Brie Larson uses a terrible pun to reveal she’s taken up pole dancing

brie larson pole dancing
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Brie Larson is sharing a new workout routine with her followers, and she’s putting a punny spin on it.

Larson took to Twitter to share photos from a recent pole dancing workout class she took, and she had to throw in a dad-joke level pun when describing the impulsive — or im-pole-sive — decision to try the exercise.

We’re no experts, but from the looks of Larson’s images, she will be spinning into fitness and fun in no time.

There are specific moves in pole-dance workouts that highlight different areas of muscle-building throughout the body, and it all focuses on having a tight — and strong — core. Pole dancing is a fun way to exercise, but it’s not just a walk in the park — or a carousel spin around the pole.

Larson also got workout tips from others in the replies to her tweet — including suggestions to help as she continues her exciting new exercise routines.

Of course, others commented on the incredible physique Larson already has.

In addition to strong muscles, pole dancing helps with flexibility, cardio health, and mental well-being. Working out releases “happy hormones,” and what better way to get your exercise in than by having fun in a class that’s sure to have upbeat music and a lot of mutual cheerleading for one another.

Larson is no stranger to posting fitness images and videos on social media, and it’s clear that in her Marvel heroic realm or her day-to-day life, being strong is important to the star, and she’s constantly working at it.

You can see Larson in Fast X and The Marvels, both slated to hit theaters in 2023 — and she’s sure to be looking powerful in both.