5 Characters From The Vampire Diaries That You Wish Hadn’t Been Staked

vampire diaries season 4 cast picture kac 101112 5 Characters From The Vampire Diaries That You Wish Hadnt Been Staked

If there’s one thing that The Vampire Diaries always delivers on, besides the promise of vampire love triangles, it’s a regular dose of death.

Although occasionally it happens to a human character (and no, being turned into a vampire doesn’t count), most of the time it’s someone of the supernatural persuasion that bites the dust. The writers of The Vampire Diaries have turned what could have been a formulaic teen drama into a game of ‘guess who’s dying this week,’ leaving us speechless season after season.

It would be easy to play it safe and bring in a slew of supporting characters that are up to the task, but the team behind TVD rarely goes that route. The Vampire Diaries specializes in pulling at our heartstrings. The plots compel us to become invested in these characters and then just when we think they are crucial to the story, death becomes them.

Over the past 3 and a half seasons, fans of the series have been dealt some pretty traumatic blows by deaths you would have never seen coming. On that note, we’ve come up with a list of our top five favorite characters that we wish wouldn’t have been staked, or had their hearts ripped out. Check them out below while you wait for The Vampire Diaries to return for its final five episodes of the season, and let us know if there’s anyone you’d add to the list!

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5.  Anna

Malese 5 Characters From The Vampire Diaries That You Wish Hadnt Been Staked

As if being trapped in a tomb for a hundred plus years, slowly desiccating, after a vampire hunting mob tried to burn you and your mother alive wasn’t bad enough, Anna (Malese Jow) met her untimely death in episode 122 - Founder’s Day – at the hands of John Gilbert (David Anders).

In an ironic twist of fate, Gilbert was a descendent of the man who originally betrayed Anna’s mother, Pearl (Kelly Hu), in 1864 and got them thrown in with the rest of the vampires marked for death by the council. Many of those same vampires ended up with Anna in the end, although they didn’t have the luxury of already being dead before the basement of the building they were trapped in was engulfed with flames. Even so, it was still a pretty gnarly way to go.

This was Jeremy’s (Steven R. McQueen) second girlfriend in a row to end up on the wrong side of a stake. Her death was not only a giant blow to our favorite little brother, but a huge disappointment to fans.

Luckily, Anna has had a few opportunities to make guest appearances on the show. Between Jeremy’s unusual ability to see ghosts and the mass return of the deceased in episode 307 - Ghost World, we’ve gotten a minor fix of the vamp we learned to love.

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4. Kol Mikaelson

Nathaniel Buzolic as Kol Michaelson on The Vampire Diaries Heart of Darkness 5 Characters From The Vampire Diaries That You Wish Hadnt Been Staked

Although he didn’t have his brother Finn’s (Casper Zafer) penchant for inner conflict, at the end of the day, Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic) did seem to be the most logical Original we’ve met. Now that we know for certain Silas (David Alpay) is bad news, it’s possible that Kol is screaming “told you so!” from the other side – possibly while jumping up and down.

Over the course of the series we’ve had plenty of time to get acquainted with Klaus (Joseph Morgan), Rebekah (Claire Holt), and Elijah (Daniel Gillies), and Finn was clearly an acceptable casualty. Kol, however, never really got a chance to peak. His screen time was limited to playing enforcer for his siblings and later trying to thwart them in an effort to stop them from raising Silas.

Fans never had the opportunity to watch his character develop and this is really the biggest injustice. Kol obviously had more to him then meets the eye. Even though his plan to cut off Jeremy’s arms wasn’t exactly a winner, it would have been nice if that final scene had played out differently e.g. hadn’t ended in him bursting into flames in the middle of the kitchen.

Kol ended his run on The Vampire Diaries in episode 412 – A View To A Kill.

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3. Jenna Sommers

sara 5 Characters From The Vampire Diaries That You Wish Hadnt Been Staked

The tragic loss of Aunt Jenna (Sara Canning) is one of the most shocking ordeals that fans of The Vampire Diaries have had to go through – and it was equal parts traumatizing and unexpected.

When Jenna’s world was shattered by the revelation that supernatural beings existed and were a part of her, and her family’s everyday life, our hearts went out to her. She barely had the time to accept this new knowledge before her life was cut short by one vengeful Original on a mission to create a hybrid army.

Jenna became the final piece in the sacrificial puzzle, so to speak, in episode 221 – The Sun Also Rises. If it wasn’t hard enough to watch her scramble around as she transitioned into a vampire, we also had to watch as Elena (Nina Dobrev) sat helplessly by for it all. The Salvatore brothers may have thought they had planned for everything by tethering Elena to her biological father, John Gilbert, but the surprise addition of Jenna to the mix threw everyone off their game and there wasn’t time to adapt the plan to save her before Klaus made his move.

After her death, Elena and Jeremy were once again short a parental figure. Jenna’s boyfriend, Alaric (Matt Davis) - who is almost as unlucky in love as Jeremy – stepped in to fill the void, but no one could really take her place for us.

Rest in Piece, Aunt Jenna.

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2. Brady

brady1 640x360 5 Characters From The Vampire Diaries That You Wish Hadnt Been Staked

The most obvious werewolf choice would have been Mason Lockwood (Taylor Kinney) of course, but he had a decent run and I don’t really lament Damon (Ian Somerhalder) ripping his heart out. However, I could have done without Stefan (Paul Wesley) ripping out Brady’s (Stephen Amell).

Brady may have been bent on murdering the doppelgänger to lift Klaus’s hybrid curse and revenging Mason’s death by taking out both Salvatore brothers, and we can’t forget his role in the torture of Caroline (Candice Accola), but most of that can be forgiven. When you get past those discretions, there’s at least few reasons why it would have been nice to keep him around a bit longer.

The Vampire Diaries boasts quite a few vampire heartthrobs, which makes sense because they are the focus of the show. Yet, with Tyler (Michael Trevino) now on the run from Klaus, it would be nice if there was an attractive werewolf waiting in the wings to take his place. Brady would have been perfect for that role. He was an alpha male, a born leader.

Brady was impulsive and passionate, and clearly had a high tolerance for pain given the number of times we watched Elena stab him. Too bad he didn’t live long enough for us to get to know him better.

This alpha wolf lost Elena, and his life, in episode 214 – Crying Wolf.

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1. Lexi

lexi 641x360 5 Characters From The Vampire Diaries That You Wish Hadnt Been Staked

It’s not that we haven’t gotten our fill of Lexi (Arielle Kebbel) over the years. We’ve had plenty of flashbacks involving Saint Lexi saving Stefan from himself. We’ve even been privy to some not so saint-like behavior involving Damon and a New York City night club. Yet, there’s something about knowing that she’s not really there that doesn’t quite satisfy us.

Lexi was Stefan’s best, and it still looks like only, friend – unless you count Klaus. She’s obviously the key in deciphering a lot of Stefan’s past which is why we’ve been able to reunite with her in a smattering of episodes since Damon staked her in episode 108 – 162 Candles. Unfortunately, we only got to see them interact in the present in a single episode back in season one and briefly, post-mortem, early in season 3.

She’s like a walking, talking version of one of Stefan’s diaries and we need more than occasional access to her. If Silas succeeds in his plan to drop the walls between the real world and the “other” world, and only one dead supernatural can make it back – she has my vote.

So that concludes our list. An honorable mention goes to Rose (Lauren Cohan). She had a great arc, but sadly was collateral damage in season 3. However, she had a profound impact on Damon and for that, fans everywhere are grateful.

The Vampire Diaries returns for the final 5 episodes of season 4 on April 18th. Until then, head to the comments and let us know which deaths in the show hit you the hardest.

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  • Katy

    Though he wasnt staked, i miss Alaric so so much!

    • http://twitter.com/ellaBronx Lindsay Sperling

      He had a great run and I was satisfied with how he went, even if I wasn’t happy to see him go.

      • janisp3

        There was simply no reason for him to go.

    • Andrew

      Alaric was pretty awesome. I bet Damon misses his drinking buddy. Sad when he had to go.

  • becky

    I cried when kol died. I was so upset. He is my favorite original

  • janisp3

    I competely miss Alaric!! Not to mention Aunt Jenna & Jeremy !! What are they thinking, gettng rid such awesome key players? Makes TVD fans sad.

  • GIllian

    i miss anna,aunt jenna,alaric,kol and lexi how i wish they would come back:((

  • Julia Daws

    Alaric is at the top of my list. Jenna’s death was shocking and sad but we had so much more time to bond with Alaric. I miss him so much. And also Lexi, I think that her death was the worst thing the show has ever done, she is the key to Stephen’s past and his demons, she is everything that makes him good. She had such a role to play and they took her away from us as soon as they introduced her. I felt Kol had a much bigger role to play than just bursting into flames as well.