mean Ju-On and Ringu?? Those were originally Japanese flicks and they WERE in subtitles!!! Holy f**k! I don’t understand people and their sensitivity to words,get over it. Remy and Matt,thanks guys. I like any kind of flick as long as It’s different and creative….and I don’t mind reading subtitles…cause umm….I can read…and watch the movie at the same time.

        • john varg

          your gran was easily impressed last night when i rimmed her

      • Matt Donato

        preach :)

      • Dane Bramage

        Excellent point!!! Livide and Martyrs are two great movies that most Americans will never see because of subtitles. ;)

      • Remy Carreiro

        I like you. Thank you for existing. I may dedicate a future article to you. Like, seriously.

        • Melissa Yaeger

          Thank you for writing the article, I enjoyed it and wrote down every single film you mentioned, they all sounded like exactly what id want to see.AND i laughed out loud at the getting wood comment. Sometimes i get so intense over a horror film i feel like its preetty much sexual arousal. A dedication would make me real happy, but you just saying you wanted to is enough to make mah day!

          • Remy Carreiro

            I find it hilarious people want to now stab me because I thanked you. Like, this thread has gotten a WEE bit out of hand…

          • Melissa Yaeger

            Yes I dont understand what some people are thinking. If alls they have to say is hateful shit that doesn’t even really have a valid point, why the fuck comment? It automatically makes them look like a loser. Why they no understand?!?

      • realist

        I also don’t like how you bash religion and Christians. We don’t bash non-believers (I don’t, anyway) and using a public forum to do so is childish and malicious. Cursing in your articles also lacks professionalism. I know you do it because you can, but again, immature.
        However, your list is interesting and it’s nice of you to put out lesser known titles to people (like myself) who would not know about them otherwise. Even though I disagree with some of your opinions/choices, thanks for sharing.
        and whoever said there were a bunch of fucktards on this board, I think fucktards is not really a mature comment, I think fuckards would be better, you know, like drunkards. Fuckards has a much more mature ring to it, and I don’t think this word has been used yet. Maybe I’ll coin it.
        Oh, and thanks for not saying words like ‘epic’, ‘fail’ and ‘iconic’. they are boring thoughtless words used by boring thoughtless people. though you’re use of ‘brilliance’ really is overstating. tone it down a notch, please, and keep introducing us to lists of things we might not know exist. it’s appreciated.

    • Matt Donato

      …so we’ll just ignore the fact that most of the films you listed aren’t 2014 horror movies, may favorite 2013 horror movies were all mainstream American releases, a majority of the films we listed are in fact American horror movies, and that my skinny jeans and “stupid” haircut rule. I get that more indie/foreign horror movies aren’t everyone’s thing, but you’ll be surprised by what you find if you adventure outside mainstream normality.

    • Remy Carreiro

      The Purge 2? THAT IS WHAT YOU COME AT US WITH???



      • Psycho Rockter

        An adult couldn’t really be using the most annoying immature internet mocking of old, could he? When a friend comes over to your house you go “HahahahahahAAHAHAHAHA” anytime they mention a band you don’t like or something? Sweet Christmas, I haven’t seen posting like this in years and I go to AICN.

        You’re just doing it all wrong, Be excellent to eachother!

        • Remy Carreiro

          I am allowed to laugh. All I did was laugh. In a language we would both understand.

    • Pinback_Sherman

      What a stupid xenophobic little cunt you are.

  • Superman

    The worst thing in this article is the ignorant intolerance for organized religion. Today’s leftist Hollywood types (or wannabes, as in the case of Remy) pretend they’re tolerant and accepting, and demand tolerance and acceptance, yet they constantly assault religion and religious people, especially Christianity and Christians. It’s as stupid and hateful as saying that all black people are criminals or like hip hop or are excellent athletes. Are some religious types extremists who kill in the name of their religion? Absolutely. Outside of morons like the Westboro Baptists, I don’t see ALL Christians spewing hatred, and I’m pretty sure I’ve not seen any Christians fly planes into buildings or commit genocide to get action in heaven. Google “Christians in the Middle East” and you’ll see just who it is who is getting persecuted and murdered, and it’s not Muslims.

    • Conner Nielsen

      God bless you, Superman!

    • kane

      Very Cool SuperMan I so Sick of Liberal A Holes Who Pretend They are so Tolerant and enlightened.All They Do is Bash Christians and Act like They are so Good When They are nothing but Garbage.

      • Juggernaut

        Christians are dumb as paint and deserve the intolerance. Same for all religions. Wake up dip shit, and stop capitalising every word. FYI, also using the same insult they came up with, back at someone makes you look completely retarded or 6 yrs old.

        • kane

          You Understand English Juggernuts Fuck You Satans Little Meat Puppet.You are in a Small Minority Atheist ASSHOLE.

          • Remy Carreiro

            Satan’s Little Meatpuppet is the name of my band…WTF

          • john varg

            mines called ‘jesus knobring’

          • Pinback_Sherman

            Bullshit. Christians – thank God – are a dying breed.

            See what I did there? I thanked God. Me so funny.

          • Asashii

            Whats funny is you thinking Christians are a dying breed, now that’s really funny

          • Pinback_Sherman

            What’s funny is that you don’t see it, moron.

        • Guest

          Atheist arsehole.

        • asashii

          Thats ok christians do more for fellow mankind than any POS self serving Athiest will ever do, ever heard of an athiest children hospital, NO, didnt F’in think so, i am agnostist not even a christian, i just see the proof in the pudding, athiest couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag!!!!

    • Dane Bramage

      I have to agree with Superman here. Nothing makes a political hack look sillier than a double standard. Cry tolerance for EVERYTHING BUT Christianity.

    • Remy Carreiro

      I pray for you, five times a day…

      • kane

        Move Out of Moms Basement Waynes World You are Nothing but a Dumbass.What You Think Does not Matter Either Your Taste in Horror Movies is Garbage Much Like Your Self.

        • Remy Carreiro

          Your use of caps shows me you really are a special kind of stupid. Like, child of incest stupid.
          Good luck, man. Honestly.

          • kane

            You Got Beat up in School all The Time Right ? Whats with The Dorky Glasses?You Look Like The Child of Incest Arrogant Asshole Liberal.Your Mother is Calling You up From The Basement You Still Live at Home ?

          • Remy Carreiro

            You still talking?
            Tree falling in the woods man,
            tree falling in the woods…..

          • john varg

            you touch children, are you the singer from lost prophets??

          • Fuck You

            Hahah, WOW, this guy here is the exact reason why brothers and sisters aren’t legally allowed to reproduce.

            Every Word Capitalized Like A Fucking Moron..
            He may have been beat up in school, but at least he wasn’t dropped on his head as a child, multiple times apparently.

            And as for living in his Moms basement, it is a great way to save money in order to buy your own house, Unlike you who clearly lives at home still because you need your Mother to cut your food into pieces small enough so that you wont choke on them, blunt the tips of your crayons so you can’t stab yourself with them and cover everything in bubblewrap so you wont fall of your green machine and bash your head which is already all kinds of fucked.

        • Pinback_Sherman

          Your grammar makes you look like a retard with no valid opinion.

    • SpiritualButNotReligious

      To quote: ” I don’t see ALL Christians spewing hatred, and I’m pretty sure I’ve not
      seen any Christians fly planes into buildings or commit genocide to get
      action in heaven.”

      So you start off with saying that not all Christians spout hatred, and immediately follow it by spouting hatred against another religion? Your hypocrisy is unbelievable. Insinuating that all Muslims are as bad as the extremists that terrorize people is just as bad, if not worse, than insinuating that all Christians are as bad as the Westboro Baptists.
      What about the Crusades, and the Spanish Inquisition? Christianity has plenty of blood on its hands.

      • Christopher Duncan

        Humanity has blood on its hands. Anyone who has read the words of the Christ portion of Christianity knows Jesus never advocated violence and murder beyond turning the other cheek and self sacrifice.

    • Pinback_Sherman

      Christians don’t do that because they are too pussy. You know they want to.

  • Dane Bramage

    I will give anything FRENCH or of Hispanic a shot. American Horror is dead as a genre. Begging to be redefined.

    • Tia

      Try Asian horror as well. That stuff…’s seriously fucked. I love itm

      • Ivin Naya Yoesel

        yup totally , don’t miss to watch phobia from asian horror! has very unique sequencing and stories.

      • val

        Totes right. Asian horrors are soo scary. Lols looove it

        • EarsEyesBleeding

          Please, for the love of everything holy, STOP USING “TOTES” – you’re destroying intelligence everywhere, and god kills a kitten every time you use it. Stahp. Just stahp.

          • val

            Oh totes shutup haha


      • Dane Bramage

        Yeah I live Jhorror too of course- Uzumaki and anything by Takashi Miike – esp. Visitor Q. The list is Loooooooong.

    • asashii

      you just havent looked deep enough, its 100% there!

    • Dane Bramage

      Julio Garcia- I agree the Girl and Hair thing is shot out. +1
      - OH I saw HERE COMES THE DEVIL. Excellent throwback to Drive-In/Grindhouse (not the film) feel. Great trip.

  • Scott Edmondson

    I really hope that most of these are jokes and not actual movies because I can tell by the titles that they are going to SUCK. If these are indications of the state of the horror genre today, the film industry should be ashamed of itself.

    • kane

      You are Right Scott Whats even More Funny are The Waynes World Rejects Like Remy Think They are Film Critics HA HA HA.

      • Bramlamj22

        Kane – please stop posting comments. You sound like a fucking idiot. Seriously.

        Matt and Remy – thank you for the list. I’ll definitely be checking some of these out.

        • Remy Carreiro

          Hahahaha, you just made my day. Thank YOU!

        • kiva

          HE IS!!!

  • shaun

    lackluster vhs 2? i loved that movie!

    • Remy Carreiro

      Part one was superior in every way. I will GLADLY debate this.

  • Kimberly

    I enjoyed the 2014 list of must-see Horror films. It was an amusing read, and obvious you two had some fun putting it together. Bravo! :-)

    • Matt Donato

      Thanks Kimberly! I can assure you Remy and I had ENTIRELY too much fun putting this one together :)

    • Remy Carreiro

      Thanks, Kim. Nice to hear some sweet words between all the seething venom we normally get.

  • God is Dead

    Wow there sure are a lot of fucktards in this comment section. Thanks for putting your suggestions out there. I’m looking forward to at least one of them.

  • jasonjrf

    Who didnt like Red State? I thought it was well recieved NO?

  • Jack Marin


  • Nikitas Gagas

    So a person cannot be a fan of horror movies if they don’t know what Grand Guignol is? I stopped reading right there. What a pretentious dick. Not sure how you got this gig because you don’t seem to understand journalism is a craft that requires finesse, and you completely lack a sense of professionalism that would make your writing credible. Telling a female reader that you’re going to write an article just for her, as if she is being rewarded anything of significance…? That’s so creepy and desperate it almost makes me feel bad for you. You’re probably still checking out her profile as I write this, you pompousn, delusional twat. This site sucks. I’m glad I found it by accident and hope I never wind up here again.

    • Remy Carreiro

      That line was more an attempt at getting people to look into the theater. I can understand how it came across otherwise, and will be a bit more delicate with my wording henceforth.
      By the way, thanking someone for supporting me on a thread where I am being torn apart is not unheard of.
      Would have said same thing to anyone, regardless of gender.
      If I can insult the trolls, I should be just as able to thank those who go in the opposite direction.
      Sorry if that sits wrong with you, but judging by your tone, everything I do sits wrong with you, so such is life, I guess.

      • Pinback_Sherman

        Fuck that, guy. Don’t cater to him and his inside the box thinking.

      • MCage

        Yeah I stopped reading there too, I’m not going to insult you I just feel it worth mentioning that as a cinephile me not knowing about a theater troop from another country has nothing to do with my knowledge of the horror genre in cinema.

        I felt insulted and now I’m moving on, good luck in future articles.

      • Iforgot

        Don’t apologize to that guy! He made your post all about him. He has some serious “issues”. To get personal by calling you names is just ridiculous because we all know that Sticks and Stones may break your bones….BUT…..

        • Remy Carreiro

          Good fucking call.
          Thank you.
          Lost myself for a minute there….

          • Iforgot

            We all do……lol. I have worn down my backspace key… deleting awesome, yet inappropriate, rage replies. BTW, the comment in question encouraged me to research the theatre. Im also in the midst of watching the horror movies you critiqued, that i somehow managed to miss. So heres to you…..Mr. Movie Critic guy…..

          • raco2000 .

            There is a fucking moron everywhere. Do not pay attention to his delusion.

    • renz

      talk about being a pretentious dick…

    • ScienceIsChic

      So, you didn’t read any further and learn how awesome the Grand Guignol was? It didn’t spur any intrigue in you to look into it further? The author was merely using an outlandish technique to bring this place to your attention. I am a horror movie lover – everything from mainstream, old, b-rate, foreign, dark, etc. and I was not offended in the least. Then again, I find people that get offended over little things like this simply does not have enough to keep them occupied. Cheers.

    • Matt Donato

      I apologize that my partner has a distinct voice, but if you want generic writing, you can go somewhere else. We can list points and act like history teachers, but that’s not exactly what we find fun. As most people have noted, yes, that line was to actually get you to research Grand Guignol, and I apologize if you take offense to such a tone, but c’mon man. And don’t take your hate out on the site. That’s just childish. If you don’t like one writer, don’t read his articles. Simple. There are so many things wrong with this comment, I really have to stop myself now. Enjoy finding things to hate while I continue enjoying the shit out of what I do. Best of luck!

      • Somebody you used to know

        You just made me stop reading as well. Instead i checked the other replies on your profile which are more troll then actualy replies. There is the fact Nikitas has a powerful point and from your reply it is obvious that you know he is right, yet you still fail a proper apologise and cover it with a sarcastic apology instead.

        Now I wish for a fork here, either you never write anything at all or learn the etiquette of writing.

        • dymrip

          That’s the problem with the world today. Every time one asshole gets his panties in a bunch, he expects everyone to have to apologize. Fuck that, if you didn’t do anything to feel the need to apologize, tell ‘em to screw off and let ‘em pout like little babies.

          It’s an article about horror movies FFS. Movies where people are possessed by the devil and eating each other!!! Expect (and hope) to be offended you fuckers!

        • Iforgot

          You are obviously very important. You will be missed. Just go!!!

      • Iforgot

        Don’t apologize to assholes! It only encourages them!

    • Iforgot

      I hope you never wind up here, too. Here’s to hoping!!

      • Chilloutloser

        Wow I thought common interests drew people together… You guys need to dip back into the real world, NOBODY likes an insult that’s designed to prevoke them into an action.

  • Ed

    Wait…where’s Godzilla 2014??

  • Ed

    Missing out Godzilla

    • Remy Carreiro

      Yeah, the trailer actually looks really good, and the director’s last movie, Monsters, was awesome. Good call.

  • Mr. Doucher

    Butthole pleasures Remy all day erryday!

  • Mattximus Thundercock

    Goddamn…so much anger. Personally I can’t wait to check out these films. Worse case scenerio the movie sucks and I get a hand job from my fat girlfriend. Either way I win! Not sure what everyone has a raging period over. If I could write articles about B grade horror flicks as opposed to making crapachinos for sexless house wives, I’d have to say I made it. Well done sirs!!!

    • john varg

      can i have a hand job off your fat gf?

  • Bryan Tee

    To me, 2014 would be a fail year for horror movies. The one’s on this list seemed obscure, or doesn’t even seem to interest me in any sort of way. Well maybe these movies can turn out to be good, but I wouldn’t doubt that next year would be lacking of good mainstream horror films. It gets even worse when 3, YES, 3 found footage films are the among the most prominent in the list! The only movie that sparked a little interest for me is the Poltergeist remake, or maybe the never-to-be-released 7500, and that’s pretty pathetic. Btw, what’s with the boom in the Hispanic theme?

    • Dane Bramage

      There’s good stuff emerging from Mexico and Spain. (really has been for a couple of years) REC and REC3 are great examples.
      I just saw HERE COMES THE DEVIL and loved it. But I am old and have seen literally hundreds of horror films in my life. My dad turned me onto horror movies at the age of 3 seeing HG Lewis movies at the Drive-In. Yeah I’m THAT old. So my taste in horror is what I consider refined. I loved YOU’RE NEXT it was a ball. If you’re young there’s literally a deep well of great horror out there. Check out Mario Bava (Black Sunday and Black Sabbath-movie) and Jesus Navarro (Tombs of the Blind Dead).

  • Hawkeye72

    Stick Hillary in one. That’ll scare hell out of satan.

  • tomtalker2000

    This movie looks just AWFUL…!!! Not since the Exorcism of Emily Rose has anything come close to the iconic Exorcist movie. Demon/Devil possession films have really lost there touch. I’m a huge fan but i’m awaiting something TRULY horrific and not in the “found footage” sense. But based on REAL HARD actual events that actually took place in our history now THAT would be a movie worth seeing.

  • Lilly

    Witching and Bitching? REALLY? REALLY? I’d rather not knowing how to pronounce: Zugarramurdi’s Witches. Yeah, that’s how it’s really named.

    • Matt Donato

      While that may be the original title (yes, I was aware), most people are only going to know it as Witching And Bitching, so I wanted to avoid confusion. If you know the original title, you’ll immediately know it’s the same movie, but if you don’t it’d be hard to connect Witching And Bitching to it.

  • Kris Gokuraku

    What’s with the love for Eli Roth? I don’t understand. He really isn’t that good of a director. Hostel was kinda ok, all the rest of him i don’t even remember. Inglorious Bastards, meh. He’s just overrated in my opinion and don’t know how to bring real tension. Give me Spanish horror and Asian horror anyday.

  • Belinda Sullivan

    Oooh Grand Gignual! Looks defs worth a look! :-) I like what reviewer said about it giving him wood hahahaha…… sometimes when I watch a horror movie and I do mean A GOOD ONE, I feel exhilarated afterwards, a rush of adrenalin, and yep, in a state of comfortable arousal too LOL “FOR NO LIVING MORTAL CAN RESIST, THE EVIL OF THE THRILLER”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bgibson72

    Misread and thought you said “Cookies”. Darn…

  • Tia

    I enjoyed reading this. I found the list informative and will definitely be watching some of these. Thanks guys!

  • aaron_faraday

    Gotta say, I’m sooo excited for the to-be-publicly-announced Marble Hornets movie. It’s been under wraps throughout the entire developement, despite the fact that Doug Jones is starring as the baddie and one of the assisistant directors of Paranormal Activity is directing.

  • asashii

    here comes the devil(not impressed from trailer), witching and bitching(last circus was kind of dark in a- they dont take off their clown makeup stay as clowns kind of way),Theatre Bizarre, huh(looked like a film school macabre effort, pass),Devil’s Due( shakiy cam was lame when it started and its even more lame now).tusk(kevin smith meant something 20 years ago, does anyone really know who he is now),green inferno(Eli roth, the earthquake/horror film really was BAD),The Sacrament(more found footage played out crap),Cooties(yeah Maniac POV technic was good i will agree with that and just that),Squirrels(is this a syfy channel movie how horrible).

    My pics: Where theDevil Hides, Satanic, Among The Living, there the only ones i would watch out of the hundred of Grabage trailers i have seen.
    RIP Billy Jack

  • TomNewYorker

    defently 10 horror films im lookin forward to in 2014 are
    2-Leprechaun: Origins
    3-Dracula Untold
    4-Paranormal Actiity 5
    5-Animal(with Peter Pan’s Jeremy Sumpter & victoious’ Elizabeth Gillies)
    6-Wolf Creek 2
    8-Cabin Fever: Patient Zero
    9-Where The Devil Hides

  • Mike

    Nato is a horror genius!

  • James Stanford

    I do not need to see naked people having sex in any kind of movie.

    • john varg

      so your porno collection is ‘british victorian’ ?

  • kingpeepee

    remy = d*ck

  • msep

    Red State was an awful, clunky, poorly paced, poorly written piece of crap. Period. And Eli Roth has been a taltentless hack in everything after Cabin Fever.

  • Jeremy Imm

    there are enough “decent” horror movies made back in the 80′s and late 70′s. lols i am too old for this shit, can you tellll?

  • lisa

    Seriously? Squirrels is going be a horror flick? Cuz I laughed my ass off at the “trailer.” hahahaha


    Anybody who grew up in the ’70s and saw Alice Cooper in his prime,with all the stuff he did onstage, has already had a taste of Grand Guignol .
    For this was the primary inspiration for Alice Cooper and his music.

  • Giselle

    I’ve never seen so many people attacking someone over a list of suggestions. The unfortunate thing about the Internet is that it has created the misconception that everything you “think” should be posted in a comment. I fear for the future of humanity.

  • Giselle

    You’re going to be disappointed once you see The Green Inferno. It’s so bad that people were trashing it at a screening that Eli Roth was present at. He is not a good filmmaker.

  • Midnightsz

    Yay!!! I’m so glad I found this site now I know some of the horror movies I have to look forward too!

    • Matt Donato

      Thanks! Stick around! Remy and I are back every week with more horror talk, you’ll get plenty of recommendations.

      • Midnightsz

        Yay! Thank you!

  • bstolemyremote

    Like Eli Roth (feel both Hostels are underrated), but something looks off about The Green Inferno. Hope he proves us wrong, but it could easily slip into a bad, judgemental area

    Cooties sounds like it could be fun. Good horror/comedy films are hard to pull off, so fingers crossed this comes together well

  • Faith

    Yeah the way it reads does come across a bit douchey. Anyone who
    considers themselves gorewhores, horror junkies and/or just a fan of the
    genre in general that have no knowledge of the Theatre Bizarre might opt to take offense. It just made me want to check out Theatre Bizarre for myself. The only thing the writer is truly guilty of is accidentally baiting numerous trolls who site hop spreading venom ignorance about. As we all know part of what is so great about horror is how broad and varied the fan base is. Regaurdless of how you feel Google Theatre Bizarre it is pretty awesome.

  • Silaire

    As catalan I’m flattered that a film of Alex de la Iglesia is announced in an english media. I don’t think a filmmaker like this is a B-Movie auteur, because he is one of the greatest filmmakers in spain. Don’t let the supposed intellectuals say another thing.

    Said this, I wached this movie a few month ago with skepticism (silver Jesus with a shotgun?! :) but now is a film I truly recomed to my acquaintances, with a great script without holes. But this isn’t an horror film, it has spanish humour [truly antipolitical] and a great dosis of gore ( I undertand gore as unpleasant but fascinating). The traducction of the title isn’t correct but describes a side of the film, a much more acurate translation for the title is ‘Witches of Zugarramurdi’. If you google ‘Zugarramurdi’ you can find that in this town the inquisition (note that a spaniard not say spanish inquisition ^^) judged 40 neighbors.

  • Frans Vella

    horor 2014…

  • Remmy

    Can’t wait to watch all the movies. Don’t listen to all these people, its your life not theirs so they can just fuck off. By the way I love the way you write, don’t stop. Most movie lists I read are so mainstream and boring, they don’t mention the details so love this list <3 xoxo -Remington

  • Caleb

    Okay I just read through some of the comments and can I say what the hell? Its movies people, not discussing the end of the world here and quit insulting Remy its not going to do anything.

    • whosthisdipshit

      Yes thank you, I have been reading all of these comments , (spoiler alert foul language ahead) and I am literally jizzing my zoo york basketball shorts both from elation and rage, yeah I get weird like that. I litteraly haven’t been so blessed and yes I am using religious rhetoric ironically, to have found myself on this site on this day reading this drivel. Firstly for those disagreeing with the guy for his style and preference im fairly certain the the post was not misleading in his opinion these are movies of interest in his opinion and his use of devices such as to bring attention to underground genre and little known film is meant to piss you off its so it sticks and you may find yourself looking into if only to form an opposite opinion and troll your hearts out secondly and this one is a big on so take a second ice down your foreheads and prepare to put forth some energy I to that dead hamster on a wheel that is your brain. Hold deep breath ok go you fuckinh morons bitching about ego religion opinion and of all things the use of the words fuck shit cunt pussy asshole thunderfuck cock swaddler rape cock blow job and any other word that obviously exists because it conveyed a thought or idea , all of you are fucking stupid ( a bit melodramatic right just wanted to make sure all reading this were able to follow) why you cocksucker you might be asking well here it is…
      You are on a fucking horror sight because like myself you are fucked up in the head and have a morbid and again like myself an unhealthy fascination with macbre and all things repulsive the things that should make a moraly justified upright god fearing (whatever fucking god you wish to think im talking about seriously don’t care) person vomit profusely having watched the horribly disgusting goodness we call film. So chill the fuck out your a piece of shit im a piece of shit great that settled now can we get back to maybe discussing horror films. Thanks for your time.

  • Massi

    First time on this website. Thought the list of horror movies was good insight of what to look forward to. I’m sure there are plenty of other good ones coming out too but it’s a list of 10 not 20. And it’s not even TOP 10, just 10. Actually spent a good half hour reading all the comments. Please don’t ever write an article on religions haha. It would take me years to read all the comments. Better yet, write your next blog in random capital letters.

    • Matt Donato

      So Remy and I shouldn’t script a deathmatch tournament between each religion’s most famous feature? Damn. Back to the drawing board. Seriously though, thanks for the read and feel free to stick around! Remy and I are back every week!

  • StrayDog_Colt49

    Having had the eye opening experience of raising a squirrel after it had fallen from a tree (possibly booted by mama-san for fleas?) as a kitten, I’d say that coming across the production of a squirrel horror film concept is intriguing enough personally to keep an eye out for! Although, running into the page on the Green Inferno from Eli Roth was a bit confusing in that, Exploitation era films during the 70′s getting a re-surgance for this generation seems like a natural procession for film-makers like Quentin Tarantino, and Rodriguez to pay tribute while maintaining original scripts to add to the canon. Nonetheless, to remake Shaft as a nostalgic attempt to make another action movie becomes short sighted based off the material itself. Cannibal Holocaust no matter how truly horrifying some of the scenes depicted in that film were, by the time I as the viewer reach the end credits, I felt everything before-hand created a genuine, and true observational statement. What makes any society civilized when left to our own devices? Still, this certainly isn’t to say that Eli will not try to make a meaningful adaptation of Gianfranco Clerici story. I do feel safe in saying so much as the scene with the giant sea turtle probably won’t make it back this go round, but who knows. Now, the impalement scene’s I certainly could imagine the audience reactions during those. Thanks for the heads up either way you two!

  • Gajonka

    All of these films LOOK terrible. (WHo is Remy and why is the name prefacing each title – annoying). We Need these horror films: New Voorhies, New Myers, Gate re-make, new moster squad – or something from universal, wolfam 2 (not likely),

  • kkjones420

    Holy crap people. This guy is writing his own reviews and opinions. If you don’t like it, move on to another site. geez, does EVERYTHING have to be picked apart and trolled on? Wow. LOL.

    Ohter than that, thanks for the list of upcoming movies…..I will definitely check some of them out….and thanks for turning me onto the Grand Guignol theater. I have never heard of it until now, so it’ll be fun researching it. I understand Vincent Price played there? :)

    • kkjones420


  • val

    These horror’s im so going to watch. Esp, The cannabalism one ! . Lols, love reading the plot parts, AWESOME and funny .

  • Ms.M.

    I’m always looking for a horror movie that will make me laugh or make me want to sleep with the lights on, or both. This is a great list. I’ve even taken notes. And, truly, one of the most entertaining comment sections ever. Hilarious.

  • Kane Leal

    I happen to know what the Grand Guignol was and yet, your incredibly arrogant dismissal of anyone who doesn’t does you no favors. Try not to treat your potential audience with such disdain and perhaps you might find yourself a few more readers.

  • All the q’s

    While I may not always agree with your opinions, when we agree, goddamn do we agree. With that said, I have also been introduced to several new movies across several genres tanks to this site and your writing. Fuck the trolls, thanks.

  • Dissappointed Horror Fan

    Informative. However, the writing style here is patronizing and presumptuous. If the narrative voices here were any more stuck-up they would be using 1337 speak so only the “cool” nerds could understand them.

  • Snarf

    Matt Donato. I want information about particular movies, however, I can do without your elitist, downright stupid opinions. You are by no means an “expert” on motion pictures, as your pinheaded “article” is trying to imply..

    TL;DR: You’re an idiot. I bet you “got” Asylum films “covered” too. :D !!

    • Matt Donato

      Ha, get in line sir – you’re a little late to the “Hate On Nato And Remy” party. Always nice to hear feedback though! Or if you need me to translate: “snarf snarf snarf snarf snarf – fuck it, too lazy to finish this bit of trolling.

  • Gohanitos

    Squirells? SERIOUSLY?????????????

  • fourthletter

    I was looking for a list of new horror films, at least half of these were comedies.

  • Laur

    Actually, if you want to be like that, at least be right about your information. It was the late 1800′s.

  • hahahahhaaaa

    I’m just laughing my ass off because everyone commenting on this is an idiot.

  • horrornut79

    Commenting on the Squirrels film, the idea doesn’t seem ridiculous or comedic at all to me, just look at hitchcock’s ‘the birds’ which went down as an all time classic

  • Nicole Nevermind

    Have you guys seen the trailer for Zombeavers yet? It looks wonderfully awful and seems to include plenty of practical gore effects and gratuitous nudity. I can’t wait! :D

    • Matt Donato

      You better believe I did! I dug Big Ass Spider and it has the same feel except more ridiculous – plus, I mean, zombie beavers. That isn’t enough?

      • Nicole Nevermind

        Right!? The blood and boobs are just icing on the cake of WIN. I smell an Oscar! (Or I would… if The Academy didn’t consist of pretentious, constipated old codgers who wouldn’t know a fun cinematic experience if it grew buck teeth and bit them on their collective ass.)

  • bronzebomber

    Its good to see that Ti West is casting his crappy acting buddies again for this movie. Maybe he’ll throw some retro music in as well, to get the critics on his side.

  • jock

    I hate horror, I like pretty colourful flowers, my little pony and care bears

  • Mart Moors


  • Fired from the internet

    Jesus, you’re a horrible writer. Don’t quit your day job at Hardee’s.

  • dymrip

    Screw ‘em if they can’t take a joke. I figured more people would be bitching about this part:

    “Again, this is a movie some people have already managed to see this
    year, but those motherf*ckers at the horror studios never hook me up, so
    I end up having to wait around like the rest of you assholes to see
    this stuff.”

    I, personally, laughed my ass off. It’s called a sense of humor, people. Get one!!!

  • YoursTruly

    ALL of these sound terrible

  • steve

    Seriously dude. You’re a terrible writer. I think you think if you write enough this way you’ll eventually develop a following. You explain more about the history how you came to see this movie then about the movie itself.

  • unsean

    “The Theatre Bizarre” was probably one of the best anthologies I have seen in years (it turned up on Netflix awhile ago). Really, really well-done horror.

  • voodookiller

    Squirrels will be in the same vain as black sheep, surely can’t be even remotely serious, what’s next? killer sloths? Here comes the devil looks awesome.

  • Brea <3's Nato & Remy

    A little late, but thank you two for this list. I am an avid horror movie fan and have watched and re-watched all the classics. Although some commenters have nothing better to do than bash you and bring their political views into a horror movie discussion, I thank you sincerely for your time and effort. I will be checking out your many other posts, and have created lists based on your suggestions of movies to watch soon. I really like that you chose off the grid movies, foreign movies, and new movies that aren’t mainstream- there is so much out there that goes unnoticed and you two really do a great job at finding them and sharing them. I look forward to your new posts and also the attitude you guys have- you don’t let people bring you down, you have hard-set views and you are not afraid to speak your mind- which ends up being enjoyable, hilarious, and puts people in their place. Thank you guys!! <3

    • Matt Donato

      Thank ya kindly Brea, it’s nice to see this article still getting some attention, and positive attention at that! We’ve been a little busy on our own lately, but we’ll be back next week. Already have an article in the works!

  • jjmoose

    the absolute pure TRASH coming out of hollywood is astounding…its aimed at all the morons in this country, which is quite substantial.

  • jjmoose

    hollywood does enjoy satan i must say,,

    • OZ_in_TX

      It’s certainly ironic considering that God has slaughtered many many more people than Satan ever had… per the Bible.

  • French Flies

    The Squirrels movies seems like a throwback to 70′s environmentalist horror.

  • MissSea

    I’m sorry, the author’s got a point … you call yourself a horror fan? You should know the Grand Guignol. The twisted things that society used to embrace before the Victorian mores subverted it all … utterly amazing. This stuff was cutting edge for its time. And it’s not leftist, pretentious crap … knowing the history of the entertainment genre you love makes you more well informed to better debate its finer points.

  • Zeee64

    Thanks for the list! I just watched one of the best horror films I’ve seen in a long time (& trust me when I say I’ve watched a lot of horrors in my 50 years on this planet – good, bad AND ugly), namely: ‘Oculus’. So many modern horror directors seem unable to produce anything remotely suspenseful, thinking that ‘jump-scares’ (or ‘spring-loaded cats’, as one website cleverly dubbed them) are enough for your average viewer. WRONG! So check out ‘Oculus’ – I heartily recommend it.

  • Victoria D Matlock

    Don’t do stuff that’s eivl

  • satangotmylungs

    i agree takashi miike is best director of all time :^)