New Star-Studded Trailer For The Company You Keep

Robert Redford The Company You Keep e1343158825682 New Star Studded Trailer For The Company You Keep
Last time we saw Robert Redford behind the camera, he delivered the forgettable, by-the-numbers legal drama The Conspirator, but now he appears to be stepping up his game a bit with his next project. It’s called The Company You Keep, a film that boasts one of the most impressive cast lists I’ve seen in quite a while.

Today, thanks to The Playlist, we have the trailer for the film which comes off as a drama with a splash of thrills.

The official synopsis reads as follows:

The Company You Keep chronicles the story of a former Weather Underground militant wanted by the FBI for 30 years, who must go on the run when his true identity is exposed by a young, ambitious reporter hell-bent on making a name for himself.

As for the cast, it includes Robert Redford, Shia LaBeouf, Stanley Tucci, Nick Nolte, Chris Cooper, Anna Kendrick, Terrence Howard, Julie Christie, Sam Elliott, Brendan Gleeson, Richard Jenkins, and Susan Sarandon. How’s that for an ensemble?

The Company You Keep will be premiering at the Toronto and Venice Film Festivals, but does not yet have an official release date.

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think in the comments.

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  • Domiziano Arcangeli

    Looks truly like the great film i was expecting, I am just horrified,
    disappointed, and sadly understanding, that even the clever Sony
    Pictures Classics send out a Trailer where the lead female, and crucial
    key role of this film, played -exceptionally- by Iconic, Julie Christie,
    someone a little above everyone else, not only here, but, anywhere
    else, and someone, that, with her own very typical understated and,
    initially, not even promoted, yet exceptional turn in “Afterglow”, just
    about 14 years ago, resurrected with her fascinating luminous
    performance, from obscurity, an insightful film like “Afterglow”which
    became instead, quickly, the talk of this town, and every other town,
    for her exquisite, magical turn! Christie, anytime is in fact granted a
    role, and not just a cameo, gets Awards everywhere, and at least, is
    Nominated for the Oscars and Golden Globes, as well: she won in 1998-
    for just Sony Classics “Afterglow”- who barely spent a dime or two for
    marketing, a Best Actress Spirit Award, a Best Dramatic actress Golden
    Globe, and many,many extremely prestigious other prizes such as the
    Bafta, New York Critics Film Circle, and National Board of Review, just
    to cite a few, and she was the favorite at the Oscars that year who went
    instead, very undeserved to Helen Hunt for her role in another Sony
    movie, the block buster comedy”As Good as it Gets”.
    And here we are
    again! While, Christie has 3rd billing after Shia and Redford, and
    plays the most central, enigmatic character of all Redford’s new (and
    thank God, fantastic looking!!!) motion picture, she is not even showed
    once, in this trailer, and, instead, actors who play as strongly as she
    does, i am sure, yet, obviously minor roles, are prominently shown
    This is not just confusing, but, also such a vulgar
    example of today’s poor recognition of real talent and greater
    personalities, such a disrespectful attempt towards an everlasting,
    adored icon like Julie Christie, who’s also the most originally and
    brilliantly casting choice of the whole film!! In my honest opinion, and
    i don’t rep her, i am only a filmmaker who always loved her, since any
    of her movies taught me something unforgettable,while her work and
    presence still and always have haunted me, like the perpetual concept of
    elevated,evolved cinema, she so naturally infuses,
    the real image
    of a lady who without even trying ever (it is well known how many films
    she has turned down and how always she `refused to play the games of
    this town, just as a sign of respect to herself and to others, way less
    fortunate than her!) has been an impressive, true class act for over 4
    decades, that shouldn’t be “obscured” in this tragic era of Hilton’s and
    Kardashian’s, but, actually, truly highlighted and exposed, as an
    example of greatness: a movie star with integrity and an Icon, who never
    even thought about herself for a minute, but dedicated her life to
    higher learning,while always making some beautiful, selected films,
    remembering us of how a greater Cinema is still possible,even today!
    lady has presented this Industry by, living her life fully, and using
    fame only for helping deserving political, environmental, and human
    rights causes, shining always of a radiant beauty, a natural enigmatic
    muse of the Seventh Art, able to still bringing us to the movies only
    and always for a more noble experience, just granted by watching her,
    once defined, ” the most poetic of all actresses”! While still excited
    about this film, since i know for a fact Christie is a major player, and
    the key character of everyone’s search in this awesome plot, I am
    thrilled to see these first exceptional images from what seems a truly
    powerful, possibly Oscar worthy picture, but, at the end, i still deeply
    regret this Trailer, who does not showcase Julie Christie, for a
    second: a true shame for Hollywood, showing very clearly, its lack of
    respect for true integrity, an incredible past and filmography, and,
    still, at her age, a real outstanding talent and beauty!