5 Excellent Shows To Watch After Breaking Bad Ends

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You can feel the electric static buzz in the air around Breaking Bad right now. The show is just THE subject when it comes to television. Something about the amazing, unrelenting transformation of Walter White has completely ensnared the nation, with every single person who is a fan of TV right now up in arms that at the end of this season, Breaking Bad goes bye-bye. And judging from the dark tone that ran through most of the series, I think it’s safe to say Breaking Bad will not have the type of ending where people ride horses off into the sunset.

No, I think it is safe to say there will be bloodshed, and death, and loss on some pretty extreme scales. So not only will we have to bid ado to Breaking Bad, we will probably be forced to do it in a manner that leaves our hearts aching. It will be loss stacked on top of loss. Better call your doctor and get on that Xanax script now. But take comfort in knowing all is not lost. There are a slew of other amazing shows that exist and have existed prior, that will help you get over the immediate and painful withdrawal you will be forced to go through when you are proverbially “cut off” from Walter White.

While I can’t promise you that any of these shows are better than Breaking Bad, I can promise you that they are all enjoyable enough that you won’t be in your room, sweating and having the tremors in your bed if you watch these.

Here are the five shows that will take you from a Breaking Bad addict back to a regular human being. These are the coolest shows that feel the closest to Breaking Bad, easing you out rather than making you go cold turkey. Except for the last one. The last one is just awesome.


Orange is the New Black

orange is the new black 5 Excellent Shows To Watch After Breaking Bad Ends

I really like the first five or so seasons of Weeds, so when I found out creator Jenji Kohan was working on converting the novel Orange is the New Black into a show, I was definitely intrigued. Though I wasn’t sure that a series about some women in a semi upscale prison would hold my interest very long, I couldn’t have been more off. This show will pull you in right away, and the performances have a lot to do with that. As much as you think this show is focused on the Piper character (who, long and the short, is sent away to prison for a year because she was laundering money for her drug running lesbian lover), that is a minor part of the show.

What you really have here is a study of characters. Many colorful and memorable characters, my favorite being Russian matriarch, Red, played by former Star Trek Voyager Captain, Kate Mulgrew. Red, to me, hits me like the Tyrion character from Game of Thrones. She is far smarter than anyone gives her credit for, she knows how to play all sides, and she steals every scene she is in.

But much like ocean blue meth, this show is addictive, and though it is only one season in, that season was produced by Netflix, so all the episodes are available to you to watch at your own pace.

Just don’t do what I did and watch them all in two days. This list is all about pacing, people.

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The Shield

the shield1 543x360 5 Excellent Shows To Watch After Breaking Bad Ends

Time for us to flash back a bit to a 2002 show that ran on FX called The Shield. The Shield is f*cking kickass, and I cannot understand why I haven’t talked about it until now. It was violent, and shocking, and unflinching, and opened my eyes to a grittier type of television. I honestly believe a show like Breaking Bad would not have worked if a show like The Shield or The Sopranos didn’t have the balls to do some really messed up stuff on TV first.

The Shield is a show about a police precinct in L.A that tends to do things off-the-book. It sort of reminded me of The Wire on HBO for how it gave all sides to the conflict, sometimes showing the bad guys as genuinely bad, and often times also showing them as victims at the hands of the supposed “good.” But really, there was one element about The Shield that stood out to most people.

Michael Chiklis.

He played detective Vic Mackay, and he is truly captivating to watch. Though he seems to be the “protagonist” in this complex tale, immediately you come to learn that he is not really a good guy, in the purest sense of the word. He is just a successful guy at getting stuff done. The stuff no one else is willing to do.

If you enjoyed Breaking Bad, there is no way  you would not appreciate The Shield.

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Hell on Wheels

how2 cullen gallery 560 5 Excellent Shows To Watch After Breaking Bad Ends

Okay, this may ruffle some feathers, but I really look at Hell on Wheels as “Red Dead Redemption: The TV Show,” and though that blows some minds when I say it, the few people who have played the game and watch the show tend to find it to be a spot-on assessment. Hell on Wheels is one of those shows you watch, and it is so grimy and weathered and hazy, that you start to feel like YOU smell when you are watching it.

Wait, I am getting ahead of myself here.

Hell on Wheels is an AMC show that started in 2011 about one man, former soldier and slave owner (so his hands are CLEARLY not clean), who is following the man who killed his wife, looking for revenge, and ends up being in the middle of the construction of the Transcontinental railroads. What we see is him adjusting to his new life, while still keeping aware of his old one, and encountering a whole slew of new souls, just as lost as him, all looking for their own forms of redemption.

Plus, rapper Common plays a slave who kicks much ass and is like “f*ck this slave shit” and that is kind of cool, and very much Common. But overall, just an engrossing, messed-up tale about the insane manner in which America was built, and the dark cast of characters who helped build it.

Speaking of a dark cast of characters…..

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deadwood4601 5 Excellent Shows To Watch After Breaking Bad Ends

Deadwood is, in my honest opinion, outside of BBC’s Misfits, the best show not enough people have seen. Like most of the shows listed here, it is dark, grimy, and there is something about watching it that makes you think your TV is going to develop sores, but that is the very draw of this world.

Deadwood is about a town in the old west that has no law. We follow Seth Bullock and Sol Star as they relocate and try to move on with their lives in the town of Deadwood. It sounds simple, but this is a show for fans of incredible acting and writing. Seeing some of the interactions here remind me why television can be such an amazing medium.

It also introduced me to Ian McShane, who pretty much became my favorite actor the first second I saw him (and heard him) as Al Swearengen, who is the most powerful man in all of Deadwood. There is just something about how McShane carries himself on screen that I find mesmerizing. He scares me. He intimidates me. He makes me wish I was as cool as him.

And in the same breath, he makes me grateful I don’t have to be around him at any point, because he is forcefully intimidating. And he is but one aspect of this multi-tiered ride. Also worth noting is a pre-Justified Timothy Olyphant, who is also unforgettable as the show’s lead with the murky past, Seth.

One warning, though. The language in this show would make DeNiro blush. If you made a drinking game out of taking a shot every time they drop the F bomb on any episode of Deadwood, you would be legally brain dead within the first ten minutes.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer

buffy1 2 480x360 5 Excellent Shows To Watch After Breaking Bad Ends

Listen, I understand that Walter White’s demons were all pretty much metaphorical, but if you imagine them as LITERAL demons, and imagine him as a nubile young woman who has to LITERALLY fight those demons and kill them to move on with his life, then this is the PERFECT follow-up to Breaking Bad. A sort of ancestor that doesn’t admit it “drunk -screwed” its way into the bloodline one night.

It may not be as cerebral as Breaking Bad, but in the same breath, all the other shows I mentioned are heavy, with seriously dark themes throughout. Buffy the Vampire Slayer at least throws in some pop culture nods and some humor around all that heaviness, just to make the impact less, well, depressing. Think about the episode where Buffy loses her Mom. That is powerful, nihilistic stuff, which is to say, pretty much what every episode of Breaking Bad was like.

But Buffy, for the most part, is incredibly fun, stylish, and knows how to poke fun at itself, which is just the kind of show you need to watch after you are forced to fall in love with Walter White and then inevitably watch him die.

Yup, I said it. Now if you’ll excuse me, after all this heavy talk, I want to go watch the musical episode of Buffy. That always puts me in a good mood.

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  • Verbal

    Not to be pedantic, but it’s “bid adieu.”

    • Remy Carreiro

      No, I appreciate that. No worries.

  • Cody Taylor

    Where’s Supernatural? Admittedly it slowed down the past 2 seasons a bit, but it’s still great and seasons 1-6 were phenomenal, and season 9 looks to be pretty epic with the finale of 8.

  • awnuce360

    hell on wheels sucks. it is mood substituted for personality and wit. not even comparable. Supernatural is a joke. stop comparing these crummy second-string shows to the best on television.

  • Everybody

    Does anyone really like Breaking Bad anyway? Its the worst series since Xena warrior princess

    • Obamabigloseryaknow

      Haha. That is funny.

  • Eoghan-Tony Dwyer

    Pretty bad list, Many shows are much better i.e. Battlestar Gallactica, Rome, Under the Dome, Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones if you have been living under a rock, many more

    • Edward Sallas

      Under The Dome????!!!!! Seriously???????

  • Jane Glenister

    Oz ? Surely that should be on any list of TV shows to watch ?

  • Cerone

    Breaking Bad is great on a performance level from the actors, not as much writing. Boardwalk Empire on the other hand, is a masterpiece of a series. Deadwood is great too, but that was way back in 2004.

  • Mike

    Common doesn’t play a slave idiot.

  • Obamabigloseryaknow

    Buffy the vampire slayer? REALLY?

  • MildManneredReporter

    buffy? lmao also this list sucks.. hated buffy loved angel for some reason..hell on wheels suck..caught up on deadwood and no mention of game of thrones and boardwalk empire? shit since you pulled the buffy and the shield card you could have said the wire and sopranos..shit even oz

  • Mr. Obvious

    The Shield, Sons of Anarchy, Banshee, Game of Thrones, Strike Back

    .. sorry, no Buffy.

  • Tammer2020

    Terrible list. Here’s a better one: Sons of Anarchy (Possibly my second fav show after Breaking bad, ), Supernatural, Dexter, Grimm, Marvel’s Agents of Shield (seems to be looking pretty solid)
    For Comedy: How i met your mother, Entourage

  • Delicious

    Not to be pedantic here but Misfits was on E4.

  • Des

    I laughed at Orange is the New Black and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They are no where near the same caliber as Breaking Bad.

  • tevii

    Loved Buffy, buffy was a GREAT show, but just doesnt seem to fit here. And not even just because its genre. If you want genre on par with Breaking Bad, then you go get Battlestar Galactica (or maybe Babylon 5)… other that that, Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, Mad men, Dexter, Walking Dead, Lost, Supernatural seasons 1-5,( Comedy Californication, Weeds entourage) and i hear but havent seen yet Banshee is GREAT

  • JustSayingWhatYouAlreadyKnow

    I am a big Buffy fan from back in the day but it doesn’t really stack up to Breaking Bad. The Shield is a great choice it along with Breaking Bad probably my two favorite dramas of all time. First 3 seasons of The Wire are good, Sons of Anarchy i also recommend.

  • Ashok0

    BtVS? Really? If we are going to recommended shows which have perished, you should recommend Vince Gilligan’s other masterpiece, The X-Files.

    • matt30fl

      That was Cris Carter’s masterpiece. Vince helped and certainly deserves credit for doing so, but he was not there until well after is had launched.

  • Darren Ruecker

    Masters of Sex, brah!

  • pickaname

    Misifts isn’t BBC..

  • H

    Just started watching Hell on Wheels and enjoying it. Maybe not as great as BB but good nonetheless. Enjoyed Deadwood (hated the series finale), absolutely loved ROME, and Copper isn’t bad either.

  • Jan

    Sons of Anarchy? Supernatural? And you’re putting older shows that have already ended and most of us have seen. At that rate of going where’s House? Dexter? Fraiser? FAIL!!!!!!

    • matt30fl

      Sons of Anarchy and Supernatural are good entertainment, but the story gets lost at times. Sons is essentially a soap opera for men, Supernatural is the X-files with magic. I really like both, but they are not peers of Breaking Bad. Or as Kurt Sutter so plainly put it when he was questioned on the absurdity of the plot lines in Sons “we aren’t making The Wire”. House was the same plot every week, season after season. Hugh Laurie was fantastic, but you can randomly pick any episode from any season and find the same basic story line. Dexter was there for the first 5 seasons, but got muddled the last few, and then all you have to do is compare the shot of Walter White dying while admiring his “great” creation with………a lumberjack!

  • matt30fl

    Good call on The Shield. It still has some of the most powerful scenes I’ve ever witnesses in TV or film.

  • guest420

    This is a terrible list. There’s a slew of better shows, both past and present. Such as: Battlestar Galactica, Orphan Black, The Walking Dead, Lost, Revolution, Game of Thrones, The Wire, Falling Skies, etc. The 5 shows listed above aren’t even in the same league as Breaking Bad.