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Are TikTokers Dixie D’Amelio and Noah Beck still dating?

Or did the famous pair break it off?

Dixie D'Amelio and Noah Beck
Dixie D'Amelio/YouTube

The relationship between TikTok stars Dixie D’Amelio and Noah Beck has been under a microscope since its very first days.

As two of the platform’s biggest stars, both D’Amelio and Beck have massive followings, with the pair boasting a full 90 million followers between them. The famous couple’s relationship has been a selling point for a while now, allowing both halves of the sought-after duo to lean on the other’s popularity to boost their own signal.

Recent rumors of a breakup are muddying the waters around D’Amelio and Beck, whose extremely online relationship has dominated conversations for several years. It’s not the first time they’ve been the topic of online gossip, but the latest rumors have fans of the TikTok couple concerned.

Noah Beck and Dixie D’Amelio’s relationship timeline

Beck and D’Amelio first started dating in 2020, and the years since have seen their relationship take center stage on both stars’ TikToks. D’Amelio sports one of the most recognizable last names among content creators, but this is notably more due to her sister’s immense popularity than her own. Dixie is no slouch on TikTok — boasting a full 57.4 million followers all on her own — but those numbers pale in comparison to her sister Charli, who’s follower count edges closer to 150 million every day.

Beck has an impressive following of his own — numbering in the tens of millions — but his name recognition doesn’t hold a candle to that of the D’Amelio sisters. The siblings even appear in a Hulu docuseries named after their family, on top of several released singles, voice-over work, and their persistent popularity on TikTok. Charli is, in fact, considered one of the platform’s biggest stars, with her follower count vastly overshadowing even the mega-popular Addison Rae.

The relationship between Beck and D’Amelio is a major factor in both stars’ popularity, a fact that’s been noted by countless fans over the years. The pair have been accused of fabricating their relationship on several occasions, thanks to the definitively public nature of it. The pair have historically displayed their relationship for the world to see, a fact that some viewers see as suspicious. It’s led to persistent gossip online, with a number of people labeling the relationship as nothing but a performance.

According to Beck and D’Amelio, however, these rumors couldn’t be farther from the truth. The young pair is adamant that their relationship is legit, a claim that is backed by their recent decision to take it off of social media.

If Beck and D’Amelio’s relationship is genuine, rather than publicity fodder, they’ve actually been going strong for quite some time. The pair first got together in late 2020, following Beck’s appearance in the music video for D’Amelio’s “Be Happy” remix. The pair shared an on-screen kiss and soon announced their relationship to the world.

According to D’Amelio, the two weren’t established as a couple during filming for the remix. Just a few months later, however, they were fueling endless rumors as fans pored over their social accounts and proposed theories about their hidden love. By the time 2020 came to a close, these theories were confirmed. Beck admitted in a video with Jeff Wittek that he and D’Amelio were official, noting that they’d been together since late September.

The pair have been happily together ever since, if their frequent posts to social media are any indication. They often post content together, appearing periodically on one another’s TikTok accounts and Instagram pages. The pair frequently gush about one another via interviews and social media posts, with D’Amelio even admitting, in a late 2020 tweet, that she can see a future in which she marries Beck.

Recent activity on social media has fans of the pair concerned, following several months of infrequent collaborations. D’Amelio hasn’t posted a TikTok with Beck in months, but Beck’s page is far less bare of D’Amelio content. He posted a humorous video of himself and D’Amelio in mid-May, showcasing the pair’s comfortable, and seemingly happy, relationship.

Are D’Amelio and Beck still together?

The recent departure from consistently posting together is once again sparking rumors of a breakup. As D’Amelio and Beck’s presences slowly faded from one another’s social media accounts, fans began to share concerns that trouble was on the horizon. Thankfully, there’s an explanation.

D’Amelio detailed, in an episode of the BFFs podcast, that she and Beck are taking their relationship offline, according to Dexerto.

“We have decided to fully take our relationship off the internet,” D’Amelio said, before dropping a plug for Hulu’s The D’Amelio Show, noting that fans who “want more information” can “watch our Hulu show which is coming out later this year.”

D’Amelio’s reasoning for the pair’s social media hiatus comes down to pressure, according to the podcast. She noted that, while the pair don’t intend to “hide” their relationship, they will avoid liking and commenting on the majority of one another’s posts. D’Amelio called the pressures of maintaining a public relationship “so draining,” noting that with each missed post or unliked video, rumors arise and complicate the pair’s happiness.

So, for now, D’Amelio and Beck appear to remain together, just not in the public eye. They’re looking to enjoy their relationship behind closed doors, like most people, rather than under a microscope. While fans will almost certainly miss their frequent updates, it’s entirely reasonable for the popular couple to want a break from the spotlight.

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