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Donald Trump mocking Elon Musk resurfaces as he snubs Twitter return

Trump said Musk would "drop to his knees and beg" if he was asked to.

Donald Trump mocking Elon Musk resurfaces as he snubs Twitter return
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images / Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images for Heidi Klum

Elon Musk may have lifted the ban on Donald Trump’s Twitter account, but he seems to have no interest in returning to the website, as an old social media post of his has resurfaced.

Twitter’s current Chief Twit decided the best thing to do to decide whether Trump is allowed back on the site was to run the most incorruptible poll of all time: with Twitter. 52 percent of users (albeit there is no assurance this wasn’t bot accounts or fiddled with by Musk himself) voted to allow Trump back on, and Musk did so.

Unfortunately for Musk, who has spent the better part of this last year sucking up to Trump and the Republican Party, the 45th President of the United States doesn’t want to return. Speaking via video call for the Republican Jewish Coalition, the Home Alone 2 star dashed any thought of coming back saying “I don’t see any reason for it”.

Because it’s Trump, he also was sure to boast about his own Truth Social was performing “phenomenally well”. This won’t be the only “L” against Musk though, with an old Trump post on Truth Social resurfacing in which he said Musk would “drop to his knees and beg” if Trump asked him to.

Musk has made it abundantly clear he doesn’t really worry or care much for the consequences of his actions, nor does he seem to realize his takeover has been utterly miserable. More staff are walking away, employees were shut out of their offices, and protests against Musk were even projected onto their San Francisco office.

All for the low, low price of $44 billion, you too can become a laughing stock who may be responsible for the 2020s version of the Myspace acquisition.

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