Brie Larson askes yay or nay on latest cell phone selfie

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Please stop what you’re doing because Brie Larson has shared yet another stellar selfie with her dedicated followers. Marvel’s own Captain America loves to keep us well-fed, and on this Tuesday afternoon, her look has undoubtedly hit the spot. Alongside the snap, Larson is also asking an important question; the thing is — there’s really only one correct answer to what she’s asking. 

Larson is wearing a suit jacket with matching shorts and a crop top in today’s snap, and she’s asking if it gets a yay or a nay. We all know that Larson always looks like a million bucks, from a Yoshi costume to a red carpet gown. The clear answer here is a resounding yay.

Larson’s selfies frequently make fans stop in their tracks, and this one is no different. You can see her toned physique even with the high-waisted shorts and the long suit jacket. The only thing fans demand now is to know what footwear she’ll pair with the look. Is she going to rock pumps or tennis shoes? Will she go with a dark color or wear a pop of color? The possibilities are endless.

In the last week, fans have seen five new selfies of Larson, and we love how relatable she is. Even if you don’t post them online, most of us have our phones in our hands more than we’d like to admit, taking pictures of everything. Our drinks, ourselves, what’s around us: we get it. She’s capturing the moment and giving us a treat as she does.

So here’s to Larson, be it in a suit jacket or toasting to life with a glass of bubbly; she’s a rockstar. We can’t wait to find out if she sticks with that Halloween costume or if she’ll surprise us on Monday with something totally out of the box.