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Lettuce regale you with the very best Liz Truss memes

She's been outlasted by a head of lettuce.

Liz Truss and a head of lettuce
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Liz Truss resigned after only 44 days in office on Oct. 20.

In doing so, she became the shortest-serving prime minister in British history. She beat out former prime minister George Canning, who died just four months into his tenure, and in the process made her brief stint in the role the subject of widespread trolling. Truss was a uniquely unpopular prime minister, a fact that is proven by the gleeful response to her extremely brief stint in office.

Almost in tandem with headlines announcing Truss’s resignation, memes started rolling in. Social media is currently overrun with hilarious hot takes and seemingly pre-meditated memes, poking fun at Truss and her shameful show in parliament.

The best Liz Truss memes

The internet is absolutely awash with Liz Truss memes at the moment, as people around the globe react to news of her resignation. The wealth of memes was helped along immensely by news that a head of lettuce — which debuted on a Daily Star live stream at the outset of Truss’s tenure in office — officially outlasted the short-lived prime minister. As such, lettuce is flooding social media sites, as people joke about the vegetable’s prospects in UK politics.

Lettuce memes are all the rage in the wake of the news and people are finding plenty of ways to package the same joke.

The lettuce did start to brown a bit by the time Truss finally stepped down, but we can bet it’s doing better than the soon-to-be former prime minister.

As they digest the news of her resignation, people aren’t shying away from shading Truss and her starkly unpopular time in office.

Some of the takes are genuinely vicious, as Truss’ countless detractors seize the opportunity to savagely drag the disgraced politician.

Americans are even putting a spin on the news, comparing Truss’ tenure to short-lived White House Communications Officer Anthony Scaramucci and joking that, thanks to Truss, we now know “what a Sarah Palin presidency would have looked like.”

It’s not all bad news for Truss, who’s walking away with a tidy annual allowance slated to cushion her bank account for the remainder of the 47-year-old’s life. Here’s hoping all that money eases the pain of being the butt of the world’s new favorite joke.

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