Donald Trump’s NFT collection is out and here are the strongest reactions

Trump NFTs
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Recently, republican candidate and former President Donald Trump teased a major announcement to come today. People speculated on what it would be, some entertained flights of fantasy but it turned out to be a space to get a Trump NFT.

Yes, the former leader of the free world and 76-year-old one-time New York resident is now in the non-fungible token space. The pieces — which can be grabbed with a copy and paste — are apparently inspired by Trump’s life and times. Each retails for $99, those who purchase can be entered into a sweepstakes to meet the man himself and — if you have not seen them — we have embedded a few below and some of the reactions to the revelation from the former steak salesman on social media which caught our attention.

For a pair of self-described conservative comedians, the moment is also disappointing considering Trump’s comeback attempt to live in the White House again and how many opposed to the current administration view the state of the nation. They feel like it pushes people away and, considering the love for Trump among the right-wing, the negative sentiment is certainly eye-opening.

Later, another invokes the stereotype of those who are more conservative being older in age to a former associate of Trump’s. In the image, former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani is fiddling around with a cell phone. Giuliani has made headlines in recent years for his issues with technology and it is also possible many of Trump’s older supporters have not ever heard of NFTs.

Other comments mock the man while some say this is in actuality a brilliant troll of those in society who scorn him. Though, for one, this is not the important thing, and, instead, he is reminding people that NFT’s do not have inherent value of other purchases.

If you are interested in buying any, they are available on Whether they will end up being worthy of standing alongside his prior business ventures like Trump Vodka, the Trump Taj Mahal, Trump’s Castle, the Trump board game, Trump Magazine or the ongoing Truth Social venture remains to be seen. For now, fans and foes can only wait, see, and comment. Or, spend some money and potentially win a gala dinner with the man, an individual greeting, a cocktail hour, golfing with the president, taking a personal call with him on Zoom, being in a group chat, or receiving some hand-signed memorabilia of some sort. Other items available include a book, gold and “hand-signed” versions of the base NFTs and some mystery prizes as well.