10 Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed In Marvel’s Iron Fist


10) K’un-L’un

We don’t get to see a whole lot of K’un-L’un over the course of Iron Fist – only glimpsing it briefly during flashbacks – but several references to its origins and its people are slotted in in its place. For instance, the show surprisingly comes straight out with the crazy comic book-y fact that it’s one of the seven cities of Heaven.

Most notably, however, is that Danny receives several visions from his mentor while facing Madame Gao’s challenges in episode 6. This is Lei-Kung the Thunderer; an immortal martial arts master who’s charged with training up the greatest warriors of each generation in K’un-L’un. He’s also the father of Davos, the Steel Serpent (more on him later), though this is not made clear in the show.

Danny also makes a reference to “the August Personage in Jade.” This is the ceremonial title of Yu-Ti, the ruler of K’un-L’un. This is usually Nu-An in the comics, but Danny makes a reference to another Yu-Ti at one point – Lord Tuan.

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