6 Reasons Why We Can’t Wait For RoboCop

robocop robber 6 Reasons Why We Cant Wait For RoboCop
In the age of remakes, reboots and franchises, there are constantly movies coming to the big screen that polarize audiences. There seems to be two schools of thought on the matter. One group is almost always excited about these projects, purely for the fact they’re going to get to see more of a franchise they love. The other group is almost always opposed, thinking that all a remake or another sequel can do is tarnish the legacy of the existing films they love.

As for me, I land somewhere in the middle. When it comes to certain films, I’m very, very opposed to a remake (see Jumanji and Point Break), but I’m certainly not against the idea as a whole. One project that I’ve kept an open mind about and found myself getting more excited for as its release approaches is José Padilha’s remake of the 1987 classic RoboCop.

While every reboot is polarizing, I think this is one you should be really excited for, as it has potential to bring new life to one of the most beloved sci-fi films. Because of this, I’ve followed the project since it was announced, and there are quite a few very good reasons that I have for looking forward to it.

In order to help those of you on the fence feel the same way, I’ve put together a list of six reasons why I think this remake has the potential to be something special.

So, without further ado, read on for six reasons why we can’t wait for RoboCop!


1) The Progress Of CGI

robocop1987mhdmano15402 670x360 6 Reasons Why We Cant Wait For RoboCop

Plenty of older science fiction movies have special effects that still stand up by today’s standards, and even more have very dated effects, but are all the more charming because of it. Still, many older films just look like they could use some major freshening up. If there was ever a movie that could be better off because of 25 years of progress, it’s RoboCop.

In any movie where you have a main character that isn’t entirely human, the effects are going to play a huge part. Say what you will about CGI, but in recent years, when used well, it has benefited a lot of films and made quite a few possible that wouldn’t have been otherwise. Compare that with stop-motion or any other practical effects that used to be so prevalent in sci-fi movies and it really isn’t even a contest. Films like Gravity wouldn’t have been possible 25 years ago, and while RoboCop was possible, it wasn’t able to fully live up to the visual potential of its premise.

I’m not one of those people who is all about the visuals, especially when it comes at the cost of a quality story, but I’d be lying if I told you I don’t love a movie with impressive effects.

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2) The New Suit

Robocop 1 550x365 542x360 6 Reasons Why We Cant Wait For RoboCop

Speaking of things that are enjoyable to look at, RoboCop’s new suit is absolutely awesome. Along with the improved visuals comes a modern sleekness for the film, but from what we’ve seen in trailers and posters so far, it’s mostly just for the suit. Obviously one of the coolest parts of any robot is his shiny metallic exterior, and it looks like Padilha’s take on the character will not disappoint in that department.

The suit really looks fantastic. I’m not sure what OmniCorp made the robotic exoskeleton out of in this iteration, but whatever it is, it looks incredible. I’m almost inclined to compare it to Batman’s costume in the Dark Knight, but I have a feeling that RoboCop is packing something even more powerful than Kevlar.

On the note of Batman, how about that motorcycle? One look at the above image of RoboCop’s bike and it’s clear that inspiration has been drawn from some of the coolest rides in movie history. Between the suit and the motorcycle, this new RoboCop is working with some impressive equipment.

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3) More Focus On The Man Inside The Machine

download 3 512x360 6 Reasons Why We Cant Wait For RoboCop

The movie may be called RoboCop and not ManCop, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’d be a pretty stupid idea for a movie if there wasn’t a man inside the machine. The conflict of the story isn’t OmniCorp versus the crime, it’s the struggle of the humanity within the half-robot half-man. Really, it’s the struggle of the man inside trying to escape the controls of his machine.

The original film did a very good job at examining that struggle, but there were some aspects that were majorly lacking. When I watch the original film, I do so for the great action and sci-fi elements, not for the character study aspect of it. In an interview with a Dutch website a few years ago, director Jose Padilha discussed a bit about how his take on the story would differ from the original.

I love the sharpness and political tone of RoboCop , and I think that such a film is now urgently needed. But I will not repeat what Verhoeven has done so clearly and strongly. Instead I try to make a film that will address topics that Verhoeven untreated. If you are a man changes into a robot, how do you do that? What is the difference between humans and robots developed? What is free will? What does it mean to lose your free will?

It’s what Padilha says about the difference between humans and robots that has me the most excited. That’s obviously a popular theme in sci-fi movies, and it becomes more and more relevant with the evolution of artificial intelligence. There’s going to be a battle between Alex Murphy and the robot around him, and I can’t wait to see how Padilha tackles that conflict.

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4) Joel Kinnaman

022412 Joel Kinnaman Robocop 595x360 6 Reasons Why We Cant Wait For RoboCop

Obviously, one of the most important parts of any movie is the titular character. In the case of RoboCop, officer Alex Murphy was originally played by Peter Weller, an actor who didn’t have much in the way of major exposure before his starring role in 1987.

Stepping into Weller’s shoes is a rising star named Joel Kinnaman. Fans of AMC’s The Killing will recognize Kinnaman as Det. Holder, but for most other American moviegoers, the name is likely an unfamiliar one. But just because he isn’t already a major action star doesn’t mean he doesn’t have the potential to become one. He’s a talented actor with a great presence and he’s also fairly good-looking. Basically, he has the essentials for a modern action hero, which RoboCop has the potential to turn him into.

If you need proof of his ability before rushing to see him play Alex Murphy, check out Daniel Espinosa’s Easy Money. The Swedish film tells the story of JW (Kinnaman), a man who becomes a drug runner in order to maintain his double life. That role won him a Guldbagge Award (a Swedish film award given by the Swedish Film Institute) for best actor in a leading role. I have no doubt that RoboCop will feature another excellent performance from Kinnaman.

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5) Jay Baruchel

jay baruchel 6 Reasons Why We Cant Wait For RoboCop

Even though sci-fi isn’t necessarily a genre filled with comedy, it still is nice when humor is present. With most science fiction, that isn’t the case. Think about the premises of some of 2013′s best films in the genre. A couple of astronauts float hopelessly in space. A man hit with a lethal dose of radiation has to go to desperate measures to save his life. A man can’t sustain relationships with normal humans so he falls in love with his computer. None of those scream a hilarious good time. And neither does “A man gets blown up and put inside a machine to keep crime off the streets.”

Still, just as there were some laughs to be found in GravityElysium and Her, I’m fairly confident that RoboCop is going to have its funny moments, too. And if I had to put money on it, I’d bet a good majority of those are coming from Jay Baruchel. We still don’t know how big his role is going to be, though I’m assuming it isn’t huge, but his one line from the trailer was certainly the lightest bit of the two minutes, and it was enough to make me laugh.

Baruchel is one of my favorite comedic actors working today, and I think he’s just about perfect for a movie like this. While he may not be considered one of the funniest guys out there, I think there’s a nice subtly to his humor and he provides me with just as many laughs as some of the bigger names in the industry. But unlike the biggest comic names, his presence won’t take away from the gravity of the plot or the social issues it tackles. I couldn’t have been happier to hear about his casting, and I don’t doubt that he’ll be one of the most enjoyable parts of the film, even if his role’s a small one.

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6) It’s RoboCop!

download 11 512x360 6 Reasons Why We Cant Wait For RoboCop
Come on now. You know the fact that this is another RoboCop movie makes it well worth your while. The original franchise is incredibly fun and enjoyable. There’s great action, plenty of cool sci-fi elements and a man put inside a robot! What more could you possibly want?

I firmly believe that the RoboCop reboot will end up being more of a good thing. They’ve put together a lot of really strong pieces and there’s no reason why that shouldn’t spell success. If everything goes well, this could be the first of a few new chapters in the franchise, bringing RoboCop to a whole new generation of fans.

Regardless of whether you feel the franchise was in need of a reboot, there’s no denying the fact that more RoboCop should mean more fun at the movies. I can’t promise this is going to be on the level of the original film, or even a “good” movie. What I can promise though is that it’s going to be a fun time at the theater. Besides, there are far worse movies that you could see in February.

What are your thoughts on RoboCop? Are you excited as well? Head on down to the comments section and let us know!

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  • Phresh>-/o

    For me, nothing will top the original, & if I’m going to watch Robocop, then that’s the one I’ll be watching… there’s something about that gritty looking video age that doesn’t make it in movies today, & without that scene where Murphy’s hand gets shot off, there’s no way I feel as emotional for the character, hence I understand the new Robocop will be blown up by a car explosion so there will be no loss of his hand, in fact his hand is the only thing left on him that’s still human, besides his head… which loses way cool points for me already, but having said that, & I could go on, I will state that I look forward to the new consideration… also Michael Keaton is in it, so that makes me happy… there really is no comparison… (it’s not a decent comparison, but take the Total Recal reboot, it was okay, a good movie, yet if I’m going to watch Total Recal, I’ll be watching the original… the new version was a one time watcher for me… ) but I think this new Robocop will be worth watching more than once, just not like the original which was kind of before it’s time, & now that it’s time is here, I don’t know, won’t really until I see the movie, but by previews alone, it’s going to be far better than Total Recall & hopefully it will inspire younger movieites to check out the original which truly is a one of a kind movie experience, I’m honestly excited about this new version, it could be pretty cool, but we’ll see if… I’d by that for a dollar… or not… but I think it’s safe to say that regardless what you think or where you stand on reboots, if you like Robocop in any way, you’ll be seeing this movie, most likely in the theater, because these days it takes a lot for me to choose to pay & see a movie in the theater, & I think this one has what it takes… Freakie Deakie

  • Ben Frank

    This is such a dumb article. The author was clearly never a fan of the original. The man inside the machine??? Why would you give a fuk about that? It wont addd anything to the story. The bottom line is that this reboot is shameless and. I mean having an explosion rather than guns being the cause of his wounds is fucking sacriligious, all for the sake of pg-13. I can’t wait to see this movie get panned

  • Luis A Bernal

    Can’t jump on board. RoboCop is a classic in excess. The violence was over the top and the story of a machine slowly discovering the real memories of his life as a husband and father was awesome. You see his transformation from man to machine and back to man. This new version he still has his memory and his family seems intact. That and the fact that the original was a hard R almost 3 decades ago and would still be today. The idea of a digitally heavy, watered down PG-13 version is insulting. That is two classic Paul Verhoeven Sci Fi classics neutered in less than two years. Sad. Total Recall was also remade into a forgettable PG-13 remake.

  • KristianS

    I also have no intrest in watching the new Robocop. I like what this writer is saying but when in it comes down to it, Robocop was a satire. Robocop was more than a point and shoot action hero because what he represents. To turn him into a cookie cutter action hero with a suit that looks like the recent Batsuit loses something in the character. The original was about power and money and what happens if we mix fancy machinery with Justice. It all came down to the clear fact that if you dont have the human element, then you dont have a clear right vs wrong, you just have control.

  • Paddy

    I’ve seen the remake, it was released in Ireland on Fri 7th Feb. The suit does look good on screen, both the silver and black versions. The CGI in some scenes is impressive, in others it a bit crap, Joel is OK in the titular role as well. But sorry to disappoint the writer of this article, but Jay Baruchel is terrible in this. He isn’t interesting to watch on screen, and the two scenes where he tries to be the funny character fall completely flat. It’s not a bad film, It’s quite rushed and no characters get time to establish themselves before the story moves on to another scene. I would like a sequel but I hope that Padhila (if he is brought back) spends more time letting us get to know and like the characters instead of constantly pushing this “drones are going to be used in wars, think about that” message he was clearly forcing down our throats in almost every scene, so we never really got to see Lewis that much, or anything about the supposed bad guy Vallon.