The 10 Sexiest Superhero Girlfriends

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Life really isn’t fair for us normal guys. I mean, I can’t kiss upside-down in the rain, I can’t take a girl for a ride in the Batmobile, and I certainly can’t carry a girl as I fly over Metropolis. Superheroes have a distinct advantage in picking up women, and therefore they get the most beautiful women imaginable. That’s a way more lucrative part of the job than the whole risking life and limb bit.

The women standing beside our favorite heroes are often grossly overlooked. These girls keep the likes of Batman, Spidey, and Superman going when all hope seems to be lost. It’s time they got some credit, since their credit is long overdue.

And that is where we come in. We’ve gone through the best of superhero movies and TV shows with the intent of finding out just which love interests are the sexiest. Some tough decisions were involved, and many quality women were left off the list, but in the end we were able to narrow it down to the 10 choices that you’ll find on the next few pages.

For this list, we’ve only included women who aren’t actually superheroes. Obviously if a girl has super powers, part of that is going to be super-attractiveness. So it isn’t really fair to count them, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some super attractive normal girls to consider. This list also isn’t based on the character alone. The actress who played her is just as important, and because of that, the personality and looks provided in comic books don’t factor in here.

With a lot more superhero films on the way, there will likely be some quality women who are making a run at this list (Amy Adams anyone?), but the selections here are only from films released prior to 2013.

WIth that in mind, read on for our list of the 10 sexiest superhero girlfriends.


10. Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane Watson in The Spider-Man Trilogy

kirsten dunst mary jane watson The 10 Sexiest Superhero Girlfriends

The most iconic of all superhero girlfriends, Mary Jane Watson is the guiding light and cornerstone for Peter Parker as he faces all the obstacles involved with his night job as a web-slinging saviour  In the Sam Raimi version of the Spider-Man films, MJ is played by Kirsten Dunst. Although she didn’t nearly do the character justice, Dunst was a bit short on the seductive side and a bit long on the whiny depressing side, she still melted the hearts of comic nerds everywhere when she was kissed upside down in the rain.

Perhaps Shailene Woodley will channel a bit more of MJ’s sexy side than Dunst did, but for now, Dunst is still a worthy addition to this list. The MJ in the cartoons was way too seductive for any proper kid’s Saturday morning viewing. Ladies: if you want to win a Spidey fan’s heart, just learn how to hiss “Hey tiger” like MJ does. Game, set, match.

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9. Katie Holmes as Rachel Dawes in Batman Begins

rachel 576x360 The 10 Sexiest Superhero Girlfriends

Rachel Dawes is the one woman to have any control over Bruce Wayne, yet she isn’t so independent that she doesn’t require saving at some point. She’s unimpressed by his playboy escapades about town, and that hurts him to the soul, since she’s the only one whose opinion actually matters. It’s her promise of committing after Gotham no longer needs Batman that drives him to want to toss away his cowl for good.

And can you blame him? I’d give up being the Dark Knight to be with Katie Holmes. It’s either run around at night getting shot at by thugs, or settling down in his mansion with Rachel at his side. Forget about the welfare of Gotham. She’s absolutely gorgeous, especially in this movie.

The only major flaw with The Dark Knight is the fact that Holmes didn’t return. Maggie Gyllenhaal in the role simply isn’t the same. She did an adequate job, but there was just no reason for audiences to fall in love with her like with the original Rachel. Bruce had her in the back of his mind during everything he did in Batman Begins, and that’s why Holmes’ Rachel is the girl that fans want to remember.

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8. Eva Mendes as Roxanne Simpson in Ghost Rider

r9lfk9 648x360 The 10 Sexiest Superhero Girlfriends

Yes, Ghost Rider was the ultimate letdown and anyone other than Nic Cage would’ve been a better choice for Johnny Blaze, but Eva Mendes as Roxanne Simpson was a phenomenal casting decision. Obviously it’s important to have a super sexy woman in a comic-film, and if the film is going to suck, the woman better be all the sexier. So yeah, there really couldn’t have been anyone other than Mendes to take on the role. In fact, the only watchable scenes of the whole movie were the ones she was in.

The independent, journalist-type is something that isn’t going away in comic book films anytime soon. And there’s a reason for that. It’s really hot! Plus, I want to give major props to Mendes for being willing to cuddle up with Cage. That takes a special kind of woman, and for that courage, and the sexiness she brought to the film, we can forgive that she ever did this film in the first place.

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7. Katie Cassidy as Laurel Lance in Arrow

laurel lance arrow bc thumb 550x411 102276 481x360 The 10 Sexiest Superhero Girlfriends

A newcomer to the super girlfriends club, at least on screen, Dinah ‘Laurel’ Lance is part of the beautiful people oil that keeps Arrow running smoothly. How in the world Oliver was cheating on her with her sister I’ll never know. I guess he really was that big of an idiot before the crash, because you’d have to be a fool in the purest form to cheat on Laurel.

Laurel is smart, cunning, and sexy, which is a pretty good combination. Plus, she wants the same thing as Oliver does, she’s just going about it in a slightly less effective, slightly more legal way. Sure, their relationship is a bit like Rachel and Bruce in Batman Begins (okay it’s exactly the same) but it adds a great dynamic to the show nonetheless.

Later on, she will likely become a superhero, specifically the Black Canary, but for now she’s only a district attorney, so she counts for the list. That being said, once she becomes a superhero she’ll be that much hotter.

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6. Kim Basinger as Vicki Vale in Batman

VickiValeKimBasinger 642x360 The 10 Sexiest Superhero Girlfriends

Vicki Vale was a lot more interested in Bruce Wayne than Batman was in Vicki Vale, but we’ll let that slide since she definitely deserves a spot on this list. Yeah, their relationship was completely modeled after Clark Kent and Lois Lane, but that just made it all the better, as there really isn’t a better superhero couple to base things on.

A journalist who looks like this is definitely going to get the exclusive interviews she needs. Erin Andrews has nothing on Vicki Vale, as she takes being seductive while looking for scoops to a whole new level. Sure, her relationship with Bruce didn’t last, but she was attractive enough that the Joker deemed her the proper bait to finally bring Batman down.

She was also the first real love interest for the new age of live-action Batman films. As Tim Burton brought the new age of Batman to us, fans forgot all about Selina Kyle, Talia al Ghul, and the rest. Well maybe not completely forget, but they did go nuts for her. I mean, You wanna get nuts? Come on! Let’s get nuts!

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5. Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man

emma spidey gwen The 10 Sexiest Superhero Girlfriends

MJ may be the most iconic of all Spidey’s girls, but a new generation of web-slinging wannabes are going to be swooning over Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy for a long time to come.

Stone has made her career out of getting with nerds (see Zombieland, Superbad, Easy A, etc…) and Parker is the ultimate nerd. By the end of the movie though, Gwen was loved by far more than just nerds. She became an iconic feminine hero within minutes. Instead of the usual method of the attractive girl avoiding the hero until they’re famous, Gwen wants to be involved with Peter, or at least is nice to him, even before he’s bitten. It was that first moment when she makes sure Peter knows his own name that she won audiences over, and the rest of the movie just fueled the infatuation.

I know it’s in the comics, but please Marc Webb, I’m begging you, don’t kill Gwen off. At least not so soon. We’ve only started to see how incredibly cute her and Peter are together, and she’s gonna be snatched away from us far before her time. Ditch the trilogy plans, make it an 8-part series, and kill her off in part 7 or something. Maybe by then we’ll have had our fill of Gwen. As it stands though, The Amazing Spider-Man was only a small introduction to the sexiest of the Stacy clan.

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4. Erica Durance as Lois Lane in Smallville

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No superhero’s girl is more iconic than Lois Lane. You can walk down the street and ask anyone, even those who’ve never come close to picking up a comic book, and they’re going to know who Lois Lane is. And nobody has played Lois better, or hotter, than Erica Durance on Smallville.

She’s a strong independent woman, which is sexy in itself, but then when you take into account how she looks, it’s game over. While Lana is more of your typical damsel in distress, Lois is able to take care of herself, at least for the most part. Of course there are going to be situations when she needs saving from Superman, but what would a hero’s girl be if that didn’t happen on occasion?

The question now is will Amy Adams be able to overtake Durance as the sexiest woman to ever play Lois? We’ll have to wait until June to find out, but I’m hoping Adams will be able to come close to the standard Durance set.

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3. Natalie Portman as Jane Foster in Thor

thor photo natalie portman The 10 Sexiest Superhero Girlfriends

Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster is as beautiful as a goddess. You don’t have to take my word for that, I mean, she got a god to fall for her, and fall so hard that he was willing to stay realms away from his home planet, so she obviously was exceeding the women of Asgard. Okay, well maybe not a god, but a demi-god is just as good, right?

In Thor, Foster is an astrophysicist who finds the mysterious hero after he has crashed to earth. They dance around the fact that they’re going to ultimately get together until eventually they share a passionate kiss, just before he departs back to his home planet. But she wins him over so completely that he desperately searches for a way to get back to her and again feel her sweet embrace. His return to Asgard also makes Thor the ultimate long-distance love story. Think about that next time you’re feeling lonely when your significant other is a few hundred miles away.

Obviously Thor was going to get with Portman’s character, I mean, she’s seduced some of the most iconic characters in film history. With Darth Vader, V, and Mila Kunis all checks on her list, a long-haired, hammer-swinging superhero really wasn’t any match.

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2. Nicole Kidman as Dr. Chase Meridian in Batman Forever

batman forever The 10 Sexiest Superhero Girlfriends

Batman Forever may have been the start of the decline of the 90′s Dark Knight, but nothing was wrong with casting Nicole Kidman as Dr. Chase Meridian.

The ultimate femme fatale, Kidman has played a seductress time and time again, and it never gets old. Her prime in this character type was definitely the late 90s, and Batman Forever was the start. Remember that scene where she’s draped in nothing but a silk sheet and admits that she sleeps naked? Maybe this movie wasn’t that bad after all, eh? She’s smart too, and she pays attention to super villains enough that she knew exactly why Two-Face hit the bank he did, when he did, and she reveals that in the first minute of meeting Batman.

This list may be a bit Batman-girl heavy, but he is a billionaire playboy when he’s not busy being the Caped Crusader, so naturally he’s gonna snag some of the hottest babes in Gotham. Meridian at first thinks Batman is bonkers, but what’s better than a good old love-triangle between a girl and both of your personalities. Batman scored big time in snagging this hottie.

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1. Blake Lively as Carol Ferris in The Green Lantern

blake lively green lantern 6 532x360 The 10 Sexiest Superhero Girlfriends

For all the things that may have gone wrong with The Green Lantern, one thing is a certainty: you cannot go wrong with Blake Lively.

Let me say this, there are few things sexier than a woman who can fly a jet like she does at the start of the movie. Minutes into the film I was completely sold, and throughout she just got better and better. The scene where her and Hal are at the bar she looks absolutely beautiful, and there was even something magical about her floating in the air with a needle at her neck.

Carol Farris gets major points here for recognizing Hal beneath his suit. Just because he has on a small green mask doesn’t mean a girl who has known him forever isn’t going to be able to tell who he is, especially when he doesn’t even turn his voice in a Christian Bale-esq growl. It’s about time that a girl recognized the hero instantly.

Lively didn’t even show off her phenomenal body in the film and she still won me over. For the most part she wore modest clothing, showing that when you’re as beautiful as she is, you don’t have to show skin to land the Green Lantern. In fact, Lively won the Lantern’s heart so fiercely that the man who played Hal Jordan, Ryan Reynolds, needed to marry her in real life. Lively as Farris is without a doubt, the sexiest superhero girlfriend of all time.

That’s our list of the sexiest superhero girlfriends. What do you think of the order? Is there someone we left off? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • Fenn

    Oh man…how could u have included Katie Holmes from Batman Begins and not the sexy, wonderful Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle in The Dark Knight Rises??? Not to mention, Catwoman/Selina Kyle IS the main love interest (sorry i dont consider Talia as one) of Bruce Wayne AND Batman of all time (even in the comics). Need i say more??? Pls revise your list dude!

    • Alex Lowe

      Ah sorry if I wasn’t clear, didn’t count any superheroes. And even though they never call her Catwoman, she’s definitely Catwoman. But I totally agree, if we were counting heroes, she’d be top 3 for sure.

  • Doh

    You have the right people, but wrong order…

  • Anonymouse

    IMHO, as far are this list goes, Vicki Vale should be the #1.

    Also, Selena Kyle (Anne Hathaway) should be on this list too.

  • Jesse

    I’m not sure about the whole list. but the one spot you absolutely nailed, is number 1. As you say, the most revealing thing Blake wore (if memory serves) is an evening gown that is on the marginally tight side. She looked hottest of all in her flight suit.