Brie Larson takes time out from her busy schedule to send virtual well-wishes

Brie Larson attends Marvel Avengers Campus opening ceremony at Disneyland Paris
Photo by Laurent Viteur/Getty Images

Brie Larson is one of those famous people who’s easy to love. She seems approachable and kind, and isn’t that all we want from our celebrities? It doesn’t hurt that she regularly sends out well wishes to everyone from her socials.

This morning was no different as Larson took some time out of what is probably a busy schedule (I’m guessing) to say something really nice to the world today, and offer up a “virtual hug.” Take a look:

A lot of people took this sweet gesture and sent it right back to her.

These gifs were out in force. Here’s an Iron Man one.

How about Keanu Reeves?

Aw shucks!

A movie theater in the UK jumped in too.

Is this one sad? Or sweet? Up for interpretation, I guess.

Honestly, it’s rare to see this kind of positivity on social media, and it’s refreshing, to say the least. Look at how cute this is!

Here’s a cute (kind of) dog in a heart sweater. Were you expecting this much cute stuff today? Doesn’t matter you get it anyway!

People really appreciate a kind word and that’s really nice.

Larson’s Twitter is full of positive messages and innocent questions. For example, the other day she asked for some music recommendations. She got so many.

Oh! She has a dog named Jonathan and he’s unsurprisingly adorable.

The point here is that Larson is a treasure and we should protect her at all costs.