8 celebrities with exotic animals (Pet tigers, monkeys and more)

Featuring Celebrities with Exotic Pets
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Everyone is aware of there are strange habits of the rich and the famous. These range from Kesha drinking her own urine to Beyonce’s predilection for her own brand of odd snack, banana with ketchup. However, one major point of similarity that we share with the formidable stars of the entertainment industry is our shared love of pets.

Images of cute Persian kittens and smiling golden retrievers flashes across our minds when we think of “pets,” but some celebrities have achieved a rather advanced degree with regard to this adoration for animals, and haven’t shied away from displaying this to the world by petting exotic animals like tortoises, tigers, and monkeys. Here’s a list of 10 A-list celebrities with exotic animals as pets.

Leonardo DiCaprio and his 80-year-old tortoise

Leonardo Dicaprio
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While a glimpse of a cute Pomeranian can do the trick for most of us in striking a bargain to take the furry creature home; the Hollywood superstar set his heart on a 10-year-old Sulcata tortoise and did shell out $400 on the enigmatic 105 kg animal in 2010. The tortoise can live up to 80 years that’s higher than the average human life expectancy. The report stated that the actor aimed to buy the biggest tortoise at the North American Reptile Breeders Conference and has had success in doing so.

Justin Bieber and his Capuchin monkey

Justin Bieber and his Capuchin Monkey

The tragic love story between Bieber and his pet Capuchin monkey is common knowledge. The pop superstar was gifted this exotic beast on his 19th birthday in 2013 which was affectionately named OG Mally. Unfortunately, his tour to Germany in the same year marked the beginning of the end of this bond when Bieber abandoned the animal after it was quarantined. The animal was handed over to the German Zoo where a rep reported that he was “extremely frightened, disoriented, and struggled to integrate with his own kind.”

Reese Witherspoon and her string of exotic pets

Reese Witherspoon and her string of exotic pets
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The Legally Blonde star’s love for pets is not limited to canines or felines as she has in her possession a plethora of animals that include her pet donkeys Honky and Tonky, two pigs, a horse, and 20 chickens. She is believed to do yoga with her two goats Martha and George Washington. In an interview she confirmed the value of owning pets, saying “It’s so good for the kids to learn about animals and kindness and compassion.” She further added, “I make them clean stalls and all that kind of stuff.”

Mike Tyson and tigers

Mike Tyson and his tigers
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One of the most respected boxers in the world is the owner of the most exotic feline in the world. Mike Tyson is known for owning tigers, even keeping his mercurial buddies at his residence. This otherwise dangerous act of having a tiger as a roommate received setbacks when a woman was attacked and had her arm ripped off by one of the denizens that went by the name Kenya. Tyson accepted responsibility and compensated the woman for her dismemberment. Today, Tyson is a free man and seems to be relieved of the company of his regal felines.

Nicolas Cage and his cobras

Nicolas Cage
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One of the most talented actors in Hollywood reported having domesticated two poisonous cobras named Sheba and Moby in 2003. However, Cage stated in an interview how his unfathomable affection and admiration for the poisonous beasts were always unrequited. The Face Off star said, “They would try to hypnotize me by showing me their backs, and then they’d lunge at me.”

However, the actor’s exotic taste didn’t go over well with his neighbors. Cage told the New York Times, “The neighborhood wasn’t too pleased that I had cobras, so I had them re-homed in a zoo.” We hope his pals finally found the peace that they deserve.

Amanda Seyfried and her farm

Amanda Seyfried and her farm

Amanda Seyfried is known for possessing a string of exotic animals. She is open about her habit of collecting them, excluding her dog Finn. These exotic animals include a miniature zebra called Kevin Sparkle, baby horse Antonie Woodberry, owl Beatrix, chick Linda, and deer named ‘Sha’ Dynasty. Her social media posts that show her posing with her horses and chickens substantiate her love for unconventional pets.

Malanie Griffith and her lion

Melanie Griffith

The king of the jungle left his humble abode in the Savannah grasslands and found a safe haven with Melanie Griffith in the ’70s. Her mother, who decided to bring back a baby lion, shared the company of the peaceful wild beast that she found during her visit to Africa.

Kristen Stewart and her wolves

Kristen Stewart and her Wolves
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The Twilight Saga star showcased her desire for the violent canines when she finally chose her position as a member of Team Wolf after receiving one from her mother for her birthday in 2014. Sources have confirmed the bond of the mother-daughter duo over their love for wolves. “Kristen and her mum adore wolves and see nothing wrong with keeping them as domesticated pets.” a source told the Daily Star.

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