Live-tweeting vacation dad Russell Crowe continues to be an internet sensation

Russell Crowe
Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

It’s a long (hot) summer for most of us, but that isn’t stopping travelers from packing their bags and setting off to vacation spots worldwide. One such explorer is Russell Crowe, and he’s sharing beautiful moments from his trip to Europe.

Taking followers on a scavenger hunt through his trip, Crowe has been posting snapshots from his vacation and asking fans if they can figure out exactly where he’s at. It’s been a fun way for those of us who aren’t on the trip of a lifetime to enjoy a bit of the world from our screens.

Plus, we love a good guessing game.

In addition to playing “Where’s Russell,” fans are also getting a look at the most epic vacation dad version of Crowe, taking selfies in front of beautiful locations — and also some meaningful ones.

He also got to experience a “take your kids to work day,” and the tweet is sure to bring back some wonderful memories for fans. We’re not judging you if you’re going to cancel your plans and watch Gladiator tonight now — we might be doing the same thing.

While the trip is full of beautiful sights and sounds, Crowe’s experience on July 18 stuck with him in a way that transcended time and circumstance — leaving him with a lasting memory. He was able to take his mom through the Vatican Museum with just his family as visitors, and she shared very special memories about a trip she took there with Crowe’s father.

The story is enough to bring tears to your eyes.

See, it’s an emotional story!

You can keep up with vacay-loving Crowe on his Twitter as he continues to experience the beautiful sights in Europe and in theaters in Thor: Love and Thunder.