Brie Larson melts brains and redefines perfection with a smoking black dress and old-world charm

Brie Larson
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Brie Larson knows how to turn heads even when she’s not playing Captain Marvel or following King Kong on a trip to Skull Island. She is one of those celebrities who can make looking sexy a piece of cake and as expected her latest pic drop has sent Twitter into a frenzy.

In the pictures, the Captain Marvel star is seen in an elegant sequined black dress by Celine that she donned for her red carpet appearance at Celine Fall/Winter 2023 fashion show in Los Angeles. She must have traveled back in time and purchased a Polaroid camera with the special film as the pictures she shared appeared to be bonafide Polaroids.

Brie Larson has proved that she can rock a simple tee and shorts. So, her looking like a goddess in the cocktail dress was bound to trigger an avalanche of compliments.

One fan might need a translator because they find it hard to use simple words to define Larson’s capability to stun and be independent without giving into the demands of a masculine society.

After digging up other photos from that evening, one fan shared the colorful bunch on Twitter. Drinking some Celine and posing in that dress, Larson is indeed a flawless Goddess.

Apparently, the MCU star possesses superpowers in real life i.e., the ability to take a person’s breath away…literally.

Knowing Brie Larson and her penchant for ruling the internet with a single picture, this won’t be the last time her fans are left speechless.