Chris Pratt’s critics begrudgingly accept he’s ideal for a key role in the new DCU

Chris Pratt as Owen Grady, Jurassic World Dominion (2022)
Image via Universal

Love him or hate him, we might end up seeing Chris Pratt back on our screens, this time as DC superhero, Booster Gold, and fans aren’t even that mad about it.

James Gunn revealed plans for a live-action project for the time traveling hero’s debut into the DCU, and many are actually asking for Pratt to be cast. Booster Gold is a prominent character in the DC comics, he’s even a member of the Justice League. However, outside of his appearance in the comics, Legends of Tomorrow, and a few animated series, the character is not widely known by many.

The call for Pratt to take the role has come a little out of left field considering the opinion many hold of him. The actor has frequently received criticism for being cast in too many projects, to the point that viewers found themselves sick of seeing him. This includes the upcoming Super Mario Bros. movie which left many fans upset over the choice to cast Pratt, who doesn’t even try to give an Italian accent to the character. 

Even before that, fans labeled the Guardians of the Galaxy star as the worst Chris in Hollywood. It seems that sentiments have changed yet again, proving how fickle the internet can be. Fans gave their opinions on Twitter regarding the possibility of Pratt being cast as the DC superhero.

Many were in favor of him being cast due to the role being a great fit for the actor’s specific skill set, that being the heroic but also comedic leader that he played so well in the MCU. Gold Booster is definitely a better fit for him compared to a character like Mario.

The decision to accept the very real possibility that Pratt will be hired may be to do with the fact that this isn’t a massively well-known character, and he will also be debuting on the small screen. Or it may be that the internet has finally accepted the inevitable truth that nothing can stop Chris Pratt from taking every single leading role in existence.

Whilst some fans did express their disappointment for the likelihood that Pratt will be cast in the role, it seems to be a minority who aren’t excited about the prospect of seeing him taking on another superhero leading role.

James Gunn has made it clear that he wants to bring his MCU family over to the DCU eventually. So even if we don’t see Chris Pratt as Booster Gold, we’ll very likely see the actor pop up in some capacity eventually in the DCU. But for now, fans are okay with that, so he can breathe a sigh of relief.