Can Pokémon actually die?

Image via Pokémon

Pokémon is one of the most popular anime and gaming franchises in existence, with a massive history of many games, series, and movies under its belt.

During the more than two decades that the franchise has been around, there have been quite a few questions regarding how the Pokémon world works, and for the most part, many have been left unanswered.

One of the big questions regards the fate of Pokémon, and while there are some indications, source material clashes, meaning it’s not quite so simple to figure out whether Pokémon can die.

Can Pokémon actually die?

The answer to this question isn’t so simple but the short answer is yes, Pokémon can die. the Pokémon games and anime don’t exactly follow the same rules when it comes to the lives — and ultimately deaths — of Pokémon. However, both carry examples of Pokémon dying, whether it’s shown or not.

To start with some positive news, in the Pokémon video games, there is no way that your Pokémon can die. During battle, a Pokémon may white out, but after they are taken to a Pokémon Center they will always be revived and capable of fighting another day. Despite this fact, there are some indications from story elements that Pokémon have died before, but you won’t see this take place so often.

Now for the more sad news. The Pokémon anime series has a rich history of Pokémon meeting their end in the most tragic ways. We’ve seen different ways that this has occurred from sacrificing themselves, dying in battle, or simply just from old age.

On the bright side, none of your Pokémon friends that you collect along your journey in the currently released video games will ever meet death. However, perhaps in a future game, things could take a darker turn.