Beauty And The Beast Returns To The CW This Summer

Beauty and The Beast 1 Beauty And The Beast Returns To The CW This Summer

After the CW put its sophomore drama Beauty and the Beast on an indefinite hiatus last month, fans engaged in a unsatisfying debate through social media about what that meant for the future of the show. The network still hasn’t officially commented on whether BATB will be renewed for another season, but they have announced, via their website, that the series will return this summer for the second part of season two.

This is a huge victory for fans of the show, who were left with their jaws on the floor after the writers threw in a major cliffhanger when Beauty and the Beast last aired on March 10. Following that episode, the Monday night time slot was filled with the new drama, Star-Crossed, and Beauty and the Beast disappeared from the schedule completely. Rumors circulated that this was the end for the fan favorite, and with the network staying tight lipped, things unfortunately didn’t look promising.

The CW isn’t exactly known for its unconventional programming model, but over the last few years viewers may have noticed them veering in that direction. Besides airing shows during the regular season – premiering in the fall, season finale in late spring/early summer, holiday hiatus somewhere in the middle – the network has also taken advantage of the summer by debuting shows during that time. They have more recently began to air series in shorter segments, making premiere dates more flexible and giving new shows a chance to survive in a competitive prime-time market. All of which probably (and thankfully) contributed to Beauty and the Beast‘s return.

Although there’s still a lot up in the air when it comes to Beauty and the Beast, fans will at least get another chance to see where Cat (Kristin Kreuk) and Vincent (Jay Ryan) go from this point. And if this is it for the series, hopefully the writers will have the foresight to tie everything up in a neat bow, sending these beloved characters off the right way.

Beauty and the Beast returns to The CW on June 2nd.

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  • Angie Redding

    Hell Yes! I’ll be tuning in! Fans of the show are still confident that our show will be renewed for a 3rd season. We never stop #BATBelieving.

  • Karin

    Would NOT miss it for the world. Cannot wait for its return and affirmation of a third season. Its International following is huge (200+ markets) so never stop #BATBBelieving indeed!

  • sinbella

    Cannot wait for my beloved show #BATB to return in June. This hiatus is too long. And with regards to the fate of our show, I remain hopeful and positive that CW will give us S3.

  • Monique Huurman

    Will absolutely be tuning in – couldn’t pay me to miss my favourite show :D #KeepBATBelieving

  • Karen Barnes

    Really, really hoping that BATB is renewed! Beasties are suffering terrible withdrawals during this long hiatus. I feel that the writers have so much more to give, that finishing with this season will be rushed and ill conceived.Really, really hoping that BATB is renewed! Beasties are suffering terrible withdrawals during this long hiatus. I feel that the writers have so much more to give, that finishing with this season will be rushed and ill conceived.

  • Kathleen Novak

    Can’t wait! It’s my favorite show. #BatB Hurry June 2nd.!

  • R2

    Can’t wait. Suffering with withdrawal

  • Diane LadyDye

    Looking forward to June 2! I don’t and won’t miss an episode–even if it’s a repeat. I love this show! We need S3. #BATBBelieving!

  • Angela Paraboschi

    #Batb deserves a 3rd season

  • Elisa N

    We love #BATB! Deserves season 3!

  • Patrizia Trevisan

    I’ m happy and i want season 3 #BATB

  • BLynn

    Love this show , will definately be watching.

  • Roberta

    batb #batb for ever

  • @barbipallina

    Fans we love Beauty And The Beast and fight to the end for it We Want S3 #BATB

  • Alessia

    #Batb! I love this show!

  • sabrina

    bath for ever

    • Angie Redding

      lol….thanks for sharing your bathing habits but what about BATB? :-)

  • Jarneen

    Definitely tuning in, there is no question about it

  • VINCATfan

    Can’t wait for June 2nd! This hiatus feels like an eternity!!! Praying for season 3, as the idea of losing this show, is just unthinkable! There is still so much more to be explored, they’ve really only just touched the surface! Season 2 has been very dramatic, interesting & intriguing, although at times very heartbreaking! The writers have added a great deal of depth to both the storyline and the characters and have given the romance much more meaning now! As a result, we have a show that takes us on a journey, evoking a wide spectrum of emotions, from love, passion & desire, to heartbreak, anger, angst, fear and disillusionment, which only makes the elation of victory so much sweeter, as well as a wonderful blend of humor! Also, we now have a very complex & interesting mythology, which is very compelling, combined with a beautiful epic love story, that truly touches the soul! This is just the beginning – it cannot be the end!

    • Ina Wegerif

      What a way of words you have, I totally agree with everything you said!

      • VINCATfan

        Thank you so much Ina! xo

  • Debbie G

    Waiting with bated breath for the return of #BATB! Loved season 1′s journey of discovery between Vincent and Catherine and loving season 2′s masterfully written reacquaintance! So much emotion in each episode keeps me glued to the tv and season 3 will only be better so it’s a must!! Best episodic show on TV!! #DontStopBATBelieving!

  • arlene bax

    Absolutely will watch BatB!! Lav this show so much!! great show n great storyline! really deserved a 3rd Season!! can’t wait for June 2!!

  • Ina Wegerif

    Of course I will tune in on June 2nd. This hiatus is way too long. BatB is the only show I’m hooked on (and I watch a lot of shows). I keep my fingers crossed for a S3 because the story hasn’t been completely told yet. It’s very compelling and brings out all kind of emotions, I love that!

    • VINCATfan

      Totally agree with you Ina, very well said hun! xo

  • frockie

    Cn’t wait June the 2nd!!! #BatB

  • Cielo

    I love this show, I couldn’t care less if all the others went off the air, it wouldnt affect me cause they are a dime a dozen. This show is unique from all other shows. It’s addictive and the cahracters are beautiful inside and out.

  • Denise Hart

    Thanks, Lindsay. Can’t wait for June 2! Love BATB and hoping and praying for Season 3!

    • Lindsay Sperling

      No problem! I’m a fan of the show myself :)

  • eloi milani

    I’m looking forward to June 2, but I very much hope in season 3 #BatB

  • Anna

    #Batb deserves a 3rd season

  • RS

    You do realize your show is getting the lowest ratings on broadcast television for original programming. The lowest rating. The top cable 100 don’t go below 0.3. Why would they renew and fund an original show when they could get equivalent ratings from a rerun of Gilligan’s Island? Broadcast television is funded by advertisers. Advertisers are impressed by US 18-49 ratings, not international viewing or trinkets sent to the network. All the roses in the Tournament of Roses Parade will not pay the camera man. The show was pulled for a summer burn-off. It is dead, people.

    • MariaVictoria

      RS you are right, the only way the show is coming back after they show what has been filmed is if suddenly 500,000 more people start watching especially when it first airs. That’s the only way we will see it next year.

    • Fran


  • RS

    For what it’s worth, I think you’ll get an ending. Pedowitz visited the set last December (when the show’s consistently horrible 2nd season ratings (0.3) were already condemning it) probably (pure speculation) to request an ending that could serve as both series and season ends. When it did not improve when it returned in January, it was pulled, sent on hiatus, and left with six episodes in which to end.

  • Sara Parker

    It should end its so boring

  • *+*Angel*+*