Agatha and Wanda return as Elizabeth Olsen and Kathryn Hahn reunite on red carpet

Kathyrn Hahn and Elizabeth Olsen at Variety's Women of Power event
Image via Getty

Two of our favorite witches were welcomed at Variety Magazine’s Power of Women event, where the Scarlet Witch herself, Elizabeth Olsen, has been honored by the magazine which recognizes her as a powerful woman working in media and entertainment. Kathryn Hahn, who played Wanda’s adversary Agatha Harkness in the Emmy-winning WandaVision, celebrated her co-star’s power this time, rather than trying to steal it, as she presented Olsen with the award.

The two caught up on the red carpet at the event and were laughing with one another, even holding hands as they stood for their pictures.

The moment was a far cry from their last onscreen appearance together, where audiences watched as it was revealed “it was Agatha all along,’ a now iconic scene that showed the villain had been pulling the strings in Westview. The two eventually battled it out with Wanda’s raw power as the Scarlet Witch completely dominating her opponent, leaving Agatha trapped in a suburban nightmare, just so Wanda knows where to find her.

It isn’t just her power onscreen that has landed Olsen the prestigious honor but her charitable work off-camera. The actress works with the Rape Foundation and Stuart House, charities that support children who have been sexually abused. Olsen first came across the charities when she was preparing for her 2016 role in Wind River, where she played an FBI agent investigating the rape and murder of a young woman.

Beyond simply representing the charity as a celebrity face, Olsen wanted to truly get involved and was carefully screened so that she could be allowed to work directly with the children. She still visits Stuart House weekly when she is not in production, with founder Gail Abarbanel telling Variety, “She has true empathy and is a very compassionate, gentle person. She’s so there when she’s with a child. I think she’s really special.”

There is nothing more powerful than seeing someone with a platform use it to stand up for those that need a voice. Scarlet Witch may be the strongest character in the MCU, but Elizabeth Olsen has a whole lot of magic of her own.