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Does Denji end up with Makima in ‘Chainsaw Man?’

Could this romance have wings to fly?

Denji and Makima from Chainsaw Man
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Warning: The following article contains major spoilers for the Chainsaw Man manga and anime.

Chainsaw Man keeps the ball rolling with its most recent episode, as Denji becomes an official member of the Public Safety Devil Hunters. Among new character introductions, viewers were also treated to the beginning stages of Denji and Makima’s complicated story.

Makima is the first person in the boy’s life to show him affection and take him under her wing, which leads Denji to quickly form an attachment to her. It also helps that Makima is a pretty girl, and being a hormonal teenager, Denji develops a huge crush on her, being willing to do just about anything his superior requests of him.

In Chainsaw Man‘s second episode, “Arrival in Tokyo,” we see Denji making his moves on the girl, and when questioned, she confesses that Denji is the type of guy she likes. After this, many are already wondering if the two will eventually start a relationship, or if Denji’s efforts will all be in vain. In this article, we provide the answer to that question and more, but be warned — major spoilers to follow.

Do Makima and Denji end up together?

Makima from 'Chainsaw Man'
Image via Crunchyroll

The Chainsaw Man manga is still ongoing, which means no one knows whom Denji will end up with just yet, but we can confirm that it won’t be Makima. In fact, Makima doesn’t even make it to the end of the story.

Despite Denji’s devotion to his superior, Makima never actually reciprocates his romantic feelings. She is only interested in the Chainsaw Devil that fused itself with Denji’s body, and is willing to do anything to get to it. In order to use Denji, Makima strings him along with promises of an eventual relationship, while simultaneously threatening to end his life if he falls out of line, because truthfully she does not care for Denji.

When Makima’s true identity is revealed as the Control Devil, she finally expresses how much Denji irritates her and vows to ruin anything good in his life. She promptly makes good on that promise by taking away his closest friend. In a final confrontation, Denji ends up killing Makima and eating her body, despite still having feelings for her. Anything for the greater good, right?

If you’d like to continue following Chainsaw Man‘s story in its animated version, tune in to Crunchyroll. Two episodes are already available for streaming, and new ones will be airing every Tuesday.

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