Jenna Ortega stuns ‘Wednesday’ fans with white negligee selfie

'Wednesday' spends its sixth consecutive week at number one on the Netflix charts
Image via Netflix

After the overwhelming success of Netflix’s Wednesday, fans are now completely devoted and interested in all things involving star Jenna Ortega – which now includes a recently posted selfie that has garnered tons of attention and has the entire internet buzzing. And if MCU superstar Brie Larson’s band of selfies were popular, then Ortega’s latest eye-popping addition is bound to shatter the internet completely.

Over on her official Instagram account, Ortega shared a string of images last night — although it was one specific image that caught the attention of her 38 million followers. The aforementioned selfie showcased the 20-year-old actress in an aesthetically-pleasing white negligee, and a memorable pose that certainly harks back to the ancient days of MySpace.

Of course, the concept of Ortega dressed in all-white almost feels foreign at this point — especially considering she’s typically dressed in an all-black aesthetic during her time as Wednesday Addams in Tim Burton’s acclaimed show. In that vein, however, it’s arguably that very reason which helped to skyrocket the interest online. Even nearly 12 hours after it was posted, Twitter is still collectively in shambles and can’t stop talking about Ortega’s power stance, and the confidence she continues to gain in the aftermath of Wednesday‘s triumph.

Until Ortega decides to absolutely wow the internet with another selfie, fans can head on over to Netflix and stream the entire first season of Wednesday.