Brie Larson channels Princess Leia with space buns in new pics

Brie Larson smiles at Marvel's Avengers Camp in Disneyland Paris
Laurent Viteur/Getty Images

Just when we thought Brie Larson could no longer surprise us with her physique and fashion sense on social media, she shows up and one-ups us all.

Larson posted a series of snaps on her Instagram account today channeling her inner Princess Leia with perfectly placed space buns, and if you’ll just excuse us, we’re going to rethink our current go-to hairstyle.

While her new favorite hair-do was the focus of the snaps, fans couldn’t help but notice that her toned muscles and gorgeous smile were a close runner-up.

Plus, who could look past Larson’s tank top? We’re big animal people here, and she’s always sending a message of kindness. “Do whatever you want, just don’t hurt anyone,” her tank reads with an adorable kitten and puppy duo.

Needless to say, if you wonder what energy we’re channeling today — and every day — it’s Larson’s.

The Marvel star and superhero favorite Larson is also in the news today, announcing that a series she produced for Disney Plus will be released on Disney Plus day. In line with the message on her tank top, the new series will focus on growing up told via ten different young adults — as they continue their journey on self-acceptance and love.

From space buns and adorable tanks to workout selfies and ab shots that have us “working on our fitness,” Larson models a positive attitude alongside a strong work ethic, and she truly is a hero for all of us.

Here’s to Princess Leia, Brie Larson, and trying to figure out how to get these space buns even.